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Bible Believers' Newsletter 666

"We focus on the present Truth what Jesus is doing now. . ."
ISSN 1442-8660
We greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and extend our arm e!"ome ne su#s"ri#ers
and $isitors%
In this fina! Nes!etter for 2010 e "ommen"e a fresh tea"hing in hi"h e tra"e the mar& of the
#east from the garden of 'den to the (resent day% We #egin ith a !itt!e (rea"hing to stress the
admonition of Jesus) *au! and +rother +ranham that e) "not be yoked unequally with unbelievers,"
an antity(e of ,euteronomy 22-10- "You shall not plow with an ox and an ass together," and .mos
/-/- "How can two walk together when they are separated by sin"?
Sin"e e no ha$e the (erfe"t inter(retation of the Word) hi"h is a dis"erner of the thoughts and
intents of the heart) e must a((!y it to our !ife to examine hether our moti$es and o#0e"ti$es are
tru!y S(iritua!!y determined #y the 1us#and of our sou!) or go$erned #y the or!d!y senses of our
morta! f!esh and s(irit2 3or in their ra"e Satan and the "hi!dren of this or!d are more shred!y
dishonest than the "hi!dren of Light 4Lu&e 16-85% 6his) "ou(!ed ith the a(ostasy of the "hur"hes)
ex(!ains hy the or!d is !ed #y edu"ated) e!!-dressed re(ro#ates7smooth o(erators not to #e
Were you to meet Satan in"arnate you ou!d esteem him the finest man ho e$er ore shoe !eather%
,o not underrate him or his "hi!dren% 6hey i!! !oo& you in the eye) "a!! you +rother) gain your
"onfiden"e) and destroy you% +rother +ranham said) 8ha$e no dea!ings ith them) they i!! s&in you
a!i$e%8 Se(arate yourse!f #ehind the re$ea!ed Word of 9od) and rest assured 1e i!! not !ea$e you nor
forsa&e you in 2011%
6his Nes!etter ser$es those of !i&e (re"ious faith% Whoe$er i!! re"ei$e the truth is e!"ome to feed
their sou! from the aters of the :i$er of Life% '$erything here (resented shou!d #e "onfirmed
(ersona!!y in your on +i#!e%
;our #rother-in-Christ) .nthony 9rigor-S"ott
FEMA urges all Americans to prepare for Earthquakes or Other
Chicago, December 17, 2010 6hursday mar&ed the 1<<th anni$ersary of one of the !argest
earth=ua&es to e$er stri&e the >nited States% 6he 3edera! 'mergen"y ?anagement .gen"y@s 43'?.5
Ready Campaign is en"ouraging a!! .meri"ans to (re(are for earth=ua&es and other disasters #y
ma&ing a Ne ;ear@s reso!ution to 8:eso!$e to #e :eady8 in 2011%
6he earth=ua&e too& (!a"e in the Ne ?adrid Seismi" Aone 4N?SA5) hi"h is the site of se$era! of
the !argest histori"a! earth=ua&es to e$er stri&e the "ontinenta! >nited States and remains a
signifi"ant ris& today% Bn ,e"em#er 16) 1811 the first of these =ua&es stru"& hat is no the
!o"ation of ?em(his) 6ennessee) at a !e$e! < intensity7and the im(a"ts ere fe!t as far aay as
Washington and Bhio% +y the time the fina! =ua&e o""urred on 3e#ruary C) 1812 in Ne ?adrid)
?issouri) the sha&ing had for"ed sand to eru(t at the surfa"e) triggered !ands!ides and "aused !arge
areas to #e u(!ifted or dro((ed don in e!e$ation% Sin"e then) "ommunities a!ong the N?SA ha$e
ex(erien"ed ex(!osi$e groth in #oth (o(u!ation and infrastru"ture% .nother series of earth=ua&es
ith the magnitude of the 1811 earth=ua&es "ou!d (ro$e "atastro(hi" to the region% % % Full story:
Comment: ,oes 3'?. &no something e are not su((osed to &no2 3,: assured us 8If
something ha((ens in (o!iti"s you "an #et it as planned that ay%8 With this in mind) read the first
"omment on this arti"!e from the !atimes%"om%
!he "ulf #tream an$ the Ne%t &ce Age
.!though this $ideo is (ro(aganda (romoting the g!o#a! arming hoax and the nonsense regarding
anthro(ogeni" "!imate "hange) it "ontains an ex"e!!ent ex(!anation of ho the 9u!f Stream or&s) or
used to or& #efore the +* "atastro(he in the 9u!f of ?exi"o% Full story: to(do"umentaryfi!ms%"om
Comment: 6he disru(tion of the 0et stream and gu!f stream as "aused #y +*% youtu#e%"om
(a&a!ert(ress%"om rense%"om
"lobal Eruption rocks the #un
December 13, 2010 Bn .ugust 1) 2010) an entire hemis(here of the sun eru(ted% 3i!aments of
magnetism sna((ed and ex(!oded) sho"& a$es ra"ed a"ross the ste!!ar surfa"e) #i!!ion-ton "!ouds of
hot gas #i!!oed into s(a"e% .stronomers &ne they had itnessed something #ig%
It as so #ig) it may ha$e shattered o!d ideas a#out so!ar a"ti$ity% % % 8We see that so!ar storms "an
#e g!o#a! e$ents) (!aying out on s"a!es e s"ar"e!y imagined #efore8% % % Full story:
"ov' (esse )entura proves *+,, -over.up
December 18, 2010 Confirmed sour"es in the Nigerian go$ernment te!! us) in order to &ee(
former Di"e *resident Cheney out of (rison for "rimes in$o!$ing Nigeria) EF00 mi!!ion in #ri#es ha$e
#een (romised) negotiated #y former *resident 9eorge 1%W% +ush% No) on!y a day !ater) Cheney
fa"es (ossi#!e "harges) so many "harges they "an on!y #e imagined) for (!anning the *entagon
