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Jiwaji University

For the partial Fulfillment of the award of
Bachelor of Business Administration
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I am sincerely obliged to Prof. TARIKA SINGH SIKARWAR faculty Guide for their
invaluable help and guidance on Summer Training Report.
I take this opportunity to thank PIMG for having introduced this and helping me learn
more about Marketing Concepts.

Place: Gwalior Name: Divakar Jain


I DIVAKAR JAIN , student of BBA V Semester of Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior,
hereby declare that the project is my original piece of work and not the copy of any such work
undertaken by someone else, all the information , facts and figures presented in the report are
first hand in nature. They are actually based on my intense efforts conducted in AIRTEL I have
completed this project under the guidance of Prof. TARIKA SINGH SIKARWAR ( Faculty


I. History & Company Profile
II. Management Profile & Board of Director
III. Key Function.
IV. Award and Recognitions
V. Corporate Governance
VI. Organisation Structure
VII. Highlight
VIII. Production
IX. Infrastructure
X. Chain Management
XI. Strength & Weakness
XII. Objective
XIII. Suggestion
XIV. Conclusion

Telecom giant Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises. The Bharti Group,
has a diverse business portfolio and has created global brands in the telecommunication sector.
Bharti has recently forayed into retail business as Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. under a MoU with Wal-
Mart for the cash & carry business. It has successfully launched an international venture with EL
Rothschild Group to export fresh agri products exclusively to markets in Europe and USA and
has launched Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd under a joint venture with AXA, world
leader in financial protection and wealth management.

Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, Indias largest integrated and the first private
telecom services provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles. Bharti Airtel since its
inception has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector
in the country with its world class products and services. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have
been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBUs) - Mobile Services, Airtel
Telemedia Services & Enterprise Services. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed
wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles while the Airtel Telemedia
Services business offers broadband & telephone services in 95 cities and has recently launched
India's best Direct-to-Home (DTH) service, Airtel digital TV. The Enterprise services provide
end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national & international long distance
services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand

September 29, 2006: Bharti Airtel, Indias leading mobile services provider announced the
appointment of Atul Bindal as Joint President Airtel Broadband & Telephone Services. He will
report to Manoj Kohli President Bharti Airtel and will be a member on the Airtel Management
Board (AMB), and chair the Broadband & Telephone Services Management Board (BTMB).
Airtel also announced the appointment of Deepak Srivastava as Chief Operating Officer, Airtel
Broadband & Telephone Services, North region. He will report to Atul Bindal.
Atul, in his new role, will focus on taking Bharti Airtels Broadband & Telephone services
division to new heights with increased town rollouts and introduction of new technologies. He
will be supported by Rajiv Sharma (CEO-NCR), Deepak Srivastava (COO-North), Prem Pradeep
(CEO-South Central), Shamik Das (COO-South), Deepak Khanna (CEO-West & MPCG),
Randeep Narang (COO-MPCG).
Prior to taking on this responsibility, Atul was the Executive Director - South for Mobile
Services at Bharti Airtel. He has also led a successful stint as the Group Chief Marketing Officer
and Director - Mobile Services at Bharti Airtel for over one and half years.
Atul has successfully led the Mobile Services South Regional Hub and consolidated Bharti
Airtel's leadership position in that region. A key feature of Atul's leadership and strategic acumen
has been his ability to translate strategy into excellent business results. When leading the south
regional hub, Atul provided strategic direction and thought leadership across various business
domains. Not only has Atul displayed a high degree of dedication and commitment in
establishing Airtel as a strong brand but has also led in building functional excellence.
Mr Manoj Kohli, President, Bharti Airtel said , I am delighted to announce the appointment of
Atul as the Joint President of our Broadband and Telephone services. Atul, with his strategic
business sense and people management skills will lead a set of highly talented and competent
leaders to take Bharti Airtels Broadband & Telephone Services division to the next level of
excellence in Broadband services in 92 towns.
He added, Deepak Srivastava has successfully led the Bihar & Jharkhand market to leadership
and I am confident that in his new assignment, he will continue to set new standards and scale
new heights in North Airtel Broadband & Telephone Services.
Before his tenure at Bharti, Atul Bindal was the Commercial Director, Asia Pacific with DHL at
Singapore with executive responsibilities for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Pricing and e-
Commerce for the US$1.5Bn region. He has also worked for AlliedSignal/Honeywell for almost
seven years across India, Asia Pacific and USA in various operating and functional roles.
Deepak Srivastava was the Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Services, Bihar & Jharkhand. He
joined Bharti Airtel in 2004, and has been instrumental in leading Airtel to leadership in both
these markets. Prior to joining Bharti Airtel, Deepak was with leading British multinationals like
BOC Group and ICI Plc.
About Bharti Airtel Limited
Bharti Airtel Limited is one of Indias leading private sector providers of telecommunications
services with an aggregate of 27.24 million customers as of end of August06, consisting of
25.65 million mobile customers. Bharti Airtel has been rated among 10 best performing
companies in the world in the BusinessWeek IT 100 list.
Bharti Airtel is structured into three strategic business units Mobile services, Broadband &
Telephone (B&T) services and Enterprise services. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed
wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles. The B&T business provides
broadband & telephone services in 92 cities. The Enterprise services provide end to end telecom
solutions to corporate customers and national & international long distance services to carriers.
All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Airtels high-speed optic fibre network
currently spans over 35,000 kms covering all the major cities in the country. The company has
two international landing stations in Chennai that connects two submarine cable systems i2i to
Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe. For more information, visit www.bhartiairtel.in

