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CX Programer-Help-Instruction Sets _ CV-Series

PLC Instruction Sets

Every PLC has a set of special instructions which can be used for programming. Different types of PLC
have different abilities and this is reflected in the instructions available. Some instructions are common
across all PLCs.
PLCs can be split into 3 families - the instruction sets for each are described below:
CV-Series PLC Instructions
Contents for CV Series PLC Instruction Sets

For help on any instruction, click on the name in the lists below:
Ladder Diagram Instructions
AND LD And Load
LD Load
LD NOT Load Not
OR LD Or Load
OUT Output
OUT NOT Output Not
Program Control
CJP (221) Conditional Jump
CJPN (222) Conditional Jump
END (001) End
IL (002) Interlock
ILC (003) Interlock Clear
JME (005) Jump End
JMP (004) Jump
NOP (000) No Operation
SNXT (009) Step Start
STEP (008) Step Define
Bit Control Instructions
DIFU (013) Differentiate Up
DIFD (014) Differentiate Down
DOWN (019) Condition On/Off
KEEP (011) Keep
NOT (010) Not
RSET (017) Reset
RSTA (048) Multiple Bit Reset
SET (016) Set
SETA (047) Multiple Bit Set
UP (018) Condition On/Off
Timer and Counter Instructions
CNR (236) Reset Timer/Counter
CNT Counter
CNTR (012) Reversible Counter
MTIM (122) Multi-Output Timer
TCNT (123) Transition Counter
TIM Timer
TIMH (015) High-Speed Timer
TIML (121) Long Timer
TTIM (120) Accumulative Timer
MCRO (156) Macro
RET (152) Return
SBN (150) Subroutine
SBS (151) Subroutine Entry
Data Shifting Instructions
ASFT (052) Asynchronous Shift Register
ASL (060) Arithmetic Shift Left
ASLL (064) Double Shift Left
ASR (061) Arithmetic Shift Right
ASRL (065) Double Shift Right
NASL (056) Shift N-bits Left
NASR (057) Shift N-bits Right
NSFL (054) Shift N-bits Data Left
NSFR (055) Shift N-bits Data Right
NSLL (058) Double Shift N-bits Left
NSRL (059) Double Shift N-bits Right
RLNC (260) Rotate Left Without Carry
RLNL (262) Double Rotate Left Without Carry
ROL (062) Rotate Left
ROLL (066) Double Rotate Left
ROR (063) Rotate Right
RORL (067) Double Rotate Right
RRNC (261) Rotate Right Without Carry
RRNL (263) Double Rotate Right Without Carry
SFT (050) Shift Register
SFTR (051) Reversible Shift Register
SLD (068) One Digit Shift Left
SRD (069) One Digit Shift Right
WSFT (053) Word Shift
Data Movement Instructions
BSET (041) Block Set
BXFR (046) Interbank Block Transfer
COLL (045) Data Collect
DIST (044) Single Word Distribute
EMBC (171) Select EM Bank
MOV (030) Move
MOVB (042) Move Bit
MOVD (043) Move Digit
MOVL (032) Double Move
MOVQ (037) Move Quick
MOVR (036) Move to Register
MVN (031) Move Not
MVNL (033) Double Move Not
XCGL (035) Double Data Exchange
XCHG (034) Data Exchange
XFER (040) Block Transfer
XFRB (038) Multiple Bit Transfer
Data Comparison Instructions
= (300) Equal
=L (301) Double Equal
=S (302) Signed Equal
=SL (303) Double Signed Equal
<> (305) Not Equal
<>L (306) Double Not Equal
<>S (307) Signed Not Equal
<>SL (308) Double Signed Not Equal
< (310) Less Than
<L (311) Double Less Than
<S (312) Signed Less Than
<SL (313) Double Signed Less Than