atta"& on <G11%
6D host) Jesse Dentura) former Na$y Sea!) former 9o$ernor of ?innesota) on a one hour
do"umentary on (rime-time .meri"an te!e$ision) ma&es an o(en and shut "rimina! "ase tying
Cheney) :umsfe!d and offi"ia!s throughout the go$ernment ith "om(!i"ity in the (!anning) exe"ution
and su#se=uent "o$er-u( of the <G11 atta"& on the *entagon% % % Jesse Dentura (ro$ed something
start!ing to most) sus(e"ted #y some% 1e (ro$ed that) at some (oint in our (ast) 10 years or more)
e don@t &no) our go$ernment as o$erthron% Full story: ;outu#e $eteranstoday%"om +ui!ding C
National /ero solves #eptember ,,0 122, Air isaster M3steries
?y interested has remained high as my "o!!ege "!assmate) H>SN. C1I as the Ca(tain of ..CC hi"h
as $a(oriJed o$er the .t!anti" 4F minutes (rior to the unmanned aeria! $ehi"!e that &i!!ed another
>SN. a!um) Ca(tain 9era!d ,eConto hose indo the o#0e"t f!e into% I fe!t strong!y on <G11 it
as an inside 0o#) and #y <-12-01 I &ne ith a moderate degree of "ertainty that it) in fa"t) as% % %
When our (aths "rossed on 12-6-06 ,a$id 1a&ins said something to the effe"t of 8fina!!y%8 I as&ed
hat he as referring to and he said that he had #een !oo&ing for an air!ine (i!ot or a fighter (i!ot
from the >S ho had &no!edge of the true 1o!!yood (rodu"tion of <G11 for distri#ution #y the
main!ine media and as o(en to or&ing together at 1a&s C.3'% 1e said he fe!t !i&e it as his
#irthday% I to!d him to thin& of it more !i&e Christmas #e"ause I asn@t an eitherGor (i!ot) I as
#oth% % % Full story: air!ine-hist!e#!oers%org "a(tainsher!o"&%"om
*+,, 4!- Biggest "ol$ /eist in /istor35 6722 Billion in Bars
December 18, 2010 Where did it a!! go2 ,id it finish u( in Israe!) !i&e the 9erman go!d stored for
8safe&ee(ing82 Where did the go!d from 3ort Knox end u(2 .nd the go!d su#stituted #y 6ungsten2
Full story: snardfar&er%ning%"om
Comment: +rother +ranham said) 8:ome has a"=uired near!y a!! the su((!ies of go!d% 6he Jes ha$e
the #onds and a!! the (a(er Hfiat money and "redit "reated from thin airI% .t the right time the har!ot
i!! destroy the (resent day money system #y "a!!ing in a!! the (a(er and demanding go!d% With no
go!d) the system fa!!s% 6he H'domiteI Jes i!! #e tra((ed and "ome into the a!!ian"e) and the har!ot
"hur"h i!! ta&e o$er the ho!e or!d8 4.n 'x(osition of the Se$en Chur"h .ges) (% /14-15%
8With this great (oer the "hur"h systems i!! (erse"ute the true +ride% 6his image i!! try to &ee(
the +ride from (rea"hing and tea"hing) et"% 1er ministers i!! #e for#idden to gi$e "omfort and truth
to the (eo(!e ho need it% +ut #efore the anti"hrist 4in (erson5 ta&es o$er this "om(!ete or!d
system of "hur"hes the true Chur"h i!! #e ta&en aay from this or!d to #e ith the Lord% 9od i!!
"at"h aay 1is +ride for the great ?arriage Su((er of the Lam#% % % .nd so on and on ent that s(irit
and one day it i!! #e"ome tru!y in"arnate in a man ho i!! head u( the Wor!d Coun"i! of Chur"hes)
0ust as e ha$e #een saying% .nd #y his go!d 4remem#er Judas he!d the #ag5 he i!! "ontro! the
ho!e or!d) and that anti"hrist system i!! on e$erything and try to "ontro! e$ery#ody% +ut Jesus
i!! "ome #a"& and destroy them a!! ith the #rightness of 1is "oming% .nd their end i!! #e the !a&e
of 3ire8 4i#id% (% /CCL /C<5%
!he /igh -ost of $oing "o$'s 4ork
December 15, 2010 9o!dman Sa"hs re"ei$ed tens of #i!!ions of do!!ars in dire"t and indire"t
su""or from the 3ed% 6han&s to these s(e"ta"u!ar!y !arge tax(ayer-funded #ai!outs) 9o!dman as
a#!e to "ontinue @doing 9od@s Wor&@7as C'B L!oyd +!an&fein infamous!y remar&ed7!i&e (rodu"ing
#i!!ion-do!!ar trading (rofits ithout e$er suffering a sing!e day of !osses%
6han&s to the 3ed@s massi$e) undis"!osed assistan"e) 9o!dman Sa"hs managed to (ro0e"t an image
of finan"ia! e!!-#eing) e$en hi!e a""essing tens of #i!!ions of do!!ars of dire"t assistan"e from the
3edera! :eser$e%
+y re(aying its 6.:* !oan) for exam(!e) 9o!dman rigg!ed out from under the nett!esome
"om(ensation !imits im(osed #y 6.:*) hi!e a!so "on$eying an image of finan"ia! strength% +ut this
@strength@ as i!!usory% 9o!dman re(aid the 6.:* !oans ith funds it (ro"ured days ear!ier from the
3edera! :eser$e% 6hen) o$er the ensuing months) 9o!dman re"a(ita!iJed its #a!an"e sheet #y se!!ing
tens of #i!!ions of do!!ars of mortgage-#a"&ed se"urities to the 3ed%
.nd the (u#!i" ne$er &ne anything a#out these a"ti$ities unti! to ee&s ago) hen the 3ed as
for"ed to re$ea! them%%% Se"ret #ai!outs do not mere!y #enefit re"i(ientsL they a!so de"ei$e in$estors
into mista&ing fantasy for fa"t% Su"h de"e(tions often (unish honest in$estors) !i&e the honest
in$estors ho so!d short the shares of inso!$ent finan"ia! institutions ear!y in 200<% % % Full story:
Comment: 9o!dman Sa"hs and the 3ed are #oth :oths"hi!d) nes pas?
