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Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

May 2014

Strake Jesuit Alumni Depart With Gratitude

(L to R) Mr. Tim Scalzitti (1990), Mr. Eric Olson (2002), and Mr. Marc Fryer, S.J. (2000) prepping to give their last SJET appearance at Strake Jesuit. Photo:Mr. Tim Scalzitti

pany that hosts the schools website. He

will be an account manager and work
with other schools. He hopes to have
left an example of hard work for the
alumni and for the school. Mr Scalzitti
Strake Jesuit will be losing
a few of our most talented and would also like to leave SJ by saying,
Thanks for a great 11 years! I wish
beloved faculty and staff this
everybody the best!
year. Three of those leaving
After coming back to Jesuit eight
are SJ alumni and will be deyears ago as part of the Alumni Service
parting their alma mater once
Corps (ASC), Mr.
more to move on
Marc Fryer, S.J.,
to what Jesuit has
was missioned back
prepared them for.
to Jesuit as a regent
Mr. Tim Scalzitti
as part of his forma(1990), Mr. Marc
tion in the Society
Fryer, S.J. (2000),
and Mr. Eric Olson it as a student and of Jesus. It's been
nice to be back here
wanted to give
(2002) will leave
in a different role.
Jesuit this year,
Ill never forget
but before they go
my first two freshtheyve expressed
man english classes
gratitude for the
or the JV Water Polo championship
community they have served
tournament. Mr. Fryer will be studying
and now leave.
Mr. Tim Scalzitti came back theology at Boston College for the next
three years as he moves towards ordinato Jesuit because he loved it
as a student and wanted to give tion as a Jesuit priest. He will be working on his Masters of Divinity (M.Div),
back. He has been here for
which is necessary for ordination, and
eleven years, and he said that
his Masters in Education. He hopes to
his experience working here
has been incredible. Once he
ALUMNI/ on page 2
leaves, Mr. Scalzitti plans to
work for iModules, the comBy Will Ledig 17

Our Lady of Walsingham

images ecumenical success
By Brandon Bain 16
Ordinariate. Anglican Use. Ordinary Form. Roman Rite. These are not
words most churchgoers are used to
hearing. I would like to take this opportunity to explain and clarify what
exactly is the Personal Ordinariate of
the Chair of St. Peter, and explain its
value as an ecumenical success.
In November 2009, His Holiness
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI published the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus. This constitution established the first ordinariate in
the UK and charted the path for two

more (US and Australia) to be

created later on. The Ordinariate is a canonical structure
within the Catholic Church.
It was made so that Anglicans
and Episcopalians could enter
the Catholic Church in large
groups and retain part of their
Anglican patrimony.
Members of the Ordinariate
are Roman Catholics. Large
groups of Anglicans/Episcopalians are able to enter the
Catholic Church together, for
example if the majority of a
Episcopalian parish wants to

This month in MAGIS

CHURCH/ on page 2

John XXIII and John Paul II canonized

Donald Sterling seeks pardon from NBA
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Orphan Black returns to BBC America

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Magis. News

May 2014

ALUMNI / from page 1

have shown students how much of
a blessing it is to live out a vocation
to religious life. Mr. Fryer wishes to
thank the community for everything
they have done for me, especially my
students for being a part of my formation. The one piece of advice I'd leave
them with is to listen for God's call in
their lives.
Mr. Eric Olson was drawn back to
Jesuit by the sense of community he
experienced as a student. His favorite
thing about the school is that it is a
good place that does good things. He
said his return was primarily about
wanting to be a part of that enterprise.
This experience has been both challenging and rewarding. His favorite
part of the job is the relationships
one forms with students. Ive really
enjoyed being able to share my story
on Kairos and allow students to grow
in their faith. Whats next for Mr.
Olson? In his classic Eric style, he
responded, "I'm thinking about training to be an astronaut. I hear that
NASA is hiring so I'm thinking about
doing that..." Wherever Mr. Olson
ends up, in space or otherwise, his
ministerial presence will be missed.
He hopes to have brought a better
sense of brotherhood and friendship to
the community. Mr. Olson would like
to say thank you for accepting me
and making me who I am. I've grown
so much as a person in the last five
years. I'm so grateful for the influence
Strake Jesuit has had on my life.
While these great members of our
community are leaving, they leave a
legacy behind them as well as many
thanks for being a part of the Strake
Jesuit family. Please remember to
share a goodbye or conversation with
all those leaving SJ this year, were all
a part of this community regardless of
where we end up next.

