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The New Silver Fix and the Powers

That Be!
With Remarks On Texas Governor Rick Perr ! Texas Gold!
"ccom#anied $ a Warnin% to &ewelers!
Presented "'%'st ()*+ $ ,harles Savoie
-..ective mid/month "'%'st ()*+0 the old silver .ix has $een
re#laced $ a new silver .ix0 r'n 1ointl $ the ,2- Gro'#0 owner
o. the ,O2-30 and Thomson Re'ters4 B't has anthin% o. real
s'$stance chan%ed5 6t certainl has not4 The new .ix was awarded
$ the 7B2"0 7ondon B'llion 2arket "ssociation0 com#osed o. neer/
do/well entities incl'din% Barclas Bank0 8SB, Bank0 Goldman
Sachs0 &P 2or%an ,hase Bank0 and additionall Bank o. Nova Scotia0
,redit S'isse0 9e'tsche Bank0 2its'i ! ,om#an0 and Paris $ased
Societe Generale4 For **: months 6;ve ro'tinel made details
availa$le a$o't a 'ni<'e or%ani=ation known to .ew as The Pil%rims
Societ4 Persons who haven;t $ecome aware o. this %ro'# can .ind
details on Goo%le search4 6. o' es#eciall want the monetar
details relatin% to this %ro'# and #recio's metals0 add m name to
theirs in the search $ox or read The Silver Stealers doc'mentar4
There.ore0 6 won;t %o into another $asic ex#lanation o. The Pil%rims
Societ here4 The rin%leaders o. the me%a$anks a$ove have all had
heav re#resentation in The Pil%rims Societ4 The rest have $een
and remain re#resented in interlockin% %ro'#s s'ch as the Trilateral
,ommission and the Bilder$er% con.erences///%ro'#s .o'nded $
Pil%rims Societ mem$ers4 6 am not amon% the commentators o'
can read the .astest0 $eca'se o. the nat're o. these #resentations0
in de#th examinations m'st $e made to s'$stantiate m claims4
8owever0 1'st to make re.erence to this alle%ed new silver .ix0 and
how $o%'s it is0 6 o..er this $rie. re#ort4 "n o.ten re#eated #hrase
most have heard0 and which drives home how dismal this old world
o.ten is0 has it that the more thin%s chan%e0 the more the remain
the same4 We will not %et into a lon% doc'mentar s'ch as Who
,ontrols The Gold Stealin% New >ork Fed Bank0 released last
Fe$r'ar0 $'t will let a .ew #oints s'..ice4 This is a mere matter o. a
%ro'# o. %an%sters who tossed the $all to others in their
racketeerin% or%ani=ation4 2its'i Glo$al Precio's 2etals0 a Silver
?sers "ssociation mem$er0 is a s'$sidiar o. 2its'i ! ,om#an///a
Trilateral ,ommission interest4 The 2its'is and the Rocke.ellers
have $een associates since $e.ore *@)A when the &a#an Societ was
.o'nded $ Rocke.eller/Bander$ilt liaison 7indsa R'ssell as another
o..shoot o. The Pil%rims Societ4 The &a#an Societ in .act was
.orer'nner to the Trilaterals0 .o'nded :: ears later0 $'t
re#resented an ex#ansion into Britain and -'ro#e0 in res#onse to
Bilder$er% not incl'din% &a#anese ind'strialists and $ankers4
2eanin% that Bilder$er% is over/rated com#ared to the Trilaterals!
