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Eat Yourself Thin

Metabolic Stimulation Secrets

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Table of Contents
1. %at &urning &asis
2. %at &urning %oods
'. (otent %oods
%at &urning &asis
)f you*re over"eight! you are not a bad person. You*re simply over"eight. &ut it*s important
to lose the e#tra pounds so you*ll look good! feel healthier and develop a sense of pride
and self+esteem. ,ne you*ve lost the fat! you*ll need to maintain your "eight.
)n this booklet! you*ll disover ho" to lose 10 pounds a month - a nie! safe loss of about
t"o or t"o+and+a+half pounds a "eek - painlessly. You*ll feel satisfied and more energeti
than in the past "ithout feeling deprived.
.ost Amerians pak on those e#tra pounds by eating the "rong things. /hanging these
poor eating habits is the key to long+term suess. 0no"ledge - along "ith the right food -
is the key.
1hen humans lived in aves! they didn*t kno" anything about preserving and storing food.
They spent all their "aking time and energy hunting and gathering food. 1hen they had it!
they gobbled it do"n fast. )nstead of storing food in pantries or upboards! they stored
energy in their bodies in the form of fat to burn during periods "hen there "as little or
nothing to eat.
Eah year! it "as absolutely vital for them to put on a good layer of fat during the "arm
sprint and summer months. That "as the only "ay they ould guarantee their survival
during the lean and mean "inter months.
And sine "omen bore the young! they needed more energy to sustain themselves and
their babies! and that meant they "ere usually heavier.
Even though "e no longer live in aves! "e have inherited and maintained this basi
mehanism for fat storage from our hunting and gathering anestors.
Eah one of us is born "ith a ertain number of fat ells. 2o" many of these fat ells you
possess depends on genetis. )f you have a lot of fat ells! maybe your anestors "ere the
biggest people in the tribe! "hih "as a good thing beause they had the best hanes of
You an never get rid of fat ells! but - unfortunately - you an add to them. 3epending
upon "hat you eat! your body "ill manufature ne" far ells. And like those you "ere born
"ith! they never go a"ay.
That doesn*t mean you*re doomed to be fat one you put on e#tra pounds. )t is possible to
shrink fat ells. That*s "hat happens "hen you lose "eight. You burn up the fat stored in
those big fat ells. Think of them as balloons. &urning off the fat inside them has the save
effet as letting the air out of a balloon.
A good "eight loss program re$uires a ertain amount of intake restrition - the
onsumption of fe"er alories. You burn off the fat by eating less fat and beoming more
To guarantee a lifetime of "eight+ontrol suess! you have to hange the type of foods
you eat! so that you ingest less fat and still get the vitamins! minerals! trae elements!
protein! fat and arbohydrates your body needs to thrive.
E#tremely lo"+alorie diets may help you shed pounds $uikly! but they*ll lead to failure in
the long run.
That*s beause humans are genetially proteted against starvation. 3uring food
shortages! our bodies slo" do"n our metabolisms and burn less energy so "e an stay
A part of our brain alled the hypothalamus keeps us on an even "eight keep by reating a
4set point.5 That*s the "eight "here "e feel omfortable. The hypothalamus determines
this point based on the level of onsumption it*s used to. )t seeks to keep our "eight
onstant! even if that point is over "hat it should be.
1hen "e drastially ut bak our food intake! the brain thinks the body is starving! and in
an effort to preserve life! it slo"s the metabolism. 6oon the pounds stop oming off.
/onse$uently! "e gro" hungry and unomfortable and then eat more. And then the diet
2o" an you ompensate for this metaboli slo"+do"n7 The ans"er is that you have to
hange the nutritional omposition of the foods you eat. You "ill have to ut do"n on total
alories - that*s absolutely basi to "eight loss. .ore important! ho"ever! is reduing the
perentage of total alories you are getting from fat.
That*s ho" you*ll avoid starvation pani in your system. At the same time! you redue the
amount of fat in your food! replaing it "ith safe! lo" alorie! nutrient+rih plant foods. This
"ill onvine your brain that your body is getting all the nutrition it needs.
