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The a!h"# $a% &e '"(!a'!e) "( !he W"#*) W+)e We& a!,
0011 G"*)e( Ea2*e D#+3e, A-h!"(, ID 14020
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God wants His people to see His truths that He has established in both Testaments of the Bible.
God has and still uses symbolic representations of His truths. One of the most significant of
these is the tabernacle, where He communicated with His people, sharing His loe with them. !n
these last days, God said that He would dwell in the hearts of His people on a one to one basis.
"o longer would they hae to go through a high priest to enter into His presence and commune
with Him. #s belieers, we are blessed with haing the Holy $pirit reside within us, enabling us
to freely tal% with Him, wal% with Him, and e&perience Him on a one on one basis. To enhance
our ability to freely commune with our 'ord, He has gien to us the tabernacle as a prototype of
what He is doing with us today. 'et us e&amine what too% place in the tabernacle to see how we
can e&perience the fullness of God, the wonders of His loe.
(ou may as%, )!s going through the tabernacle approach to get into God*s presence a form of
legalism+ (es, such as if going to wor% for, say a fine restaurant, means being on time, washing
one*s hands, being drug and alcohol free, etc., it is )legalism,. -e hae the freedom to go to
wor% there out of our free will. -hen we do, we receie rewards. /inancial, food, praise, a sense
of accomplishment. -e meet and interface with people. $o it is with God0
'ord, bringing bac% the 1ewish roots of the Bible. ! see that this can potentially bring people
under the law.
Ben, people like to go under the law. Too many are not comfortable with being led by My Holy
'ord, what alue is there for us to follow Old Testament 2OT3 practices+
Ben, look to the practices as a prototype. In them, such as the feasts, you will find My plans, My
desires. Use them to build your faith. o not use this ! following the 2OT3 practices ! as a
measuring stick of your"s or other"s walk with Me.
Hebrews 4.5 says. 2the priests3 who ser#e the copy and shadow of the heavenly things, as
Moses was di#inely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. $or He said, %See that
you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.6 2"713
'ord, (our comments, please.
&#erything originates in the spiritual realm, in hea#en. 's the tabernacle is a prototype of what
is in hea#en, so the tabernacle is a prototype of My belie#ers coming into My presence. (esus
made it all possible. )e are to come boldly into the throne room of grace. The door is wide
open. )ash yoursel#es in My precious blood and come to Me. I want to heal you, to lo#e you, to
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hold you close. I want to set you free to worship Me in Spirit and in truth.
My people need to see the truths I ha#e established in the *ld Testament as well as the +ew
Testament. They need to see how they fit together. ,ou cannot function with an -'mputated.
Bible. So much of what I ha#e re#ealed through the *ld Testament is made reality in the +ew
Testament. ,ou understand it as a prototype. (ust as My rhema word spoke things into being,
My prototypes speak of things to come. That which has come speaks of Me and My glory. Ben, I
see you wrestling in your mind with this concept. /ontinue to allow My Holy Spirit speak to you
and amplify to you the message I am wanting to share with you. )hen you need a translation,
come to Me.
"ow, 'ord+ ,es, now, Ben.
'ord, the two sentences aboe that ! hae underlined. (our translation, please.
In the beginning was the )ord. I am the )ord, the )ay, the 0ife, and the Truth. By My spoken
word, My rhema word, I spoke the earth, the stars, the uni#erse, and all that is thereon and
therein into e1istence. That which I ha#e created speaks of My glory and ma2esty. My Son
speaks of My lo#e. My dealings with My people speaks of My lo#e and My 2udgment when they
choose to ignore Me by re2ecting the many witnesses I ha#e gi#en to them of My lo#e. The cross
is the most significant of these. 's I ha#e re#ealed Myself to My creation, My created beings, I
ha#e used, and still use symbolic, picture, representations of my lo#e and My ways. ,ou are
learning some of them. The Tabernacle was one of the more significant representations. ,ou
will find many truths as you mediate upon its structure, contents, and meanings. ,ou ha#e seen
My past word through a #eil, through the filters you wear o#er your spiritual eyes. I am
remo#ing those filters from My children"s eyes so that they can see Me and My glory. I am
re#ealing My truths to My people, so that they can worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.
