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Question Excerpt

1. As per BP 220,what is the minimum distance between buildings with more than 4 storeys?
A. 6 meters
B. 8 meters
C. 10 meters
D. 12 meters
2. What is the minimum lot area for single-detached socialized housing units as provided for in BP 220?
A. 54 sqm
B. 62 sqm
C. 64 sqm
D. 72 sqm
3. As per PD 1096,what is the minimum width dimension of a court?
A. 1.20m
B. 1.8m
C. 2.0m
D. 2.1m
4. As per BP 220, what is the minimum dimension for stairways tread and riser respectively?
A. 200/250 mm
B. 250/200 mm
C. 250/300 mm
D. 300/250 mm
5. As per PD 1096, rooms intended for any use, not provided with artificial ventilation system, shall be
provided with a window or windows with a total free area of openings equal to at least how many
percent of the total floor area of the room?
A. 10%
B. 15%
C. 20%
D. 25%
6. As per PD 1096, repair garages and shops shall fall under what occupancy classification?
A. Group D
B. Group E
C. Group F
D. Group G
7. A structure built out from shore to deflect the current or to minimize its erosive content.
A. lamp post
B. jetty
C. landing strip
D. improvements
8. As per BP 220, what is the maximum length for row house units?
A. 50 meters
B. 100 meters
C. 150 meters
D. 250 meters
9. A grade separation in which the highway under consideration passes over the interesting road or rail-
A. overpass
B. partial cloverleaf
C. garage
D. pedestrian
10. A building permit shall be suspended or revoked if authorized work is abandoned after it has been
commenced for a period of not less than how many calendar days?
A. 60 days
B. 80 days
C. 100 days
D. 120 days
11. As per BP 220, what is the minimum area for parks and playgrounds?
A. 100 sqm
B. 150 sqm
C. 200 sqm
D. 300 sqm
12. A wall designed to prevent the spread of fire, having a fire resistance rating of not less 4 hours with
sufficient structural stability to remain standing even if construction on either side collapses under the
fire condition.
A. fire zone
B. permit
C. firewall
D. structure
13. As per PD 1096, what is the ratio of parking slot to gross floor area of office buildings?
A. 1 slot/100 sqm
B. 1 slot/125 sqm
C. 1 slot/150 sqm
D. 1 slot/200 sqm
14. As per PD 1096, what is the minimum width for access road to interior lots?
A. 3m
B. 4m
C. 5m
D. 6m
15. As per BP 344, a level area of not less than how many meters shall be provided at the top and bottom
of any ramp?
A. 1.40 m
B. 1.50 m
C. 1.80 m
D. 1.90 m