)n fat! you*ll be able to eat more food and feel more satisfied "hile onsuming fe"er
alories and fats.
(lant foods break do"n slo"ly in your stomah! making you feel full longer! and they are
rih in vitamins! minerals! trae elements! arbohydrates and protein for energy and
musle+building. This allo"s your body to burn off its e#ess stored fat.
Fat Burning Foods
Eah one of the follo"ing foods is linially proven to promote "eight loss. These foods go
a step beyond simply adding no fat to your system - they possess speial properties that
add 8ip to your system and help your body melt a"ay unhealthy pounds. These inredible
foods an suppress your appetite for 9unk food and keep your body running smoothly "ith
lean fuel and effiient energy.
You an inlude these foods in any sensible "eight+loss plan. They give your body the
e#tra metaboli kik that it needs to shave off "eight $uikly.
A sensible "eight loss plan alls for no fe"er that 1!200 alories per day. &ut 3r. /harles
0lein reommends onsuming more that that! if you an believe it - 1!:00 to 1!;00 alories
per day. 2e says you "ill still lose "eight $uite effetively at that intake level "ithout
endangering your health.
2unger is satisfied more ompletely by filling the stomah. ,une for oune! the foods
listed belo" aomplish that better than any others. At the same time! they*re rih in
nutrients and possess speial fat+melting talents.
These marvels of nature deserve their reputation for keeping the dotor a"ay "hen you
eat one a day. And no"! it seems! they an help you melt the fat a"ay! too.
%irst of all! they elevate your blood gluose <sugar= levels in a safe! gentle manner and
keep them up longer than most foods. The pratial effet of this is to leave you feeling
satisfied longer! say researhers.
6eondly! they*re one of the rihest soures of soluble fiber in the supermarket. This type
of fiber prevents hunger pangs by guarding against dangerous s"ings or drops in your
blood sugar level! says 3r. >ames Anderson of the ?niversity of 0entuky*s 6hool of
An average si8e apple provides only ;1 alories and has no sodium! saturated fat or
holesterol. You*ll also get the added health benefits of lo"ering the level of holesterol
already in your blood as "ell as lo"ering your blood pressure.
Whole Grain Bread
You needn*t dread bread. )t*s the butter! margarine or ream heese you put on it that*s
fattening! not the bread itself. 1e*ll say this as often as needed - fat is fattening. )f you
don*t believe that! ponder this - a gram of arbohydrate has four alories! a gram of
protein four! and a gram of fat nine. 6o "hih of these is really fattening7
&read! a natural soure of fiber and omple# arbohydrates! is okay for dieting. Nor"egian
sientist 3r. &9arne >aobsen found that people "ho eat less than t"o slies of bread daily
"eigh about 11 pounds more that those "ho eat a lot of bread.
6tudies at .ihigan 6tate ?niversity sho" some breads atually redue the appetite.
@esearhers ompared "hite bread to dark! high+fiber bread and found that students "ho
ate 12 slies a day of the dark! high+fiber bread felt less hunger on a daily basis and lost
five pounds in t"o months. ,thers "ho ate "hite bread "ere hungrier! ate more fattening
foods and lost no "eight during this time.
6o the key is eating dark! rih! high+fiber breads suh as pumpernikel! "hole "heat!
mi#ed grain! oatmeal and others. The average slie of "hole grain bread ontains only A0
to B0 alories! is rih in omple# arbohydrates - the best! steadiest fuel you an give your
body - and delivers surprising amount of protein.
Easy does it is the pass"ord here. 1e*ve all heard about potential dangers of affeine -
inluding an#iety and insomnia - so moderation is the key.
The affeine in offee an speed up the metabolism. )n nutritional irles! it*s kno"n as a
metaboli enhaner! aording to 3r. >udith 6tern of the ?niversity of /alifornia at 3avis.
This makes sense! sine affeine is a stimulant. 6tudies sho" it an help you burn more
alories than normal! perhaps up to 10 perent more. %or safety*s sake! it*s best to limit
your intake to a single up in the morning and one in the afternoon. Add only skim milk to
tit and try doing "ithout sugar - many people learn to love it that "ay.
