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Math 2

Segment 1
Mrs. Cuomo-Yokel
Math 2 Instructor
DUE DATE ASSIGNMENTS (print out and cross off assignments as you complete them) WEEK
8/22/14 01.00 Module One Checklist and Pretest 1
01.01 The Number Line
8/29/14 01.02 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers 2
01.03 Mid-Module Check
9/5/14 01.04 Multiplying Rational Numbers 3
01.05 Strategies for Rational Numbers
End Grace Period
9/12/14 01.08 Module One Practice Test 4
01.09 Discussion-Based Assessment
01.10 Module One Test
9/19/14 02.00 Module Two Checklist and Pretest 5
02.01 Dividing Rational Numbers
9/26/14 02.02 Converting Rational Numbers 6
02.03 Rational Numbers in the Real World
10/3/14 02.08 Module Two Practice Test 7
02.09 Discussion-Based Assessment
10/10/14 02.10 Module Two Test 8
03.00 Module Three Checklist and Pretest
03.01 Expanding and Simplifying Expressions
10/17/14 03.02 Applications of Expressions 9
03.03 Mid-Module Check
10/24/14 03.04 Equations 10
03.05 Inequalities
Below is the pace chart for Segment 1 success. Each week's assignments are due by Friday at 11:59pm.
If all assignments are not turned in by the Sunday after the due date, you will be considered behind pace.
Activation Date of August 19, 2014
10/31/14 03.08 Module Three Practice Test 11
03.09 Discussion-Based Assessment
11/7/14 03.10 Module Three Test 12
04.00 Module Four Checklist and Pretest
04.01 Unit Rates
11/14/14 04.02 Characteristics of a Proportion 13
04.03 Proportionality and Equations
11/21/14 04.04 Applications of Ratios 14
04.05 Applications of Percents
11/28/14 04.08 Module Four Practice Test 15
04.09 Discussion-Based Assessment
04.10 Module Four Test
12/5/14 04.12 Segment One Practice Test 16
04.13 Segment One Exam
It is understood that students may choose not to submit during OCPS Thanksgiving,
Winter, and Spring Breaks, which may change their completion date according to this
pace chart.
Learning Goals:
Module 1:
Students will be able to understand how to apply the absolute value, add,
subtract, multiply rational numbers, divide integers with a non-zero divisor,
identify real numbers as either rational or irrational, find the square roots of
perfect squares, approximate the square roots of nonperfect squares, find the
cube roots of small perfect cubes.
Module 2:
Students will be able to understand how to divide, convert, and solve real-world
problems relating to rational numbers, apply the zero exponent property, product
property, and quotient property to simplify powers, create equivalent expressions
using properties of exponents, and can solve problems and calculate numbers
expressed in scientific notation.
Module 3:
Students will be able to combine like terms, factor and expand linear expressions
using the properties of operations, apply mental computation and estimation to
check for reasonableness of an answer, solve multi-step equations, identify the
sequence of operations used to solve equations and inequalities, while being able
to graph the solution set and identify the solution to a system of linear equations,
describe points of intersection between two lines, and identify cases where two
variables have no solution and infinitely many solutions.
Module 4:
Students will be able to compute unit rates with ratios of fractions, explain
characteristics and create models of a proportional relationship, solve multi-step
ratio and percent problems, graph these relationships, and compute rate of
change, and define the y-intercept and derive an equation for a line using