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Vajikarana Dravyas (Drugs)

and Their Classifcation

By Dr Amit Kumar Yadav
The Vajikarana dravyas are divided into the following three
1) Dehabalakara Promoting physial strength! inluding
that of semen"
#) $anobalakara %nhaning mental powers needed to
sustain long se&ual ats"
') Deh(manobalakara )ts both ways"
*urther lassi+ation of vajikarana dravyas is based on their ation on
1) ,ukra vrddhikara inreasing semen"
#) ,ukra srutikara prompting the disharge of semen"
') ,ukrastambhan delaying the disharge of semen"
-,./0 V)1.2)3)/) D3-0,
The ideal way to use vajikarana drugs is after gastri(leansing" This is
normally done after induing virehanas or gastri purgatives" )lthough
this proedure doesn4t apply in all ases! an )yurvedi dotors advie
should still be sought before using any vajikarana therapies"
)56-T T7% )-T763
Dr" )$.T 2-$)3 8)D)V belongs to Varanasi! the ultural ity of .ndia!
and is an )yurvedi graduate from 9","1"$" -niversity! 2anpur" 7e is
working as a :eturer with Dev ,anskriti -niversity! ,hantikunj!
7aridwar! and is a onsultant of )yurvedi and 7erbal $ediine! at
,hantikunj 7ospital! 7aridwar" 7erbal researh is his main interest" "
$ore and more! stress(related illnesses as oronary heart disease have
fored dotors to inreasingly reommend the use of stress redution
tehni;ues in its prevention and treatment! as transendental meditation"
) diret onse;uene of this is an inrease of seual
dys!unctionourrenes in male population over developed world! an
a<etion that years ago was less fre;uent and nowadays is beoming more
and more often e&periened" )yurveda! a traditional mediine originated in
.ndia but nowadays e&tended around the world! seems to have
inVajikarana her"s a solution for this"
Vajikarana or Vrishya hikitsa is one of eight major speialty of
theAshtanga Ayurveda" .n ,anskrit! Vaji means horse! a symbol
traditionally assoiated with se&ual poteny and performane!
thusVajikaran means produing a horse=s vigor >11! 1#?"

VA#$KA%A&A '(%B)* )T%()) A&D )(+,A- DY).,&CT$/&
Vajikarana her"s have been used in Traditional 7erbal $ediine in .ndia
and other parts of the world for the treatment of %retile Dysfuntion! :ow
libido! Premature %jaulation and $ale infertility! but also for the treatment
of mental ailments diretly a<eting the above(mentioned problems"
3asayana is de+ned as any herb! food! or ativity whih onfers
youthfulness and ures diseases" .f taken in a proper way! 3asayana
prevents early aging and keeps the person young and ative! both physially
and mentally >@?"
$&./0 $en with eretile dysfuntion often have other omorbidities suh as
diabetes! hypertension! and oronary artery disease >A!B!C!1D?"
9onversely! men onsulting with their physiian for omorbidities or other
risk fators for eretile dysfuntion may also have underlying eretile
dysfuntion! whih may or may not be reogniEed"

AY,%V(D$C '(%B) ./% )(+,A- DY).,&CT$/&
Ayurvedic medicine has used several herbs and herbal remedies sine
many enturies ago to inrease libido levels! as aphrodisias and to treat
male se&ual dysfuntion problems! some of them based on tradition!
some proven to be e<etive after linial trials of well trusted institutions"
.n this artile we will talk about some of this herbs and the results of the
linial trials in whih they have been tested"
AY,%V(D$C 1(D$C$&( ./% )(+,A- DY).,&CT$/& 2VA#$KA%A&A
The +rst linial trial done in rats involved the administration of ertain
amounts of ayurvedi Varjikarana herbs as:
)sparagus raemosus >1?>#?!
9hlorophytum borivilianum!