9uch credit is gien to :rs. 9ar% and Patti ;ir%ler, whose boo%s, ialog )ith 3od and How To
Hear 3od"s 4oice, proide the basis for the way this information is presented. Great praise and
than%sgiing are gien to our 'ord for His input0 !nformation from my personal dialogs with
Him on this sub<ect are included. Please note that God*s responses to my in=uiries or comments
are shown in italics. >ead on and be blessed0
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The word )tabernacle, appears in 1@1 chapters, 1A boo%s in the Old Testament, and fie in the
"ew Testament. /irst, understand that the tabernacle is a prototype. !t represents the spirit 2Holy
of Holies3, soul 2Holy Place3, and body of man 2Outer Bourt3. !t is a copy and shadow of
spiritual realities. Our lord calls it a prototype. -ebster*s definition of a prototype is. #n
original type, form, or instance that seres as a model on which later stages are based or <udged.
The e(!#% 2a!e. -e enter this court through a gate, which represents the gate of salation. ! will
enter into His gates with thanksgi#ing, His courts with praise and bless His name 2Ps. 1@@.?3 #s
the priests wore robes, we also wear a robe, the robe of righteousness. I will greatly re2oice in
the 0ord, my soul shall be 2oyful in our 3od. $or He has clothed me with the garment of
salvation, covered me with the robe of righteousness 2!s. C1.1@3. Our robe is a free gift from
Bhrist. -e are to wear it proudly0 !t is a badge of honor0
(our comments, please, 'ord.
)hen you don My robe of righteousness, you come into My presence with all rights and
pri#ileges of son ship. ,ou are mine. I am yours. )e are in this together. )hen you offer praise
and thanksgi#ing to Me, I am able to gi#e it to My belo#ed Son, (esus. It is a lo#e thing. ,ou
can ne#er out gi#e Me. 3i#e and it will be gi#en to you. ,ou shall reap bountifully.
'ord, ! see 1oseph*s coat of many colors as a prototype of the robe of righteousness. (our
comments, please.
Ben, you are right in seeing it as a prototype. +othing is wasted in Scripture. There is a reason
and a purpose for e#erything. 's you spend time with Me, I will re#eal to you the many
mysteries of the Scriptures. I want you to see My tremendous lo#e for you, for all of My people.
It, My lo#e, is there, but your religious glasses ha#e obscured the reality of what I ha#e done for
you and for others. /ontinue to seek Me, to seek My face. 's you do, I will bless you and fill
you with My lo#e. 0et Me put My arms around you and hold you close. 0et My healing lo#e
flow into you. I am yours. ,ou are Mine.
O!e# '"#!. The outer court corresponds to our body, where we receie %nowledge, mainly
through our fie senses. This court had no coering, thereby receiing natural light. This shows
us that we receie light, %nowledge and reelation through natural means.
'ord, your comments, please.
I want My people to use both sides of their brain. I want them to learn about Me, to listen to My
Holy Spirit, to spend time in My presence. 0earn to use both My logos word and My rhema
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word. I will re#eal Myself in both places. In My outer court, and in My Most Holy 5lace.
The &#a9e( :&#"(9e; a*!a#. /rom the beginning in Genesis, we were created to commune with
and hae fellowship with God. #fter we enter through the gates, we come first come to the
braDen altar in the outer court. The outer court represents the realm of our bodies, where we
offer ourseles as a liing sacrifice. >omans 12.1E2 says. I beseech you therefore, brethren, by
the mercies of 3od, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to 3od,
which is your reasonable ser#ice. 6 'nd do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed
by the renewing of your mind, that you may pro#e what is that good and acceptable and perfect
will of 3od. 2"713 'ord, (our input, please.
To be a li#ing sacrifice means that I am first in your li#es in e#ery aspect. ,ou cannot do this on
your own, but with the power and guidance of My Holy Spirit, all things are possible. raw
close to Me. I will do the rest. I will renew your mind. 's it is renewed, others will see what is
good and acceptable to Me.
The ;ir%lers suggest dialoging with God using the =uestions they gie in their boo% about each
part of the tabernacle 2see ialog )ith 3od, page 1883. ! am including how ! responded to each
of their =uestions through ision and words from the Holy $pirit.
