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Reflection on English Language Proficiency subject

Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah and everyone who has help me to learn this
subject, English Language Proficiency (WAJ 3102) which is seemed to be tough at
first when I am being introduced to it. This is a subject which the non-TESL students
are compulsory to learn in the first semester of degree programme at the Teaching
Training Institute throughout the whole Malaysia. I am also feeling so grateful for
having Madam Rosliza binti Abdul Aziz as the lecturer for this subject as she always
helps me with the tasks which I could not manage to do. At first, I always think that I
could never understand the whole lessons for this subject as I always consider that to
understand English is not as easy as ABC even I like this subject very much.
However, with the way of teaching being used by the lecturer, I have at least
managed to improve my proficiency in English. The sub-topics for the subject such as
verb, adverb, noun, conjunctions and others are easier to be understood when
Madam Rosliza shows me how to use them in making sentences. These grammar
elements are so much important as they are the element which will help to make our
sentences complete as a sentence consists of noun, verb and sometimes adverb
along with the objects. Besides that, this subject also helps me to improve my study
skills especially when it comes to reading essays and finding for the main contents
together with the supporting details. Madam Rosliza has taught me the proper way to
study an essay by scanning and skimming it. Using those two ways, I could use
highlighter with various colours to make it easier for me in recognizing the main
points and might find more exact answers which could be correct. Yes, it is not much
yet it could still help me in improving my study skills in order to achieve success. On
top of that, this subject also helps me to develop my own writing style in English.
Besides of improving my vocabulary, I will also be able to write more creatively. We
learn to communicate our message across to someone more effectively through the
use of the right word or phrase. Hence, it will help me in choosing the right terms in
order to express something in English towards my friends. Indirectly, this subject also
helps me to improve my speaking skills either in daily conversations with my friends
or to speak in a gathering etc. The activity that we always have for this subject is
presentation which I fear the most. At the beginning of the semester, I always try to
avoid doing presentation alone. However, as the time flies, I need to adapt myself as
presentation is a part of the compulsory tasks which should be done by everybody
whether individually or by group. In this process, it has assisted me a lot to build my
self-confidence. Thus, by learning this subject, it will help me to be more confident to
speak in English with others. In conclusion, ones should be brave to learn new things
as they would give us new experiences to be felt and increase our knowledge.
Learning English is always fun. However, we need to know the right way in order to
feel the fun. This will ensure that we will grow up with an unquenchable thirst for
knowledge and a desire to always keep learning about English though it is seen as a
difficult subject for others. We should always challenge ourselves. Challenge
ourselves to be who we know we are capable of being. For example, I have
experienced it myself as now I can speak in English without feeling shy anymore
even before this, I am lack of confidence in myself.