John XXIII and John Paul II Canonized

April 27th

Four popes were present at the Vatican on April 27, 2014: two deceased, one
retired and one active. With Pope Emeritus
Benedict XVI, Pope Francis canonized
two of the most active and important popes
of the century. But how did John Paul II,
who died only nine years ago, become a
saint in such a short amount of time? How
did Pope John XXIII revolutionize the
Church? What are the legacies of the two
most influential popes of the twentieth
The origins of John Paul IIs canonization actually began just minutes after his
death in April of 2005. After hearing of
John Paul's death , the crowds gathered
outside the Apostolic Palace chanted
santo subito! or sainthood now! Pope
Benedict, listening to the crowd, put John
Paul II on what would be the fastest canonization in modern history on May 13, 2005.
To be canonized as a saint, a minimum
of three miracles is necessary. For John
Paul II, these miracles were quick to occur.
The first miracle occurred in France. Sister
Marie Simon-Pierre, a nurse in a birthing
ward, had been suffering from Parkinsons Disease (the same disease John Paul
II had) since her early thirties. However,
in the early months of 2005 the disease
seemed to be worsening. The tremors she
experienced forced her to stop assisting in
delivering newborns and sleep was becoming harder and harder. On June 1st, 2005 a
fellow sister suggested writing the name of
John Paul II to invoke his aid. Sister Pierre
could not life her hand to write.
That night in her room, Sister Pierre said
that something in my heart told me to take
up my pen and write. To her surprise, she
could write clearly and legibly. Though
surprised, Sister Pierre followed her routine and went to bed. Unlike most nights
she had experienced, she slept through


Strake Jesuit College Preparatory

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(713) 490-8135

Sydney Robinson 15
Layout Editor
Alex Bakewell 15

By Greg Wiatrek 15
it without any pain or sudden awakenings. Later medical
reports would reveal that her parkinsons had suddenly
disappeared. After a two year investigation, Sister Pierres
miracle was confirmed by the Vatican.
The second miracle happened years later. In April 2011 a
Costa Rican woman named Floribeth Mora was diagnosed
with a brain aneurysm. The doctors gave her medication
but they said her condition was inoperable. On May 1,
2011 Mora sat silently on her bed, waiting for the aneurysm to kill her. Her gaze eventually went towards a picture of John Paul II in the newspaper. Then a voice told her
Stand up and to not be afraid.After doctors confirmed
the healing was nothing short of a miracle, news spread
and eventually reached the Vatican. The Catholic Church
would later confirm the miracle. John Paul II, the pope
many credit as defeating communism, was now eligible for
Beloved by many Catholics, Pope John XXIII convened
the most recent ecumenical council, Vatican II. It was here
that many of the progressive changes occurred to bring the
Church into modernity. Elected at 77, John XXIII defied
expectations of just being a caretaker pope and was influential in opening up ecumenical dialogue between the other
branches of Christianity as well as dialogue with Judaism.
Indeed, many compare Franciss dynamic and spontaneous
nature to that of John XXIII and expect equally innovative
After praying the Latin rite of canonization, the crowd
of pilgrims erupted in cheers. Flags of Poland could be
seen being waved all across the masses. Across Poland,
church bells rang in celebration of John Paul II and his
achievements. Not only did the Polish Pope help in Communism, but he also made a lasting impact on Catholic
teachings with his theology of the body and love of the
Virgin Mother. On the other hand, John XXII will always
be remembered for his request of changes in the Church
and will continually be praised for the strides he made for
more communication with other Christians as well as other


