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I. Read the questions carefully. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank provided before each number.
________ 1. The recording of the items sold and left is called ______________.
A. selling B. buying ` C. inventory
________ 2. The removal of the skin fruit or vegetable with the used of the knife is called____________.
A. chop B. peel C. cut
________ 3. Which of these are the best preparations of foods?
A. expensive food B. low cost but nutritious foods C. low cost food
________ 4. if there is a space for everything and even object is in its proper place, there is __________.
A. convenience B. beauty C. orderliness
________ 5. The cleanest part of the house is the ______________.
A. sala B. bedroom C. kitchen
________ 6. Begin dusting/ cleaning from the ___________ to the corners.
A. ceiling B. walls C. kitchen
________ 7. If you think the accident is serious, you should call a ____________.
A. doctor B. midwife C. dentist
________ 8. When the father and the mother of the family work hard for everybodyto follow, then they are
acting as good ____________.
A. neighbors B. models C. friends
________ 9. To remove the bacteria by boiling thoroughly is _________________.
A. simmer B. freeze C. sterilize
________ 10. It refers to the amount of money spent for food.
A. family budget B. income C. expenditure
________ 11. The success in celebrating an occasion depends largely on
A. number of guests served. B. budget spent frfom food C. number of guests
________ 12. What will you do before sewing?
A. wash your hands B. wear apron C. sit properly
________ 13. It allows user to enter date into the computer___________.
A. disk drive B. monitor C. keyboard
________ 14. On what principle should buying a program be based?
A. needs of the retailer B. wants C. needs of the consumer
________ 15. Putting up a nursery is a _______________-.
A. tiresome activity B, enjoyable and profitable C. boring
________ 16. One of the important factors that affect effecrive management is _____________.
A. climate B. health condition of the worker C. time
________ 17. One of the duties of the members of the cooperative is ________________.
A.observe only B. patronize products of the cooperative C. receive dividend only
________ 18. In bio-jintensive gardening, we give more emphasis on ______________.
A. using garden tools B. compost C. care of the animals
________ 19. Which of the following is not a step in management?
A. planning B. organizing C. playing
________ 20. Which of the following is considered woodwork crafts?
A. repair switch B. repair broken chair C. repair dustpan
________ 21. Good grooming requires a person _________________.
A. to change clothes B. to wear clean and neat clothes C. to buy new clothes always
________ 22. You can be sure that fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and sold at the lowest price if you
buy them in _____________.
A. anytime B. season C. wholesale
________ 23. Rust stain can be removed ________________.
a. using chlorox B. using water C. using calamansi
________ 24. In marketing and wise spending, prepare a ________________.
A. basket B. list C. umbrella
________ 25. It is a garden tool use for cleaning the ground and for leveling the top soil.
A. shovel B. spade C. rake
________ 26. Vegetable should be harvested ___________________.
Barrio Luz Elementary School
Second Periodical Test
Home Economics And Livelihood Education VI
SY 2014-2015
A. at noon B. at ngiht C. every morning
________ 27. It is a disease you get from not eating enough vitamin C rich vegetable
A. beri-beri B. scurvy C. rickets
________ 28. How do you build one's confidence to members of the family?
A. trust one another B. cooperate C. care
________ 29. Putting up a nursery, select a place where there is/are ________________.
A. source of water B. poultry C. animal raising
________ 30. Which is considered and effective Home management?
A. Cleaning B. washing C. time is used wisely
________ 31. Gardening will help not only to the family but also to the community. Why?
A. Contribute to the nutritional needs and income of the family and community.
B. clean and green
C. beautify surroundings
________ 32. It is the kind of clothing repair where in worn out and broken threads are replaced in and reinforced
A. mending B. darning C. patching
________ 33. What is the most economical and fastest means in plant production?
A. seeds B. roots C. tubes
________ 34. It is the process of multiplying or increasing the number of plantd in the same species.
A. harvesting B. planting C. plant propagation
________ 35. Best crops are harvested after _________.
A. 1 month B. 2 months C. 3 months
________ 36. It is a method of thinking of thinking, choosing, planning, and deciding the series of activities in
A. Nutritional Managemetn B. meal Planning C. Home Management
________ 37. Cereals products, sugar and sweets are good source of _____________.
A. fats B. protein C. carbohydrates
________ 38. What element is found in protein?
A. fats B. nitrogen C. carbohydrates
________ 39. Cooking meals, cleaning the table after meal and sweeping the floor are_____.
A. regular cleaning and upkeep
B. every year
C. every job
________ 40. Refers to the effective management of all family resources to meet individual family needs.
A. budgeting B. Home management C. house
________ 41. Symbolizes the brain of the computer is __________________.
A. mouse B. monitor C. CPU
________ 42. Electronic machines that turns data into useful information is_____________.
A. sewing machine B. mouse C. computer
________ 43. The basic unit of the soceity is the ______________.
A. barangay B. family C. government
________ 44. Who is in-charge of implementing rules and by laws of the cooperative?
A. member B. manager C. secretary
________ 45. It is a garden tool use for digging hard top soil and for digging canals.
A. mattock B. spade C. shovel
________ 46. After fedding, the baby should be made to ____________.
A. sleep B. bath C. burp
________ 47. Before washing the clothes, we should ____________.
A. fold them one by one
B. separate white clothes from the colored ones
C. iron them
________ 48. If you want to look thinner and taller, you must wear clothes with _____.
A. diagonal lines B. horizontal lines C. vertical lines
________ 49. Being healthy, neat and clean, take care of yourself and clothes is __________.
A. healthy B. good grooming C. personality
________ 50. The sum total od one's qualities of mind and character.
A. personality B. good grooming C. healthy
C. receive dividend only
C. to buy new clothes always
Barrio Luz Elementary School
Second Periodical Test
Home Economics And Livelihood Education VI
SY 2014-2015
32. It is the kind of clothing repair where in worn out and broken threads are replaced in and reinforced