#e%0 8ies0 &ran0 &srael0 4ikileaks
December 18, 2010 6he strongest and most $o"a! o((onent of a ne <G11 in$estigation is Ju!ian
.ssange of Wi&!ea&s% If any indi$idua! outside the >S go$ernment ere to #e named as most
"om(!i"it in a <G11 "o$er-u() it ou!d #e Ju!ian .ssange%
'$erything sin"e then) the nes a#out Iran and) es(e"ia!!y Wi&i!ea&s- a!! su#terfuge% When former
Nationa! Se"urity .d$isor A#ignie +rJeJins&y "ited Wi&i!ea&s on a *+S inter$ie) te!e$ised
nationa!!y) as the or& of an inte!!igen"e agen"y) Israe! ne$er re(orted it or res(onded% Instead) they
attri#uted +rJeJins&i@s =uote to 9ordon ,uff of Deterans 6oday%
Full story: youtu#e%"om Deterans today%"om%
Comment: ?eanhi!e) homosexua! *3C +rad!ey ?anning remains in so!itary "onfinement des(ite not
ha$ing #een tried or "on$i"ted of any "rime%
9N mulls &nternet :egulation Options
December 20 2010 6he internet tru!y is the !ast #astion of free s(ee"h that has yet to #e ta&en
o$er #y "or(orate or (o!iti"a! for"es and "ensored) at !east in the >S% +ut the >nited Nations 4>N5 is
no "onsidering or&ing toards esta#!ishing an internationa! go$erning #ody to regu!ate internet
"ontent) hi"h ou!d e$entua!!y e!iminate on!ine freedom of s(ee"h% % % Full story: itnes%"om%au
Comment: No do you see the o#0e"ti$e of the @City of London@s ?BSS., and CI.) and the fun"tion
of sha##os 9oy Ju!ian .ssange2
!he Australian -onstitution
6his thirty minute $ideo a((!ies not 0ust to .ustra!ia #ut to e$ery "ountry under 'ng!ish !a and
Jeish #an&ing% In fa"t) it ex(oses the e$i! destroying and su#0ugating the or!d to de#t s!a$ery and
re$ea!s the ay out of the g!o#a! finan"ia! "risis and into (ros(erity% 6his $ery im(ortant to those ho
on homes and shos the treason of your State and 3edera! :e(resentati$es ho ha$e so!d you into
de#t and tax s!a$ery under the internationa! #an&sters%
Full story: the"rohouse%"om
!he Mark of the Beast ; <art &
9enesis 1-2C-28) /1) "od created 41e#% bara out of nothing5 man in His own image, in the image o!