There*s good reason for this traditional diet food to be a regular part of your diet. )t helps
dissolve fat and holesterol! aording to 3r. >ames /erd of the ?niversity of %lorida. An
average si8ed grapefruit has BC alories! delivers a "hopping 1: grams of petin <the
speial fiber linked to lo"ering holesterol and fat=! is high in vitamin / and potassium and
is free of fat and sodium.
)t*s rih in natural galaturoni aid! "hih adds to its poteny as a fat and holesterol
fighter. The additional benefit here is assistane in the battle against atheroslerosis
<hardening of the arteries= and the development of heart disease. Try sprinkling it "ith
innamon rather than sugar to take a"ay some of the tart taste.
Try the hot! spiy kind you find in Asian import stores! speialty shops and e#oti
groeries. 3r. >aya 2enry of ,#ford (olytehni )nstitute in England! found that the amount
of hot mustard normally alled for in .e#ian! )ndian and Asian reipes! about one
teaspoon! temporarily speeds up the metabolism! 9ust as affeine and the drug ephedrine
4&ut mustard is natural and totally safe!5 2enry says. 4)t an be used every day! and it
really "orks. ) "as shoked to disover it an speed up the metabolism by as muh as 20
to 2: perent for several hours.5 This an result in the body burning an e#tra C: alories
for every B00 onsumed! 3r. 2enry says.
2ot! spiy hili peppers fall into the same ategory as hot mustard! 2enry says. 2e studied
them under the same irumstanes as the mustard and they "orked 9ust as "ell. A mere
three grams of hili peppers "ere added to a meal onsisting of BAA total alories. The
peppers* metabolism+raising properties "orked like a harm! leading to "hat 2enry alls a
diet+indued thermi effet. )t doesn*t take muh to reate the effet. .ost salsa reipes
all for four to eight hilies - that*s not a lot.
(eppers are astonishingly rih in vitamins A and /! abundant in alium! phosphorus! iron
and magnesium! high in fiber! free of fat! lo" in sodium and have 9ust 2C alories per up.
1e*ve got to be kidding! right7 1rong. (otatoes have developed the same 4fattening5 rap
as bread! and it*s unfair. 3r. >ohn .3ougal! diretor of the nutritional mediine lini at 6t.
2elena 2ospital in 3eer (ark! /alifornia! says! 4An e#ellent food "ith "hih to ahieve
rapid "eight loss is the potato! at 0.A alories per gram or about ;: alories per potato.5 A
great soure of fiber and potassium! they lo"er holesterol and protet against strokes and
heart disease.
(reparation and toppings are ruial. 6teer lear of butter! milk and sour ream! or you*ll
blo" it. ,pt for yogurt instead.
An entire "eight+loss plan! simple alled the @ie 3iet! "as developed by 3r. 1illiam
0empner at 3uke ?niversity in 3urham! North /arolina. The diet! dating to the 1D'0*s!
makes rie the staple of your food intake. Eater on! you gradually mi# in various fruits and
)t produes stunning "eight loss and medial results. The diet has been sho"n to reverse
and ure kidney ailments and high blood pressure.
A up of ooked rie <1:0 grams= ontains about 1B; alories - appro#imately one+third
the number of alories found in an e$uivalent amount of beef or heese. And remember!
"hole grain rie is muh better for you than "hite rie.
6oup is good for youF .aybe not the anned varieties from the store - but old+fashioned!
homemade soup promotes "eight loss. A study by 3r. >ohn %oreyt of &aylor /ollege of
.ediine in 2ouston! Te#as! found that dieters "ho ate a bo"l of soup before lunh and
dinner lost more "eight than dieters "ho didn*t. )n fat! the more soup they ate! the more
"eight they lost. And soup eaters tend to keep the "eight off longer.