9uruligo orhioides 0aertn" F96)! and
DatylorhiEa hatagirea FD" Don) ,oo FD7)
C,%C,-$3/ /%C'$/$D() or KA-$ 1,)-$ A4'%/D$)$AC (..(CT)
The results showed a positive e<et on the laimed aphrodisia laims of
those ayurvedi Vajikarana herbs! having a signi+ant positive response
espeially on those ones administered with )sparagus reemosus >#?! also
proven to be an e<etive anti(7.V >#?! reduing viral prodution
)pparently the e<et of those Vajikarana herbs e&trats ould be
diretly linked with the inreased release of /itri 6&ide /6! indued by
some of the ative omponents found on those herbal e&trats"
.n Vajikarana 3asayana 9uruligo orhioides is known as 2ali $usli and
Tamusali! an herb native to .ndia and is onsidered a potent aphrodisia and
adaptogen! immunostimulant! hepatoprotetive! antio&idant! anti(aner
and anti(diabeti in the )yurvedi Vajikarana 3asayana system >#?! sedative!
antionvulsant and androgen(like e<et"Curculigo image le!t5 Gikipedia!
see detailed ref" below"

VA#$KA%A&A %A)AYA&A ./% )(+,A- DY).,&CT$/&
.n another study! the roots of )naylus pyrethrum used in )yurvedi
system of mediine HVajikarana 3asayanaH were also administered to rats
during #B days" The results were also ;uite impressive! showing that
the administration of these Vajikarana herbs provided an inreased penile
eretion! with a four times inrease in mount! even after disontinuation of
treatment! what also suggest that Vajikarana herbal remedies used
in )yurvedi Vajikarana 3asayana mediine have a ertain ground of
The third and last study is about another )yurvedi herbal remedy for
se&ual dysfuntion used under the Vajikarana 3asayana )yurvedi mediine!
the use of roots of )sparagus raemosus! 9hlorophytum borivilianum! and
rhiEomes of 9uruligo orhioides >I?" The study showed an inrease and
enhaned penile eretion in rats administered with e&trat of those herbs
providing a sienti+ basis for the laimed aphrodisia e<ets of )yurvedi
herbal remedies used in Vajikarana 3asayana"
Vajikarana herbs in ayurveda to ure se&ual disorder and Vajikarana
mediine treatments do not only treat the symptoms but also help to
promote physial and mental health and strength! improving defense
mehanisms from our bodies and helping us to ahieve a general good
physial and mental ondition"
D$)C-A$1(%5 Please read the dislaimer at the bottom of the page"
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67?8 Vajikarana5 Treatment o! seual dys!unctions "ased on $ndian
conce9ts 4: K: Dalal* Adarsh Tri9athi* and ): K: 3u9ta7
Tags5 )0),T8) 3),)8)/)! )$):)2. 3),)8)/)! )/T.(
)0./0!)P736D.,.)9! )P736D.,.)9 7%35,! ),7G)0)/D7)
3),)8)/)! )8-3V%D) 3),)8)/)! )8-3V%D)
V)1.2)3)/)!)8-3V%D.9! )8-3V%D.9 7%35,! )8-3V%D.9 7%35, *63
,%J-): D8,*-/9T.6/! )8-3V%D.9 $%D.9./% *63 ,%J-):
D8,*-/9T.6/ (V)1.2)3)/) 7%35,(! )8-3V%D.9 3),)8)/)!5%,T
)8-3V%D.9 $%D.9./% *63 .$P6T%/9%! 5%,T )8-3V%D.9 $%D.9./%,
*63 %3%9T.:% D8,*-/9T.6/!53)7$) 3),)8)/)! 53)7$.
