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Neil Gillespie

From: "Neil Gillespie" <neilgillespie@mfi.net>

To: <J effrey.Minear@supremecourt.gov>; <Ethan.Torrey@supremecourt.gov>
Cc: "Neil Gillespie" <neilgillespie@mfi.net>
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 6:08 PM
Attach: 2014, 02-04-14, Assistant Clerk Michael Broadus.pdf; 2014, 02-18-14, Robin Ashton, OPR Counsel;
DepSec-General Eliasson.pdf; 2014, 03-05-14, letter to FBI.pdf; 2014, 03-05-14, Letter, The
Honorable J ohn G. Roberts, J r..pdf; Service list, First Class U.S. Mail, March 5, 2014.pdf; UPS
Internet Shipping Label, Chief J ustice Roberts.pdf
Subject: [SPAM] Petition No. 13-7280, documents do not appear on the Court's computer system
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Mr. J effrey Minear
Counselor to the Chief J ustice
Mr. Ethan Torrey, Legal Counsel
Supreme Court of the United States
RE: Petition No. 13-7280, documents do not appear on the Courts computer system. Referral by
Senator Rubios office to the CFPB; intervening circumstances of a substantial or controlling
effect and other substantial grounds not previously presented.
Dear Messrs. Minear and Torrey,
Please find attached my letter to The Honorable J ohn G. Roberts, J r., scheduled for delivery to the Court
tomorrow by U.P.S. No. 1Z64589FNW97793740. Unfortunately I was not able to send this information
sooner, and was delayed by impairment.
Also please find attached my letter February 18, 2014 to Robin Ashton, OPR Counsel, Office of
Professional Responsibility, and J an Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General, Rule of Law Unit, UN
The Department of J ustice Public Integrity Section referred me to the FBI for investigation of public
corruption in Florida. Please find attached my letter to J ames Comey, FBI Director, and Michelle S.
Klimt, Special Agent in Charge, J acksonville, Florida.
Currently my pro se, nonlawyer IFP petition for rehearing an order denying Petition No. 13-7280 is
pending before the Court, and was distributed February 19, 2014 for Conference of March 7, 2014. I am
concerned that documents in this matter do not appear on the Courts computer system. This happened
in a previous petition too, Petition No. 12-7747. Links to each petition,
A letter dated February 4, 2014 from Assistant Clerk Michael Broadus returned voluminous exhibits in
Petition No. 13-7280 before time expired to file a petition for rehearing. So I called the Court to find out
why, since the Court might want to see the exhibits on rehearing. The letter is attached in PDF.
The woman who took my call could not find the letter of Mr. Broadus in the Courts computer system.
Similar problems happened in Petition No. 12-7747 too, documents were lost or missing.
Do you know why documents in my petitions do not appear on the Courts computer system? Last year I
contacted Kathleen Arberg, Public Information Officer, but did not get a response.
If possible, please inform the Court of the attached communication prior to the Conference set for Friday
March 7, 2014.
Thank you in advance for you attention to this matter.
Neil J . Gillespie
8092 SW 115th Loop
Ocala, Florida
Telephone: (352) 854-7807
Email: neilgillespie@mfi.net
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