od He created him" #not "a" man, but $dam%s entire race& male and !emale' $nd od blessed them
#a!ter their creation&, and said, (e !ruit!ul, and multiply, and !ill the earth #when you are made
!lesh&, and subdue it #in the millennium where there will be no !urther "multiplying"&) and have
dominion over the !ish o! the sea, and over the !owl o! the air, and over every living thing that
moves upon the earth'" Sin"e e ere "reated in 1is image) e ere s(irit7theo(hanies) !i&e the
Logos !ater made f!esh% +eing omnis"ient 1e $isua!iJed our idea! dominion o$er the #irds of the air)
the fishes in the sea) and the #easts of the fie!d) and said to the Logos in hi"h e ere .ttri#utes7
a (art of 1im "without beginning o! time nor end o! li!e"*a""ounted 0ustified) redeemed and
g!orified) "+et us make 41e#% asah) fashion from existing materia!5 man in our image," transforming
S(iritua! thoughts to (hysi"a!) materia! #eings on earth to #e tested #y sin that they may o$er"ome
and (ro$e they are .ttri#utes) orthy to #e redeemed and (!a"ed as Sons of 9od% "$nd od saw that
all He had made was exceedingly good"'
+efore s(ea&ing 1is "reati$e Word and e$en #efore 1e ex(ressed the Logos #y hi"h a!! things ere
made 9od fore&ne 1is trusted right-hand man Lu"ifer ou!d #etray 1im #y hy#reeding 1is
immuta#!e Word ith human reasoning from ",pirit and -ternal +i!e" 4John 6-6/5 to death) "ausing
the fa!! of .dam@s ra"e and #y mis"egenation ith the Ser(ent) (rodu"e Cain@s mutant ra"e hi"h is
not from the Logos and irredeema#!e%
'Je&ie! 28 says of Lu"ifer) "You seal the !ull measure o! the stature o! the per!ect man #as it were&,
!ull o! wisdom and complete in beauty' You have been in -den the garden o! od" clothed in every
precious stone, the sardius, topa., and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the /asper, the
sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, wrought in beauti!ul settings o! gold !rom the day you
were created' 0 appointed you to be the anointed guardian cherub' You had access to the holy
mountain o! od, you walked amidst stones o! !ire #like "the paved work o! sapphire" under the !eet
o! Christ, the theophany o! the od o! 0srael 4'xodus 24-10) 1C5I% You were per!ect #wholesome,
unimpaired, innocent, complete and entirely in accord with truth and !act& in your ways #conduct,
course o! li!e and moral character& !rom the day you were created, until iniquity was !ound in you"'
Sin originated in hea$en in the fore&no!edge of our omnis"ient 9od) then Lu"ifer the o$ershadoing
"heru#im) .dam and his ra"e) and Cain and his (er$erse ra"e ere manifest on earth to determine
their on destiny #y exer"ising their free mora! agen"y) and hat 9od had de"!ared "exceedingly
good" #e"ame "orru(ted through sin to death%
The escenants o! "am an the banishe Cainites remaine se#arate !or a time, an
ty#e the Church an the $orl% 6he Cainites) ith the rest!essness of men a!ienated from 9od)
ere fore$er stri$ing to transform the !and of their exi!e into Satan@s 'den instead of !onging for a
reneed hea$ens and reneed earth) and "ease!ess!y trying #y inte!!e"tua! "unning to (a!!iate the
"urse rather than a((rehend the mind of 9od and o$er"ome #y faith 49enesis 4-C5% Condemned to
ander) they ere first to #ui!d a "ity here they "ou!d sett!e "omforta#!y u(on the "ursed earth% 6o
this $ery day Cain@s (eo(!e #are the mar& of the #east) reasoning against the re$ea!ed Word of 9od
#y human isdom% Bh) they orshi( the Bne true 9od and are re!igious) #ut "without !aith it is
impossible to please od) !or he who comes to od must believe that He is, and that He is a
rewarder o! those who diligently seek Him" 41e#res 11-65%
Cain@s des"endants are (hysi"a! Ser(ent@s seed hose genea!ogy stems from the Satan-in"arnate
Ser(ent) a giant man-!i&e #east that sedu"ed '$e and fathered Cain ho is not in .dam@s ra"e and
thus ithout a KINS?.N :edeemer%
&o's $or calls !or a total se#aration !rom unbelie!% From the garen o! (en the see o!
iscre#ancy)isom *ersus !aithhas been the mar+ o! the beast% ,rother ,ranham an
-ue )arn us to se#arate oursel*es !rom those o! "am's race )ho are s#iritual .er#ent's
+rother +ranham said) 8Satan i!! ma&e you a!! &ind of (romises) #ut he has nothing to gi$e you)
#e"ause he don@t ha$e nothing% 1e don@t ha$e no sa!$ation% What is Satan2 .nything "ontrary to the
Word% 1e doesn@t ha$e sa!$ation% 1e doesn@t ha$e Light% 1is &ingdom is dar&nessL the end thereof is
death% ,ar&ness and death is Satan@s &ingdom% 8+rother +ranham) re(eat it again% What is Satan@s
&ingdom28 .nything "ontrary to the Word of 9od%
No) that@s "utting) #ut it@s time for "utting% See2 6he #ran"h) the tree) if it@s going to #ear) must #e
(runed% It@s time% H?atthe 2F-6L II Corinthians 6-14-18L I 6hessa!onians 4-16L :e$e!ation 18-4I%
.nything "ontrary to the (re"e(ts of 9od) the Word of 9od) is not 9od% What is it2 What is sin2
:ighteousness (er$erted% What is death2 Life (er$erted% $hat is the +ingom o! .atan/
"nything that's setting something to ta+e the #lace o! the $or, anything, any teaching%
0ne )or, 1ust one )or% 2ou might belie*e e*ery bit% (*e belie*e e*ery bit o! 3t to that
one $or% That one $or's all she neee to isbelie*e% That one $or is all you nee to
isbelie*e4 50neness, #% 11:556577%
Jude /-6) 11-1F) "(eloved, while 0 was making every e!!ort to write you about the salvation we have
in common, 0 !ound it necessary to write appealing to you, to earnestly contend !or the !aith which
was once and !or all delivered to the saints' 1or certain people !oreordained to condemnation, style
themselves Christians) ungodly persons, who pervert the grace o! our od and deny the +ord 2esus
Christ our only 3aster and +ord'"
",o 0 desire to remind you, though you were once !ully in!ormed, that od who saved a people out
o! the land o! -gypt, a!terward destroyed those who did not believe' $nd the angels that did not
abide in the present 4ruth o! His unchanging 5ord, but !ell by reasoning, He has reserved in
everlasting chains under darkness !or the /udgment o! the great day' ' ' 5oe to them6 1or they walk
in the way o! Cain, and have surrendered to the error o! (alaam #by substituting wisdom !or 4H7,
,$04H 4H- +8R9 4:e$e!ation 2-145I !or reward and perished in :orah%s revolt #against 3oses% 4H7,
,$04H 4H- +8R9 as many today are perishing in revolt against (rother (ranham%s 4H7, ,$04H 4H-
"4hese are blemishes in your love !easts ' ' ' #like chemtrails&*clouds without water, carried along
by winds #o! human reasoning against the revealed 5ord&" !ruitless trees in harvest time, twice
dead, uprooted #!rom the (ook o! +i!e&" wildly raging waves o! the sea #which will not exist in the
renewed earth&, casting up the !oam o! their own shame" wandering stars !or whom the blackness o!
