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Ameenah witnessed two wars. She was only eight when the Philippine
government waged an all-out war against the MILF in 2000. War erupted again in
2003 when she was 11.
Napakahirap ng buhay pag nagkakagulo. Wala kaming tamang direksyon. Hindi
namin alam kung saan kami lalapit at kung saan kami pupunta. (Life is very
difcult when theres fghting. Our lives lack direction. We do not know what to
do. We do not know whom we should approach for help.)
Ameenah sits almost stone stif as she recalls the difculties she went through
during the war. Her eyes hardly meet her interviewer. Takot na takot ang buong
pamilya namin. (Our family was very much afraid.)
A stray bullet killed Ameenahs grandmother. Afraid to lose
another life, their whole family decided to evacuate. Life at
the evacuation centre disoriented Ameenah.
Magulo doon. Ang mga kapatid ko kahit saan
pumupunta. (Everything was in chaos. My
siblings became restless, so they gallivanted
Inug-ug, Ameenahs village in Pagalungan,
Maguindanao, became a military target
because MILF rebels took positions there.
The bombs burned down the school
building, the rice felds and the cornfelds.
Even the trees were bombarded
because they were said to be hiding
places of the Muslim rebels.
Basta kasama ko ang buo kong
pamilya, masaya na ako. (I am happy
as long as I am with my family.) She
is defnite about who causes the
war, Yung mga taong walang
minamahal sa buhay. (People
who love no one.) She will
survive anything as long as
her whole family, whom she
truly loves, is with her.
Now you know her story.
See how you could help by sharing their stories.
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Muslim women, like Muslim men, do also face a lot of struggles in the society.
Their struggle would range from simply wearing their hijab up to the way they
express their religion. Professionals like Samira Gutoc, a freelance journalist and
co-founder of the Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN), attest that the
hijab prejudice and other biases are not confned to schools, but to the workplace
and normal daily routines.
After college, I wanted to apply for a broadcasting career, so I was wearing my
veil, and I applied to all broadcasting companies and other major companies in
Metro Manila. Most of them asked if I could remove my veil, Gutoc said.
Even in taking cabs, Sometimes it takes you longer
and I have to ask friends to wave a taxi for me, she
The YMPN, a network of professionals around the
world, monitors and collects incident reports of
discrimination against members of the Muslim
Most of the incidents that are shared to us
are from job applicants in Metro Manila. The
incidents are students who cannot get into a
dormitory because they are Muslims, and then
job applicants who have to change their names.
She added that some Muslims are constrained
from practicing their religion in the
workplace because they sometimes
cannot observe religious holidays
and they do not have access to
public prayer areas or they cannot
pray fve times a day, an Islamic
practice. They also do not have
access to restaurants or places
serving halal meals, which
consist of meat that should
have been cut by a Muslim
person invoking the name of
God using a knife that should
not have touched pork.
Now you know his story.
See how you could help by sharing their stories.
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Terrorist. Abu Sayyaf. These labels have
always been, and perhaps, will continue to
be part of their lives.
Of the four alleged Abu Sayyaf
members arrested, he is innocent.
Redondo Dellosa, a Muslim revert,
has been reported to have been
abducted and was among those
arrested as members of the Abu
When you are abducted and tortured,
you wouldnt have any other recourse
but to admit what they tell you to
admit, Amirah Ali Lidasan, secretary
general of the Moro-Schristian Peoples
Alliance, said, adding that this is the same
pattern the government military and police
ofcers have used in Basilan.
On March 28, 2010, around 5:00 in the
afternoon, several unidentifed men in
civilian clothes abducted Villanueva
in the parking lot in front of the
entrance of Shoemart Fairview
shopping mall. Witnesses to the
abduction said that there were
several men who forced Villanueva
to go inside a Revo sports utility
Villanueva is now detained
pending fling of criminal
charges but Lidasan
said, When we visited
him, he bore torture