8owever0 the $oth s#ran% .rom this older or%ani=ation which
remains in the shadows4
6t a##ears that 8SB,0 Scotia 2ocatta0 and 2its'i ! ,om#an are the
7ondon $ased rin%leaders o. the new silver .ix0 alon% with
Thomson Re'ters0 corres#ondin% to their ?S" associate the ,2-
Gro'#4 -ver hear a$o't a do% $ein% .ixed5 There is the #arallel
here that those o. 's invested in silver #rod'cers are contin'all
seein% o'r .inances ne'tered0 while shorts and ind'strial 'sers are
swarmin% all over the diamond $eaches o. the So'thwest "tlantic
".rican coasts in the *C@)s0 so to s#eak0 loadin% '# wheel$arrows
.'ll o. %ems4 Will we ever see a%%ressive silver #rices on a s'stained
$asis5 >es4 Will we have to $e aro'nd .or @:@ ears like
2eth'selah0 to see it5 Not @:@ das .rom this #oint4 When it
trans#ires0 look .or Ti..an ! ,om#an to screech like someone
$ein% exec'ted on the $reakin% wheel in Re%ens$'r%0 German0 in
The Rocke.eller interests0 an inner circle .amil well re#resented in
The Pil%rims Societ0 are re#resented in the ,2- %ro'# $ William P4
2iller 660 a ,2- $oard mem$er who is associated with the
Rocke.eller Fo'ndation4 Other ,2- directors #resent interestin%
Emeanin%///shadF as#ects0 $'t .or now mentionin% 2iller will do4
"s .or Thomson Re'ters0 it traces to a ())C mer%er4 Re'ters was
.o'nded in *CD* in 7ondon $ a German immi%rant0 a man who
$ecame .'ll acce#ted $ the British Roal .amil and -n%lish
no$ilit///a comm'nit well known .or s'ckin% st'nnin% <'antities
o. silver o't o. ,hina in exchan%e .or o#i'm0 an addictive #oison4
Re'ters over the ears has had am#le re#resentation in histor;s
most elite or%ani=ation///The Pil%rims Societ4 7et;s 1'st look at
onl two exam#les4 6 am known .or lon% researches which have a
role in scholarshi# $'t .eel this one ma $e concise4 From #a%e +):
o. the *@:@ 6nternational >ear Book and Statesman;s Who;s Who
EB'rke;s Peera%e0 7ondonF ///
8enderson;s name s'r.aced in the leaked list o. The Pil%rims o.
Great Britain E*@:@F4 The Pil%rims Societ has had dee# involvement
with news or%ani=ations since its .o'ndin%4 That wo'ld $e a whole
other #resentation and o. len%th exceedin% +)0))) words4 Sir 8arr
Brittain0 a .o'nder o. The Pil%rims in *@)(0 also .o'nded the
,ommonwealth Press ?nion0 or%ani=ed the .irst 6m#erial Press
,on.erence in *@)@ and was #resident o. the 6nternational
"ssociation o. &o'rnalists0 *@()/*@(@4 These Pil%rims connections
to $i% news#a#ers0 $i% $roadcastin% and $i% media held and hold
tr'e in the ?S" and ,anada as well4 &'st two exam#les .rom this
same *@:@ vol'me0 #a%e +G+0 &ack R4 8oward0 Pil%rims Societ0 was
#resident o. Scri##s 8oward News#a#ers0 Scri##s 8oward
Broadcastin% and an exec'tive committee mem$er o. the 6nter/
"merican Press "ssociation4 The other on #a%e C*@0 "rth'r 84
S'l=$er%er0 Pil%rims Societ second %eneration mem$er0 was
chairman o. the New >ork Times4
The Thomson Re'ters or%ani=ation has as the more im#ortant o. its
names0 Thomson4 6t;s named .or 7ord Thomson o. Fleet E*C@+/
*@A:F4 6n " 7ook "t -sta$lishment News#a#ers $ near/le%endar
a'thor Gar "llen0 which a##eared in the Se#tem$er *@A) iss'e o.