darkness is !orever reserved' 0n the seventh generation !rom the !irst $dam -noch prophesied o!
these saying o! his vision, "0 see the +ord coming #in the seventh generation !rom the last $dam&
with ten thousands o! His saints, to execute /udgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly o! all
their ungodly deeds which in their godlessness they have committed, and o! all the harsh words
these godless sinners have spoken against Him"'"
Who are these god!ess sinners2 What are their "ungodly deeds and harsh words"? ?urderers) !iars)
thie$es) (o!iti"ians and "ar sa!esmen are "ertain!y in the minority% 6hey in"!ude de!uded 9od-fearing
men su"h as Caia(has) his (riests and e!ders) :oman (o(es) "ardina!s) #isho(s and (riests)
denominationa! ministers (ur$eying the traditions of men that ma&e the Word of 9od of no effe"t)
and their denominationa! fo!!oers7*harisees) Saddu"ees) :oman and Brthodox Catho!i"s) 4one
time5 *rotestants) Se$enth ,ay .d$entists) Jeho$ah Witnesses and many in the "ir"!e of this
?essage (rea"hing and #e!ie$ing "the letter without the ,pirit" and ridi"u!ous in$entions% '$ery one a
sin"ere "!ean-!i$ing !a-a#iding "itiJen trying to do 9od a ser$i"e a#so!ute!y "ontrary to 1is re$ea!ed
Word and on his road to (erdition or at !east the tri#u!ation #e"ause his ser$i"e is #ased u(on human
reasoning ithout faith and he is sin"ere!y rong% 6hey #ear the mar& of the #eastL Jesus) *eter)
Jude and Wi!!iam +ranham "a!!ed them sou!s im(risoned in e$er!asting "hains of dar&ness (ending
the 0udgment day%
Does this T89. ."3T8 T8( :0;D o! ,rother ,ranham an -ue mean anything at all/ ,o
you serious!y #e!ie$e there are not dire "onse=uen"es if you as a "hearer o! the 5ord, are not a doer
also" 4James 1-2/52 9od i!! not o$erride your free i!!) #ut if you are #orn-again neither i!! 1e
suffer you to (ersist in su"h ini=uity) "returning like a dog to the carnal reasoning you :;85 to be
denominational vomit, and as a sow to its intellectual wallow," ithout se$ere "hastisement as in
&indness the good she(herd #rea&s the !eg of a "onstant!y truant shee( to ma&e it fo!!o the ?aster
to "!ear aters and green (astures rather than tres(ass onto denominationa! #ad!ands% ;ou are
#ringing a re(roa"h u(on the Word and +ody of Christ hi"h may "ost your !ife 4I Corinthians F-FL
11-2C-//5% .s natura! Israe! as "ommanded to se(arate from the nations) S(iritua! Israe!) the
Chur"h) is "ommanded to se(arate from the denomi-nations% "You #spiritual& adulterers and
adulteresses," says James 4-4) "don%t you know that the !riendship o! the world is enmity with od?
whoever there!ore will be a !riend o! the world is the enemy o! od'" If) on the other hand you are
not #orn-again and not e!e"t 1e i!! !et you as a man(!easer "ontinue "to cruci!y the ,on o! od unto
yoursel! a!resh, and put Him to an open shame" unti! your name is remo$ed from the +oo& of Life) or
you (erish in martyrdom during the great tri#u!ation at the hands of the fa!se Christian friends you
see& to (!ease% If you are in dou#t read :e$e!ation 1/-1F-18) and I John /-12) "$nd why did Cain
murder $bel? (ecause his own deeds were evil and those o! his hal!<brother were righteous'" In
other ords) the "enmity" 9od (!a"ed #eteen the righteous and unrighteous seed as the so!e
"ause of the murder 49enesis /-1F5%
In the days of 1is f!esh our Lord did not fai! to re"ogniJe the seed of the ser(ent in those
denominationa! sinners hose "ontradi"tion 1e endured% "8 generation o! vipers," 1e "ried) using a
(hrase hi"h had a!ready issued from the !i(s of John the +a(tist 4?atthe /-C5) "how can you,
being evil, speak good things" 4?atthe 12-/452 +y these ords 1e "!ear!y designates the *harisees
as a #rood of "that old ,erpent, called the 9evil and ,atan, who deceives the whole world"
4:e$e!ation 12-<5% ;et again 1e ex"!aims- "You ,erpents, you generation o! vipers, how can you
escape the damnation o! Hell" 4?atthe 2/-//-/F5% 3or #eing the Ser(ent@s seed they must share
the Ser(ent@s fate%
