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Wellington Floorball Club

Strategic plan

1. Vision
To introduce, promote and develop floorball as a sport for players of all ages
and abilities in the Wellington Region and to establish floorball as a popular
team sport.

Establish Wellington Floorball Club as one of the leading floorball clubs in

New Zealand with regards to performance, number of active members,
involvement in running school and community floorball programmes and
international relationships and representatives.

2. Goals
Wellington Floorball Club strives to create a solid member base to ensure the
future sustainability of the club. This includes setting up teams at high
performance level for men, women and juniors along with social teams for
players of all ages and skill levels.
The club wants to provide high class coaching for all levels and provide
certified referees for games and tournaments.
Promoting floorball at primary and secondary school level to attract interested
players and potentially start up school leagues as seen in other sports is seen
as a key element to develop and grow the sport. At the same time it offers a
great opportunity for schools to take up a safe, fun and easy to learn sport as
an alternative to existing team sports.
Wellington Floorball Club wants to be actively involved in setting up a NZ
Floorball Federation and to help bring the sport to all regions of New Zealand.
3. Brief History of the club
In May 2008 a group of players started playing floorball in Wellington on a
regular basis. The group met once a week and slowly grew to about 10
players per night. Equipment was the main challenge and initially sticks were
borrowed from Wellington City Council to enable the group to play.
A set of basic sticks was purchased by Christian Bertschinger and a set of
proper IFF regulation goals was made. In October 2008 the very first
Wellington Floorball Open Tournament took place at the Recreation Centre in
Kilbirnie. Two teams from the Wellington group plus a team from Blenheim
competed for the Wellington Open shield, which was won by the team from
Numbers slowely started to increase and in April 2009, the Wellington
Floorball Club was established as an incorporated society with 17 members
attending the inaugural meeting.
Currently the club runs a weekly session in Thorndon and a fortnightly session
in Kilbirnie with a regular attendance of between 10 - 17 players.

4. Current development

Weekly sessions will continue and potentially extra sessions will be introduced
to accommodate growing numbers. As the level and intensity of play has
steadily increased amongst the main part of the group, it is envisaged to set
up a second group for beginners and offer a workshops as an introduction to
the sport.
Wellington Floorball Club is committed to provide quality floorball equipment
and it is envisaged to provide proper goalie equipment, team dresses,
additional sets of goals and eventually a demountable full size regulation
floorball rink for training, games and tournaments. The IFF has agreed to
send proper equipment to Wellington to support the club in his efforts which
means a 100 quality sticks and 200 balls will be available to both the club and
for floorball programmes with schools.
Wellington Floorball Club uses email and the internet to stay in contact with all
members and to send out information to interested people. Recently a
facebook group has been set up and this has been popular with players.
Setting up a Wellington Floorball Club website which will be updated regularly
and keep members and interested people informed will be a further step to
promote floorball in the Wellington Region.
Recent press articles in local newspapers have helped to raise public
awareness of this sport and have triggered interest from various people and
also from schools. It is intended to keep promoting the sport through further
press notices, especially in connection with any of the upcoming special
5. Special projects

5.1 IFF Floorball Development Seminar, Wellington 11. - 13. September 09

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) has agreed to hold a Floorball
Development Seminar in New Zealand to provide training for coaches and
referees. Wellington Floorball Club is hosting this first ever Floorball Seminar
in New Zealand. International speakers and lecturers are coming to
Wellington to provide first class training for both coaches and future referees.
Wellington Floorball club is responsible to organise venues, accommodation,
the seminar dinner, transport and help in organising course materials.
Besides organising this seminar together with the IFF, Wellington Floorball
Club will also have eight club members participating in both the coaching and
refereeing part of the seminar. This will ensure that in the future a good
number of well trained coaches and certified referees are available in

5.2 Second Wellington Open Floorball Tournament, 10. - 11. October 09

Building on the successful first Wellington Open Floorball Tournament in
2008, Wellington Floorball Club is hosting this event for the second time. For
the first time, games will be played on two days and interest from groups in
Auckland, Blenheim and Dunedin should ensure that more teams will take
part in this tournament this year.
The tournament will be played at the Wellington Council Recreation Centre in
Kilbirnie which offers a proper full size rink. Certified referees from Wellington
Floorball Club will be available to referee the games. This tournament will be
a regular yearly event and will have a set place in the floorball calendar. It is
envisaged that the tournament has got the potential to attract teams from
overseas in the future and relations with IFF and AOFC will help to further
establish it.

5.3 School workshops, primary and secondary schools in Wellington Region

Floorball is an easy to learn sport and can be played at all age levels. It is
very popular as a school sport overseas and it is in that area that the sport
originally started up. Wellington Floorball Club is starting to promote floorball
at primary and secondary school level in the Wellington Region through
collaborating with Sport Wellington and College Sport Wellington.
To support this initiative the IFF has agreed to supply free equipment to the
club. Through training at the seminar, qualified coaches will be available to
run school workshops for both students and PE teachers. Promoting the sport
at school levels is seen as the key element to grow numbers of players and
ensure a sustainable growth of the sport.
5.4. First Secondary School Floorball Tournament Wellington, 31. October 09
Together with promoting school workshops for interested secondary schools,
the first secondary school tournament will provide a unique opportunity for
young people to get to know the sport and participate in a fun event.
Wellington Floorball Club intends to make this a regular yearly event and
create a competition that gains further attention over the next few years.
The first tournament will be played on a single day at the Welllington Council
Recreation Centre in Kilbirnie and 4 - 6 teams are expected to take part.
Interest from several high schools has already been received.
Wellington Floorball Club will provide sticks, balls and goalie equipment for
the participating teams and will also supply qualified referees.

5.5 After school league for primary and intermediate schools in Wellington
It is planned to start up an after school floorball league for primary and
intermediate kids at the Wellington Council Recreation Centre in Kilbirnie in
term 4. Wellington Floorball Club will supply sticks and balls for kids to use
(through the equipment supplied by IFF) and will also supply referees for the
games. The league will be promoted through Sport Wellington and is open for
school teams and private teams alike.
If the league proves successful it will be offered again in term 1 in 2010 and
further activities and training sessions are then considered for junior groups.

5.6 Working towards establishing the NZ Floorball Federation

The IFF development seminar will bring floorball enthusiasts from across New
Zealand together for the first time. At the same time representatives from the
IFF and the Asia and Oceania Floorball Confederation will be in Wellington.
This creates a unique opportunity to discuss the required steps to properly
establish the NZ Floorball Federation.
Wellington Floorball Club is committed to play an active and key role in this

Wellington, 18.8.09

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