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Mohammed Hashim
Career Objective:
My aim is to associate with an organization as an Employee which can
provide dynamic work sphere and utilize my inherent skills, abilities and
experience, at the same time use and develop my aptitude to further organizations
objectives, and prospects my career as well.
Proi!e S"mmar#:
More over Three (3) years' experience in the feld of
Marketing/Administration/Documentation in reputed Travels agencies &
Companies in India as well as Saudi Arabia.
Ed"catio$a! %"a!iicatio$s:
BSc. (Bio Stream) - 2009
Com&"ter '$o(!ed)e:
MS Ofce/Excel/Power Point
Photoshop/Coral Draw, Windows.
Written communication etc.
*or+ E,&erie$ce Detai!s:
Com&a$#: -adra$ Midd!e East Co.Ltd /ISO: Certiied0 Sa"di Arabia
Project : SAMco Acrylic acid
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Correspondence Address: 9580331490 Email id-hashimmohd22@mail.com

Main Client : Samsung Arabia Co.Ltd KSA
Position : Business Co-coordinator
Period : Jan 2010 to Till Date
Com&a$#: 1!oba! Direct2 /Associate o 3odao$e Com&a$#0 M"mbai
Position : Marketing Sales man
Period : Oct 2010 to Dec 2010
Com&a$#: Ab" Sa!ma$ E,&ort Com&a$# M"mbai4
Position : Admin Assistant/ Representative
Period : May 2010 to Aug 2010
Com&a$#: A! Maroo To"r 5 Trave!s M"mbai. Reco)$i6ed b# 1ov. o
Position : Ofce Assistant cum Secretary
Period : April 2009 to March 2010
D"ties a$d Res&o$sibi!ities:
Handles calls and promptly forwards them to appropriate employee
arranging scheduling meetings for all employees.
Handled enquiries which came from outside.
Examined causes, including fraud and Local Authority errors.
Perform day to day tasks involving information gathering and
processing of fles.
To make an appointment with client for the commercials purpose.
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Correspondence Address: 9580331490 Email id-hashimmohd22@mail.com

Skills to operate computer systems and use them to maintain
Registering the incoming and outgoing documents for controlling their
tractability and fling.
Responsible for receiving and logging of various documents from
vendors/ Client.
Documentation review, routing, copying and fling.
Assigned in Document Control Section, responsible for all outgoing
correspondence to Client, Sub-Contractors and incoming from Client,
and Sub-Contractors, distribution, log in Microsoft Excel and fling in
proper place.
Handle all kinds of communication by preparing memos of internal &
external, within company and various clients.
Maintain soft copy and fling electronically in the discipline as per the
each one sub-system wise.
Segregate each one hard copy and fling discipline wise.
Maintaining day to day piling status in system.
Prepare weekly schedule to take status of site inspection.
Responsible for the receipt, issue/distribution, copying, storage and
archiving of project documentation received or issued on site
including vendors/contractors documentation received or issued on
Establish and maintain a fling system for all technical documents.
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Correspondence Address: 9580331490 Email id-hashimmohd22@mail.com

Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports which refects the
progress of the Project documents.
Efectively involve in team works.
Attend to all incoming mails and calls, sorts/logs and distributes
required receives outgoing mails, logs and distribute.
Overall control of the entire incoming / outgoing document.
To handle communication of document with contractor.
Personal Profile:
Nationality : Indian.
Marital status : Single
Driving License : India & GCC Valid
Date of Birth : 20
May 1989.
Languages known : English, Hindi and Urdu.
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Correspondence Address: 9580331490 Email id-hashimmohd22@mail.com