We are one of Asias leading providers of telecommunication services with presence in all the 22
licensed jurisdictions (also known as Telecom Circles) in India, and in Srilanka. We served an
aggregate of 105,195,762 customers as of June 30, 2009; of whom 102,367,881 subscribe to our
GSM services and 2,827,881 use our Telemedia Services either for voice and/or broadband access
delivered through DSL. We are the largest wireless service provider in the country, based on the
number of subscribers as of June 30, 2009. We also offer an integrated suite of telecom solutions
to our enterprise customers, in addition to providing long distance connectivity both nationally and
internationally. We have recently forayed into media by launching our DTH and IPTV Services.
All these services are rendered under a unified brand Airtel.
The company also deploys, owns and manages passive infrastructure pertaining to telecom
operations under its subsidiary Bharti Infratel Limited. Bharti Infratel owns 42% of Indus Towers

Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers are the two top providers of passive infrastructure services in

Company shares are listed on The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) and The National Stock
Exchange of India Limited (NSE)

The company has a strategic alliance with SingTel. The investment made by SingTel is one of the
largest investments made in the world outside Singapore, in the company.

The companys mobile network equipment partners include Ericsson and Nokia. In the case of the
broadband and telephone services and enterprise services (carriers), equipment suppliers include
Siemens, Nortel, Corning, among others. The Company also has an information technology
alliance with IBM for its group-wide information technology requirements and with Nortel for call
center technology requirements. The call center operations for the mobile services have been
outsourced to IBM Daksh, Hinduja TMT, Teletech & Mphasis.

The company's unique strategic outsourcing model has been studied and documented by
Harvard Business School as a case study which is available for download
Factsheet At-a-glance guide to Bharti Airtel
Organization Structure Organisation chart depicting the Senior Management positions
Shareholding Structure Details on the latest shareholding structure and major
Awards & Recognitions Laurels recognising Bharti's consistent efforts.

Whats your Rashee? premieres on television on Airtel digital TV
Bharti Airtel and Cisco Form Strategic Business Alliance to Help Drive Growth for Indian
Media Statement from Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel to Observe Silent period
Airtel boosts broadband speed for its Triple Play customers on digital TV interactive

Sunil Bharti MIttal
Manoj Kohli
MR. Akhil Gupta
Mr. Atul Bindal
David Nishball
Dr. Jai Menon
Krishnamurthy Shankar
S. Asokan
Sanjay Kapoor
K Srinivas
Srikanth Balachander
Jyoti Pawar


The board of directors of the Company has an optimum mix of executive and non-executive
directors, which consists of two executive and fourteen non-executive directors.The
Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, is an Executive Director and the
number of Independent Directors on the Board is 50% of the total board strength. The
independence of a director is determined on the basis that such director does not have any
material pecuniary relationship with the Company, its promoters or its management, which may
affect the independence of the judgment of a Director. The board members possess requisite
skills, experience and expertise required to take decisions, which are in the best interest of the

The composition of the Board is as under:
Sunil Bharti Mittal

Rajan Bharti Mittal

Akhil Gupta

Rakesh Bharti Mittal

Chua Sock Koong

N. Kumar

Craig Ehrlich

Mauro Sentinelli

Paul OSullivan

Pulak Chandan Prasad

Bashir Abdulla Currimjee

Ajay Lal

Arun Bharat Ram

Manoj Kohli

Quah Kung Yang

Nikesh Arora

Audit Committee

Composition of Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of Bharti Airtel Limited comprises of following six members, two-third
of which are independent directors.
S. No. Member Director Category
1. N.Kumar (Chairman) Independent Director
2. Rakesh Bharti Mittal Non-Executive Director
3. Arun Bharat Ram Independent Director
4. Ajay Lal Independent Director
5. Pulak Chandan Prasad Independent Director
6. Mr. Quah Kung Yang Non-Executive Director
The Company Secretary or his/her nominee act as the Secretary of the Committee.
The Committee shall meet at least four times a year. The time gap between any two
meetings shall be less than 4 months.
Annual General Meeting
The Committee Chairman shall attend the Annual General Meeting.

