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Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

Thammasat University

TU130 Integrated Sciences & Technology

Semester 2/2013
Course Coordinator: Dr. Paiboon Sreearunothai
Office: Department of Common and Graduate Studies, 3
Floor SIIT Main building, Rangsit
E-mail: paiboon_sree@siit.tu.ac.th
Course website: SIIT on-line lecture note system, check frequently for any update on timetable
and available lecture notes

Lecture Timetable:
Time 9.00-11.00 13.00-15.00
Tuesday Sec 1
Thursday Sec 2

Grading (Total 100%)

For normal first-year students (TU130 has 2 credits)

Midterm Examination 30 %
Final Examination 40 %
Quiz, Activities, Attendance 30 %

For re-entry students, or students in higher years, ID before 56xx
TU130 in this case will have 3 credits and therefore you need to make additional
report as well.

Midterm Examination 25 %
Final Examination 35 %
Quiz, Activities, Attendance 30 %
Report of two topics of invited speaker 10 %

The report of each topic is not more than 10 pages, submitted to Dr. Paiboon
Sreearunothai at the end of the semester before 1 March 2014.

Class Attendance

Attendance is required and will be taken regularly. Students who miss more than 20 % of lecture
will not be allowed to take the final examination. Students are required to come to lecture class
on-time, dress properly, and turn off any communication devices.

Tentative Course Schedule:

Invited speakers / Time of lecture for each week may be changed notice will be advertised around SIIT
boards and also on course website.

Week Date (Tue and Friday) Subject Instructor
1 11/14 June Introduction week on the TU130 course and
Library Information
Dr. Paiboon Sreearunothai
2 19/21 Nov Body Sensor Technology 1 Dr. Surapa thiemjarus
3 26/28 Nov Importance of Sciences and Technology to
Countrys Development
Dr. Worawarong
4 3 - Dec Body sensor Tech II One lecture on Tuesday
3 Dec and then no lecture on 5th Lecture
again next week.
Dr. Surapa thiemjarus
5 - 12 Dec Body Sensor Tech II 2nd lecture on
Thursday 12 July
Dr. Surapa thiemjarus
6 17/19 Dec Robotics Dr. Suriya Natsupakpong
7 24/26 Dec Semiconductor Technology Dr. Jesada Manyam
6 Jan-18 Jan Midterm Exam ( Date : Time ) No class
11 21/23 Jan Molecules and Medicines: Looking through
History from Chemistry Perspective
Dr. Jutatip Boonsombat
12 28/30 Jan Nuclear Accidents and Risk Perception:
Preparing for Nuclear Power Stations in AEC
Dr. Kampanart Silva
13 4/6 Feb Nuclear Technology Dr. Roppon Picha
14 11/13 Feb Risk and Uncertainty in Petroleum
Dr. Trin Intaraorasong
15 18/20 Feb Natural Products Dr. Charnsak Tongsornkleeb
16 25/27 Feb Everydays chemistry Dr. Sirirat Kumar
17 4/6 Mar Optics and Lasers in Art Conservation Dr. Tipsuda
18 10-21 Mar Final Exam (Date : Time) No class