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company name: Shenzhen Elecf-Electronic Co.

Email: vivian@salesea-shop.com
Skype: vivian-salesea
Website: http:!!!.elecf.com
"#nce $el:%&&'(-)*(-(+,,-(,
.obile $el:%&&'(-+/&-(-0+)*&+
"#ce 1ddress:
1 0&) 23a 4ian5 6arden, 73 2on5 8oad, 73tian 9istrict,Shenzhen, China
7actory address:
7loor-,:lock +&,;ia<3e =illa5e,:antian,:3>i,Shenzhen,63an5don5
9ear .r. constantin comaneci,
2ave a 5ood dayA
$his is =ivian service for yo3.
"B8 71C$"8C
"3r factory is one of the professional man3fact3res and !holesales s3ppliers
of Cons3mer Electronics in China.
Df yo3 !ant to kno! more details information,pls visit o3r !ebsite:
WeEre 5lad to develop cooperative relationships !ith yo3.
"B8 F8"9BC$:
1ccordin5 to yo3 reG3irement , $he price is BS9 -.) FC.

- BniG3e s3per thin, fashionable and hi5h-class slidin5 desi5n.
- Frotect yo3r screen and keeps the display clean.
- $o char5e the portable battery, simply pl35 in the BS: contactor into the
portable battery.
- $he other end contact to either an BS: po!er adapter or an BS: socket
of a comp3ter.
- $o char5e the phone, simply slide the phone into the portable battery and
slide "H-"77 s!itch to on.
- Dndicator sho!s po!er stat3s of e<ternal battery.
- 1lso can be 3sed as a 5ood case to protect yo3r phone from scratches
and other minor dama5es.
- 1 perfect emer5ency back3p !hen the internal battery of yo3r device is
drained on the 5o.
- Ddeal for lon5 distance travel or b3siness trip.
- Ho need to take oI the case !hen connectin5 the phone to comp3ter.
- Hote: $he headphone hole is only for ori5inal phone headphone.
- Cable is not incl3ded beca3se yo3 char5e the case !ith yo3r ori5inal
phone cable
SpeciJcations:Capacity: 0-&&m1h
Dnp3t: 9C )= &.)1"3tp3t: 9C )= &.)1
K7": Fort: Shenzhen, China
KShippment: E.S L 92L L BFS L $H$ L 7E9E;
KFayment term: $$ L Western 3nion
KWarranty :/years?Ho man-made dama5e@
KLead time: /-) !orkin5 days
K."4:+&&pcs?sample is available@
Lookin5 for!ard to receivin5 yo3r kindly response and anythin5 else D can do
for yo3 please feel free to let me kno!.
Wish the 5ood b3siness relationship !ill set 3p bet!een 3s soon.
2ave a !onderf3l dayA
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