Key Functions

The key functions of the Audit Committee include the following:
Oversight of the Companys financial reporting process and the disclosure of its
financial information, to ensure that the financial statements are true and accurate and
provide sufficient information.
Recommending to the Board, the appointment, re-appointment and, if required, the
replacement or removal of the statutory auditor and the fixation of their audit fees.
Approval of payment to statutory auditors for any other services rendered by the
statutory auditors.
Reviewing, with the management, the annual financial statements before submission to
the Board for approval, with particular reference to:
i. Matters required to be included in the Directors Responsibility Statement, which forms
part of the Boards report in terms of clause (2AA) of section 217 of the Companies Act,
ii. Changes, if any, in accounting policies and practices and reasons for the same.
iii. Major accounting entries involving estimates based on the exercise of judgment by
iv. Significant adjustments made in the financial statements arising out of audit findings.
v. Compliance with listing and other legal requirements relating to financial statements.
vi. Disclosure of any related party transactions.
vii. Qualifications in the draft audit report.
Reviewing, with the management, the quarterly financial statements before submission
to the Board for approval.
Reviewing, with the management, performance of statutory and internal auditors,
adequacy of the internal control systems.
Reviewing the adequacy of internal audit function including the structure of the internal
audit department, staffing and seniority of the official heading the department,
availability and deployment of resources to complete their responsibilities and the
performance of the out-sourced audit activity.
Discussion with internal auditors with respect to the coverage and frequency of internal
audits as per the annual audit plan, nature of significant findings and follow up thereof.
Reviewing the findings of any internal investigations by the internal auditors into
matters where there is suspected fraud or irregularity or a failure of internal control
systems of a material nature and reporting the matter to the Board.
Obtaining an update on the Risks Management Framework and the manner in which
risks are being addressed.
Discussion with statutory auditors before the audit commences, about the nature and
scope of audit as well as post-audit discussion to ascertain any area of concern.
Review the reasons for substantial defaults in the payment to the depositors, debenture
holders, shareholders (in case of non payment of declared dividends) and creditors, if
To review the functioning of the Whistle Blower mechanism and the nature of
complaints received by the Ombudsman.
Carrying out any other function as is mentioned in the terms of reference of the Audit
The un-audited/ audited quarterly financial results of the Company are also specifically
reviewed by the Audit Committee before these are submitted to the Board for approval. Minutes
of each Audit Committee meeting are placed before the Board for noting.
The Audit Committee is empowered, pursuant to its terms of reference, to:
Investigate any activity within its terms of reference and to seek any information it
requires from any employee.
Obtain legal or other independent professional advice and to secure the attendance of
outsiders with relevant experience and expertise, when considered necessary.
Bharti Airtel Limited has instituted internal processes and systems to insure that the Audit
Committee has access to all the material information, and reviews on a regular basis the
Management discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations.
Statement of significant related party transactions (as defined by the audit committee),
submitted by management.
Management Certificates on Internal Controls and Compliance with laws & regulations,
including any exceptions to these.
Management letters / letters of internal control weaknesses issued by the statutory
Internal audit reports relating to internal control weaknesses.
The appointment, removal and terms of remuneration of the Chief Internal Auditor.
The financial statements, in particular the investments, if any made by the unlisted
subsidiary companies.
The Audit Committee is also presented with the following information on related party
transactions (whenever applicable):
A statement in summary form of transactions with related parties in the ordinary course
of business.
Details of material transactions with related parties, which are not in the normal course
of business.
Details of material transactions with related parties or others, which are not on an arms
length basis along with managements justification for the same.
The Committee may invite other Directors/ Officers of the Company to attend the meetings of
the Committee as Invitees from time to time, as and when required.
Minutes of the Audit Committee are placed before the Board in its subsequent meeting

