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Ingles II

Federico Zagal
Section I

The marketing mix Adidas

1. Promotion is only one element of the marketing mix. What are the other three?

R: Place, product and price
2. What does AIDA stand for?
R: Acronym AIDA is useful in planning promotional activities, and represents the planning
of activities to be implemented for the promotion
3. Explain the purpose of promotion.
R: The purpose is to inform, persuade and communicate a reminder of a brand for a public
4. Evaluate whether below-the-line promotion is better than above-the-line promotion for
R: The promotion below-the-line is better because it is more direct to public order,
fulfilling the target of Adidas

Sanchez Electronic DevicesA Case Study

Case Study Questions
1. What good did Mr. Sanchez specialize in? What were his reasons?

R: Mr. Sanchez did a small tool useful for making personalized computer
identification tags
Mr. Sanchez had experience in this sort of product, and had many friends in the
United States and overseas who might be interested in the device

What are some examples of specialization in the global context? Are there particular
regions or countries that have historically specialized in a product or group of
R: Example of de specialization in global context is different factory that make a
competitive advantage.

What types of decisions did Mr. Sanchez make? What types of actions did the
government take?
R: Mr. Sanchez could not change the government's decision to reduce the tariff.
Mr. Sanchez regretfully closed his factory in Cleveland and opened a new one in
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; just over the border from Texas

To what countries did Mr. Sanchez export his devices?

R: In Japan and India

2. What products discussed in the case study were imported into the United States?
How did this affect Mr. Sanchez?

R: The product is personal computers device and Mr Sanchez is affect for more
competition in your industries

What imported products are available in your country?

R: The technological devices, the cars, the electronic device and others.

3. What role did the exchange rate play in Mr. Sanchez' ability to sell his products
when he started?

R: A Mr. Sanchez help you factory the weak dollar meant that foreign purchasers
would get more for their money, and they were therefore eager to do business with
American exporters.
4. What trade barrier, put in place by the government, initially helped Mr. Sanchez?

R: The tax for good imported.
What happened when that barrier was removed?

R: These importers claimed that the tariffs not only raised the cost of the devices
made overseas, but since Mr. Sanchez could not make enough of the products in the
United States, Americans were not able to get as many of the devices as they

What are the dangers of removing a trade barrier?

R: The danger for local producer is the high competition and low cost of de your
5. What were the goals of Mr. Sanchez in opening his factory?

R: Mr. Sanchez prospered for many years. Although he sold most of his devices in
the first few years to local computer dealers, over time he found the greatest interest
in Japan and India for his product. Eventually, most of Mr. Sanchez' devices were
exported to these countries. His factory expanded its production, and he and his
employees were amply rewarded.