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Course: Wellness

Unit: Preventive Health Care

Lesson: Drugs and Alcohol
Competency Objectives: The adult learner will become familiar with the dangers of drug/alcohol abuse.
The adult learner will understand ways to treat substance abuse.
uggested Criteria !or uccess: The learner will refrain from alcohol/drug use.
uggested "ocabulary: addiction spiral of addiction drugs
addictive experimental/social drug use cocaine
withdrawal drug dependency crack
temptation physical addiction ecstasy
resistance psychological dependency heroin
alcoholism alcohol abuse vs. alcoholism methamphetamine
disease marijuana
inherited stimulants (reds
problem indicators hallucinogenic drugs
help (!"#$ acid
uggested #aterials: pink construction paper
pens or pencils and paper
black/white board and chalk/markers
a personal copy of the material from http%//www.alcohol&drug.com/ for
background on the '() (problem of instant gratification
a personal copy of the #iscovery "chool lesson plan on "ubstance *buse
found at http%//school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/deadlyhighs/.
uggested $esources: http%//school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/deadlyhighs/. * #iscovery
"chool lesson plan for "ubstance *buse.
http%//school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/addiction/. * #iscovery
"chool lesson plan for the +ycle of *ddiction.
http%//www.niaaa.nih.gov/,*-s/ The .ational (nstitute on *lcohol *buse and
*lcoholism website. /aterial is in 0nglish and "panish. The .ational #rug
and *lcohol Treatment 1eferral 1outing "ervice provides a toll&free telephone
#rugs and *lcohol 2
number$ 2&344&556&70!'. ,or additional information about this resource$ see
http%//www.eslpartyland.com/. ,or conversation 9uestions$ click on teacher
side$ then on Teaching Conversation. +lick on Conversation Questions$ then on
Drugs and Medicine.
http%//iteslj.org/9uestions/drugs.html. * list of conversation 9uestions about
drugs and alcohol. (f you cannot access this address directly$ try http%//iteslj.org
and use the search feature to look for questions about drugs. "croll through the
results looking for the http%//iteslj.org/9uestions/drugs.html at the end of an
http%//www.psycharts.com/. +lick on *lcohol and #rugs (left of screen then on
*lcohol and the :rain. *lcohol consumption leads to deterioration of the brain
structure$ but abstinence leads to functional and structural recovery.
http%//www.alcohol&drug.com/. The 'ath of )reatest *dvantage.
http%//www.usdoj.gov/dea/pubs/straight/intro.htm )et (t "traight; The ,acts
about #rugs. This #0* site contains a book targeting teens but with
information and suggested activities that could be used for young adults.
http%//www.al&anon.alateen.org/. This is a good source for families of an
alcoholic. +lick on English$ then on Sitemap (upper right corner. 0xplore the
following% Is Al-Anon for ou! Steps" Traditions" and Concepts of Service" Is
Ala-Teen for ou!
http%//www.health.org/. The .ational +learinghouse for *lcohol and #rug
(nformation "ubstance *buse and /ental 7ealth "ervices *dministration
http%//www.womenforsobriety.org/. 8omen for "obriety. +lick on .ew !ife
http%//www.alcoholics&anonymous.org/. *lcoholics *nonymous.
uggested #ethods: !ecture/ #iscussion$ )roup *ctivities$ <ournal 8ork.
ome uggested teps
What Do %ou &hin'( "tart class with an opinion exercise. "ee the following two websites for ideas%
http%//www.eslpartyland.com/ ("ee "uggested 1esources above.
http%//iteslj.org/ ("ee "uggested 1esources above.
=ne opinion exercise to consider is this% Do you thin' alcohol is a drug( Why or )hy not(
*actors in the Development o! Dependence+ !ist$ with class help list some feelings that people like to
have about themselves. 'ut opposite feelings in another list. "ome examples follow.
)ood ,eelings :ad ,eelings
feeling loved feeling unloved
happy unhappy
powerful powerless
competent not good enough
can handle problems problems seem unmanageable
have friends feel alone
supported by family family doesn>t care or isn>t around to guide me
#rugs and *lcohol 6
expectation of a great future doubts about the future
The person who feels bad will look for ways to feel good. 8hat things might he/she do? .ame some
positive actions. "ome actions that seem good$ i.e.$ drugs and alcohol may give temporary feelings of
energy$ happiness$ or competence$ but they lead to dependence and addiction.