Name Bharti Airtel Limited.
Business Description Provides GSM mobile services in all the 22 telecom circles in India,
and was the first private operator to have an all India presence.
Provides telemedia services (fixed line and broadband services
through DSL) in 95 cities in India.
Established July 07, 1995, as a Public Limited Company
Proportionate Revenue Rs. 369,615 million (year ended March 31, 2009-Audited)
Rs. 270,250 million (year ended March 31, 2008-Audited)
As per US GAAP Accounts
Rs. 151,678 million (year ended March 31, 2009 - Audited)
Rs. 113,715 million (year ended March 31, 2008 - Audited)
As per US GAAP Accounts
Shares in Issue 1,898,373,280 as at June 30, 2009
Listings The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE)
The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE)
Market Capitalisation
Customer Base 102,367,881 GSM mobile and 2,827,881 Telemedia Customers
(status as on June 30, 2009)
Operational Network Provides GSM mobile services in all the 22 telecom circles in India,
and was the first private operator to have an all India presence.
Provides telemedia services (fixed line) in 95 cities in India.
Registered Office Bharti Airtel Limited
(A Bharti Enterprise)
Aravali Crescent, 1 Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj Phase II
New Delhi - 110 070

Tel. No.: +91 11 4666 6100

Fax No.: +91 11 4666 6411

Awards and Recognitions
For the year 2008-2009
Voted Indias most innovative company in a survey conducted by The
Wall Street Journal in 2008
Winner of the Gallup Great Workplace Award- Gallup Consulting, 2008
2nd Most Trusted Service Brand - Annual Economic Times-Brand Equity,
Most Trusted Brands survey 2008
Best Content Service Award for its Farmer Information Dissemination
Platform for Bharti Airtels joint venture with IFFCO, IKSL (IFFCO Kisan
Samachar) - World Communications Awards 2008
Best Project Management Award for its Gujarat e-GRAM project - World
Communications Awards 2008
Best Telecom Company at the NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards
Best Carrier India for innovative products & services and efficient cost
models and the Ovum Telco-Transformation award recognizing philosophy
and execution of a successful outsourcing strategy at the Telecom Asia Awards
Sunil Bharti Mittal was awarded the GSM Association Chairmans Award
2008. The highest honour in global telecom sector, recognized his tremendous
contribution to the development of Indias telecom sector
Sunil Bharti Mittal adjudged the Business Leader Transforming India, 2008 at the NDTV Profit
Business Leadership Awards

The period for the annual results is April 01 to March 31 every year.
View the Annual Report (IGAAP) for the financial year FY2008-2009
View the audited consolidated financial statements as per US GAAP for
year ended March 31, 2009

Corporate Governance

Bharti Airtel Limited firmly believes in the principles of Corporate Governance and is committed
to conduct its business in a manner, which will ensure sustainable, capital-efficient and long-term
growth thereby maximising value for its shareholders, customers, employees and society at large.
Companys policies are in line with Corporate Governance guidelines prescribed under Listing
Agreement/s with Stock Exchanges and the Company ensures that various disclosures
requirements are complied in letter and spirit for effective Corporate Governance.

During the financial year 2003-04, your Company was assigned highest Governance and Value
Creation (GVC) rating viz. Level 1 rating by CRISIL, which indicates that the companys
capability with respect to creating wealth for all its stakeholders is the highest, while adopting
sound Corporate Governance practices.This rating was re-affirmed by CRISIL on April 20,2006.

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

Human Resource (HR)/ Remuneration Committee

ESOP Compensation Committee

Investor Grievance Committee

Memorandum of Association

Article of Association

Code Of Conduct

Investor Relations
Creating value for our customers, employees, investors, partners, vendors and the
society at large lies at the root of our fundamental business strategy. Our core
principles of trust and transparency have come a long way in helping us develop and
nurture long-term relationships with our key stakeholders. Our performance exudes
from our belief in and commitment to the telecom sector; and translates into creating
innovative exciting opportunities for one and all

Whats your Rashee? premieres on television on Airtel digital TV

Bharti Airtel and Cisco Form Strategic Business Alliance to Help Drive Growth
for Indian Enterprises

Media Statement from Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel to Observe Silent period

Airtel boosts broadband speed for its Triple Play customers on digital TV

Airtel digital TV premieres Oscar winner The Curious Case of Benjamin
Button on Indian television

Organisation Structure

As an outcome of a restructuring exercise conducted within the company; a new integrated
organizational structure has emerged; with realigned roles, responsibilities and reporting
relationships of Bhartis key team players. With effect from March 01, 2006, this unified
management structure of 'One Airtel' will enable continued improvement in the delivery of the
Groups strategic vision.