&o's $or calls !or a total se#aration !rom unbelie!% 'sau as a gent!eman in "om(arison to
his de"eitfu! mother@s-#oy #rother% +ut Ja"o# esteemed the #irthright and sought to ser$e 9od
hereas 'sau des(ised the #irthright) sought to (!ease man and married into the Ser(ent@s seed% 1e
too& the mar& of the #east and !i&e orshi((ers in today@s a(ostate "hur"hes "knew it not" hen his
name as remo$ed from the +oo& of Life% "8ur ministry o! reconciliation" is not a"hie$ed #y ma&ing
friends ith the morta! s(irit and "orru(ti#!e f!esh of sinners hi"h i!! (erish ith the or!d) #ut #y
de!i$ering "the 5ord o! reconciliation" to their inner man) then de(arting !i&e the sa!esman ho has
the order) !est Satan re$i$e un#e!ief through inte!!e"tua! so(histry% Lea$e 9od@s Word to stri$e ith
Satan in their sou!L if they are e!e"t they i!! re"ei$e 1is WordL if after the first and se"ond
admonition the Word for the hour is re0e"ted) they are su#$erted in sin and "ondemned of
themse!$es 4II Corinthians F-18-1<L 6itus /-<-115%
6he natura! and s(iritua! Ser(ent@s seed orshi( the Creator #ut ha$e no (romises from the
Co$enant-&ee(ing 9od in hi"h to rest% 1e "ame to Israe! as "a the personal con!irmation o! His
Covenant and as a +ight to guide the nations to Him, to open the blind eyes #o! His elect&, to bring
captives out o! prison, and those who sit in darkness out o! the houses o! bondage' 0 am the +ord
#2esus Christ, 2ehovah<,aviour&' 4hat is 3y ;ame, and 3y glory 0 will not give to another" 4Isaiah
42-F-8L ,euteronomy 6-4L ."ts 2-/6L 4-125%
3rom the $ery #eginning e had Christ) the 6ree of Life) and Lu"ifer) the 6ree of the Kno!edge of
9ood and '$i!% 6he fruit of one as faith unto eterna! Life) hi!e the fruit of the other as &no!edge
and reasoning- anar"hy unto damnation% The gi!t o! +no)lege in this li!e is !raught )ith #eril:
!or our great tas+ here is to learn the lesson o! absolute e#enence u#on &o, an entire
submission to 8is )ill% It as the $ision of &no!edge hi"h fi!!ed the #reast of our mother '$e
ith im(ious as(irations) and made her !isten to the 6em(ter hen he #ade her ho(e to #e "as od'"
.nd it is an ominous fa"t) that) the first in$entors of the arts and s"ien"es ere not the des"endents
of #e!ie$ing Seth) #ut of the deist and a""ursed murderer Cain 49enesis F-<-265%
,eism is a (hi!oso(hi"a! #e!ief #ased so!e!y on reason and o#ser$ation of the natura! or!d) that
a""e(ts the existen"e of some form of ,i$ine +eing ho "reated the uni$erse) and then a#andoned
it) assuming no "ontro! o$er !ife) exerting no inf!uen"e on natura! (henomena) and gi$ing no
su(ernatura! re$e!ation% It sees no need for do"trina! go$ernan"e or (re"ise definition of the nature of
the ,eity and refutes the deity of Jesus Christ hom it "onsiders first an ange!i" nature that #e"ame
man) and attained to di$inity through his !ife on earth% ?any of the 3ounding 3athers of the >nited
States ere deists hea$i!y inf!uen"ed #y 'n!ightenment (hi!oso(hies% 6heism is a (hi!oso(hi"a! #e!ief
in the existen"e of a di$ine rea!ity distin"t from "reation% 6heism is sim(!y the o((osite of atheism%
Whate$er this god 4or gods5 may #e is irre!e$ant to the definition of theism as a ord on its on) so
that e$ery re!igion is theisti" #ut &no!edge ithout re$e!ation is death%
+rother +ranham said) 86he 6ree of Kno!edge (rodu"ed "!e$er menL men of renon% +ut their ays
are the ays of death% 9od@s (eo(!e are sim(!e #ut s(iritua! minded) !eaning toard 9od and nature)
"a!m!y ti!!ing the soi!) "aring for truth rather than ea!th% 6he seed of the Ser(ent has #rought
tremendous "ommer"e) onderfu! in$entions) #ut ith it a!! "omes death% 6heir gun(oder and
atomi" #om#s &i!! in arL and in (ea"e time their me"hani"a! in$entions) su"h as the "ar) &i!! e$en
more in a time of (ea"e than do the in$entions of ar destroy in times of trou#!e% ,eath and
destru"tion are the fruits of her !a#ors%8
8+ut the Hseed of the Ser(entI are re!igious% 6hey #e!ie$e in 9od% 6hey are !i&e their father) the de$i!)