<= (315) Less Than Or Equal
<=L (316) Double Less Than Or Equal
<=S (317) Signed Less Than Or Equal
<=SL (318) Double Signed Less Than Or Equal
> (320) Greater Than
>L (321) Double Greater Than
>S (322) Signed Greater Than
>SL (323) Double Signed Greater Than
>= (325) Greater Than Or Equal
>=L (326) Double Greater Than Or Equal
>=S (327) Signed Greater Than Or Equal
>=SL (328) Double Signed Greater Than Or Equal
BCMP (022) Block Compare
CMP (020) Unsigned Compare
CMPL (021) Unsigned Double Compare
CPS (026) Signed Binary Compare
CPSL (027) Double Signed Binary Compare
EQU (025) Equal
MCMP (024) Multiple Compare
SRCH (164) Data Search
TCMP (023) Table Compare
TST (350) Bit Test
TSTN (351) Bit Test
Data Conversion Instructions
ASC (113) ASCII Convert
BCD (101) Binary to BCD
BCDL (103) Double Binary to Double BCD
BCDS (276) Signed Binary to BCD
BCNT (114) Bit Counter
BDSL (278) Double Signed Binary to BCD
BIN (100) BCD to Binary
BINL (102) Double BCD to Double Binary
BINS (275) Signed BCD to Binary
BISL (277) Double Signed BCD to Binary
COLM (116) Line to Column
DMPX (111) 16-to-4 Encoder
LINE (115) Line
MLPX (110) 4-to-16 Decoder
NEG (104) 2's Complement
NEGL (105) Double 2's Complement
SDEC (112) 7-Segment Decoder
SIGN (106) Sign
BCD Calculation Instructions
ADD (070) BCD Add
ADDL (074) Double BCD Add
DEC (091) Decrement BCD
DECL (095) Double Decrement BCD
DIV (073) BCD Divide
DIVL (077) Double BCD Divide
INC (090) Increment BCD
INCL (094) Double Increment BCD
HEX (117) ASCII to Hex
MUL (072) BCD Multiply
MULL (076) Double BCD Multiply
SUB (071) BCD Subtract
SUBL (075) Double BCD Subtract
Binary Calculation Instructions
ADB (080) Binary Add
ADBL (084) Double Binary Add
DCBL (097) Double Decrement Binary
DECB (093) Decrement Binary
DVB (083) Binary Divide
DVBL (087) Double Binary Divide
INBL (096) Double Increment Binary
INCB (092) Increment Binary
MLB (082) Binary Multiply
MLBL (086) Double Binary Multiply
SBB (081) Binary Subtract
SBBL (085) Double Binary Subtract
Special Maths Instructions
APR (142) Arithmetic Process
FDIV (141) Floating Point Divide
MAX (165) Find Maximum
MIN (166) Find Minimum
ROOT (140) Square Root
ROTB (274) Binary Root
SUM (167) Sum
Symbol Maths Instructions
+ (400) Signed Binary Add Without Carry
+L (401) Double Signed Binary Add Without Carry
+C (402) Signed Binary Add With Carry
+CL (403) Double Signed Binary Add With Carry
+B (404) BCD Add Without Carry
+BL (405) Double BCD Add Without Carry
+BC (406) BCD Add With Carry
+BCL (407) Double BCD Add With Carry
- (410) Signed Binary Subtract Without Carry
-L (411) Double Signed Binary Subtract Without Carry
-C (412) Signed Binary Subtract With Carry
-CL (413) Double Signed Binary Subtract With Carry
-B (414) BCD Subtract Without Carry
-BL (415) Double BCD Subtract Without Carry
-BC (416) BCD Subtract With Carry
-BCL (417) Double BCD Subtract With Carry
* (420) Signed Binary Multiply
*L (421) Double Signed Binary Multiply
*U (422) Unsigned Binary Multiply
*UL (423) Double Unsigned Binary Multiply
*B (424) BCD Multiply
*BL (425) Double BCD Multiply