3),)8)/)! 9-39-:./06 6397.6.D%,! %D! %3%9T.:%! %3%9T.:%
D8,*-/9T.6/! 7%35, ./ )8-3V%D) T6 9-3% ,%J-):
D.,63D%3! .$P6T%/9%!./D.)/ )8-3V%D.9 $%D.9./% *63 %3%9T.:%
D8,*-/9T.6/!2):. $-,:. )P736D.,.)9 %**%9T,! 2)P.(2)97-
3),)8)/)!:6G :.5.D6! $)D.P7):) 3),)8)/)! $):%
./*%3T.:.T8!/)3),.$7) 3),)8)/)! /)T-3):
)P736D.,.)9,! P.PP):. 3),)8)/)! P3%$)T-3%
%1)9-:)T.6/! 3),)8)/) 7%35,!3),)8)/) ./ )8-3V%D)! 3),)8)/)
3%T3%)T! ,%J! ,%J-):!,%J-): D8,*-/9T.6/! ,T3%,, )/D ,%J-):
D8,*-/9T.6/!T)$-,):.! T3%)T$%/T *63 $):%
./*%3T.:.T8! V)1.2)3)/) )8-3V%D)! V)1.2)3)/)
7%35,! V)1.2)3)/) P3%P)3)T.6/,!V)1.2)3)/)
3),)8)/)! V)1.2)3)/) T7%3)P8! V)1.2)3)/) T3%)T$%/T! G7%3%
9)/ . 5-8 V)1.2)3/) 3),8)/)! !
Importance of Vajikarana Therapy in Ayurveda
by Dr. Krishna R.S

.n )yurveda the treatment that is adopted to inrease libido is alled
HV)1.2)3)/)H" )s this therapy inreases the strength of a man to perform
se&ual at! like a horse! it is alled =Vajikarana=" F =Vaaji=K7orse")
Vaajikaranamanvicchet purusho nityamatmawan
Thadaayattou hi dharmarthou preetishcha yasha yevacha
!utrasyaayatanam hyetad "unashchaite sutashrayaha
This means HThe person who takes virility therapy or Vajikarana therapy
after rejuvenation therapy gets o<spring" Through these o<spring he gains
the happiness"H
The main aim of Vajikarana therapy is to inrease the se&ual energy of men
and help to solve male infertility" Through this therapy men an gain good
eretion! sperm ount and sperm motility" Vajikarana therapy also helps to
boost libido"
;ho should not consume Vajikarana 4re9arationsP
)yurveda aharyas have framed few rules for onsumption of Vajikarana
preparations" These preparations have to be onsumed by Ljitendriya
purushaM or man who has omplete ontrol on his senses and desires" .f
Vajikarana preparations are onsumed by Lajitendriya purushaM or man
who has lost ontrol over his senses and desire! he may prove harmful to
,e&ual ats should not be performed by young boys Fbelow #D years) or
aged men Fabove AD years)" .n younger boys formation of dhatus Ftissues)
will not be omplete" .f se&ual at is performed at this stage they will land
into a ondition alled dhatukshaya in whih the nourishment of tissues
redues and they feel weak and fragile" During formative years whole body
energy should be hanneliEed for development of body tissues" %speially
in boys! the male reprodutive system has to develop ompletely to
produe good ;uality and ;uantity of semen" .f body energy and
nourishment is used up in se&ual at during initial stages of development!
then the development of male reprodutive system may beome sluggish"
This might lead to low sperm ount! low motility and infertility Fthe
inability to produe o<spring)"
.n aged persons there will be dahtu kshaya Fdeterioration of tissues) due
to old age" .f men above AD years indulge in se&ual at it may further
deteriorate dhatus and an hasten ageing" )ording to ayurveda aharyas
Lif an aged man performs se&ual at his body will be deprived of energy
and vitality" 7e will be lifeless like a dry stik whih is infested by insets"M
7ene Vajikarana preparations should not be onsumed by aged men as
these preparations may kindle their se&ual desire or libido"
;ho has to consume Vajikarana 4re9arationsP
$en above #D years of age and below AD years have to onsume
Vajikarana preparations" Their intensions should be good and their aim
must be to produe healthy o<spring"
Benefts o! Vajikarana Thera9y5
Vajikarana therapy inreases hard eretions and helps in eretile
.t inreases duration of hard eretion and prevent premature
The therapy rejuvenates male reprodutive system and helps
to inrease sperm ount and sperm motility"
.t inreases body energy level and retards ageing proess"
$en who undergo this therapy look attrative and never get tiered"
The herbs in Vajikarana therapy nourish male reprodutive system"

( ,ee more at: http:NNwww"boloji"omNinde&"fmO
P" 2" Dalal! )darsh Tripathi! and ," 2" 0upta
)yurveda F)yu(lifeR veda(siene)! the siene of life! prevention and
longevity! is the oldest organiEed .ndian medial system" .ts fundamentals
an be found in 7indu sriptures alled the Vedas ( the anient .ndian books
of wisdom written over S!DDD years ago and it also inorporates wisdom
from -panishada! ,amkhy and 8oga" .t is a omprehensive medial system
of body! mind and spirit">1? )yurveda is said to use the inherent priniples of
nature to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual=s body!