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Magis. News

May 2014

CHURCH / from page 1

become Catholic, they would contact their ordinariate. The

ordinariate also allows for some autonomy.
The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter is the
ordinariate established in the United States. It spans both the
United States and Canada, but it acts like a diocese, much
like our Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Members of the
ordinariate are not under the jurisdiction of the local bishop,
rather, they are answerable to the head of the ordinariate,
called the "Ordinary." The Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter is Msgr. Jefferey Steenson, a former Anglican bishop who converted to Catholicism. Because
he is married, he is a priest, but is not able to become a bishop
or attain faculties of the episcopacy.
This brings up a new point that needs clarification. Since
the 1980s, when St. Pope John Paul II allowed the "Pastoral
Provision," members of the Anglican and Episcopal communities who serve as priests and bishops within their communities
while being married can convert to Catholicism and be reordained as Catholic priests. This is one of the few times an exception is made to the rule about celibate clergy in the Catholic Church. However, these priests in the Ordinariate can only
be married if they were married and priests in the Anglican/
Episcopal community before entering the Catholic Church.
The sacraments and liturgy of the Ordinariate can also be
confusing without proper knowledge. The Ordinariate is allowed to follow Anglican Use, or what is sometimes called
Ordinariate Use, to celebrate the liturgy. This is how the Anglican patrimony is retained. Within the Anglican Use of the
mass, there are some prayers unique to Anglican tradition that
Catholic bishops have determined are valid in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Anglican Use also uses very traditional
translations, many of them done by Thomas Cranmer, the
first Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury in the 16th century.
Because of these translations, the mass sounds a bit different.
In the creed, "The Holy Spirit. . . who spake by the prophets."
When most Catholic masses say "It is right and just," Anglican
Use says, "It is meet and right so to do." These phrases, with
different translations, have the same meaning. The Anglican
Use is better expressed in older forms of English and in many
ways is common to the Anglican tradition.
The Anglican Use liturgy follows many patterns of the
traditional Tridentine Mass (Extraordinary Form in the Roman Rite, the mass before the Second Vatican Council). The
mass is celebrated Ad Orientem; this means the priest faces
the same way as the people during the mass, towards the altar.
The Anglican Use liturgy commonly uses a communion rail
-- where people go up to the rail that separates the altar area
from the rest of the church -- and the congregation kneels
down and receives the Holy Eucharist on the tongue under
both species (the consecrated host is dipped into the chalice of
consecrated wine, a process known as intinction).
The Ordinariate will continue to attract both Anglicans and
Catholics to its reverent and traditional form of the liturgy. If
this sounds interesting to you, you're in luck. The Principal
Church of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter
is located right here in Houston (Memorial). It is Our Lady of
Walsingham Catholic Church. A few students, including myself, some teachers, and some Jesuits parents attend Our Lady
of Walsingham for mass on Sundays. It is a beautiful liturgy,
and the church is an image of ecumenism within the Catholic

(Above) The altar at Our Lady of Walsingham below a stained glass depiction of Our Lady.
(Below) The Shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham located in the churchs courtyard.
Photos: Our Lady of Walsingham; Margaret Pichon

Interested in



-Web Development


Sydney Robinson

Magis. News

May 2014

Sterling seeks pardon

in racism allegations
By Reese Armtrong 16
Recently the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers
Donald Sterling made some comments to his girlfriend
that became the source of a lot of conversation among the
NBA community as well as the nation at large. His criticism (which was recorded unbeknownst to him) of his
girlfriends actions was about her bringing several African
Americans to Clippers games and posting pictures with
them on social media.
According to an audio recording released by TMZ,
Sterling told his girlfriend that he is not a racist, but rather
that society has certain standards, and it tarnishes his public
image if she is seen with black people. He was talking specifically about hall of fame player Magic Johnson. Johnson
responded by saying he would never go to a Clippers game
as long as Sterling remains manager. The commissioner of
the NBA Adam Silver responded promptly by banning Sterling from the NBA for life and issuing a $2.5 million fine.
Sterling has made several public attempts to defend
himself. He told Anderson Cooper that he is not a racist but
was instead baited into making racist comments. He did
not, however, explain how he was baited. Once again, he
claimed that he is not a racist and that he should be entitled
to one mistake after thirty-five years in the NBA.
In an audio recording released after the incident, Sterling
added context to his comments saying that he was jealous
of Johnson, so he spoke maliciously about him and African
Americans in general. Finally, Sterling spoke to Johnson
about the issue. Regarding the conversation, Sterling said
that Johnson is great, but that he is not "a good example for
the children of Los Angeles."
Despite his efforts, the league shows no signs of pardoning Sterling, and with the path he is currently taking, his
pardoning is near impossible.


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Free Press Summer Festival

offers average lineup

It's the week before school lets out.