The A*!a#. A$ I a *+3+(2 -a'#+<+'e= #s ! enisioned being in the tabernacle, ! saw myself there
praising God, then wal%ing to the altar. ! as% the =uestion, am ! a liing sacrifice+ ! wait. ! see
1esus standing with me in front of the altar. He turns to face me, ta%ing my hands in His. He
pic%s me up and we go oer the top of the altar to the other side. ! am a liing sacrifice because
He made it possible. 'ord, this is different than ! e&pected.
My ways are not your ways. Than% you, 'ord. ,ou are welcome, Ben.
"e&t, we moe to the *a3e#, where we are washed with the water of the word. Fphesians 5.2CE
2A says. that He 7(esus8 might sanctify and cleanse her 7church8 with the washing of water by
the (rhema) word, 69 that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not ha#ing spot
or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish. 2"713 'ord,
(our comments, please.
's you meditate upon My 7rhema and logos8 words, as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead and
guide your thoughts, you are being cleansed and made whole. My li#ing water purifies, as did
the consecrated water in the la#er. Though you are born again and your sins are forgi#en,
continual cleansing of the heart is needed to remo#e the garbage, the soiling that has occurred
in the past. I am preparing My Bride. I am washing Her clean. She will be spotless, She will
be clean.
#s ! meditated about the laer, the following thoughts came to me. The laer has an upper and a
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lower leel basin containing water. The upper basin is for the washing, the purification of the
hands, the lower is for the feet. $ince we are washed by the water of the word, ! see the upper
basin referring to the rhema word and the lower basin to the logos word. !t is in the upper basin
where we wash our hands, receiing (our rhema words to gie us the power that we need to
perform that which (ou desire. !n addition, our feet sere as our foundation. #ccordingly, we
are grounded with the logos word. 'ord, (our comments, please, on my thought.
Ben, I ga#e you that meditation. This is another of My truths. ,ou need both the washing of the
rhema and the logos words.
The *a3e#. Ha3e I >a-he) $%-e*< &% !he a??*%+(2 "< !he W"#)= ! see 1esus and me standing
in front of the laer. He again turns toward me, ta%ing my hands in His.

,ou ha#e studied the )ord well. But you ha#e not meditated on much of it. ,ou ha#e not gi#en
yourself the opportunity to let My Holy Spirit speak to you in the way I desire.

'ord, forgie me.
,ou are forgi#en, for you did not know better until recent times. Ha#e you noticed how I ha#e
gi#en you new re#elations and new insights in 2ust a few days:

(es, 'ord, what a thrill0
This is what I desire with all of your Bible reading. o not get in a hurry ; wait to hear from
Me. )e will ha#e fun together as I share My lo#e with you, gi#ing you My wisdom and
The H"*% P*a'e. The Holy Place represents the realm of our soul. -e are the temple of the
Holy $pirit. This is where God deals with our hearts, our mind, will, and soul. The Holy Place
contained a table of showbread, an altar on which to burn incense, and a lamp stand. 'ord, your
comments, please.
Ben, as I deal with My people, I set them free to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. <efinement is
needed in all areas. I want you to come to Me, to fellowship with Me, to fellowship with other
belie#ers. &1posure to both allows Me to refine you. 3ranted, there is grinding, there is
rubbing, but it is all necessary.
Ta&*e "< -h">&#ea). -e first go to the Table of $howbread, where the priests gathered and ate
together. #s the grain is ground fine for the showbread, so our wills are ground fine within the
unity of the fellowship of belieers.
Sh">&#ea). I- $% >+** 2#"() <+(e &e<"#e Y", G")=
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It is a daily process.

! see the table with the bread. (our $pirit is doing the grinding.

Stay fle1ible, stay loose. o not impose legalism upon yourself to measure your desire to control
your will. It will not work. It is 2ust walking with Me.
G"*)e( *a$? -!a(). "e&t is the Golden 'amp stand, representing the cultiating of the diine
nature. !t is lit by oil G the illumination of the Holy $pirit. #s we e&amine the word under the
light, the illumination of the Holy $pirit, we find reelation %nowledge pouring into our souls,
transforming our lies, ta%ing us deeper into the presence of God. -e are being transformed into
the image of God by His Holy $pirit 2!! Bor. 8.143. -e are to present ourseles as liing
sacrifices, being transformed by the renewing of our mind, so that we can proe what is that
good, acceptable, perfect will of God 2>o. 12.1, 23. 'ord, (our comments, please.