mind! and spirit in perfet e;uilibrium with nature" Thus! )yurveda is
onsidered as more than a mere healing medial system" .t is a siene and
art of appropriate living! whih helps to ahieve longevity" .t an also guide
every individual in the prevention of disease and long(term maintenane of
health" 5efore the reent upsurge of traditional mediine in a global
perspetive! )yurveda was persistently ritiiEed for its ambiguity and
philosophial tenets inomprehensible to researhers and liniians of
modern mediine" This pereption has led to disinterest in )yurveda whih
eventually and unfortunately has led the world to be deprived of many
plausible advantages of traditional healthare supportive to a total ;uality
9araka ,amhita>S? states TThe healthy life has three main pillars(a balaned
diet! proper sleep and a healthy se& and marital life"4 The )yurveda is also
fre;uently referred as T)shtanga )yurveda4 as it has eight parts" These
inlude following parts:
2aya hikitsa: .nternal and e&ternal treatments for the body"
5ala hikitsa: Diseases related to infants
0raha hikitsa: 7ealing of psyhologial problems
-rdvanga hikitsa: Treatments related to the %ar! /ose and Throat
,alya hikitsa: ,urgeries and operations
Visha hikitsa: To&iology
3asayana prakarana: $ethods to rejuvenate the sapta dhatus F,even
Vajikarana or Vrishya hikitsa: ,iene of aphrodisias! virility and
improving health of progeny
-nderstanding few more basi onepts relevant to vajikaran of )yurveda
will be important before initiating further disussion on Vajikarana"
Tridosha theory:>@? The dotrine of TTridosha4 is fundamental for )yurveda"
)ording to this theory! every human being is a uni;ue phenomenon of
osmi onsiousness" The three Dosha Fhumors) determines every
individual=s psyhosomati temperament and onstitution" Tridosha
represents the physiologial funtioning of a living body! whih eventually is
the property of its omponent material" )yurvedi idea of disease and health
is oneived around this onept by identifying a balane of Tridosha" Vata
Fether plus air)! Pitta F+re plus water) and 2apha Fwater plus earth) are
alled the Tridosha! meaning the three Dosha" The internal environment is
governed by Vata(Pitta(2apha FV(P(2)! whih is onstantly reating to the
e&ternal environment" The wrong diet! habits! lifestyle! inompatible food
ombinations Fe"g"! milk and +sh! melons and grain! yogurt and meat or
ooked honey et")! seasonal hanges! repressed emotions and stress
fators an all at either together or separately to hange the balane of V(
P(2" )ording to the nature of the ause! Vata! Pitta or 2apha undergoes
aggravation or derangement that produes )ma Fto&ins)" The master forms
of biologial humors Vata! Pitta and 2apha are respetively Prana! Tejas and
6jas" They form the vital essene of the three humors that sustain positive
health" These three fores are key to vitality! larity and endurane and
prere;uisite for healthy! fearless and on+dent state"
To stop the further prodution and removal of )ma! )yurvedi literature
suggests plaing the patient on a proper diet together with an appropriate
lifestyle! habits and e&erise! and administering leansing program like
)yurveda identi+es seven vital tissues that provide nourishment! growth!
and struture to the entire body" These tissues! alled dhatus! have
similarities to the major tissues identi+ed by the modern siene" These
dhatus remain inside the human body in a proper e;uilibrium so that the
body an funtion properly" .t is said that any kind of disturbane or
imbalane in their e;uilibrium auses ailments and diseases" The seven
dhatus are Plasma F3asa)! 5lood F3akta)! $usle F$amsa)! *at F$eda)!