Naturally! the type of soup you eat makes a differene. /ream soups or those made of
beef or pork are not your best bets. &ut here*s a great reipeG
6lie three large onions! three arrots! four stalks of elery! one 8uhini and one yello"
s$uash. (lae in a kettle. Add three ans rushed tomatoes! t"o pakets lo"+sodium
hiken bouillon! three ans "ater and one up "hite "ine <optional=. Add tarragon! basil!
oregano! thyme and garli po"der. &oil! then simmer for an hour. 6erves si#.
(opeye really kne" "hat he "as talking about! aording to 3r. @ihard 6hekelle! an
epidemiologist at the ?niversity of Te#as. 6pinah has the ability to lo"er holesterol! rev
up the metabolism and burn a"ay fat. @ih in iron! beta arotene and vitamins / and E! it
supplies most of the nutrients you need.
You 9ust an*t say enough about this health food from Asia. Also alled soybean urd! it*s
basially tasteless! so any spie or flavoring you add blends "ith it niely. A 2H 5 s$uare
has ;A alories and nine grams of protein. <E#perts suggest an intake of about C0 grams
per day.= Tofu ontains alium and iron! almost no sodium and not a bit of saturated fat. )t
makes your metabolism run on high and even lo"ers holesterol. 1ith different varieties
available! the firmer tofus are goof for stir+frying or adding to soups and saues "hile the
softer ones are good for mashing! hopping and adding to salads.
(otent %oods
)t "ould be unrealisti to think you ould suessfully lose "eight and en9oy "hat you*re
eating "ith a mere handful of foods! no matter ho" deliious! nutritious and satisfying they
may be. 6o "e*re going to add an e#tra roster of fat+fighting foods you an eat along "ith
the great foods mentioned in the last setion.
They*ll lend different tastes and te#tures to every meal and provide a "ide range of
vitamins! minerals! proteins and other vital nutrients. Naturally! eah one is high in fiber!
lo" in fat and safe "hen it omes to sodium ontent! too.
.any have runhiness and flavor "e*ve ome to desire in snak and nibbling foods. )f
you*re like most of us! you may have a real 9unk food snaking habit - a habit you*re going
to have to hange in order to slim do"n. .any of the foods in this setion may be "orthy
This filling grain staks up favorably to rie and potatoes. )t has 1B0 alories per ooked
up! respetable levels of protein and fiber and relatively lo" fat. @oman gladiators ate this
grain regularly for strength and atually omplained "hen they had to eat meat.
6tudies at the ?niversity of 1isonsin sho" that barley effetively lo"ers holesterol by up
to 1: perent and has po"erful anti+aner agents. )sraeli sientists say it ures
onstipation better than la#atives + and that an promote "eight loss! too.
?se it as a substitute for rie in salads! pilaf or stuffing! or add to soups and ste"s. You
an also mi# it "ith rie for an interesting te#ture. Iround into flour! it makes e#ellent
breads and muffins.
&eans are one of the best soures of plant protein. (eas! beans and hikpeas are
olletively kno"n as legumes. .ost ommon beans have 21: alories per ooked up
<lima beans go up to 2A0=. They have the most protein "ith the least fat of any food! and
they*re high in potassium but lo" in sodium.
(lant protein is inomplete! "hih means that you need to add something to make it
omplete. /ombine beans "ith a "hole grain - rie! barley! "heat! orn - to provide the
amino aids neessary to form a omplete protein. Then you get the same top+$uality
protein as in meat "ith 9ust a fration of the fat.
6tudies at the ?niversity of 0entuky and in the Netherlands sho" that eating beans
regularly an lo"er holesterol levels.
The most ommon omplaint about beans is that they ause gas. 2ere*s ho" to ontain
that problem! aording to the ?.6. 3epartment of Agriulture <?63A=G &efore ooking!
rinse the beans and remove foreign partiles! put in a kettle and over "ith boiling "ater!
soak for four hours or longer! remove any beans that float to the top! then ook the beans
in fresh "ater.
This is the perfet "eight+loss food. &erries have natural frutose sugar that satisfies your
longing for s"eets and enough fiber so you absorb fe"er alories that you eat. &ritish
researhers found that the high ontent of insoluble fiber in fruits! vegetables and "hole
grains redues the absorption of alories from foods enough to promote "idth loss "ithout
hampering nutrition.