Bharti Airtel - Organization Structure

Bharti Enterprises - Organization Structure

Business Divisions

Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile
services in all the 23-telecom circles of
India and is the largest mobile service
provider in the country, based on the
number of customers.

The group offers high speed broadband internet with a
best in class network. With Landline services in 94 cities
we help you stay in touch with your friends & family and
the world. Get world class entertainment with Indias
best direct to home (DTH) service digital TV in more
than 150 cities


Whats your Rashee? premieres on television on Airtel digital TV

Bharti Airtel and Cisco Form Strategic Business Alliance to Help Drive Growth for Indian

Media Statement from Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel to Observe Silent period

Airtel boosts broadband speed for its Triple Play customers on digital TV interactive

Airtel digital TV premieres Oscar winner The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on
Indian television

Enterprise Services provides a broad portfolio of services to large Enterprise and Carrier
customers. This division comprises of the Carrier and Corporate business unit. Enterprise
Services is regarded as the trusted communications partner to India's leading organizations,
helping them to meet the challenges of growth

Bharti Airtel

This business unit delivers end to
end telecom solutions to Indias
large corporates. It serves as the
single point of contact for all
telecommunication needs for
corporate customers in India by
providing full suite of
communication services across
data, voice and managed services.

It specializes in providing
customized solutions to address
unique requirements of different
industry verticals; BFSI, IT, ITeS,
Manufacturing and distribution,
media, education, telecom,
Government and PSUs and retail
among others.

Backed by the alliances with
leading technology companies
worldwide and state of the art
infrastructure, it offers complete
range of telecom solutions. These
solutions enable corporates to
network their offices within India

Carrier business unit provides long
distance wholesale voice and data
services to carrier customers as
well as to other business units of
Airtel. It also offers virtual calling
card services in the overseas

The business unit owns a state of
the art national and international
long distance network
infrastructure enabling it to provide
connectivity services both within
India and connecting India to the

The national long distance
infrastructure comprises of 83,389
Rkms of optical fibre, over 1,500
MPLS and SDH POPs and over
1,000 POIs with the local
exchanges, providing a pan India

The international infrastructure
includes ownership of the i2i
and across the globe, provide them
infrastructure to run business
critical applications and provide
them means to connect with their
customers, vendors and employees.

These services include; Internet,
MPLS -VPN, domestic and
international private leased circuits,
Satellite services (VSAT), Audio &
Video conferencing, Data centre
services, Managed network
services, corporate value added
services, EPBX, Centrex, Contact
centre solutions.
submarine cable system connecting
Chennai to Singapore, consortium
ownership of the SMW4 submarine
cable system and investment in
capacities across a number of
diverse submarine cable systems
across transatlantic and transpacific
routes. In recent past it has
announced investments in new
cable systems such as Asia
America Gateway (AAG), India
Middle East and Western Europe
(IMEWE), Unity North, & EIG
(Europe India Gateway).

For Your Business
Airtel is proud to be the trusted communications partner to Indias leading organisations, working
for them to meet the challenges of growth. Across India. Beyond India. We offer a full suite of
business communication services across data, voice and managed services. Our solutions are
tailored to fit your particular needs.
We are a part of the Bharti Group. We have always been challenging the limits of innovation and
striving to find new and better ways of doing things.
Our people are committed to helping you succeed. We will stick with you
through thick and thin. We are on your side and by your side.

How we work
Can do

We are part of Bharti, itself a pioneering group and champion of India's economic progress. We have
been instrumental in steering the course of the communications sector in the last twelve years as India
has opened up. We have always been challenging convention, striving to do more, be the best. Can do'
is in our DNA. It is the secret of how we have grown so quickly.It is the Spirit in which we work with
our clients.
On your side
Airtel and its people are committed to helping you succeed. Not just meeting today's
communication challnges but preparing you for tomorrow. we won't force you down a particular
path but bring in other specialist partners to give you what you need. We have your interests at
heart. We are on your side.
By your side
Our people work in teams dedicated to each client. They are responsive and do what it takes to
deliver. From handling regulatroy issues to overcoming practical complexities, we know how
business works here. And because time in India is measured in months not years, we move fast.

Data and IP Solutions
Our portfolio of Data and IP services helps you do business at ease. From keeping
your mission critical applications running to managing the flow of information
across the globe, our comprehensive suite of data technologies and infrastructure
support does it all for you.

Voice Solutions
Businesses need to invest in resources in a multimodal
communication environment to offer seamless customer
experience. Our voice solutions help you communicate
and collaborate within and beyond your organization,
helping you meet the demands of growth.

