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Initial sales experience

As entered in the showroom the receptionist greeted and welcomed every customer
in the showroom and lobby hostess offered the seat and asked DSE to meet
customer. Every customer was attained in around 2 mins.

All the DSEs start their sales deal with expiation of price as customers choice of
cars but not with car demonstration. And only 10% of customers are given car
demo, even none of the demos follow the six step demonstration procedure. Even
few customers are given demo on together on same car and made a chaos. Few of
the customers started demo by their own and DSEs joined them after it.
Almost all customer quires were well answered.
Dealership facility
Showroom is located on prominent location of Karol bagh. And visible and had
access is pretty good. The area is well connected through public transport but have
little difficult through own car as its the prominent market and heavy traffic is
Two different Demonstrations given on same car
there. Parking is also difficult to find as the same market area constrain. However
Valet parking facility is available with 2 drivers in uniform to park the vehicle.

g of
clean and safe. And looks pretty inviting but the stock cars are parked in front area
and fuel canes are kept in front area looks very bad. (Even after asking for 4 days
fuel canes was just kept there only)

Display cars were kept of different colors which give inviting look to showroom
however Specification Board are not kept as cost saving measure and instead the
use the paper in cars to display its price, specification etc.
Car stock in showroom front area
Fuel canes kept in front area
Different color display cars

Two of the display cars are kept adjacent to wall which unable the customer to
look for vehicle from all sides and get six step demonstration. Rest of the display
cars are were kept with better distance with ease in looking at vehicle was good.
Newspapers or magazines are not kept in customer lounge as it was discontinued
because of cost saving and DSEs were reading it in morning time.
Water and Tea/coffee was not being served to customer basis, temperature was
very high on visit day but customer had asked many times and then only water was
Operation hours are 9:30AM to 07:00PM.

Demo car is parked adjacent to MGA are
glass, which unable to open Right hand side
Demo car is parked adjacent to wall, which
unable to open Right hand side door.
Customer satisfaction with the deal was good. Customers are provided with wide
range of payment options from cash, finance or self-finance too, finance option
from privet to nationalize banks are available.
All the deals have been taken care to have a transparent, However DSEs kept
OBCs incomplete. Tentative delivery date, Cost of Vehicle and even customer
signs in 80% OBCs were not filled.
Incomplete OBCs (Right one: No customer signature)
Sales Person
DSEs were well groomed however around and 5 DSEs who are working for more
than a year now doesnt have uniform and when I tried to encourage them they
informed that they havent got their uniform till now.
DSEs knowledge about the vehicle was good. However, no DSE had had
Advantage guide handy with him.
Test Drive
Test drive cars were clean and All cars were in good condition (total mileage of
any car was not more than 25000 KM and all were recently serviced)
Test drive was offered to all the customers even in PBFs they confirm for the
same. And customers who were not offered test drives are offered gifts and penalty
of Rs. 100 imposed on DSEs.

PBFs, PSFs & 15 days follow-ups were not complete for around 12 days and
claimed as CCE and CCM was on leave alternatively and couldnt complete.
They have no dedicated printer for Instant photographs to be provided for the
delivery and Even the camera was not operative and they were using mobile
camera to click photographs. They were giving printed mugs till one month back
but since no instant photographs were not given.
Coffee machine and pantry was very unclean and ask to clean it.
Washrooms were clean but pungent odor was there and no washroom checklist
was used.
They only provide 3Liters of fuel at the time of delivery and inform customer that
2 Liters were already at the time of delivery and most customers argue at the time
of the delivery as its 5 Liters mentioned in checklist.