5one F)sthi)! 5one marrow and nerve F$ajja) and 3eprodutive Uuid
6ften! the se&ual style of humans is ompared to and is de+ned in terms of
the animal se&ual relationship style in the anient .ndian te&ts" The ommon
e&amples used are:
9hataka F,parrow) ( $ultiple short span onjugations with prodution
of small amount of semen"
0aja F%lephant) ( 6ne in a while long time onjugation with abundant
semen disharge"
Vrusha F5ull) ( 3egular stable seasonal onjugation with more
;uantity ,emen"
)shwa F7orse) ( 3egular foreful dynami onjugation with average
;uantitative semen"
.n ,anskrit! Vaji means horse! the symbol of se&ual poteny and
performane thus Vajikaran means produing a horse=s vigor! partiularly
the animal=s great apaity for se&ual ativity in the individual" :iterally the
Vajikaran is not e&atly aphrodisia but the urrent onnotational meaning
is same">A?
)s per 9harak ,amhita
5y proper use of these formulations! one beomes endowed with good
physi;ue! poteny! strength! omple&ion and se&ually e&hilarated and potent
like an B(year(old horse">B?
LThe man who seeks pleasure should resort to Vajikaran! i"e"! vili+ation
therapy regularly" The Vajikaran bestows ontentment! nourishment!
ontinuity of progeny and great happiness" The mediines or therapy by
whih the man beomes apable of se&ual interourse with the woman with
great strength like a horse! whih endears him to women and whih
nourishes the body of the person is known as Vajikaran" .t is best promoter
of strength and vigor"M>C?
7owever! the main aim of Vajikaran is always suessful opulation for
healthy reprodution! with se&ual pleasure being just an additional bene+tR
therefore it is onsidered a part of Teugeny"4 7owever! this therapy is also
desribed under various se&ual and reprodutive disease i"e"! 2laibya or
%retile dysfuntions! 5andhyatva or .nfertitily! ,hukraghata Vata or
aEospermia and premature ejaulation">S!1D?
Vajikaran hikitsa re;uires living in strit ompliane to the diretions
mentioned in )yurvedi lassis" .t involves various methods of shodhan
Fbody leansing) through vaman Femesis)! virehan Fpurgation) and swedan
Fsweating)" )fter the ,hodhan therapy! based on the prakriti of the
individual=s imbalane Fdoshi body onstitution(Tridosha theory)! ertain
herbal and herbo(mineral ombinations are administered" 6ther
omponents in the therapy involves improving health and pleasure in
general like! massaging with mediated herbal oils and herbal baths!
wearing of fragrant garlands! anointing the body with fragrant herbal
pastes! listening to musi! et"
;ho should not consume Vajikarana 9re9arationsP
)s per )yurveda! it is reommended that the person below 1A years of age
and more than AD years of age should not onsume Vajikarana preparations"
These preparations have to be onsumed by Ljitendriya purushaM or man
who has ontrol on his senses and desires" .f Vajikarana preparations are
onsumed by Lajitendriya purushaM or man who has lost ontrol over his
senses and desire! he may prove harmful to soiety"
4%/4/)(D 1(C'A&$)1 /. ACT$/&)
Vajikaran therapy is said to revitaliEe all the seven dhatus Fbody elements)!
therefore! restores e;uilibrium and health" 2eeping in mind the onept of
vajikaran as desribed in the te&ts of )yurveda! it de+nitely o<ers a solution
to minimiEe the shukra Fsperm and ovum) defets and to ensure a healthy
progeny" The e&perimental studies related to vajikaran therapy are sare
and generally lak sienti+ vigor"
3asayan drugs ats inside the human body by modulating the neuro(
endorino(immune system" Vaajikaran rasayan is the speial ategory of
rasayan! whih improve the reprodutive system and enhane se&ual
funtion">11? They at on higher enter of the brain! i"e"! the hypothalamus
and limbi system" Vajikaran also laims to have anti(stress! adaptogeni
ations! whih helps to alleviate an&iety assoiated with se&ual desire and
performane" 9hauhan et a#" F#D1D)>11? in a study showed that
administration of vajikaran rasayana viE" $. orchioides! A. #on"ifo#ia and %.
