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Terms & Conditions BuildSmart

July 2014

1) BuildSmart has engaged Word Wizard to provide the following professional communication services:
Search engine optimisation, website update and social media management.
2) Word Wizard operates in a very competitive business and is often entrusted with highly sensitive client
information. For these reasons the highest level of confidentiality is essential. Except in the necessary
course of carrying out the business of clients, Word Wizard is forbidden from providing information in any
form whatsoever to anyone at any time about BuildSmarts business.
5) The term of the search engine optimisation contract is six months.
6) The term of the social media management contract is 12 months.
7) The project will be charged on the following basis:
Search engine optimisation on BuildSmarts website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and
YouTube Channel $300 per month for six months. At that time, a review will be undertaken to
measure progress and to identify what still needs to be done. A new fee will be negotiated at that
time based on the work required.
Content creation for SEO $500 (one-off fee paid as a deposit)
Social media management on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube $250 per month from the
date the project begins (August 1).
Website text $100 to $150 per page (based on the time taken)
Contingencies any further work required that falls outside these parameters will be billed at
$80 per hour.
Prices are GST exclusive.
8) Payment structure:
Deposit $500 +GST payable on acceptance of this contract (invoice attached)
SEO and social media management payments ($550 +GST) due on the 1
of each month,
beginning August 1. Invoices will be supplied a fortnight ahead of time, with the exception of the
first one which is attached.
Payments are to be made by internet banking to Word Wizard on the due dates.
9) Word Wizard reserves the right to charge interest on any unpaid accounts. BuildSmart agrees to pay all
associated costs with the collection of any overdue accounts.
10) Should any dispute arise, Word Wizard and BuildSmart will attempt to resolve it by amicable and bona
fide negotiation or by appropriate alternative dispute resolution techniques. Should that not result in a
resolution within one month, the dispute shall be referred to arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996.
11) BuildSmart or Word Wizard may terminate this agreement by giving at least 30 days notice. At
termination all amounts owing to Word Wizard will be paid together with any costs reasonably incurred.

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