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Sketch of the canal or scheme and proposed structures?
What are the names of the proposed canals?
When was it originally constructed and by whom?
Why the canals need rehabilitation? And
What will be the benefit from canal rehabilitation (agricultural and non agricultural)?
What is the actual size of the irrigated area and what will be the size after canal
Why do you think it is important?
Does the canal study by any other before? Is it put into the commune investment fund?
Have you request funding support to other before? And when? Why it could not get
Dose FWUC exist for the scheme?
If exist what do the FWUC committee members do now?
At present time do farmers pay for the ISF for canal O&M, if pay how much per ha?
Do they pay in paddy or in cash equivalent? How it is paid, farmers bring to the FWUC or
FWUC members go to farmers and collect?
If not yet pay any ISF now, will farmers pay after canal rehabilitation (As the ISF will be
used for canal O&M)?
Do the FWUC have its rule and regulation?
What is the level of ISF now?
What does the committee think, do they have enough knowledge to manage the O&M of
the scheme now or they require further training? If require what type of training may be?
Do the FWUC committee members used to get training on irrigation O&M?
Who did the training? And for how long?
What need to be done to make sure that the community could maintain the system by its
own resources?
If FWUC not yet exist, could farmers establish one by themselves under the support
from village chiefs or commune council?
Will farmers participate in data collection, meeting and trainings which will later be
organized by the program during project feasibility study or operation?
Do you think the FWUC know how to operate and maintain the scheme?
If not what do you think what training they needs?
What should be the role of the commune council and village chief to support FWUC?
What need to be done to make sure that the community could maintain the system by its
own resources?
Is there any water seller in operation within the system?
If exist how many of them now? And what do they do?
Do you water sellers play important role in providing irrigation water?
How the water sellers get contract pumping water?
What is the average size of irrigated area covered by one water sellers?
Do water seller construct lateral by himself? And
How he could obtain land for the construction of lateral?
What is the service fee per ha the water seller charge?
IF THRE IS NO WATER SELLER could they bring into the area from nearby or form ones
within the community?
How water could be delivering to paddy fields from the main canal?
Will farmers or water sellers construct outlets and lateral canals by their own?
Plan meeting with the water sellers to see if there is any possibility for cooperation?
What are the existing difficulties with water sellers? And how these difficulties could be
What will be the impact after canal excavation:
o How many communes and villages are the beneficiaries from the canal?
o Describe names of villages within each commune?
o Size of irrigated area per commune, ha
o Area that get enough irrigation water in each commune, ha and yield, t/ha?
o Area that partially get irrigation water in each commune, ha and yield, t/ha?
o How many families that could not produce enough food to eat for duration of more
than 6 months?
o Will there be an increase in rural jobs and hence income?
o Reduce number of cascading pumping from two or three to one pump pumping?
o How many % of farm families have their own water pump?
o What is the average cost of one water pump? And
o From where it is bough?
o Change cropping pattern from one to two crops per year?
o Changing of traditional wet season paddy to high yield paddy varieties?
o Existing and proposed cropping pattern?
o Gross margin per ha during pre- and post-rehabilitation of the system?
o What will be the benefit from project rehabilitation?
1. Gross margin of paddy crop per ha?
2. Fluctuation of paddy price by month?
3. Water service fee per ha?
4. How many % of farmers will pay?
5. Estimation of annual maintenance cost?
6.1. Infrastructures
What length of canal?
How many structures required?
Size of land to be irrigated?
What is the approximate cost of earth moving per m
What is the sub soil layer look like?
When can the construction start?
Where could the laterite be obtained? What is the distance? And cost per m
transported into the

6.2. Hydrology
How many canal diversion projects possible exist in your communes?
Which water sources that those canals are connected to?
Are those water sources perennial or ephemeral?
When is the highest water depth in the river and when is lower water in the river?
Indicate the month of highest water level and month of low water level with
approximated water depth in the canals?
Total number of villages vs number of benefited villages;
Will farmers who have land along the canal are willing to provide land for canal
Because there will not be any compensation from the program?
What will be the participation from the community? And how it will be organized?
8.1 Paddy
Where do farmers buy seed?
Is there any seed prodders here in the community (Phone contact, name)?
Varieties grown in the area?
Yield t/ha;
Do farmers keep own seed or buy every year?
Do farmers in the area face difficulties with seed? If there is what are those difficulties?
How these difficulties could be solved?
8.2 Vegetable
8.3 Soil
8.4 Fertilizer
8.5 Insecticide
8.6 Cropping pattern
8.7 Command area
Is there any protected area located nearby? Names? Area, ha? What types of wild life
that are protected?
Is there any problem related to the used of agricultural input (dying of fish, poison human
Where dose paddies sell to?
How it is sold, traders come to buy in the villages or transport to the border?
Does paddy is bough whole year round or seasonal?
When is the lowest and when is the highest paddy price? And why it is so?

What are the existing common community problems? And how they can be solved?
What is specific community problem related to the use of water?
Could you describe what are the difficulties with getting irrigation water at present time?
(long distance pumping, low pump capacity etc.)
What is the common problem related to agricultural production?
What is usually pumping cost per ha? And how many time pumping per season? And
what is the water depth per time pumping?
Is there any drainage problem and how can this problem be solved? What is the effect
from water logging?
When flood water reaches into the area? And when it recedes back?
What is the flood depth in each month?
What is the current paddy yield? And will the yield be increased when there is enough
What is common rice varieties grown in the area and what is paddy yield per ha?