It is the oil of My Holy Spirit that pro#ides light. It illumines your mind, your heart, you. The
flow of My Holy Spirit makes it possible for us to communicate. The Holy 5lace and the Holy of
Holies are normally dark. They need the light of My Spirit. *therwise, there is darkness ;
practically and spiritually.
A*!a# "< +('e(-e. -e then moe to the altar of incense, where we learn to offer continual praises
and worship. #s the fragrant aroma rises to Him, so does our praise. Psalm 1?1.2 says. 0et my
prayer be set before ,ou as incense, the lifting up of my hands as the e#ening sacrifice. Through
reelation %nowledge, we see God ruling in the affairs of men, learning to worship Him eeryE
where and in eerything, that the li#ing might know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of
men 2:an. ?.1A3. 1ohn ?.2? says. %3od is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in
spirit and truth.% 2"#H3. Holy and >ighteous One, (our comments, please.
,ou are learning to walk in continual praise to Me. )hen you walk in My path, you are offering
up fragrance to Me. ,ou are a li#ing sacrifice, continually offering praise and thanksgi#ing. It
is more than 2ust words. It is your actions, your deeds, your thoughts.
The H"*% "< H"*+e-. This area contained the ar% of the coenant. The room was a totally dar%
enclosure with no natural or artificial light. The only light was the Shekinah glory of the 'ord
when God was present. !f He withdrew His glory, it was dar%. His priests %new when the glory
of the 'ord was present and when it was not. This is where hearts receie direct diine
reelation. (our comments, please, 'ord.
I want My people to come into My presence. I am always there with them )hen they fail to
come to Me I cannot bless them as I desire. I want to shed My Shekinah glory on each one of My
children. In the spirit, you can en2oy My Shekinah glory. In the natural, you would be unable to
withstand My glory. 's you come into My presence, I am enabled to gi#e you direct re#elation.
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=now that I will ne#er lea#e you. Though there were times that I withdrew My Shekinah glory
from My people, I ne#er left them. I waited patiently for them to return to Me so
that I could bless them with My lo#e, My healing, My hope, My e#erything. The same applies
today as it did in the tabernacle. This prototype has not changed.
Holy 'ord, when we enter into the Holy of Holies, into (our presence, we receie impartations
of (our loe and (our power. !n turn, we are enabled to sere as priests to pass on to others the
impartations that (ou hae gien to us from being in (our presence. !t is all part of (our circle
of loe and we are blessed to be a part. (our comments, please, on my thoughts.
Ben, see the #alue of meditating upon Me: I want to share so much with you, with all of My
children. &ncourage others to come into My presence so they can also recei#e from Me.
The a#@ "< !he '"3e(a(!. ! see 1esus and me standing in front of the ar%. He ta%es me by my
hand and leads me into our /ather*s presence. He is sitting on a throne, in great radiance. 'ord,
! am haing trouble isualiDing, hearing (ou spea%. ! feel ! am trying to help.
Ben, you are new at this. o not be discouraged. =eep returning to Me e#en though your mind
wanders. /ome on into the throne room with Me. There is where I want you to offer your
petitions to Me. I want you to see Me. I am to be the focus of your prayers.

The Holy of Holies+
,es, the Holy of Holies. 0ay your presents at My feet. ,our presents of praise and adoration.
,our presents of sharing My lo#e. ,our presence. ,ou. +ow, crawl up here into My lap. 0et Me
hold you. Shush.
2! would start to say something and He would interrupt me with a gentle )shush,.3 There was a
=uiet time. ! felt His loe and comfort flowing into me. Then He says.
My throne room is in the hearts of My people.

This came in response to my thoughts about seeing my 'ord in different throne room settings. !
li%e best the one at the $ea of Galilee where ! hae isited. The settings change, but they are
ta%ing place in my heart.
<emember, Ben, don"t put Me in a bo1. The tabernacle approach is 2ust one approach. ,ou can
come into My throne room directly for e#erything. ,ou may need to go through the tabernacle
approach for clean>up, but remember, it is not the only way.
Than% (ou, 'ord. ,ou are welcome, Ben.