/ (430) Signed Binary Divide
/L (431) Double Signed Binary Divide
/U (432) Unsigned Binary Divide
/UL (433) Double Unsigned Binary Divide
/B (434) BCD Divide
/BL (435) Double BCD Divide
Floating Point Maths Instructions
+F (454) Floating-Point Add
-F (455) Floating-Point Subtract
*F (456) Floating-Point Multiply
/F (457) Floating-Point Divide
ACOS (464) Cosine to Angle
ASIN (463) Sine to Angle
ATAN (465) Tangent to Angle
COS (461) Cosine
DEG (459) Radians to Degrees
EXP (467) Exponent
FIX (450) Floating to 16-bit
FIXL (451) Floating to 32-bit
FLT (452) 16-bit to Floating
FLTL (453) 32-bit to Floating
LOG (468) Logarithm
RAD (458) Degrees to Radians
SIN (460) Sine
SQRT (466) Square Root
TAN (462) Tangent
Time Instructions
CADD (145) Calendar Add
CSUB (146) Calendar Subtract
DATE (179) Clock Compensation
HMS (144) Seconds to Hours
SEC (143) Hours to Seconds
Logic Instructions
ANDL (134) Double Logical AND
ANDW (130) Logical AND
COM (138) Complement
COML (139) Double Complement
ORW (131) Logical OR
ORWL (135) Double Logical OR
XNRL (137) Double Exclusive NOR
XNRW (133) Exclusive NOR
XORL (136) Double Exclusive OR
XORW (132) Exclusive OR
Stack Instructions
FIFO (163) First In First Out
LIFO (162) Last In First Out
PUSH (161) Push Onto Stack
SSET (160) Set Stack
Flag/Register Instructions
CCL (172) Load Flags
CCS (173) Save Flags
CLC (079) Clear Carry
REGL (175) Load Register
REGS (176) Save Register
STC (078) Set Carry
PID Instructions
BAND (272) Dead-Band Control
LMT (271) Limit Control
PID (270) PID Control
ZONE (273) Dead-Zone Control
Serial Communications Instructions
IODP (189) I/O Display
MSG (195) Message Display
Network Instructions
CMND (194) Deliver Command
FILP (182) Read Program File
FILR (180) Read Data File
FILW (181) Write Data File
FLSP (183) Change Step Program
IORS (188) Enable Access
IOSP (187) Disable Access
RECV (193) Network Receive
SEND (192) Network Send
Interrupt Control
CLI (154) Clear Interrupt
MSKR (155) Read Mask
MSKS (153) Interrupt Mask
I/O Instructions
IORF (184) I/O Refresh
RD2 (280) I/O Read 2
READ (190) I/O Read
WR2 (281) I/O Write 2
WRIT (191) I/O Write
Error and Diagnostics Instructions
FAL (006) Failure Alarm
FALS (007) Severe Failure Alarm
FPD (177) Failure Point Detection
MARK (174) Mark Trace
TRSM (170) Trace Memory Sampling
System Control
WDT (178) Maximum Cycle Time Extend
Block Programming
BEND <001> Block Program End
BPPS <011> Block Program Pause
BPRG (250) Block Program Begin
BPRS <012> Block Program Restart
CNTW <014> Counter Wait
ELSE <003> Branching - Else
EXIT <006> Conditional Block Exit
IEND <004> Branching - If End
IF <002> Branching - If
LEND <010> Loop End
LOOP <009> Loop
TIMW <013> Timer Wait
TMHW <015> High-Speed Timer Wait
WAIT <005> One Cycle and Wait
SFC Instructions
SA (210) Activate Step
SE (214) Deactivate Step
SF (213) End Step
SOFF (215) Reset Step
SP (211) Pause Step
SR (212) Restart Step
TOUT (202) Transition Output
TSR (124) Read Step Timer
TSW (125) Write Step Timer
Comment Instructions
CMT Comment
User-Defined Instructions
HIS240-HIS249 (240) - (249) User defined instruction