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Press Release

NCDEX sugar futures ADTV witness 140% rise in last fortnight

Mumbai, March 14, 2013: NCDEX, the leading commodity exchange is increasingly seeing
greater interest by participants in its Sugar contract recording a substantial increase of ADTV over
140% during last fortnight. The total Volume of trade in sugar contracts also witnessed
substantial rise during this period.

The Exchange recorded ADTV of Rs. 112.67 Crore till 13
March, 2014, compared to ADTV of Rs.
46.31 Crore in February, 2014. In terms of quantity, the Exchange recorded 4,14,850 MT of
traded volume till 13
March, 2014 compared to 3,80,230 MT in February, 2014.

Along with achieving wide participation, liquidity and efficient price discovery in Sugar futures, the
Exchange has recorded open interest of more than 1,00,000 MT. The rising participation in Sugar
futures is an indication of the trust that the market participants repose on the Exchange. Sugar is
one of the active contracts on the Exchange platform.

Another noteworthy point is that the increased turnover in Sugar contracts since last 2/3 weeks is
reflection of the underlying fundamentals. It is observed that trading in futures contracts has seen
increased participation due to market expectations relating to demand/supply dynamics.

The NCDEX while offering of a full range of contracts, both agri and non-agri commodities, has
recently launched Gold Hedge (Rs. 4424.85 Crore since launch) Silver Hedge (Rs. 248.37 Crore
since launch), contracts in nonagri segment as well as Castor seed 1MT and Chana 1MT futures
contracts in agri segment, which have attracted market interest and wide participation.


As Indias leading online exchange, NCDEX is where customers repose trust. It offers the widest
range of benchmark products across agriculture, metals and precious metals. NCDEX brings
buyers and sellers together through its electronic trading platform. With a widely held
shareholding, it enjoys the distinction of being the only exchange in the country promoted by
national level institutions. The institutional promoters and shareholders of NCDEX are prominent
players in their respective fields and bring with them institutional building experience, trust,
nationwide reach, technology and risk management skills.
Key High lights:

Average Daily Sugar Volume of trade increased from 16532 MT (Feb-14) to 37714
MT (up to 13

Open Interest of sugar futures rose from 83400 MT (As on 28
Feb-2014) to
1,10,150 MT (As on 13

ADTV of sugar contracts increased from Rs. 46.31 Cr. (Feb-14) to Rs. 112.67 Cr.

Increased participation in recently launched products like Gold Hedge, Silver Hedge,
Castor seed 1 MT and Chana 1 MT futures.

For further details contact:-
Shalaka Kagathra / Kalpesh Sheth
Corporate Communications, NCDEX
9820572798/ 9820305936

Delna Irani/ Minakshi Mishra
Adfactors PR