Mobility Solutions
We offer you mobile
solutions that are
developed with one
thing in mind, your
business. Whether
you are a single or a
large operator, we
create a price plan
that works for your
business along with a
range of features or
services to meet your

Fixed Line and
Your business needs
to be in touch with its
customers ,
proactively respond
to the evolving
customer needs and
extend a uniform
customer experience.

Enterprise VAS
With our portfolio of
Enterprise value
added services, you
can stay connected
wherever you are and
continue to perform
all the tasks using
your handheld


Meet face to face virtually. With our Conferencing services, you will no more be constrained by
geographies or time zones. Now you can stay connected with your colleagues and business
partners, without even being there.

Audio Conference
With our Audio
conference service,
you can now change
the office space
forever. This service
provides you the
convenience of
conversations with
your team members
at different locations
through a phone.

Know more

Video Conference
Now you and your
colleagues at
distant locations can
interact in real-time
with full-motion
video and audio. Our
Video conference
service provides a
virtual meeting
environment, giving
you the benefit of
real meeting. Besides
the audio and visual
transmission of
meeting activities,
this service can be
used to share
information, and

Managed Co-location Service
Airtels Managed Co-location Services ensure that your technology investments are secure in a
high performance environment, thus providing you peace of mind. Backed by industry specific
SLAs, network uptime guarantees and full scalability to meet your growing business need, our
services help you focus on your own business and utilize your resources better.
Airtel provides State-of-the-Art Tier III and Tier III+ data centers to co-locate and operate your
business critical IT & Telecom equipments and applications. We own an extensive global and
domestic network infrastructure. You could drive significant operational efficiencies by having a
single partner for your managed co-location and network connectivity needs. Our MPLS POPs at
select Data Center locations provide you network redundancy, resilience & low latency.
How Managed Co-location Services benefit you
Choice of location
Predictable expenses
Reduced risk
Industry specific SLAs and network uptime guarantee
Scalability to meet growing business needs
Performance optimization


Airtel provides state-of-the-art Tier 3/3 + Data Centers to host your business critical IT &
Telecom equipments and applications.
Our Data Center services include entire suite of managed hosting, storage, business
continuity, data protection and security services.

Integrated Service Offerings

Infrastructure and Footprint
Our Data Centers are located in major Indian cities
Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Mumbai and Pune

Over a quarter million of combined hosting space including
space at major PoP locations.

Fixed Cellular Terminals
Our Digital fixed cellular terminal (FCT) is a cost optimization solution that converts your fixed
line to mobile calls into mobile to mobile calls. Thus, saving up to 70% of your total telecom

What you get
Scalability of the system from 8 to 32 channels in one box
Remote monitoring, online error rectification, extension-wise call detail
Complex routing function
Maximum call duration limit facility

How it benefits you
Digital FCT Network diagram
Corporate Ring Back Tone
Now extend a uniform brand experience at all customer touch points. With our Corporate Ring
Back Tone (CRBT) service you can provision your own corporate 'tune' as a common ring tone
across all communication lines. This extension of the famous Hello Tunes service from Airtel
helps you reinforce your brand identity.
How it suits you
Corporate tune/ theme songs
New product / scheme announcements
Corporate announcements - recent achievements,
financial results etc
Change of address
How it benefits you
Accentuates your brand identity

Partner Relationship Management

Bharti Airtel's requirements with respect to Partner Relationship Management. Bharti Airtel
partner engagement strategies focus on selecting the most capable partners worldwide and
continuously working with them to enhance their capabilities of providing conforming goods or
services, on time. The fundamental criterion for selecting and developing a long-term
relationship with our partners is Best Value. Best Value applies not only to product cost, but
also to costs and risks of acquisition and materials handling. Best Value, therefore includes the
partner's service level, contribution to initiatives, and conformance to quality on all the
requirements outlined in this manual.
Bharti Airtel's PRM Process comprises of the following steps
o Categorization
o Rewards & recognition
o Satisfaction level
o Communication
o Grievances
Partner categorization is done on the following parameters
o Business Size
o Business Impact
o Business Model
o Type of product/item/service
o Type of Technology & Domain knowledge
o Performance status
Partner Categories are
o Privileged Partners - Registered, Approved, have contracts, currently supplying and Delight
us on every aspect of business engagement.
o Preferred Partners - Registered, Approved, Have contracts, supplying with satisfactory
o Present Partners - Registered, Approved, Have contracts and currently supplying
o Potential Partners - Registered & Approved but no contract with them
Partner categorization is decided by the panel of experts from costing and pricing vertical
of SCM function. Based on the category type, following privileges are given to partners

