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The PXE boot option for ThinStation requires a TFTP server. There is an
OpenSource version here http://tftpd32.jounin.net The !Service" version# that see$s
to %or& 'ne. There are other servers avai(ab(e and an) shou(d be O*.
For the rest of this doc !TFTP+OOT" %i(( be used to denote the root fo(der of the TFTP site
e.,. -:.TFTP+oot#.
/ssu$in, 0icrosoft 12-P is in use3 add options 44 and 45 to the scope or server
Option 44: Enter the 6P /ddress of the TFTP
Option 45: Enter !p7e(inu7.8"
Generate ThinStation
9avi,ate to http://%%%.thinstation.or,/ and use the shortcuts to the :* !TS;O;
0atic" site in the too(bar on the ri,ht hand side.
:se the ,reen arro%s to $ove bet%een the
sections e., 2ard%are3 /pp(ications# in turn3
or c(ic& on the section header to ju$p
2ard%are / 9et%or& / Ethernet <8;<88
:nchec& a(( current 96-s
-hec& the 2 +ea(Te& $odu(es see (eft#
Presu$ab() on() one of these is needed3
so$e e7peri$entation $a) revea( %hich.
2ard%are / Sound 0odu(es / P-6
-hec& a(( sound cards
/,ain3 on() one is probab() needed but so$e
%or& is required to identif) %hich.
2ard%are / :S= 1evices
-hec& that usb;stora,e is chec&ed3 it
is chec&ed b) defau(t
2ard%are / *e)board >a)out
:nchec& !us" &e)board
-hec& !,b" &e)board
/pp(ications / -onnection Pac&a,e t)pes
Ensure !rdes&top" is chec&ed
Para$eters / =asic
2aven?t chan,ed an)thin, in here3 but
)ou $a) %ant to chan,e the
pass%ords that are (isted
So$ethin, e(se that 6 haven?t (oo&ed at3 but
it see$s possib(e to chan,e the initia( sp(ash
screen to a schoo( (o,o perhaps
-(ic& the !=ui(d" icon
:nchec& the !inc(ude these settin,s"
option3 other%ise this %i(( be used in
preference to the net%or& based
version and $a&es re;con', $ore
:nchec& the !save these settin,s"
-(ic& the !Arite i$a,e" icon
-(ic& on the PXE tab
1o%n(oad the fo((o%in, '(es
6nitrd This is the OS )ou have
Confgure ThinStation
ThinStation in our i$p(e$entation is con',ured usin, a thinstation.conf.net%or&
'(e. The one 6 used for testin, is attached as an object be(o%. 6t?s a p(ain te7t '(e
so 9otepad is 'ne to edit it.
0ost of the con',uration for this setup is in the !Denera( Options" section3 %here
thin,s (i&e /udio >eve( and %hat to do %hen the user (o,s oE are set at the
$o$ent a $enu is disp(a)ed for < $inute oEerin, reconnect#3 and in the
!SESS6O9F8F" ite$s3 %here con',uration speci'c to the +e$ote 1es&top session
is he(d. Speci'ca(()3 )ou %i(( need to chan,e !SESS6O9F8F+1ES*TOPFSE+BE+" to
point to )our TS environ$ent. 6?ve on() tested direct connection to a sin,(e
server as 6 don?t &no% %hether )ou use an) bro&er or 19S round robin. 6 haven?t
tried 19S na$es3 a(thou,h 6 can see no reason %h) it %ou(dn?t %or&.
1etai(s on the options for !rdes&top" the re$ote des&top hand(er# are here ;
http://(inu7.die.net/$an/</rdes&top as %e(( as severa( other p(aces. -urrent() set
to <2G87<82H if )ou chan,e this there is a +ESO>:T6O9 option (ater in the '(e to
The c(ients can be na$ed usin, a thinstation.hosts '(e3 $appin, c(ient 0/-
address to required c(ient na$e. 1etai(s here ;
PXE / TFTP Confguration
6n )our TFTP+oot fo(der3 create a sub;
fo(der ca(( !p7e(inu7.cf,"
6n the p7e(inu7.cf, fo(der3 p(ace the
!defau(t" '(e do%n(oaded previous()
P(ace the initrd3 p7e(inu7.83 v$(inuC '(es
do%n(oaded previous() into the
TFTP+oot fo(der
P(ace the thinstation.conf.net%or& into
the TFTP+oot fo(der
6f required3 p(ace the thinstation.hosts
'(e in the TFTP+oot fo(der
PXE Boot Thin Clients
=oot the thin c(ient and at the Sa$sun, sp(ash screen press F<
Fro$ the Xpress+O0 Setup3 se(ect option !O" to $odif) the boot order
o Se(ect nu$ber < and use Enter to $ove throu,h the options unti(
!PXE;+O0 =oot" is hi,h(i,hted
o 6 had PXE;+O0 =oot3 :S= 2ard 1rive then :S= -1;+O0#
Press Escape to return to $ain $enu
Fro$ the $ain $enu3 se(ect option X to Save Ba(ues and E7it
Fo((o%in, reboot3 at the +ea(TE* PXE boot screen3 Press Shift;F<8
Ensure that the =oot Protoco( is set to !PXE" and the =oot Order is set to
!6nt <Gh"
+eboot3 the c(ient shou(d connect to the TFTP server and boot the
ThinStation c(ient before startin, a re$ote des&top session
There is $ore con', avai(ab(e on the thin device and the ThinStation OS to cut
do%n the verbosit) of the boot $essa,e etc3 but 6 haven?t tried this.