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He&#e>-. This boo% offers an oeriew of the tabernacle and it*s relationship to today. The
"ew 7ing 1ames ersion records.
$or a tabernacle was prepared? the first part, in which was the lampstand, the table, and the
showbread, which is called the sanctuary@ A and behind the second #eil, the part of the
tabernacle which is called the Holiest of 'll, B which had the golden censer and the ark of the
co#enant o#erlaid on all sides with gold, in which were the golden pot that had the manna,
'aronCs rod that budded, and the tablets of the co#enant@ D and abo#e it were the cherubim of
glory o#ershadowing the mercy seat. *f these things we cannot now speak in detail. E +ow when
these things had been thus prepared, the priests always went into the first part of the tabernacle,
performing the ser#ices. 9 But into the second part the high priest went alone once a year, not
without blood, which he offered for himself and for the peopleCs sins committed in ignorance@
F the Holy Spirit indicating this, that the way into the Holiest of All was not yet made manifest
while the first tabernacle was still standing. 9 It was symbolic for the present time in which
both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make him who performed the ser#ice perfect in
regard to the conscience>>GH concerned only with foods and drinks, #arious washings, and
fleshly ordinances imposed until the time of reformation. GG But /hrist came as High 5riest of
the good things to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands,
that is, not of this creation. G6 +ot with the blood of goats and cal#es, but with His own blood He
entered the Most Holy 5lace once for all, ha#ing obtained eternal redemption 2Heb. I.2E123.
Re3e*a!+"(, This boo% spea%s of the tabernacle, the temple, and the light of God.
+ow I saw a new hea#en and a new earth, for the first hea#en and the first earth had passed
away. 'lso there was no more sea. 6 Then I, (ohn, saw the holy city, +ew (erusalem, coming
down out of hea#en from 3od, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. A 'nd I heard a
loud #oice from hea#en saying, %Behold, the tabernacle of od is with men, and He will dwell
with them, and they shall be His people. od Himself will be with them and be their od.
B %'nd 3od will wipe away e#ery tear from their eyes@ there shall be no more death, nor sorrow,
nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things ha#e passed away.% 2"713
Re3 21,22820 But I saw no temple in it, for the !ord od Almighty and the !amb are its
temple. 6A The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of od
illuminated it. "he !amb is its light. 6B 'nd the nations of those who are sa#ed shall walk in
its light, and the kings of the earth bring their glory and honor into it 2>e. 21.1E?3 . 2"713
'ord, 1esus, what are (our comments on these $criptures+
's I said, I am the light of the world. My light shown in the tabernacle, My light shines in the
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hearts of My people, My light is the light of things to come. *ne speaks of the other. "he
tabernacle sets forth a pattern of things to come, a prototype, as I said before. There is a
tendency on the part of My people to want to go back and build temples made of human hands.
They ha#e a tough time realiIing in their hearts that they are My temple and I choose to dwell in
them. They may know the words, but their heart does not know Me. I continue to reveal #yself
to #y people so that they can be set free to worship #e in Spirit and in truth. !oo$ to the
tabernacle as a prototype only. o not be guilty of building a tabernacle as some choose to do.
0ook to spiritual things for spiritual answers. )hen I say building a tabernacle, I mean any
religious pursuit that does not seek Me first. I want people to Juit being religious and to look to
Me as their 3od, their lo#er, their friend, their redeemer, their hope and their sal#ation. ,es, and
their healer also. I want face to face relationships. I want to set My people free. I want them to
e1perience Me in My fullness, not in their religious interpretations. 0ook for spiritual truths as
you study the tabernacle. 0et My Holy Spirit guide you into My truths as you read and meditate
My logos words.
'ord, what isualiDation e&ercise would you li%e to hae (our people do+
Ha#e them come through the gate with praise in their heart to Me. Ha#e them #isualiIe Me as I
2oin them at the gate and take them to the altar of sacrifice. Ha#e them concentrate upon Me
and let My Spirit take o#er. Ha#e them write down what they see and hear.
Ben, the important thing is for My people to come into My presence so that I can heal them,
bless them, set them free to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. &ncourage them to seek My face,
to spend time with Me, to let Me hold them and heal them. If they will, I willK I ha#e spoken it.
That which I speak comes to pass. ,ou do your part and I will do My partK
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