Everyone is trying to save their grades
and make sure they won't be grounded
for the summer. But for others, there's a
light at the end of the tunnel: Summerfest. This two day long music festival is
now in its sixth year. With the strength
of last year's lineup a lot of people
were expecting this year to have bigger
names. With artists like Calvin Harris,
Macklemore, and Passion Pit, 2013's
lineup had popular artists spanning
across different genres. In some people's
eyes this year's lineup leaves a lot to be
With the general resurgence of music
festivals, many people were comparing
the lineup to those of Coachella, ACL,
and Bonnaroo. To be quite frank, Houston doesnt have the money or the musical scene for such a large festival just
yet. This is gradually changing, especially as Houston becomes larger and bands
realize the profitability of touring in the
south. In years to come Summerfest has
the potential to become as large as some
of the most popular music festivals.
This year, Free Press seems to be
changing their lineup to incorporate
more mainstream artists. The big name
that a lot of people are excited for is
Zedd. This DJ has several very popular
hits, and is most likely going to be the
biggest act of Saturday night. A controversial scheduling time puts Zedd and
Vampire Weekend at the exact same
time. Nevertheless, the majority of the
Summerfest crowd will most likely
be split between the Saturn and Mars

By Joe Wager 15
stages. On Sunday night Jack White,
formerly of the White Stripes, headlines
the late show on the Mars stage, while
Above and Beyond wraps up the festivities on the Saturn stage.
On Saturday, The Caldwell starts the
day on the Mars stage followed by The
Wild Moccasins (a three time FPSF
veteran), as well as The Tontons, Lord
Huron, Dwight Yoakam, the much anticipated Childish Gambino, and Vampire Weekend. The Naked and Famous,
Mrs. Laurel Hill, Edward Sharpe and
the Magnetic Zeros, and Jack White all
perform on Sunday at Mars. The Saturn stage has a different genre set up,
with groups such as Flosstradamus, Big
Gigantic, and Zedd on Saturday, with
The Kills, Die Antwoord, and Above and
Beyond on Sunday.
The Neptune and Mercury stages host
bands who are fairly famous, but none as
well known as those on saturn and mars.
Saturday hosts Ying Yang Twins, First
Aid Kit, CHVRCHES, and a Houston
Rappers show with Bun B, Slim Thug,
Mike Jones, and several more. Sunday's
sets include Adventure Club, Cage the
Elephant, and Wu-Tang Clan. In general,
music fans and fest fans alike will have
an average time with an average line up.
However, its still going to be a great
end to the semester and a good start to

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Magis. Arts & Features

May 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel typical artsy Anderson

By Colin Conner 15
In the wacky world of Wes Anderson
movies, The Grand Budapest Hotel
makes perfect sense. The movie opens
with a young girl walking purposefully
through a park, finally stopping to gaze
adoringly at the bust of an author. The
audience is then transported on a magical journey through the memories of
the author. His stories take the audience
back to his younger days and his experi-

ence while staying at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Anderson remains true to his artistic
self by using an extravagant amount of
voice-over narration, deadpan humor,
and an accomplished cast. The ensemble
includes Ralph Fiennes as the elegant
Monsieur Gustave, the long time concierge of the hotel. Ralph is a lover of
the ladies, especially the richer, older
types. This all lays the groundwork for
this zany story of love, murder, and
greed all set in the fictional Eastern

Dark Souls 2
produces solid
RPG gameplay
By Aaron Bui 15
Dark Souls 2 is a dungeon based, thirdperson role-playing game (RPG) that focuses
around severe consequences of poor in-game
choices and rewards for tactical, thoughtful
gameplay. The game rewards players for clearing dungeons with tactical thinking and patience. Rushing enemies head on has dire penalties, such as losing a small percentage of your
overall health or losing all of your equipment
from that dungeon. The environment comes to
life when clearing the dungeons because the
narrow pathways and dangerous enemies make
the player become increasingly wary. The tense
dungeon boss battles keep players on their toes
as they try to keep track of their health and the
multiple enemies that surround them.
The soul system makes a return from the
original Dark Souls and players still lose all
of the souls that they collected when they die.
Players pick a starting class but are able to
diversify their class when they gain skill points.
For example, a person who started off as a warrior class can increase their skills in archery.
Avoiding attacks can still be done by rolling or
blocking with a shield. The dungeons bosses
make an exciting return by making every encounter more tense than the last. The adrenaline
rush right before you meet the boss is overwhelming and it takes all of your tactics to take
down these foes.
The environments in the game give an eerie,
true-to-life feeling in the gameplay as players
always need to look around every corner to
avoid ambushes. The levels art and design immerse the player in the game and make him feel
connected to his character. The death penalties
and the adventure that player moves through
make the player more aware as he clears the
dungeons. I recommend this game to those who
want a challenging, intense, immersive hackand-slash RPG.