and their an"estor) Cain% +oth of them #e!ie$ed in 9od% 6hey go to "hur"h% 6hey ming!e ith the
righteous as do tares ming!e ith the heat% In so doing they "orru(t and (rodu"e a Ni"o!aitane
re!igion% 6hey s(read their (oison in e$ery effort to destroy the seed of 9od e$en as Cain &i!!ed .#e!%
6here is no fear of 9od #efore their eyes8 4.n 'x(osition of the Se$en Chur"h .ges) (% 10C5%
.(art from instituting marriage) instru"ting man to a((roa"h 9od through the sa"rifi"ia! #!ood of an
a""e(ta#!e su#stitute) and the "ommand that he earn his #read #y the seat of his #ro) the Lord
!eft him to see& 1is i!! #y re$e!ation #ut man did hat as right in his on eyes free from the
magistrate@s sord in the ungo$erned so"iety into hi"h ?arx) 'nge!s and Lenin (romised
Communism ou!d e$o!$e% +ut this ex(eriment) !i&e the disastrous and ongoing g!o#a! ex(eriment of
?arxism demonstrates that sin is not eterna! #ut e(hemera!) tending to entro(y) "haos and
de$o!ution rather than e$o!ution%
86hus the fitness of man for a "ondition of extreme !i#erty) and the orth of a trust in the innate
0usti"e su((osed to !ie at the #ottom of the human heart) ha$e #een a!ready tested #y the Creator%
?odern (hi!oso(hers are urging a re(etition of the ex(erimentL #ut the history of the times of o!d
(ro$es the fa!!a"y of their $ies% 3or the i"&edness of man #e"ame great- a!! f!esh "orru(ted its ay
u(on the earth) and the earth as fi!!ed ith $io!en"e% .nd as it as in the days of Noah) so sha!! it
#e a!so in the days of the Son of ?an 4Lu&e 1C-2658 49% 1% *em#er% 'arth@s 'ar!iest .ges) (% 108-/5%
I &no many of you yearn for fa"e-to-fa"e fe!!oshi( ith +rethren of !i&e (re"ious faith hi"h is
often not a$ai!a#!e% If e "onsider the to ra"es e find that des(ite the fa"t Cain and .#e! #oth
orshi((ed 9od) Cain@s orshi( as #!as(hemous #e"ause he offered the ser$i"e of his hands and
inte!!e"t ithout faith hi"h denied the need for our sa"rifi"ia! Su#stitute) Jesus ?essiah% Sin"e the
re$e!ation of Jesus Christ) .dam@s ra"e has "om(romised and a""e(ted Cain@s inte!!e"tua! re!igion so
that e$ery indi$idua!) "hur"h and re!igion not a!&ing in the Light of the present 4ruth is ithout faith
and a#omination to 9od together ith their (rayers) +i#!e-studies) and de$otion 4:e$e!ation 18-45%
.s it as in the days of Noah hen the e!e"tion as found in 0ust one man) 'no"h) the natura! and
s(iritua! Ser(ent@s seed are uniting against the Word so that e are fe and true fe!!oshi( (re"ious%
,o not #e dis"ouraged for this is the ay Jesus said it must #e 4?atthe 24-/C5% ;ou may fee! your
testimony is ineffe"tua! and "om(are our "little !lock" ith the anti"hrist "hur"hes hen you shou!d
identify our situation ith +i#!e (ro(he"y) remem#ering ho Noah itnessed for a "entury ithout a
sing!e "on$ert% :emem#er a!so that your itness is not sim(!y ith the (ros(e"t of finding the !ast
e!e"t) it is an indi"tment to those ho ha$ing re0e"ted the ?essage of the hour ha$e ta&en the mar&
of the #east- sou!s im(risoned no7s(iritua!!y dead hi!e (hysi"a!!y a!i$e) for it is "proclaiming the
day o! vengeance o! our od" 4Isaiah 61-2#L ?a!a"hi 4-F-6L :e$e!ation 1C-1-FL 22-1C-1<5%
.s it as in the days of Noah "ontem(orary man ho(es to #e so "om(!ete!y !ord of the e!ements #y
s"ientifi" dis"o$eries as to #e inde(endent of 9od) so that "no secret can be hidden !rom him"
4'Je&ie! 28-/5 in the natura! or!d) hi"h is the on!y or!d that se!f-i!!ed foo!s re"ogniJe% *au!
(ro(hesied) "because they received not the love o! the truth, that they might be saved od shall
send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie," hi"h +rother +ranham said is the same
!ie Satan to!d '$e) that "knowledge would make her as od, who loves us so dearly we will not
surely die'" .nd !oo& at the foo!s or!dide ho ha$e fa!!en for the hoax of anthro(ogeni" g!o#a!
