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Road To Heaven

Thanks for your desire to grow in your faith; all people are
created with the need to find peace with God through entering a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Finding this personal relationship and the resulting peace with
God is central to our emotional an spiritual wellbeing, both now
and in the future. God is interested in helping us find that peace
and explain clearly the pathway in the Bible.
This pathway is also called The Gospel in various places in the
Bible. I think the best thing to do first is to review again the basic
fact of gospel that point out the pathway to a personal
relationship Jesus Christ. Reviewing these facts could help
provide an assurance of your personal relationship with God.
- Let examine these Gospel facts together, let me begin by
reminding you that the Gospel message is rooted in three
foundational truths that both explain our world and Gods role
in our very existence.
- First: God is really there! The Scripture begin by telling us that
we are not alone in the universe; There is actually an aloof Go
who is really there; No understanding of the Gospel is
ultimately all about how we can find relationship with that
In psalm 14; we read The fool says to his heart, there is no
God Romans 1:20 tell us for some the creation of the world
Gods invisible qualities. His eternal power and divine nature
have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been
made and seen.
- Second: God created the world! We live in a created world, not
a Cosmic Accident. The Bible explains that the world we live in
is the result of Gods work of creation and God has a definite
purpose and plan for its existence.
In Genesis 1:1 we read In the beginning God created the
heaven and the earth While in Hebrew 11:3 we find out that
By faith we understand that the Universe was formed at Gods
- Third: God created each one of us! Each of us is here because
God had a purpose in creating us. No one was created by
accident, going by the bible. It makes us understand the
principle of humanity on this earth. In Genesis we understand
that this earth was without human race, before God showed
his love to human. Genesis 1:26 we read And God said, let us
make man in our image, after our likeness (LOVE) and let
them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the
fowls of the air and the cattle and over all the earth, and over
every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
To know God created us is the first step towards finding out
why he created us. Psalm 139: 13-16. Clearly Communicates
this truth, we read for you created by inmost being, you unite
me together in my mothers womb; all the days ordained for me
were written in your book before one of them come to be.
Building upon the three foundational truth covered above, the
Bible goes on to explain two more important truths about God.
These truths help us to understand the reason for seeking after
a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Lets
examine them together.
- First: God loves us! The Bible says that God is really the
creator who created us and he actually loves us.
We matter to Him! Although it seems so hard to believe, the
scriptures make it plain that God loves us and want us to
experience His love in our lives. The love he has for us is best
expressed through the sending of Christ into the world.
Romans 5:8 But God demonstrate his own love for us by
giving us his only son to die for our sins, John 3:16 it also
expresses this point for God so love the world that he gave His
one and only son, that whoever believes in Him should not die
but have eternal life.
- Second:- God want a good relationship with us! The Bible goes
on to explain that because God loves each of us, he want us to
be in a vital and satisfying personal relationship with Himself.
He created us for just such a relationship and we are not able
to find lasting fulfillment and joy in our lives. If we are not in
personal relationship with God, While the Bible clearly teaches
this truth, I personally find it wonderful that this God who is
really there and who created the whole world actually loves us
and want a normal relationship with us.
God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach
out to Him and find Him though He is Not far from us. Acts
- To explain the truth of the Gospel in this truth that explains
why so many do not experience Gods love and miss out the
relationship, He wants with us; it is this very relationship that
lies at the heart of What spiritual is meant to mean in our
lives. We have seen that God is really Here, that He created
both the world and our lives. We discovered that God loves us
and wants relationship with each one of us; while the Gospel
upon the foundation of these wonderful truths, it also reveals
a sobering problem. Lets examine more about this problem
God Message
Road To Heaven
Written by Faith-man
- First: We are Sinful and Separated from God! Although God
loves us and wants a good relationship with us, if we are
honest with ourselves we must admit that we have all rejected
God and rebelling against His offer of a good relationship.
