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Std :10th Paper : 1 Dt:04.12.


Q:1 [a] A man borrows Rs.5800 at 12 % p.a. compound interest. He repays Rs.1800

at the end of every 6 months. Calculate the amount out standing at the end
of the third payment. Give your answer to nearest Re. [4]

[b] What sum should Ashok invest in Rs.25 shares, selling at Rs.36, to obtain an

income of Rs.720, if the dividend declared is 12 %. Also find (1) the number
of shares bought by Ashok (2) the percentage return in his investment. [3]

[c] (i) A point P(a,b) on reflection in the x axis in mapped onto P’(2,-3) write

the values of a and b. (ii) P” is the image of P’ when reflected in the y axis.

Write down the coordinates of P”. (iii) P”’ is the image of P” when reflected
in the line parallel to the x axis at a distance 4 on the positive side of the y
axis (or y = 4). Find the co-ordinates of P”’. [3]

Q:2 [a] In a tax period ended March 2007, M/S Hari Singh and Sons purchased floor

Tiles worth Rs.800000 taxable at 7.5 % and sanitary fittings worth

Rs.750000 taxable at 10%. During this period, the sales turnover for floor
tiles and sanitary fittings are worth Rs.840000 and Rs.920000 respectively.
However, the floor tiles worth Rs.60000 were returned by the firm during
the same period. Calculate the tax liability (under VAT) of the firm for this
tax period. [4]

[b] A bag contains 8 green balls and some red balls. If the probability of
drawing a red ball is half that of a green ball. then find the number of red
balls in the bag. [3]

[c] Solve : 2 2x + 3 + 2 x + 3 = 1 + 2 x [3]

Q:3 [a] If a : b = 3 : 4. Find the value of a2 b + ab 2 : a 3 + b 3. [2]

[b] Find matrix B, if A = and A + 2B = A2 . [3]

 2 5
 
 −2 1

[c] The scale of a map is 1 : 2,00,000. A plot of land of area 20 km2 is to be

represented on the map. Find (1) the number of km on the ground is

represented by 1 cm on the map. (2) the area in km2 that can be
represented by 1 cm 2 (3) the area on the map that represents the plot of
land. [3]

[d] Find the radius of a circle whose centre is (4,0) and which passes through

Q:4 [a] In the circle, chord AB and diameter CD of a circle with centre O meet at P.

PT is tangent to the circle at T. If AP = 16 cm, AB = 12 cm and DP = 2 cm,

find the length of PT and the radius of the circle. [4]

[b] Prove : cos (90 - A) + 1 + sin(90 - A) = 2cosecA [3]

1 + sin(90 - A) cos(90 - A)

[c] In a trapezium ABCD, AB || DC and DC = 2 AB. EF drawn parallel to AB cuts

AD in F and BC in E such that 4 BE = 3 EC. Diagonal DB intersects EF at G.

Prove that 7 FE = 10 AB. [3]

Section B (any four)

Q:5 [a] Rajesh has a saving bank account with State Bank of India. The passbook

entries are as follows:

DateParticulars Withdrawn Deposited Balance

Feb.7 By cash 5000.00 5000.00

Mar. 4 To Cheque 1000.00 4000.00

Mar. 9 By Cheque 2000.00 6000.00

Mar. 17 To Cheque 2000.00 4000.00

April 8 By Cash 37.50 4037.50

April 10 By Cheque 1700.00 5737.50

April 10 To Cheque 2.50 5735.00

April 19 To self 535.00 5200.00

June 6 To Cheque 1200.00 4000.00

Aug.10 By Cheque 1000.00 5000.00

Sept 9 By Cash 4900.00 9900.00

If the interest is calculated at 5% p.a. and is compounded at the end of

March and Sept. each year, find the amount he gets if he wants to close the
account on 3rd October of the same year. [4]

[b] Divide Rs.12,610 in to three parts such that their amounts at 5 % p.a.
Compounded annually in 2, 3 and 4 years respectively are all equal. [3]

[c] A retailer bought a number of article for Rs.300. Six were damage and he
sold the remaining at Rs.1.50 each more than the price he paid for them,
thus gaining Rs.30 on the whole transaction. Find the number of articles. [3]
Q:6 [a] A man on the top of a vertical observation tower observes a car moving at a

Uniform speed coming directly towards it. If it takes 12 min. for the angle of
depression to change from 30 to 45, how soon after this the car reach the
observation tower. Give your answer correct to the nearest second. [4]

[b] If (2,-1), (13/2, 0), (7/2, 1) are the mid points of the sides of a triangle,
find the co-ordinates of the triangle. [3]

[c] Prove that 2(sin 6 + cos 6 θ ) - 3(sin 4  + cos 4 ) + 1 = 0 [3]

Q:7 [a] Two circles with centers O and O' intersects at L and M. OO' and LM cut in P.

Prove that (1) P is the mid-point of LM (2) OO' is perpendicular to LM. [3]

[b] Sarita buys goods worth Rs.5500. She gets a rebate of 5 % on it. After

getting the rebate, if sales tax at 5 % is charged, find the amount she will

have to pay for goods. [3]

[c] Solve : -(1/3) x - 4/3 < 1/6 x ε R. Graph these values on the number


[d] Find the probability of having 53 Sundays in (i) non leap year (ii) a leap

year. [2]

Q:8 [a] A person invests equal sums in 3 % and 7 /2 % shares and obtain equal

income. If the 3 % shares are at 4 % discount, find the quoted price of 7/2
% share. [3]


[b] If (5a2+3b 2)/(5a2-3b 2) = (5c2+3d 2)/(5c 2-3d 2) than prove a:b = c:d. [3]

[c] In the given fig. The center O of the smaller

circle lies on the circumference of the bigger

circle. If angle APB = 70, and angle BCD = 60

find (1) AOB (ii) ACB (iii) ABD (iv) ADB [4]

Q:9 [a] The barrel of fountain pen, cylindrical in shape, is 7 cm long and 5 mm in
diameter. A full barrel of ink in the pen will be used up in writing 310 words
on an average, How many words would use up a bottle of ink containing one
fifth of a litre.

[b] If the mean of the following frequency distribution is 4.876, find the value of


Variate 3.2 5.8 7.9 4.5

Frequency X X+2 X-3 X+6

[c] Find the lower quartile, upper quartile, inter quartile range and semi

Inter quartile range of the following data.


Q:10 [a] Draw the ogive for the data given below and from the graph determine. (i)

Marks 0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90-99

No.of stu. 5 9 16 22 26 18 11 6 4 3

The median marks (ii) The number of students who obtained more than 75%

[b] A toy is made in the form of hemisphere surmounted by a right circular cone

whose base coincides exactly with the plane surface of hemisphere. The
radius of the base of the cone is 3.5 m and its volume is to third of the
hemisphere. Calculate the height of the cone and the surface area of the
toy, correct to two places of decimal.

[c] Draw a triangle PQR in which QR = 4 cm, PR – QR = 2 cm and angle PQR =

75. Locate a point X such that X is equidistant from Q, R and also

equidistant from the sides QP and QR. Measure the length of PX to the
nearest cm.