"merican O#inion 2a%a=ine0 we note on #a%e *D//
The msterio's 7ord Thomson o. Fleet ERo Thomson o. TorontoF
has added to his international #'$lishin% em#ire some .i.t/six
"merican #a#ers4 Thomson is also owner o. the 7ondon Times0
traditional voice o. the British esta$lishment///where the Roal
6nstit'te o. 6nternational "..airs is controlled $ the same #eo#le
who control o'r ,4F4R4 Thomson is a mem$er o. the elitist Pil%rim
Societ0 which seeks to mer%e the ?nited States into the British
,ommonwealth as a $ase .or World Government4 The ma1or
international $ankin% .irms on $oth sides o. the "tlantic are well
re#resented in the Pil%rim Societ0 and recentl made it eas .or
Thomson to la o't HA( million .or a do=en B'sch/2oore
news#a#ers in "merica4
Gar "llen committed the same error as 6 once did E$ .ollowin% his
leadF///the %ro'# is called the Pil%rims Societ E#l'ralF0 which in
this case isn;t s#littin% hairs0 as another %ro'#0 the Pil%rim Societ0
.o'nded in *C()0 is $ased at Plmo'th0 2assach'setts4 6t too is
'nder the control o. The Pil%rims Societ via assorted tr'stees over
the ears incl'din% the 8orn$lower .amil o. Wall Streeters4 8e
mentioned the Roal 6nstit'te .or 6nternational "..airs0 .o'nded in
*@*@/*@() $ assorted Pil%rims mem$ers incl'din% 7ord "rth'r
Bal.o'r0 whose actions in *@*C directl led to the modern re/
creation o. 6srael4 8ere was the 1ovial 7ord Thomson///
9'e to contin'in% 'navaila$ilit o. Pil%rims rosters .or man ke
ears0 it cannot $e said with certaint that Thomson;s son and
%randson0 9avid0 wereIare mem$ers also///it is extremel likel4
9avid Thomson0 head o. the Thomson/Re'ters or%ani=ation toda0
was recentl rated as worth H(G $illion///aro'nd H@4: $illion
$eond the same ()*G estimate .or R'#ert 2'rdoch///ver likel
another Pil%rims mem$er///same as %'n %ra$$er 2ichael
Bloom$er%4 8ere was 7ord Thomson;s listin% on #a%e CGC o. the
*@:@ vol'me $ B'rke;s Peera%e///
6t;s t#ical o. these o#erators to also $e $oard mem$ers o. %lo$al
me%a$anks///in this case0 the well known #recio's metals
anta%onistic Roal Bank o. ,anada0 and a ma1or ins'rance entit0
%ivin% them control over still more vast .'nds4 8ere;s a #hoto o. the
c'rrent 7ord Thomson0 %randson o. this Pil%rims Societ
Wo'ld this %' $e a #art to s'##ressin% silver #rices5 8is
demeanor isn;t s'%%estive o. St4 Francis o. "ssisi0 is it5 Nothin% has
chan%ed4 Nothin% will chan%e as .ar as TPTB EPil%rims SocietF is
concerned4 6 don;t see them maintainin% %old and silver at toss/
awa rates .or ears to come4 2an voices on the lon% side .orecast
the #rice s'##ression wo'ld have ended over ten ears a%o4 6n m
earlier neo#hte .ervor0 6 was one o. those voices4 6 recentl heard
a$o't a man who had ei%ht children $ seven wives4 6. onl the
metals s'##ressors had moralit e<'al to that lowli.e4 The identities
o. c'rrent mem$ers o. The Pil%rims Societ .or its sole $ranches0
7ondon and New >ork0 remains o$str'cted $ lack o. availa$le
in.ormation and $ the Societ;s re.'sal to #ost rosters at its site4
This or%ani=ation has a ver0 ver %reat deal to hide4 6 have in mind
a series o. ten #resentations entitled Silver S<'elchers and their
6n.l'ential "ssociates0 each item in the series to consist o. two
ma1or silver s'##ressors and a $aker;s do=en o. other mem$ers o.