The Bible says that everyone has sinned against the God. In
fact, our choice to swim away from God is what the Bible calls
sin and has resulted in separating us from God. Instead of
the Joy and satisfaction such a good relationship could
provide or bring to us, we feel alienated from God and restless
in our hearts. Lets Read Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and
fall short of the glory of God Isaiah 53:6
- Second: We are helpless to solve this problem of separation! It
is not only that are we separated from God, but the Bible also
says that we can do nothing on our own to solve the problem
of our separation. This separation from God is the penalty we
must pay for our sins, a penalty that will go on for eternity
unless something is done. Yet we are powerless to pay this
penalty for sin and change our eternal problems. Lets read
Ephesians 2:1 As for you, you were dead in your
transgressions and sins, in which you used to live. When you
fallen the ways of this book (Joshua 1:8)? Reading about the
problem of our sins and separation could lead us to despair if
the message stops and ends there. But the Gospel choose one
message goes further and explains God answers to our great
problem. Lets examine the answers together.
- First:- The death of Jesus Christ for us: God, in his powerful
great love for us, did not abandon us to the separation we
deserved due to our sins. He sent, his son Jesus Christ to
come into this world and pay for our sin through his death on
the cross. When Christ died, he paid for all our penalty and
created a way for us to find a perfect way of forgiveness and a
solution to our separation. The solution rested entirely upon
what Christ did for us. We can add nothing to the payment.
Jesus was made to solve our sins problems. Lets read Romans
5:6 says you see at the right time, when we were powerless,
Christ died for the ungodly In a similar way Ephesians 2:4-5
says But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in
mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were died in
transgressions lets Read Colossian 1:21-22 say once you
were alienated from God and were his enemies in your minds
because of your deadly behavior. But now he has reconciled
you and by Christs physical body through death to present us
holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation.
- Second: A personal relationship with God is now possible
through Jesus Christ! The relationship is possible because of
the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, we can find
forgiveness, we can then begin to get closer or know God
through a good personal relationship, just as God intended in
our creation.
This new relationship wit God is the foundation of our meaning
and purpose in this life and throughout eternity. Lets Read the
book of John 17:3 say, Now this eternal life that they may know
you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have send.
- The final picture of Gospel message that we act on these
wonderful truths is that God calls each one of us to admit our
sins and turn away from our rebellion against God. God also
calls for each one of us to personally choose to receive Christ
as our Savior.
All of these wonderful truths about Gods love and Christs
death remain only so much head knowledge unless we act
upon them. Christs death on the cross will do us no good
unless we decide to turn away from all our sins and receive
Christ as our only personal savior. This requires a definite
decision on our past, if you will decide to admit to God that
you have sinned but willing to turn back to God, ask Christ to
be your savior, then the wonderful result of His work can be
yours and mine forever.
The only way we can show such a definite decision is by
praying a prayer like the following:
- Dear God, I know I am being separated from you, I am sorry
for my sins, please forgive me all of my sins, I want to
personally accept what Jesus did on the cross to pay for my
sins, please forgive me and accept me as your child in Jesus
name [Amen].
Ope Pataki fun ipinnu re lati dagbasi ninu igbagbo.
Gbogbo enia ni a da pelu idi kan soso lati wa Alafia pelu olorun
nipa nini ibasepo to yan ranti pelu Jesu Kristi.
Ipongbe fun ibasepo yi ati ere Alafia pelu eleda je koko fun ilera
wa nipa ti ara ati nipa tiemi yakini akoko yi tabi ni ojo iwaju.
Idunnu olorun si ni lati ran walowo kiale ni alafia na gege bi o ti
fi ona re fun wa ninu oro re (bibeli)
Ona yi ni opo pe ni ihinrere gege bi oro re ti fi idi eyi mule ninu
Ohun akoko mo ro pe o ye ki afe se koko
Fun a gbe yewo ni ere di ti ihinrere fi je ona tio toka si ibasepo wa
pelu Kristi. Gbigbe oro yi yewo le fun fun wa ni iran wo ati
idaniloju fun ibasepo wa pelu olorun.
Eje ki a jo jumo gbe