&erries are a great soure of potassium that an assist you in blood pressure ontrol.
&lakberries have BC alories per up! blueberries ;1! raspberries A0 and stra"berries C:.
6o use your imagination and en9oy the berry of your hoie.
&rooli is Ameria*s favorite vegetable! aording to a reent poll. No "onder. A up of
ooked brooli has a mere CC alories. )t delivers a staggering nutritional payload and is
onsidered the number one aner+fighting vegetable. )t has no fat! loads of fiber! aner
fighting hemials alled indoles! arotene! 21 times the @3A of vitamin / and alium.
1hen you*re buying brooli! pay attention to the olor. The tiny florets should be rih
green and free of yello"ing. 6tems should be firm.
)t*s great for panakes! breads! ereal! soups or alone as a grain dish ommonly alled
kasha. )t has 1:: alories per ooked up. @esearh at the All )ndia )nstitute of .edial
6ienes sho"s diets inluding buk"heat lead to e#ellent blood sugar regulation!
resistane to diabetes and lo"ered holesterol levels. You ook buk"heat the same "ay
you "ould rie or barley. &ring t"o to three ups of "ater to a boil! add the grain! over the
pan! turn do"n the heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until the "ater is absorbed.
This Eastern Europe staple is a true "onder food. There are only '' alories in a up of
ooked shredded abbage! and it retains all its nutritional goodness no matter ho" long
you ook it. Eating abbage ra" <1; alories per shredded up=! ooked! as sauerkraut <2B
alories per drained up= or olesla" <alories depend on dressing= only one a "eek is
enough to protet against olon aner. And it may be a longevity+enhaning food.
6urveys in the ?nited 6tates! Ireee and >apan sho" that people "ho eat a lot of it have
the least olon aner and the lo"est death rates overall.
1hat list of health+promoting! fat+fighting foods "ould be omplete "ithout &ugs &unny*s
favorite7 A medium+si8ed arrot arries about :: alories and is a nutritional po"erhouse.
The orange olor omes from beta arotene! a po"erful aner+preventing nutrient
<provitamin A=.
/hop and toss them "ith pasta! grate them into rie or add them to a stir+fry. /ombine
them "ith parsnips! oranges! raisins! lemon 9uie! hiken! potatoes! brooli or lamb to
reate flavorful dishes. 6pie them "ith tarragon! dill! innamon or nutmeg. Add finely
hopped arrots to soups and spaghetti saue - they impart a natural s"eetness "ithout
adding sugar.
1hite meat ontains 2C: alories per four oune serving and dark meat! 2;:. )t*s an
e#ellent soure of protein! iron! niain and 8in. 6kinned hiken is healthiest! but most
e#perts reommend "aiting until after ooking to remove it beause the skin keeps the
meat moist during ooking.
)t*s really a grain - not a vegetable - and is another food that*s gotten a bum rap. (eople
think it has little to offer nutritionally and that 9ust isn*t so. There are 1B; alories in a up of
ooked kernels. )t ontains good amounts of iron! 8in and potassium! and ?niversity of
Nebraska researhers say it delivers a high+$uality of protein! too.
The Tarahumara )ndians of .e#io eat orn! beans and hardly anything else. Jirgil &ro"n!
..3.! of .ount 6inai 6hool of .ediine in Ne" York! points out that high blood
holesterol and ardiovasular heart disease are almost none#istent among them.
Cottage Cheese
As long as "e*re talking about losing "eight and fat+fighting foods! "e had to mention
ottage heese.
Eo"+fat <2K= ottage heese has 20: alories per up and is admirably lo" in fat! "hile
providing respetable amounts of alium and the & vitamin riboflavin. 6eason "ith spies
suh a dill! or garden fresh vegetable suh a sallions and hives for e#tra 8ip.
To make it s"eeter! add raisins or one of the fruit spreads "ith no sugar added. You an
also use ottage heese in ooking! baking! fillings and dips "here you "ould other"ise
use sour ream or ream heese.
