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1.If A and B are mutually exclusive events , P(A)=0.29 and P(B)=0.43,find (a)P(B') ,(b)P(AB'),P(AUB) and

2. From a past experience , a professor knows that the test score of a student taking her
Final examination is a random variable with mean 75.
a) Give an upper bound to the probability that a students test score will exceed 85
b) How many students would have to take the examination so as to ensure with
probability atleast 0.9 that the class average would be within 5 of 75.

3. If a union wage negotiator feels that the probabilities are 0.40,0.30,0.20 and 0.10 that the union members
will get a $1.50 an hour raise, a $1.00 an hour raise,a $0.50 an hour raise, or no raise at all , find their
expected raise.

4. If the joint pdf X and Y is given by f(x,y) = (1-e
) , for x>0,y>0
0 , otherwise
Find P(1<x<3,1<y<2).

5. A company self insures its large feet of cars against collisions. To determine its mean repair cost per collision
it has randomly chosen a sample of 16 accidents. If the average repair cost in these accidents
Is 2200$ with a sample standard deviation of 800$ , find a 90%
confidence interval estimate of the mean cost per collision.

6. Approximate the probability that the sum of the 16 independent uniform (0,1)
random variables exceeds 10.

7. From experience, Mr Subbu has found that the low bid on a construction job can be
regarded as a random variable having the uniform density
f(x)= 0.75C 2C/3 <X< 2C
= 0 otherwise
Where C is his own estimate of the cost of the job. What percentage should Harris
add to his cost estimate when submitting bids to maximize his expected profit.

8. A certain component is critical to the operation of an electrical system and must be
replaced immediately upon failure. If the mean lifetime of this type of component
is 100 hours and its standard function is 30 hours, how many of the components
must be in stock so that the probability that the system is in continual operation
for the next 2000 hours is at least 0.95.

9. The following are independent samples from two normal populations , both of which have the same
standard deviation .
16,17,19,20,18 and 3,4,8.
use them to estimate .

10. A random sample of 1200 engineers included 48 Hispanic Americans,80 African
Americans, and 204 females. Determine 90% CI for the proportion of all engineers
that are a) female b) Hispanic Americans or African American.