pruriensethanoli e&trats modulate the level of the pituitary hormones *,7
and :7" This in parts an e&plain the positive e<et of the herbs on se&ual
VA#$KA%A& ./%1,-AT$/&)
There are 1DD=s of di<erent formulations whih are used for vajikaran"
,ome of the formulations are mentioned below whih are used ommonly"
V%$'A&$ 3,T$KA
This formulation is one of the highest poteny" This formulation is prepared
as under" 1#D g eah of ,hara roots Froots of ,aharum munja)! .kshu roots
Froots ofSaccharum o&icinarium)! 2andekshu FAsteracantha #on"ifo#ia)!
.kshuvalika F'y"rophi#a spinosa)! ,hatavari FAspera"us racemosus)!
Payasya F'o#ostemma rheedianum)! Vidari FDiascorea bu#bifera)!
2antakarika FSo#anum indicum)! 1eewanti F(eptadonia reticu#ata)! 1ivak
Fsubstitute !ueraria tuberosa)! $eda FsubstituteAspara"us racemosus)! Vira
FA#oe Vera)! 3ishbhak Fsubstitute !ueraria tuberosa)! 5ala FSida cordifo#ia)!
3iddhi Fsubstitute Diascorea bu#bifera)! 0okshur FTribu#us terrestris)! 3asna
F!#uchea #anceo#ata)! 2apikahhhu F%ucuna pruriens) and Punarnava
F)oerhaavia di&usa) are mi&ed with #"S@ kg of new 5lak gram" To this
1D"#I : of water is added and ooked till the volume is redued to only one
fourth" The pastes of $adhuk F%adhuca indika)! Draksha FVitis vinifera)!
Phalgu F*icus hispida)! Pippali F!iper #on"um)! 2apikahhhu F%ucuna
prurie)! ,hatavari FAspera"us racemosus) are added to it #"S@ kg juie eah
of Vidari F!ueraria tuberosa)! )malki F+mb#ica o&icina#e)! .kshu FSaccharum
o&icinarium) and 0hee Fc#ari,ed butter) plus 1D"#I : $ilk is also added and
ooked till all water is evaporated and only 0hee remains and +ltered" 1@D g
powder eah of ,ugar and Vanshlohan F)ambusa erandinacia)! Pippali
F!iper #on"um) and ID g $arih F!iper ni"ram)! #D g eah of Twak
F$innamomum -ey#iicum)! %la F+##ataria cardamomum)! and /agkesar are
added" '#D g 7oney is added and mi& is blended thoroughly" 5oluses! eah
weighing ID g are prepared to be used" The dose is individualiEed and
mainly depends on the digestive apaity of the individual">1#?
V%$)'YA 3,T$KA
This formulation is highly potent aphrodisia" #"S@ kg 0hee Fc#ari,ed butter)
is added to #"S@ kg of juie of Vidari F!ueraria tuberosa) and ooked" #S@ kg
0hee is added and ooked again" @"I kg eah of ,ugar! Vanshlohan
F)ambusa erandinacia)! and 7oney! .kshurak FSaccharum o&icinarium)!
Pippali F!iper #on"um) and 2apikahhhu seeds F%ucuna pruriens) are
added" The boluses are prepared" The weight of bolus is dependent on the
digestive apaity of the person">1'?
VA#$KA%A&A1 3'%$TA1
This formulation speially enhanes the strength of the male organ" #"S@ kg
eah of newly harvested blak gram and 2apikahhhu F%ucuna pruriens)
and 1@D g eah of 1eevak Fsubstitute !ueraria tuberosa)! 3ishbhak
Fsubstitute !ueraria tuberosa)! Vira FA#oe vera)! $eda Froots of Aspara"us
racemosus)! 3iddhi Fsubstitute Diascorea bu#bifera)! ,hatavari FAspera"us
racemosus)! $adhuk F%adhuka indica) and )shwagandha F.ithania
somnifera) are added in water and boiled to prepare deotion" @ID g 0hee!
@"I : $ilk! @ID ml juies eah of Vidari F!ueraria tuberosa) and .kshu
FSaccharum o&icinarium) are added and the mi& is ooked on mild(+re" This
0hee preparation should be mi&ed with 1@D g eah of ,ugar! 7oney!