European country of Zubrowka. Jude Law plays the part of

the authors younger self and helps the story along by describing his chance meeting with Mr. Moustafa, the mysterious
wealthy owner of the hotel. It is his story that captivates the
author and leads him to write the history of Monsieur Gustave
and the Grand Budapest Hotel.
Andersons artistic imprint is present in the fairy style pink
castle faade of the hotel, and it echoes the sugary pink confection boxes that are a common image throughout the film.
These campy stylistic details, along with the madcap caper
elements of the unbelievable story, help to create a pleasant
escape for any moviegoer.

Orphan Black returns to

BBC America for season 2
By Anthony Truong-Nguyen 15
The thrilling sci-fi drama series Orphan Black
recently returned to television on BBC America
with its season two premiere. For those not familiar with Orphan Black, its a show that follows
a grifter named Sarah Manning who learns that
she is one of many identical clones that are being
monitored as part of some scientific experiment.
These women are running together around in
Toronto trying to figure out their origin and whos
after them. At the beginning of its first episode
back, it picks up right where season one left off
and instantly gives us a quick paced sequence
before the opening credits appear. Viewers are already left with two dead bodies as the main character Sarah narrowly escapes pursuing strangers.
Sarah is on the run again without her daughter
and with very few places to turn to.
As the season slowly progresses, there are
new revelations and different character developments (spoiler alert for the remaining paragraph). Rachel, the seemingly evil corporate
clone, threatens Sarah to come to her or face the
consequences of having her daughter kept captive forever. Cosima continues to research about
a mysterious condition related to the fact that
shes a clone with her science friend Delphine.
Allison is under pressure as she has to deal with
an upcoming musical and the fact that she killed

her close friend Aynsley after assuming

that she was her monitor -- it was actually Allisons own husband. Crazy clone
Helena --whom Sarah shot at the end of
season one -- is still alive, and a mysterious religious cult called the Proletheans
want something from the clones.
To be fair, a concept like this can be
easily dismissed, but the show proves
that you cant judge it by its premise. If
the basic concept of the show doesnt
leave you wanting to watch, then its
worth watching simply for Tatiana
Maslanys performances of eight entirely
different characters. The show possesses a wide range of personalities that
Maslany pulls off with consistent critical praise. Her acting ability is so good
that casual viewers often forget that the
clones are being played by the same
person. Other than showcasing a talented
actress, the show explores themes of
self-identity, morality, science, religion,
and mortality that gives viewers something to think about.

Congratulations to
SJ Varisty Baseball!
19 5A baseball All - District
Zach Zubia - newcomer of the year
Ryan Chandler - 1st team all district
Coll Stanley - 1st team all district
Jack Mercer - 2nd team all district
Stephen Price - 2nd team all district
Travis Parker - 2nd team all district
Michael Schmidt - honorable mention
SJ varisty baseball after clinching a playoff
spot. Photo: Coach Garcia-Rameau

Magis. Opinions

May 2014

Student council must

reboot SJ spirit

Next Fall MAGIS Goes Online!

By Chris Breuer 16
This year there was a noticeable lack of school spirit
across campus, at games, as well as pep rallies. It is embarrassing in football when we are playing schools like Katy
who fill up their entire side of the stadium, and we have, at
most, around a hundred fans on our side of the stadium.
The student council members who have been elected to
serve during the upcoming school year need to come up
with ways to bring back the SJ pride that has been on display in years past. We are unique in the fact that we actually
have a true home field advantage in football - we are the
only school in our district to play on our own campus. We
need to take advantage of this and start filling up our side of
the stadium, and stay loud throughout the entire game.
The student council needs to come up with ways to make
attending sporting events such as football and basketball
more fun for students, in order to achieve a high level of
student attendance. For football, student council could put
on special tailgates like Crusader Crew does. In basketball,
they could bring back theme nights which went over well in
years past.
The student council also needs to find a way to make pep
rallies more exciting. Currently, our pep rallies consist of
the cheerleaders doing a couple of cheers, an introduction of
the teams that are in-season, and the alma matter. This can
be described in one word: boring. Our pep rallies must become more exciting and get students pumped up for athletic
events in order to obtain a desirable level of school spirit.
The bottom line is that changes must be made. In years
past, SJ has been known for having the best student section in the city of Houston. I highly encourage the student
council to come up with ideas on ways to make attending SJ
athletic events more fun for students, and to raise the overall
school spirit in the community.

Around SJ

To become a
part of this exciting
endeavor talk to
Mr. Gattis or
E.I.C. Sydney Robinson 15
in May

Next year
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Best photo each
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