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... through Bertha Dudde

The human being is not a product
of coincidence b a !reati"e #o$er....
The human being $ith a%% his "ices& f%a$s and aff%ictions is easi%
inc%ined to be%ie"e that he $as created %i'e this b God& if he
be%ie"es at a%% to ha"e originated from (im. )et this !reator $ou%d
ha"e to be denied a%% %o"e and $isdom $hich moti"ated (im to
create humans *beings+, for in this case e"er person $ou%d mere%
be the product of a Being $hich is imperfect itse%f& $hich created
the human being *the being+ as a $him but $hich cannot be
accredited $ith supreme perfection.
-omeone $ho is ab%e to entertain such thoughts at an time is
utter% unen%ightened, he has formed a comp%ete% $rong concept
of his !reator& for the e.istence as a /human being/ is on% the stage
of an infinite% %ong process of de"e%opment but& at the same time&
it is the most important stage& for during this time the being has to
ma'e its fina% decision of $i%% in order to achie"e its origina% state
again in $hich it $as once created....
)ou a%% need to 'no$ that our origin from the supreme% perfect
Being had %i'e$ise been a state of supreme perfection.... and that
the state ou are in no$ $as created b ourse%"es& $hich $as
therefore not the work of our !reator of eternit....
)ou a%% need to 'no$ that it is on% an intermediate state $hich ou
caused ourse%"es as a resu%t of re"ersing our $i%% but $hich ou
can change again into our origina% state if our $i%% is %i'e$ise
prepared to change. 0nd therefore ou ha"e to fight against a%%
our "ices and f%a$s& ou must tr to change ourse%"es and create
a state in $hich ou transform a%% our f%a$s into "irtues& in $hich
our God1opposing re%ationship undergoes a change $hich $i%%
bring ou c%ose to (im and ou approach the origina% state once
more in $hich ou once emerged from (im.
)ou cannot %oo' upon our human e.istence as a conc%uded %ife&
ou must a%$as 'no$ that there $as a /before/ and that there $i%%
a%so be an /after/ but that ou& during our %ife as a human being&
must ma'e a decision as to $hether ou $ant to be free from e"er
form or $hether ou $ant to fa%% bac' again into a stage $hich ou
had a%read o"ercome a %ong time ago.
But don/t be%ie"e that ou are a product of coincidence b a
!reati"e #o$er Which arbitrari% e.terna%ised beings from $ithin
2tse%f $hich are more or %ess tainted b "arious f%a$s and "ices....
be%ie"e that this !reati"e #o$er has to be accredited $ith %o"e and
$isdom of highest perfection and that 2t created ou for a
purpose.... to radiate 2tse%f& that is& 2ts %o"e& into 2ts created beings
$hich& ho$e"er& $as pre"ented b these beings themse%"es....
thus& the re3ected this %o"e and thereb changed into the
opposite.... into the beings $hich ou are no$ as humans.... et
a%$as $ith the goa% to achie"e our past nature again.
0nd thus ou shou%d consider our time on earth mere% as a
passage$a& consider it as a di"ine% p%anned designated return
into our actua% state& since ou emerged in supreme perfection
from the !reati"e #o$er.
0nd ou shou%d 'no$ that ou must ma'e e"er effort during our
earth% %ife in order to fight against a%% bad habits $hich pre"ent ou
from entering into unit again $ith our !reator of eternit& Who
$ants to be our Father& but that ou $i%% be infinite% happ if ou
succeed in changing& if ou a%%o$ this change into %o"e and b doing
so ma ta'e possession of our Father/s ra of %o"e again& Who
besto$s this b%iss upon ou.
For this is our on% goa%& to once again become $hat ou $ere in
the beginning.... supreme% perfect beings& as the $ere $hen the
came forth from God....
#ub%ished b friends of ne$ re"e%ations of God 4 2nformation&
do$n%oad of a%% trans%ated re"e%ations& theme1boo'%ets at5


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