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The Wizard of OZ

Directions: Read the question and choose the best answer. Erase your mistakes completely.
1. Dorothy is originally from what U.S. State?
a. ichigan b. !entucky
c. !ansas d. "llinois
#. $ow does Dorothy get to %&?
a. train b. tornado
c. magic carpet d. enchanted closet door
'. (hat color are Dorothy)s magic slippers?
a. red b. white
c. sil*er d. gold
+. (hat is a !alidah?
a. a happy little short person b. an elf who wears all blue clothing
c. a tree that talks and throws apples d. a beast with a bear body , a tiger head.
-. (hich character gets stuck in the poppy field?
a. the .ion b. the /in (oodsman
c. the Scarecrow d. the Unicorn 0ueen
1. $ow does the character who is stuck in the poppy field escape?
a. /he 2ood (itch 2linda sa*es him or her. b. /he field mice carry him or her out.
c. /he timid unicorn uses its horn powers. d. /hey wait a week for him3her to wake.
4. E*erything in the Emerald 5ity appears to be what color?
a. blue b. red
c. yellow d. green
6. (hat does the /in (oodsman want from the (i7ard of %7?
a. a heart b. a new a8e
c. a brain d. courage
9. (hat does the Scarecrow want from the (i7ard of %7?
a. courage b. a new pair of o*eralls
c. a brain d. a heart
1:. (hat does the .ion want from the (i7ard of %7?
a. a heart b. a brain
c. courage d. $e wants a sli*er remo*ed from his paw.
11. %7 the 2reat and /errible does not appear in which form?
a. a big head b. a ball of fire
c. a lo*ely lady d. a great bird
1#. (hat does %7 want Dorothy and her friends to do?
a. kill the (icked (itch of the (est b. steal the (icked (itch)s golden cap
c. deli*er a message to the (icked (itch d. take the (icked (itch)s magic crystal
1'. (hat must e*ery *isitor to the Emerald 5ity wear?
a. a hat b. spectacles
c. a colorful sash d. fancy dress up clothes
1+. /he (icked (itch does not send which of the following creatures to attack Dorothy?
a. wol*es b. crows
c. cats d. winged monkeys
1-. (hat does the (icked (itch plan to do with the .ion?
a. eat him b. put him in her wicked circus
c. turn him into a house cat with her magic d. harness him like a horse
11. (hich special power does the golden cap gi*e its owner?
a. /he wearer can create and throw fireballs. b. /hey can summon the winged monkeys.
c. /he wearer can fly on a broom stick. d. /he wearer can talk to animals.
14. $ow does the (icked (itch of the (est die?
a. /he /in (oodsman hits her with his a8e. b. /he 2ood (itch 2linda 7aps her.
c. /he .ion mauls and eats her. d. Dorothy throws a bucket of water on her.
16. ;fter getting lost in the scarlet fields< how do Dorothy and her friends get back to %7?
a. /he winged monkeys carry them . b. /hey make a hot air balloon.
c. /oto sniffs out the way back to %7. d. Dorothy uses her magic slippers.
19. (hat is the (i7ard of %7 most ner*ous about after Dorothy returns to the Emerald 5ity?
a. $e is afraid that the (inkies will retaliate. b. /he (itch of the South might attack %7.
c. $e cannot keep the promises he made. d. $e fears he will lose his throne.
#:. (hat did %7 the 2reat and /errible do before he became the ruler of Emerald 5ity?
a. $e was a *entriloquist. b. $e was a black smith.
c. $e was a ringleader in a circus. d. $e was a magician)s apprentice.
#1. (hat does %7 gi*e the Scarecrow?
a. a diploma b. a squeaky rubber heart
c. bran oats< pins< , needles d. a girl friend
##. (hat does %7 gi*e the .ion?
a. a medal of bra*ery b. liquid =courage>
c. a wardrobe d. $e remo*es the splinter from his thumb.
#'. (ho rides out of %7 in a hot air balloon?
a. Dorothy and /oto b. !alidah
c. the 2ood (itch 2linda d. the (i7ard of %7
#+. /he Dainty 5hina 5ountry is called such because ??????????.
a. the residents are made of fine 5hina b. the residents are small ;sian people
c. the residents guard a path to 5hina d. the residents ha*e a train route to 5hina
#-. /he $ammer $eads attack Dorothy and her friends by ??????????.
a. $eat butting them b. Shooting their heads at them
c. Di*ing at them head first d. !nocking down trees with their heads