%iber+rih figs are lo" in alories at 'B per medium <2.2:5 diameter= ra" fig and C; per
dried fig. A reent study by the ?63A demonstrated that they ontribute to a feeling of
fullness and prevent overeating. 6ub9ets atually omplained of being asked to eat too
muh food "hen fed a diet ontaining more figs than a similar diet "ith an idential number
of alories.
6erve them "ith other fruits and heeses. ,r poah them in fruit 9uie and serve them
"arm or old. You an stuff them "ith mild "hite heese or puree them to use as a filling
for ookies and lo"+alorie pastries.
The health benefits of fish are greater than e#perts imagined - and they*ve al"ays
onsidered it a health food.
The alorie ount in the average four+oune serving of a deep+sea fish runs from a lo" of
D0 alories in abalone to a high of 2'A in herring. 1ater+paked tuna! for e#ample! has
1:C alories. )t*s hard to gain "eight eating seafood.
As far bak as 1D;:! artiles in the Ne" England >ournal of .ediine sho"ed a lear link
bet"een eating fish regularly and lo"er rates of heart disease. The reason is that oils in
fish thin the blood! redue blood pressure and lo"er holesterol.
3r. >oel 0remer! at Albany .edial /ollege in Ne" York! disovered that daily supplements
of fish oil brought dramati relief to the inflammation and stiff 9oints of rheumatoid arthritis.
1e*re talking ollard! hiory! beet! kale! mustard! 6"iss hard and turnip greens. They all
belong to the same family as spinah! and that*s one of the super+stars. No matter ho"
hard you try! you an*t load a up of plain ooked greens "ith any more than :0 alories.
They*re full of fiber! loaded "ith vitamins A and /! and free of fat. You an use them in
salads! soups! asseroles or any dish "here you "ould normally use spinah.
This Ne" Lealand native is a s"eet treat at only CA alories per fruit. /hinese publi health
offiials praise the tasty fruit for its high vitamin / ontent and potassium. )t stores easily in
the refrigerator for up to a month. .ost people like it peeled! but the fu88y skin is also
These members of the onion family look like giant sallions! and are every bit as healthful
and flavorful as their better+kno"n ousins. They ome as lose to alorie+free as it gets at
a mere '2 alories per ooked up.
You an poah or broil halved leeks and then marinate them in vinaigrette or season "ith
@omano heese! fine mustard or herbs. They also make a good soup.
(eople think lettue is nutritionally "orthless! but nothing ould be farther from the truth.
You an*t leave it out of your "eight+loss plans! not at 10 alories per up of ra" romaine.
)t provides a lot of filling bulk for so fe" alories. And it*s full of vitamin /! too. Io beyond
ieberg lettue "ith &oston! bibb and os varieties or try "aterress! arugula! radihio!
dandelion greens! purslane and even parsley to liven up your salads.
No"! here*s great taste and great nutrition in a lo"+alorie pakageF ,ne up of
antaloupe balls has A2 alories! on up of asaba balls has CC alories! one up of
honeyde" balls has A2 alories and one up of "atermelon balls has CD alories. They
have some of the highest fiber ontent of any food and are deliious. Thro" in handsome
$uantities of vitamins A and / plus a "hopping :CB mgs of potassium in that up of
antaloupe! and you have a fat+burning health food beyond ompare.
A up of oatmeal or oat bran has only 110 alories. And oats help you lose "eight.
6ub9ets in 3r. >ames Anderson*s landmark 12+year study at the ?niversity of 0entuky
lost three pounds in t"o months simply by adding 100 grams <'.: ounes= of oat bran to
their daily food intake and nothing else. >ust don*t e#pet oats alone to perform mirales -
you have to eat a balaned diet for total health.
%lavorful! aromati! ine#pensive and lo" in alories! onions deserve a regular plae in your
diet. ,ne up of hopped ra" onions has only A0 alories! and one ra" medium onion
<2.1:5 diameter= has 9ust C2.