arming and are (re(ared to surrender six thousand years of !a#ouring against sin and su#mit to
g!o#a! taxation #y :oths"hi!d@s I?3 under the de!usion atmos(heri" "ar#on dioxide is endangering the
(!anet) hen a far higher (er"entage ou!d #e a #oon to a!! !ife on earth%
8Whene$er S"ri(ture !ifts the $ei!) and a!!os us a momentary g!im(se of the Kingdom of ,ar&ness)
e #eho!d a "ommunity) ma!ignant indeed) #ut (erfe"t in order and go$ernment) and thirsting for the
su#0ugation of the human ra"e% 3or the em(ire of Satan "annot #e "om(!ete!y organiJed ti!! men #e
as o#edient to demons as demons are to the re#e! (rin"i(a!ities and (oers) and these !ast again to
their great (rin"e% .nd so) the deniJens of the air are not mere!y stirring u( an aim!ess re$o!t against
9od) #ut ou!d fain annex the ho!e of our or!d to their on order!y dominion8 4i#id% 1F/-/5%
The mar+ o! the beast began in (en )hen .atan incarnate the .er#ent )ho seuce (*e
to bear his *icarious son, the mamser an !irst murerer, Cain, )ho is not in the genealogy
o! "am's race an accurse o! &o as are his escenants% 1e as a "hi!d of Satan ho
sought to usur( the &ingdom of ?i"hae!) ho is Christ) #y @ethni" "!eansing@ through mis"egenation
hi"h is geno"ide to .dam@s ra"e) #e"ause the offs(ring are not in the +oo& of Life) hi"h is the
genea!ogy of .dam) and irredeema#!e% We !earn from 9enesis 6 that #y the time Noah as fi$e
hundred years of age the ho!e or!d as o$ers(read #y natura! or s(iritua! Ser(ent@s seed% "(ut
;oah !ound grace in the eyes o! the +ord' ' ' as a righteous man whose $damic lineage was
unimpaired, and he walked with od" 49enesis 6-8-<5%
6he or& of the #east had made "the whole earth corrupt in od%s sight, and !illed with violence' ' '
!or all humanity #was beastly& having perverted their way' $nd od said to ;oah, "0 have
determined to make an end o! humanity, !or through them the earth is !illed with violence" behold, 0
will destroy them with the earth"'
6he *ro(het said) 8Wat"h the s(irits that "ome u( out of 9enesis and #egin to raise u() at"h that
rea! "!assi"a!) high "!assi"a! "hur"h orshi(% Loo& at it #a"& yonder in CainL !oo& at it today% Comes
right don in) mo$es on don through into the *harisees% .nd there@s to se"ts of them- *harisee
and Saddu"ee% See) mo$es right on out) and !oo& at it today in Catho!i"ism and great mo$es !i&e
that) great #eautifu! (!a"es%8
8+ut !oo& at .#e! ith the !itt!e !am# 4See25) 0ust a "ommon% % % Loo& at it in the days of Jesus% Loo&
at it a!! the ay don through the S"ri(ture as you mo$e it u() see ho it is% We@re !i$ing right then
in that day that hen 9od has "a!!ed 1is "hur"h a!! the ay don through) that !itt!e strea&) !itt!e red
strea& that@s "ome right don through the +i#!e a!! the ay of the +!ood-ashed (eo(!e8 4C%B%,%) (%
Six thousand years !ater the "hi!dren of the #east ha$e im(osed mis"egenation under the su#terfuge
of 8mu!ti"u!tura!ism8 u(on the on"e Christian nations) @ethni" "!eansing@ as Jesus foreto!d in ?atthe
24-/C% Bn January 12) 1<F2) one of their on announ"ed) 8We i!! o(en!y re$ea! our identity ith
the ra"es of .sia and .fri"a% I "an state ith assuran"e that the !ast generation of hite "hi!dren is
no #eing #orn% Bur Contro! Commissions i!!) in the interests of (ea"e and i(ing out inter-ra"ia!
tensions) for#id the hites to mate ith hites% 6he hite omen must "oha#it ith mem#ers of the
dar& ra"es) the hite men ith #!a"& omen% 6hus the hite ra"e i!! disa((ear) for mixing the dar&
ith the hite means the end of the hite man) and our most dangerous enemy i!! #e"ome on!y a
memory8 4Ca(tain Wi!!iam 9uy Carr) *ans in the 9ame (% 104-1065% 6he a(ostasy of our "hur"hes
is su"h that so-"a!!ed Christians ho are not yet natura! Ser(ent@s seed are s(iritua! Ser(ent@s seed)
"without !ruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots" 4Jude 12L :e$e!ation 20-145% ;et a!! things or&
together for good to those of .dam@s ra"e ho !o$e the Lord and are "a!!ed a""ording to 1is (ur(ose
regard!ess of the "o!our of their s&in%
Natura!!y man is in"reased ith goods and has need of nothing) hi!e S(iritua!!y he is ret"hed and
misera#!e) (oor) #!ind to the faith) na&ed of the +!ood) and &nos it not% 6he >nited States Su(reme
Court) for the first time in its history) #e"ame de$oid of *rotestant re(resentation ith the
"onfirmation of Jeess '!ena KaganL simu!taneous!y the C!aremont S"hoo! of 6heo!ogy 4founded in
188F and affi!iated ith the >nited ?ethodist Chur"h5 hen ana!yJing the future of .meri"an re!igion
"on"!uded at its =>?> 4heology $!ter oogle Con!erence that 8te"hno!ogy must #e em#ra"ed8 for
Christianity to sur$i$eM 6hey ha$e ta&en the mar& of the #east "and know it not'" 6he &no nothing
of .mos /-C) ?a!a"hi 4-F-6) ?atthe 1C-11) :e$e!ation 10-C and the ministry of 9od@s $indi"ated
(ro(het) Wi!!iam +ranham% It is Jesus Christ e must em#ra"e #y faith) not &no!edge of te"hno!ogyM
&o sent us a #ro#het to restore the !aith o! our a#ostolic !athers by the re*elation o! the
.e*en Thuners o! ;e*elation 10 )hich are the re*elations containe in the .e*en .eals
an call the )ise an !oolish *irgin out o! (<(;2 enominational an non6enominational
church into the unity o! the !aith that )e may gro) to maturity into the image o! the
#er!ect =an, -esus Christ, !or the mani!estation o! the .ons o! &o an the translation%
When 0ust at the summit of #!as(hemous se!f-g!orifi"ation) "4he +ord will come with 1ire, and with
His chariots like a whirlwind, to render His anger with !ury, and His rebuke with !lames o! 1ire' 1or
by 1ire and by His sword He will plead with all !lesh) and the slain o! the +ord will be many" 4Isaiah
66-1F-165% 6hen 1e i!! "ast these se!f-de"ei$ers ith the Satan-in"arnate fa!se (ro(het or +east
into the (it 4:e$e!ation 16-1C-21L 1<-20L 20-105% n!666%htm