Vanshlohan F)ambusa erandinacia) and Pippali FPiper longum)" The dose is
ID g before meals">1I?
,4ATYAKA%$ )'A)'T$KAD$ 3,T$KA
This vajikaran formulation is said to be partiularly useful for the
enhanement of the fertility" The white shashtik rie is grinded with milk in
mortar! su<iient to wet the rie" $ore milk is added and it is grinded" Then
it is s;ueeEed through +ne loth" The ow milk is added to it and the mi& is
ooked" The deotions of seeds of 2apikahhhu F%ucuna pruriens) and
5lak gram are prepared separately and added to above mi&"
The deotions of 5ala FSida cordifo#ia)! $ugdharni F!haseo#us tri#obus)!
$ashparni FTeramnus #abia#is)! 1eewanti F(eptadonia reticu#ata)! 1eevak
Fsubstitute !ueraria tuberosa)! 3iddhi Fsubstitute Diascorea bu#bifera)!
3ishbhak Fsubstitute !ueraria tuberosa)! 2akoli Fsubstitute .ithania
somnifera)! 0okshur FTribu#us terrestris)! $adhuk F%adhuka indica)!
,hatawari FAspera"us racemosus)! Vidari F!ueraria tuberosa)! Draksh FVitis
vinifera) and 2harjur F!hoeni/ dacty#ifera) are added to above mi& and
ooked" )fter ooling the powders of Gheat! ,hali rie! ,hashtik rie! 5lak
gram and Vanshlohan F)ambusa erandinacia) are added in su<iient
;uantity so as to get solid mass" 7oney and ,ugar are added in su<iient
;uantity to make boluses of appropriate siEe! depending on the digestive
apaity of the person">1S?
1(DAD$ Y/3
This preparation is said to help regain se&ual prowess to older men" The 1D
g eah of $eda Froots of Aspara"us racemosus)! Payasya F'o#ostemma
rheedianum)! 1eevanti F(eptadonia reticu#ata)! Vidari F!ueraria tuberosa)!
2antakari FSo#anum /anthocarpum)! 0okshur FTribu#us terrestris)!
2sheerika! 5lak gram! Gheat! ,hali rie and ,hashtik rie are ooked in
#"S@ : of water till the volume is redued to #"S@ :" This mi& is +ltered and
7oney! 0hee and ,ugar are added">1@?
The philosophial base of the modern mediine and )yurvedi
mediine is entirely di<erent therefore many times it may be di<iult
to e&plain the theory in understandable terms for eah other" This lak
of ommuniation inreases the gap in ollaboration of researh or
There is lak of researh and onsensus among e&perts" The
formulations have not been subjeted to the rigorous sienti+
studies" $ediations have not been standardiEed and may ontain
to&i substanes or may be adulterated if proper puri+ation
proesses have not been followed" $any of the mentioned herbs are
di<iult to obtain hene it seem di<iult to prepare these formulation
as per reommendations of the standard te&ts of )yurveda"
$ost te&ts state that the mediations are free from side
e<ets howeverR this has been never tested in sienti+ studies"
)uthors have seen ases! where the patients have developed severe
medial and psyhiatri ompliations subse;uent to use of )yurvedi
over the ounterNpresribed mediations"
Vajikaran is an important treatment modality as per )yurveda and proposed
bene+ts are manifold inluding inreased se&ual apaity! improving health
of future progeny as well as in treatment of many ommon se&ual disorders
like infertility! eretile dysfuntion and premature ejaulation" Di<erenes in
the philosophial base of the )yurvedi siene and modern medial siene
results into inability of e<etive ollaboration between these researhers
and pratitioners" :ak of researh as per urrent sienti+ standards is the
main ritiism of vajikaran" :ak of standardiEation of formulations and
di<iulty in getting unadulterated herbs are realisti intriaies in the utility
of vajikaran preparations" 3andomiEed ontrolled trials of theses
formulations an be helpful in understanding e<iay! possible side e<ets
and other treatment related parameters"