Rewards and Recognition
Consistent performance is the basis for rewarding and recognising Partners. The reward and
recognition criteraia is partner performance score card. The performance is analysed for
different partner categories.
The list of paramters and their weightages are


Ranking Parameters









Development / Innovation / New

After Sales service / SLA


Responsiveness / Flexibility


BACKWARD Compatibility / Scalability


Systems and Processes


Partner Satisfaction
Partner Satisfaction is considered as important tool by Bharti Airtel to improve and further
develop its internal processes and external processes with partners in the supply chain
network. Partner Satisfaction is considered
o As an element of supply chain management including partnership, supply management and
collaboration, quality management and reverse marketing
o As an analogical element with customer satisfaction including marketing research
o As analogical approach with 360 methodology .
In order to obtain an unbiased feedback, the surveys is conducted by an independent external
agency. Survey parameters are jointly decided by partner approval team and the agency.
These surveys are conducted once a year for selected Partners.

The confidentiality of the survey data is maintained by the agency and is not disclosed to
Bharti Airtel.

The outcome of the survey would include
o Area of improvements
o Internal Benchmarks
o Competition Benchmarking
o Best Practices
The results and feedback received from the partner satisfaction survey would be used to
improve partner engagement processes at all levels of the organization. Partner touch-points
would also be given feedbacks on their interaction & support effectiveness.
Partner Grievances
Bharti Airtel recognizes Partners as one of the key stakeholders of its business and hence it is
important to address their grievances in transparent and structured manner. Issues related to
ethics and integrity are handled by Ombudsman Process as per the Bharti Airtel Code of
Conduct policy.
All other grievances are monitored, reviewed and resolved by Supply Chain Council. This
council comprises of senior members of the supply chain function.
Partner identity is kept confidential in case of sensitive grievances like integrity issues.
Types of grievances
Grievences are broadly classified in the following catagories
o Payments
o Dispute/Disagreement in bussiness
o Unethical/Integrity/Code of Conduct violations
There are different channels through which Partners can register their grievances
o Partner Portal (to be activated soon)
o E-mails to helpdesk
Overview of Partner grievances handling process is given below

Partner Communication
This section outlines Bharti Airtel requirements with respect to Partner Communication.
Bharti Airtel believes that Communiaction is the nerve line for any partnership and focuses on
establishing a transparent, two-way and trusting relationship with all partners.
Communication with partners is done at different levels
o Functional Directors - Conceptualization of requirement, delivery timing and KPI's User
Owner - Delivery as per specification, timeline and usage requirement Supply Chain Team -
Commercial and Contractual Agreements Governance Team - Code of Conduct, Contractal
Obligations and Ethical Issues Three types of communications are considered
o Strategic
o Operational
o Need Based

Introduction to supply chain management

Bharti Airtel understands the importance of partners to remain competitive in a
dynamic business environment. As a step in that direction, the Supply Chain
(SCM) function has been created with a mandate to develop partner relationships to
maximize mutual opportunities for growth and profitability. The SCM organization
has a central core team of supply chain subject mater experts and execution teams
operating under different business divisions across the country.

Supply Chain Philosophy

At the center of Bharti Airtel's Supply Chain Philosophy is partnership and
collaboration. The Supply Chain characteristics have therefore been defined using
the same approach, shown in the table below.

Supply Chain Characteristics

Bharti Airtel

Number & Structure

Fewer; Clustered
Procurement personnel


Nature of Interactions

Cooperative, positive-

Relationship focus

Relationship focus

Contract length

Pricing practices

Target costing
Price Changes



Smaller Quantities (JIT)

Inventory buffers

Minimized, eliminated

Extensive; multi-level

Collaborative; two-way
Role in development

Production flexibility

Technology sharing

Dedicated investments

Mutual commitment


Future Expectations


Integrity and Ethics

The partners will conduct all its dealings in a very ethical manner and with the
highest business standards.

All partners with a bussiness relationship with Bharti Airtel shall comply with the
highest level of integrity and ethical practices.

The partners will provide all possible assistance to Bharti Airtel in order to
investigate any possible instances of unethical behavior or business conduct
violations by its employee. Partner will disclose forthwith any breach of these
provisions that comes to their knowledge to allow for timely action in their
prevention and detection.