,-plain the spiral o! addiction% "hort&term gratification
!ong&term pain and dysfunction
*ddictive thinking
(ncreased tolerance
!oss of control
:io&psycho&social damage
hort. and Long.&erm Conse/uences o! Use+ @se construction paper to draw and cut out a pig shape
('()A'roblem of (nstant )ratification. @sing markers$ have each student to think of a short&term
gratification and write it on the pig$ i.e. physical pleasure$ escape. #iscuss why these are not helpful in the
long term. ((nclude legal issues/penalties such as driving under the influence in addition to the physical
conse9uences of long&term use.
Problems )ith Alcohol( *sk your students to answer the twelve 9uestions from *lcoholics *nonymous
about themselves$ or a family member$ or a friend. *ssure the learners that they alone will see their
answers$ but they will be able to assess the problem of alcohol by the number of yes and no answers
they make. *fter they complete the twelve 9uestions$ let learners know that anyone )ith !our or more yes
ans)ers is probably in trouble )ith alcohol. The 9uestions are available online at http%//www.alcoholics&
anonymous.org/. (+lick on About A#A.$ then on Is A#A# for ou? "croll down. "elected sample 9uestions
are listed below%
7ave you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so but only lasted for a day or
7as your drinking caused trouble at home?
7ave you missed work or school because of drinking?
Tell students that anyone who wants additional information may let you know privately. +onnect these
students with reputable sources of help. #o not attempt counseling or be drawn into problems yourself.
Problems )ith Drugs( @se the information from A Discover$ School lesson plan for Substance Abuse at
http%//school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/deadlyhighs/. )o over the vocabulary word definitions
and write sentences using each one. /ake a list of 9uestions$ i.e.$ #o you know anyone on drugs? 7ow do
drugs affect their daily life? 7ow easy is it for my kids to get drugs? What )ould happen i! 0 )ent to
)or' )hile ta'ing drugs1alcohol( 7ow can ( talk to my kids about drugs? 7ow important is parental
involvement in keeping kids away from drugs/alcohol? #iscuss the answers to these 9uestions.
&he Anti.Drug+ 1ead and discuss the attached handout in class.
/ake the point that /arijuana hurts both brain and body.
Bou are less able to learn$ to concentrate$ to remember$ to behave non&violently$ to
drive safely$ to make smart decisions about sexual behavior
Bou are likely to develop mental health problems (panic attacks$ paranoia$ or
psychoses or physical health problems (lung cancer.
Bou may enjoy giving the class situations and having the group say how the person in the situation might
behave without marijuana and with marijuana. 0xamples% <uan is driving down the interstate and
someone passes him and cuts back in front of him. 1osa is attending a training session for her new job.
2ournal Wor'+ 7ave the students write a short note to their own children encouraging them not to use
drugs or alcohol and to talk to their parents if they have 9uestions about drugs. ("tudents who do not have
#rugs and *lcohol C
children may write to the child of a close family friend/relative and encourage these young people to talk
with their parents or to a teacher$ counselor$ or adult family friend.
#rugs and *lcohol D
&he Anti.Drug
/arijuana is a harmful drug. (t impairs learning and judgment$ and may lead to
development of mental health problems.
"moking marijuana can injure or destroy lung tissue. (n fact$ marijuana smoke
contains E4 to F4 percent more of some cancer causing chemicals than does tobacco
Teens who are high on marijuana are at less able to make safe$ smart decisions about
sex&&including saying no.
/arijuana can impair perception and reaction time$ putting young drivers$ their
passengers$ and other drivers on the road in danger.
/arijuana may trigger panic attacks$ paranoia$ and even psychoses$ especially if you
are suffering from anxiety$ depression or thinking problems.
/arijuana can impair concentration and the ability to retain information during a
teen>s peak learning years.
1ecent research has indicated that for some people there is a correlation between
fre9uent marijuana use and aggressive or violent behavior.
&al' to your children about drugs+
Parents are the best anti.drug+
This page was copied from a newspaper advertisement. "ee www.theantidrug.com.
#rugs and *lcohol E