this Pil%rims Societ0 showin% the 'ni<'e levers o. #ower the
hadIhave their hands on4 Watch .or this series at the 's'al sites
where m work is #osted4 The #ro#osed series will cover the time
o. their .o'ndin% '# to the #resent4
"t htt#JIIwww4%oldcore4comI%oldcoreK$lo%Inew/l$ma/silver/
#rice/still/not/trans#arent we read///
,r'ciall0 the 7B2" statement said that the seminar wo'ld take
#lace 'nder the ,hatham 8o'se R'le4 "ccordin% to Wiki#edia0 the
,hatham 8o'se R'le is a sstem .or holdin% de$ates and
disc'ssion #anels on controversial iss'es4
?nder the ,hatham 8o'se R'le0 anone who comes to the meetin%
is .ree to 'se in.ormation .rom the disc'ssion0 $'t is not allowed to
reveal who made an comment4
,hatham 8o'se is the site o. the Roal 6nstit'te .or 6nternational
"..airs in 7ondon0 correctl descri$ed $ Gar "llen E*@G:/*@C:F as
controlled $ the same #eo#le who control o'r ,4F4R4 E,o'ncil on
Forei%n Relations///more metals anta%onistsF4 "llen a'thored///
The s'##ression o. #recio's metals #rices is a hi%hl or%ani=ed0
m'lti/%enerational cons#irac4 6t is orchestrated $ #ersons
$elon%in% to %lo$alist mem$ershi# $ invitation onl
or%ani=ations4 The metals lon%s who haven;t acknowled%ed this
sit'ation are either st'$$orn0 dense///or controlled o##osition4
The more disc'ssion there is a$o't these %ro'#s0 the more #'$lic
.oc's shi.ts towards them0 which tends towards diminishin% their
#ower4 While the BR6, co'ntries are .i%htin% these "n%lo/
"merican metals s'##ressors in their own #ower.'l was0 we sho'ld
$e exertin% internall a%ainst them here at home4 One wa is to
contact o'r State le%islators askin% that at least .ive #ercent o.
state .'nds $e held in hard %old and silver0 in sec're va'lts within
their own state $o'ndaries///em#hasi=in% the matter o. Federal
Reserve dollars consistent histor o. .adin% in #'rchasin% #ower4 "t
%old/$ack/.rom/the/.ederal/reserve we read a$o't Texas State
re#resentative 7on B'rnam chidin% Governor Rick Perr;s re<'est
that Texas %old $e ret'rned to Texas/// sain% the matter o. some
H* $illion in hard %old owned $ the State o. Texas in the .orm o.
:0:+G %old $ars stored in the Federal Reserve Bank o. New >ork is
not a real #ro$lem///
We;ve %ot #lent o. real #ro$lems///let;s deal with them4
6n relation to a $ill introd'ced in the Texas le%islat're mandatin%
the ret'rn o. Texas owned %old0 B'rnam also declared himsel. as
$ein% ske#tical that it addresses a le%itimate #ro$lem .acin% the
8ere was B'rnam leavin% room to #'t his .oot into his mo'th///
6. B'rnam;s local convenience store was hit with a H:0:+G ro$$er
he;d $e concerned0 $'t when $ankers owe his state :0:+G %old $ars0
he;s ske#tical it;s a le%itimate #ro$lem4 >o' are a dis%race to o'r
State0 #odn'h! The Novem$er ()0 *@:* e#isode o. The Ri.leman
.eat'red this line///
6 ain;t o'r citi=en 2ister 7oco!
The "ssociated Press re#orted on &an'ar A0 *@@C0 a$o't hordes o.
So'th Loreans donatin% their %old 1ewelr to their %overnment to
hel# #ao.. loans .rom the 6nternational 2onetar F'nd4 This was
another .leecin% o. the small .olks $ the %lo$alist .inanciers0 'nder
cover o. mis%'ided #atriotism0 like the tr'stin% so'ls who leave
their mone to the ?4S4 %overnment in their wills to hel# #a down
the national de$t0 a de$t which $anker owned #oliticians have no
interest in ca##in%0 let alone red'cin%4 Will B'rnham and his wi.e
em'late So'th Loreans and donate their %old 1ewelr to the State o.