Partners will adopt appropriate processes to prevent offering any illegal
gratification in the form of bribes or kickbacks either in cash or in kind in the
course of all dealings with us. Any instances of such violations will be viewed in a
serious manner and Bharti Airtel reserves the right to take all appropriate actions or
remedies as may be required under the circumstances.

All partners are required to confirm their compliance to ethical dealings on an
annual basis by signing a certificate to this effect as per Bharti Airtel's standard
annual certificate.

Any ethical or integrity issues observed or encountered while dealing with Bharti
Airtel shall be bought to the notice of Bharti Airtels senior management or the
Head of Internal Audit immediately.

Environment, health and safety

Suppliers dealing with Bharti Airtel shall comply and adhere to all laws, regulations
and guidelines on environment, health and safety.

Suppliers will ensure that all new service offerings as well as new product designs
are in compliance with the relevant environmental regulation and guidelines, at the
time of implementation at Bharti Airtel.

Protection of Intellectual Property

The Partner:

shall comply with the guidelines for use of the trademarks and trade names
notified by the Company (including but not limited to 'Bharti' and 'Airtel')
and shall not use the Company trademarks and trade names without the prior
written consent of the Company.

shall, under no circumstances, advertise or use Bharti Airtel's name to market
its own product or associate its company with Bharti Airtel. If a partner spots
any counterfeit or infringing Company product/service, the partner shall
immediately notify Bharti Airtel.

shall not reproduce, in whole or in substantial part, any copyrighted work in
hard copies, prints, video or electronic copies in violation of the copyright
laws including the Bharti Airtel's Partner Manual.

Bharti Airtel's intellectual property also resides in trade secrets or know-hows.
Trade secrets are technical, commercial or other information unknown to the public,
which can bring economic benefits to its owner. Documents that contain trade
secrets and available to the Partner shall be safeguarded and not shared by the
Partner with any third party without prior written consent of Bharti Airtel.
Domestic and international trade controls

Suppliers shall understand and follow applicable domestic and international trade
control and customs laws and regulations, including, but not limited to those relating
to licensing, shipping and import documentation and reporting and record retention

Conflict of Interest

Suppliers will ensure they do not engage in any personal dealings with Bharti
employees, especially those that they interact with on Bharti business matters.


Better environment of organization.
Company based program attracts new more and more clients.
Friendly nature of the branch manager toward every employee.
Satisfactory service of ARM (Associate relationship manager) toward client.
Wide distribution network and marketing effort.
Better quality network.


Airtel is lackin in technology as CDMA mobile are providing better service.
Airtel network is very weak in rural areas.
The monthly rental and clip charges in Airtle postpaid connections are higher in
comparison to prepaid connection.
In Airtel postpaid connections there is no package provided by the company like
SMS package, on the other hand in prepaid connections there are different
packages available like 700 SMS in Rs.100.
To analyses the production & policies of AIRTEL Pvt. Ltd,
To know the current market share of postpaid connection.
To know the test & preference of consumer for the postpaid products.
To measure the customer satisfaction regarding the postpaid d connection.
To understand the reaction of consumers by listening to the brand.
To know the sex ratio of Airtel users.
To know the current market player & competitors
To study the customers though process.


After doing a research study certain suggestion have come from my site which will help
Airtel to attract more customer if the proposed recommendation are taken into account
It is important to increase the customer base in semi urban and rural areas,
which offer a huge potential, which still remains.
Prices of the Airtel should be made more competitive.
Company should try to emotionally attach the consumer to the company.
If the company wants to grow & develop, it must increase it marketing not only
to urban areas but also rural areas where it is lagging behind.
From marketing point of view the company should display its name on the
premises as it leaves clear picture & identification marks in the mind of
Since distribution is a key determinant of success for all telecom companies.
If the company increases the customer list, company have to do adopt a good
advertising media therefore, a clear picture will be make in customer mind about
the company and companies plans and policy.

In Gwalior the mobile market is very competitive cash & every mobile service provider
MSP is competition need to need with each other.
As we know airtel I a new star in sky of mobile so it is facing very tough competitions but
it is also presenting a healthily competition to others MSP.
The brand image mostly depend upon promotional strategy, Airtel has to do more
promotional activities. The brand ambassador of Airtel . The famous file state Shahrukh
Khan & Karina Kapoor is a major attraction of Airtel. The visibility and hording of Airtel is
increasing that indicate that Airtel has due to government policy and companies
My conclusion says that Airtel has number three but is because it come very late in
Gwalior but its customer range is increasing the day not say for which Airtel will be no I
in mobile industries of Gwalior.