They ontrol holesterol! thin the blood! protet against holesterol and may have some
value in ounterating allergi reations. .ost of all! onions taste good and they*re good
for you.
(artially boil! peel and bake! basting "ith olive oil and lemon 9uie. ,r sautM them in "hite
"ine and basil! then spread over pi88a. ,r roast them in sherry and serve over paste.
The )talians had it right all along. A up of ooked paste <"ithout a heavy saue= has only
1:: alories and fits the desription of a perfet starh+entered staple. Analysis at the
Amerian )nstitute of &aking sho"s pasta is rih in si# minerals! inluding manganese!
iron! phosphorus! opper! magnesium and 8in. Also be sure to onsider "hole "heat
pastas! "hih are even healthier.
S#eet Potatoes
You an make a meal out of them and not "orry about gaining a pound - and you sure
"on*t "alk a"ay from the table feeling hungry. Eah s"eet potato has about 10' alories.
Their reamy orange flesh is one of the best soures of vitamin A you an onsume.
You an bake! steam or miro"ave them. ,r add them to asseroles! soups and many
other dishes. %lavor "ith lemon 9uie or vegetable broth instead of butter.
A medium tomato <2.:5 diameter= has only about 2: alories. These garden delights are
lo" in fat and sodium! high in potassium and rih in fiber.
A survey at 2arvard .edial 6hool found that the hanes of dying of aner are lo"est
among people "ho eat tomatoes <or stra"berries= every "eek.
And don*t overlook anned rushed! peeled! "hole or ste"ed tomatoes. They make
saues! asseroles and soups taste great "hile retaining their nutritional goodness and
lo"+alorie status. Even plain old spaghetti saue is a fat+burning bargain "hen served
over pasta! so think about introduing tomatoes into your diet
Iive thanks to those pilgrims for starting the "onderful tradition of Thanksgiving turkey. )t
9ust so happens that this health food disguised as meat is good year+round for "eight
A four+oune serving of roasted "hite meat turkey has 1BB alories and dark meat has
6adly! many folks are still una"are of the versatility and flavor of ground turkey. Anything
hamburger an do! ground turkey an do at least as "ell! from onventional burgers to
spaghetti saue to meat loaf.
6ome ground turkey ontains skin "hih slightly inreases the fat ontent. )f you "ant to
keep it really lean! opt for ground breast meat. &ut sine this has no added fat! you*ll need
to add filler to make burgers or meat loaf hold together.
%our ounes of ground turkey has appro#imately 1B0 alories and nine grams of fat -
about "hat you*d find in 2.: teaspoons of butter or margarine. )nredibly! the same amount
of regular ground beef <21K fat= has 2D; alories and 2' grams of fat.
&uying turkey has beome easy. )t*s no longer neessary to buy a "hole bird unless you
"ant to. Iround turkey is available fresh or fro8en! as are individual parts of the bird!
inluding drumstiks! thighs! breasts and utlets.
The non+fat variety of plain yogurt has 120 alories per up and lo"+fat! 1CC. )t delivers a
lot of protein and ! like any dairy food! is rih in alium and ontains 8in and riboflavin.
Yogurt is handy as a breakfast food - ut a banana into it and add the ereal of your
You an find "ays to use it in other types of ooking! to - saues! soups! dips! toppings!
stuffings and spreads. .any kithen gadget departments even sell a simple funnel for
making yogurt heese.
Yogurt an replae heavy reams and "hole milk in a "ide range of dishes! saving sads
of fat and alories.
You an substitute half or all of the higher fat ingredients. &e reative. %or e#ample!
ombine yogurt! garli po"der! lemon 9uie! a dash of pepper and 1orestershire saue
and use it to top a baked potato instead of piling on fat+laden sour ream.
6upermarkets and health food stores sell a variety of yogurts! many "ith added fruit and
sugar. To ontrol alories and fat ontent! buy plain non+fat yogurt and add fruit yourself.
Apple butter or fruit spreads "ith little or no added sugar are an e#ellent "ay to turn plain
yogurt into a deletable s"eet treat.