Texas to restore a micro/.raction o. the %old owed $ the Federal
Reserve to Texas5 Texas Governor Rick Perr was recentl indicted
on .elon co'nts $ a Grand &'r4 6 s'$mit that there is ever
#ossi$ilit this Grand &'r acted on in#'t .rom the Federal Reserve!
Perr;s Presidential ho#es took another hit in the wake o. the
indictments0 with AAM o. those #olled sain% it dama%es his
chances4 The .act that his actions were those o. exercisin% le%all
valid veto #owers0 and that his intent was to remove a district
attorne who admitted to dr'nk drivin%///what has that %ot to do
with 1'sti.in% Perr;s stance0 anwa5 8el#0 a$et and com.ort the
$ankers ever wa #ossi$le0 is the credo o. corr'#t #oliticos! Since
Perr wants the F-9 to ret'rn %old owned $ Texas0 to Texas///he
is not acce#ta$le to The Pil%rims Societ as a ?nited States
President! Grand &'ries are another monster amon% 's which
a##ear im#ossi$le to re.orm///the m'st $e a$olished entirel4
"cco'nts o. the $ank wars $etween President "ndrew &ackson
E*C(@/*CGAF and the second ?nited States Bank and its des#ica$le
$ackers show how low0 vile0 and devilish are the loathsome tactics
resorted to $ $ankers to maintain their hold on #ower///incl'din%
assassination attem#ts4
On &an'ar (0 ()*+0 "'rcana ,or#oration0 who ac<'ired the Sha.ter
silver mine in West Texas .rom Silver Standard Reso'rces0
anno'nced the lao.. o. *A) em#loees0 d'e entirel to the h'%e
dro# in silver #rices .rom "#ril o. ()*G when #rices were over HG(
the o'nce4 No0 B'rnham wo'ldn;t %ive a .li# a$o't the loss o. those
Texas 1o$s either0 $eca'se he doesn;t care a$o't this h'%e %old
hoard $ein% #irated .rom its owners0 and the same %an% o.
racketeers that r'ns the New >ork/7ondon/,hica%o silver .ix also
r'ns the %old stealin% Federal Reserve4 Real Texans have a $asis .or
o'tra%e a%ainst %old and silver #rice .ixers and thieves///
Silver Standard owns two minin% sites in Nevada4 Will Senator 8arr
Reid decide he wants them0 and 'se the B'rea' o. 7and
2ana%ement to sei=e them5
6n order to #rolon% the rei%n o. the Federal Reserve dollar0 the
cons#irators are 'nderc'ttin% their own $ase///s'##lies o. %old
and silver are hindered d'e to the coll'sive #rice s'##ression4
2essa%e to s'$scri$ers o. National &eweler 2a%a=ine0 &ewelers
,irc'lar Lestone E&,LF 2a%a=ine and Retail &eweler 2a%a=ine///o'
$est strain o'r .inances and $' all the %old and silver o' can0
$eca'se there is nearin% a shar# demarcation $etween these #rices
and those o. tomorrow4 ?nderstand5 8ow will o' $e com#etitive i.
other o'tlets in o'r area loaded '# on %old at H*G)) and silver at
H() and o' m'st $' at twice those #rices5
On 2arch +0 ()*+0 B'rnam lost his reelection cam#ai%n4
?n.ort'natel0 the %old iss'e wasn;t made a cam#ai%n iss'e0 $'t .or
a man to triviali=e a matter o. this nat're shows he;d have $een
invited to a d'el $ the Father o. Texas0 Sam 8o'ston4 6t;s widel
known that Rick Perr attended a Bilder$er% meetin% in T'rke4 6.
he hadn;t $een there0 and was a Pil%rims Societ mem$er
instead///he;d have not even $ro'%ht '# the %old iss'e4 That;s
wh Bilder$er% is a distraction and the real #ro$lem is elsewhere4 6s
it time .or a%%rieved #arties incl'din% Texas and German to send
7'ther Sled%e to recover their law.'ll owned %old5