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Kinder 'Korner
December 2009 Newsletter

The month of December is finally here! (Where did November go?)

Here are just a few dates to remember for December.

Important Dates:
Dec.6- Christmas program
Dec.z - St. Nicholas Day Celebration - Everyone bring an extra shoe
Dec.8 Immaculate Conception - Holy Day of Obligation for all
Catholics. Kindergarten Mass will be at 8:30am.
Dec. 14 - St. Lucy Day- Please bring in cookies. Wrapped Golden
Books due (for the book exchange)
Dec. 11-All items from Christmas Activity Sheet are due
Dec.15 - Polar Express Day
Dec. 16- Christmas Reindeer t-shirt making. Volunteers needed for
this project.
Dec.17 - Christmas Party- Book exchange
Dec.19 - Christmas Vacation
Jan.s - Classes Resume

St. Nicholas Day- The students will receive gift bags left by
St. Nicholas.

St. Lucy Day - The students will pass out baked treats to the lower
school classes and to the Highlands Staff. If anyone

would like to bake some cookies for us, please let
me know. After lunch (1:30),1 am planning for the
students to make Gingerbread Houses. Items
needed are powdered sugar, Life Savers, gum
drops, any hard candy, and parent volunteers.

Reindeer T-Shirt - We need a few parent volunteers at 10 am for this

project. Please email me if you would like to

Polar Express -Children may come to school in their modest

pajamas for a Polar Express Extravaganza.
No night gowns are allowed, girls need to wear a
pants type pajama as well as the boys along with
gym shoes.

Christmas Party - Each child needs to bring in a new and wrapped

"Little Golden Book". On Dec. 17 during the
Christmas party, we will exchange books. Please let
me know if your child does not plan to attend
school on the 17th.

Cold Weather - Please send your child with a coat each day.
Unfortunately your child will have to stay in from
recess if they do not have a coat.

Advent, Joyful Mysteries, Annunciation, Birth of Christ, St. Nicholas,
St. Lucy, K4J virtue is Vigilance, the "Bethlehem Moment" mission

The students will be practicing their addition skills using hands on
manipulatives, learning to identify and write the numbers 27- 32,
identifying one to one number correspondence, identifying some
more, and give away number sentences, practicing to write and solve
addition and subtraction equations, learning the doubles facts to
Sig lit Words:
White red zero one ten
Blue orange two three
Yellow black four five
Green pink SIX seven
Brown purple eight rune

Phonics and ~ading:

Developing a phonemic awareness for the letters W, X,Y,Z and
practicing decoding and blending skills, reading short vowel words
and stories.

Learning to identify and write the letters Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz, copying
short sentences from the board, developing good handwriting habits
of spacing, proper letter formation, and writing in journals.

S ocial.Studies:
Winter, animals in winter, Christmas around the world

Language jlrts:

Action verbs, tense of verbs, subject and verb agreement, and

interactive writing.
:Merry Cliristmas everyone and may our gooa Lord 6fess your new

~ours in Clirist, :Mrs. qomez-Vranga, :Mrs. :Merri{[antf:Mrs.:Maufdin

Christmasjlctivity Chec{£ist
p.acli student must 6ring in these items for the upcoming
Christmas crafts ana activities.

:Jv[onaay,December 14tn tlie !ijnaergarten classes wi[[ Gema!ijng gingerGreaa liouses

in tlie cafeteria at 1:30. Volunteers are needed as mentioned eartier in tlie
news fetter. Po[[owing is a fist of items we need.for tliis activity. Pfease, if you can,
Gring tlie item assiqned to your cliiU Gy Priaay CDec.1)tn. q'lian(you so muclifor
ma!ijng tliis activity afun ana successfui one. If you cannot Gring tliis item please
let us (now ahead of time.

_. 1Gagpowdered sugar
-1 Gagpowdered sugar
-1 bottie concen tra tea Iemon juice
-" 1 Gagof smarr hard' candy
-" 1 Gagof smarr hard' candy
JL 1 Gagof multicolored mini marshmallows
-1 Gagof smarr candy canes
-1 Gagof gumarops
-1 Gagof gumarops
-1 Gag of Hershey's (isses
-1 Gag wrapped. liofiaay cliocofates

-1 Gag wrapped fio{iday chocolates

-1 Gag oj:Hersfiey's kisses
-1 GO:K.grafiamcrackers
-1 GO:K.grafiamcrackers
-1 GO:K.grafiamcrackers
-1 Go:K.oj '!eddy qrafiams

Christmas list for the rest of the crafts

-1 doz.Cookies - St. Lucy (]Jay
-1 wliite Cong - sleeved' t-sliirt or turtie nec{
-1 wire lianger

-1 pair oj tan {nee liigli stockings

--I ",.,. ,... ,.

-1 rou OJufesauers
-1 (5)stic{pac{oj gum
-1 LittCe qoUfen (jJoo{(wrappea in Christmas paper)

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