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This article was written by a retired U.S. Judge for the purpose of exposing the fraudulent
and illegal system. It shows us how to out of courts as a defendant.

The Courts

"You probably identify with this CORPORATE PROCESS as LEGAL
PROCESS but it really isnt about what is legal or lawful because all process is
about the enforcement of CONTRACTS or the imposition and enforcement of
CORPORATE REGULATIONS called STATUTES. The best adice you will
is NO "ustice to be found in those #ourts unless you are a member of the $atican%
the &oyal or 'lite( or hae purchased )iplomatic Immunity* "

"The only #onstitutional #ourt in +merica is the Internatona! Court o" Tra#es(
which was created because no ,oreign -ation .oernment would Trade with the
#orporate United States( until they proided a way for these ,oreign -ations to
enforce their Trade +greements with +merica."

"The pseudo Judges of these pseudo #ourts hae NO powers without the Consent
of $oth the P!ant""and the De"en#ant. /+-)0 In eery case the Judge must
determine that he has #onsent% 1ersonam andSub"ect 2atter Jurisdiction before
he can act or access the #esta 3ue Trust. "

The #esta 3ue Trust is an account you inherited due to the ban4ruptcy of the U.S. in
5677 and the subse8uent ceasing of all the citi9ens gold( siler and other assets as
collateral. This account contains millions of dollars in your name. The only problem is
that the goernment and legal system failed to inform you about it and how to access
your money. In the meantime( they are drawing down on it for their own personal use
and as payment to the $atican and the 'nglish crown.

%It is the funds contained in this #'ST+ 3U' T&UST that the Judge( #ler4 and
#ounty 1rosecutor are really after or interested in* This Trust actually pays all of
your debts but nobody tells you that because the 'lite consider those assets to be
their property and the ,ederal &esere System is responsible for the management
of those Inestments."

"Social Security% SSI% SS)% 2edicare and 2edicaid are all financed by the Trust.
The goernment ma4es you pay T+:'S and a potion of your wages supposedly
to pay for these serices( which they can borrow at any time for any reason since
they cannot access the #'ST+ 3U' T&UST to finance their ;ars or to bail out
;all Street and their patron #orporations."

"You may receie a monthly statement from a 2ortgage #ompany% <oan
#ompany or Utility #ompany( which usually has already been paid by the
T&UST. +lmost all of these corporate businesses double dip and hope that you
hae been conditioned well enough by their #redit Scams( to pay them a second
time. Instead of paying that Statement next time( sign it approed and mail it
bac4 to them. If they then contact you about payment( as4 them to send you a
T&U' =I<< instead of a Statement and you will be glad to pay it> + Statement
documents what was due and paid( whereas a T&U' =I<< represents only what is
due. =an4s and Utility #ompanies hae direct access into these #esta 3ue Trusts
and all they needed was your name% social security number and signature.%

Cr&na! La'

"There are NO #riminal <aws in +merica because #riminal <aws would imply
that the Cor(orate Unte# States Go)ern&ent are So)ere*n that hae absolute
power oer all liing( flesh and blood +mericans( which of course is not true
because a corporation is a fiction and therefore cannot be Soereign. 2an is
Soereign and is in control of his own destiny and one day he will finally wa4e up
and reali9e this to be true*
There is howeer Cr&na! Contra+ts being enforced against us and 'th our
Consent( which are surreptitiously called! Cr&na! Statutes. ?ur Consent has
been obtained by them isa ie our silence and failure to act or protest( which
under law is defined as! Ta+t Pro+uraton.%

"@e.g.A Tacit 1rocuration! If someone accuses you of theft in writing and you fail
to respond or deny those allegations in writing( your failure to deny or act is
considered an admission of guilt* @orA You receie a =ill for goods or serices
that you neer ordered or receied( and you fail to deny those allegations( your
omission represents the truth of the matter( which imposes an obligation to pay*
#ollection companies fre8uently use Tacit 1rocuration to establish indebtedness to
them on a discharged debt they had purchased from some corporate business."

If you get a citation @traffic( code iolation( etc.A donBt sweat it. The court is initing you
to gie the court "urisdiction. You hae 7 days to simply write on the tic4et "I do not
accept this offer to contract and I do not consent to these procedures." Sere this to the
#ler4 of #ourt with a #ertificate of Serice. See ,ull +rticle for details.

"This 4ills the CITATION, remoes your CONSENT and remoes the
-URISDICTION of the #ourt( all at the same time. It really is that simple* "

Su&&ons an# La'suts

"+ million dollar lawsuit is no different than a CITATION and both can be
cancelled* Card to beliee( isnt it> )oes your lawyer 4now about this> You bet
he does but he is not permitted to embarrass the #ourt and besides( #ourt is where
he ma4es his money*"


There is a shortcut by going to 1uerto &ica( which is still under Spanish <aw. You can
file with notification of your spouse( use a legal assistant( and in 7 days hae a diorce
degree to sere to your now ex.


"If you are inoled in a FORECLOSURE or you are thin4ing about filing for
BAN.RUPTC/ protection to buy you more time( instead of trying to defeat the
corrupt =an4 and your #reditors in a State or ,ederal #ourt( where the cards are
certainly stac4ed against you( plan to file for BAN.RUPTC/ and do it this way(
too insure that you come out on top*"

,ile for ban4ruptcy yourself at a cost of DEFG. <ist your =irth #ertificate as an asset.
&esearch and list the appropriate number to identify it. This will force the "udge to
appoint an attorney @free to youA to pay all of your debts out of your #esta 3ue Trust( as
described aboe. +ny of the D 2illions left after debt payments will be refunded to you*