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Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetării şi Inovării

Centrul Naţional pentru Curriculum şi Evaluare în Învăţământul Preuniversitar

Examenul de bacalaureat 2009

Proba E/F
Proba scrisă la Limba Engleză
L1 - Intensiv 3-4 ore

SUBIECTUL I ( 30 de puncte) Varianta 019

Read the text below and complete the following tasks.

Understanding Gangs
A gang is a group of teens and young adults that hang out together and are often involved in illegal
activities. “Crime is an essential part of the group’s identity”, says University of Leicester expert
Kate Broadhurst. Many experts think that young people join gangs (1)… . These problems include
single parent families and negative role models like rap stars (2)… . Henry Bonsu, a presenter on
Colourful Radio, a talk station for London’s black community, says his listeners believe the problem
is complex: “Some young people say that (3)… .” Gang members are very likely to own a gun, and
they are 60 times more likely to be killed than the average teen. Violence between rival gangs is
common. “There’s a general consensus that there are links between gangs, guns and drugs,” says
expert Kate Broadhurst.
The British Government has introduced new laws to fight gun crime and gangs, including a five-
year prison sentence (4)… . Schools have banned clothing associated with gangs, such as hooded
tops, wristbands and baseball caps.
Many schemes have started in communities throughout the UK. A South-London group “From
Boyhood to Manhood” provides yoga and martial arts classes for school drop-outs. “Lots of boys
want a way out of gangs,”says the project adviser Uanu Seshmi, ‘’which is a good thing.’’

(Club-September/October 2007)
1. Four sentences/ groups of words have been removed from the text. Select the
appropriate sentence/ group of words for each gap in the text. There is one extra sentence/
group of words that does not fit. 4 points

A. their parents haven’t shown them leadership

B. is an essential part of the group’s identity.
C. as a result of social problems.
D. for anyone under 18 caught with an illegal gun.
E. who glamorise guns and violence.

2. Give the synonyms of the underlined words. 6 points

3. Sum up the text in about 50 words. 10 points

4. For the following questions, choose the answer (A, B, C, D) which fits according to the
text. 6 points

1. The text refers to …

A. how to express yourself in a non-violent way.
B. how much violence we see every day.
C. how to deal with the problem of group violence.
D. how to behave in society.
Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetării şi Inovării
Centrul Naţional pentru Curriculum şi Evaluare în Învăţământul Preuniversitar

2. What is one of the main risks a gang member is running?

A. not to be accepted.
B. to protect himself.
C. to die.
D. to be imprisoned.

3. What is the schools’ attitude towards gangs?

A. students are not allowed to wear things associated with gangs.
B. students have to take part in different programmes.
C. students have to report to the headmaster regularly.
D. guards are employed to protect the students.

5. Comment on the following sentence: Lots of boys want a way out of gangs. (100 words)
4 points