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1. The salaf and the ahl ul bidah relationship

Question: Is it permissible to mention people names and characters when one
wants to criticize them and their thinking?
Answer: If someone writes something that contradicts the pure Shari'ah, and
distributes that material, or if he promulgates that view in the media, it becomes
compulsor to refute him and e!pose the falsehood of what he sas" #here is
nothing wrong in mentioning that person's name or in warning people about him
if he calls to innovation, shirk, or if he calls people to what Allah has prohibited
or to disobedience" $ntil this da, there are knowledgeable and believing people
from the callers to the truth and bearers of the Shari ah fulfilling this obligation,
sincerel for Allah Almight and for the benefit of %is servants, rebuking the
wrong, inviting to the truth, warning others against those who propagate
falsehood and destructive rhetoric"
Shakh 'Abdul&'Azeez 'in 'az (atawa Islamiah )arussalam *ol + page no",-
Ibnul .awzee relates from /oosaa Ibn 'Abdullaah at&#arsoosee who said, 0I heard
Ahmad Ibn %anbal saing, ')o not sit with the people of kalaam, even if the are
defending the Sunnah"'0
the above link is that
)r" 5akir 6aik sas that Allah can't do 7333 things he can point it out"
8h did not we refute him in public
%e still clings to method of dawah based on comparative religion is this not against
the salafi dawah?
8h should we promote him when he has these errors?
.a9h is not still clear about his ideas towards sihar and issues about :inn
#heir amir Abdul Qadar /adani sas that those who do suicide will be in hell
forever which is wa of khwaari:
#hen how can we cooperate with them in dawah?
2. Can we quote from ahl ul bidah?
4an we 9uote from ahl ul bidah is this allowed so the blame if we 9uote from ahl ul bidah
then we will fall under the categor of innovation
(or e!ample the sa shakh saalih al muna::id as deviant since he 9uote from ahl ul bidah
And the 9uote fatwa from sahib"net where he is given fatwa as 9utbi from
Shakh Ahmed an&6a:mee and shakh ubad al :abree
3. Realit of !alafital".net# aloolom.net#
!alafi$ubli%ation! and troid.%a
About Abu >adee:ah

4. &hat i! Jarah &a tadeel and what'! the
"nowled(e of Sha"h Rabee bin Hadee al
Mada"ali in it?
5. )! the manha* and aqeedah different or
Shakh please e!plain all these issues with suitable daleel and teach us the
correct manha: of salaf" All these issues are ver important fitna prevailing with
us please clarif it"
/a Allah bless ou and our famil,