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Rasna International

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Sales, Distribution and Promotion
Rasna International
Robin Saini

In Partial Fulfillment for the award of the degree
Batch 2013-15

EMAIL - info@indiraiimp.edu.in, WEBSITE indiraiimp.edu.in

Rasna International
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Sales, Distribution and Promotion

Rasna International

Under the supervision
Submitted By- Submitted to-
Robin Saini Prof. Pallavi Sajanapwar
Roll number 70

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Certificate from the Company

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I have benefitted a lot from the project during my course of MBA from Indira
Institute of Management. The project had been a rewarding knowledge. I have got
into these various aspects of Rasna by analyzing various information sources in the
I take this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of those people
who helped me in the successful completion of this project and also express my
special thanks to Prof Pallavi Sajanapwar (faculty guide), Mrs. Madhuri Sathe
(Placement Cell Head) and Mr.Gaurav jaiswal (industry guide) who provided me
an opportunity to do this project.
Last but not the least I express my thanks to all the people and friends who always
encourage me and provide me support at all times. And I am also grateful to my
parents for providing me the continuous support which helped me to fight against
all odds.

Robin Saini

Rasna International
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I Robin Saini student of Indira Institute of Management Batch (2013-15) declare
that every part of the project on Sales, Distribution and Promotion submitted by me
is original.
I was in regular contact with my faculty guide and contacted 5 times for discussing
the project.

Date of project submission: ______________

(Robin Saini)

Faculty Mentors Comments:

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Table of Contents
Serial No Title
Page No
1 Executive Summary 8
2 Introduction
Industry Overview
Scope and Impact of the Industry
Company Background : Rasna Internationals
Group Companies
Promoters and Senior Executives
Geographical spread
Market Share
Mergers and Acquisitions
Future Plans of Expansion
Revenue Model
CSR Practices
HR practices


Rasna International
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On The Job Training

Objectives of the Training and Internship
Details of the Work assigned
Activity route map
Week wise description of Activities

Key Observations

Analysis and Findings

4 Conclusion
5 Bibilography 64
6 Annexure
Rate Chart

Rasna International
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Executive summary
This report will propose an outline to how we marketed our beverage, Rasnas fruit
juice Ju-C.The goal of our company, Rasna, is to market our product and company
effectively to make it one of the most successful products sold in India. The report
focuses on the existing fruit juice market in India and the acceptance of our
product in the market.
Rasna JU-C is a newly launched product by Rasna Beverages a separate division
operating under Rasna. Our objective was to create awareness in the market about
this product, its SKUs and other features and generate orders. I visited the
distributors, convinced them about our product, handled objections, did
Institutional Sales, Every Dealer Survey and Sampling as a part of our assigned
Indian Beverage Industry is a booming market with the increasing health
awareness amongst consumers and the entry of new brands in the market. This
industry also has a huge potential in the export market of India benefitting Indias
But, people in India still quench their thirst with carbonated drinks and packaged
drinking water instead of fruit juices. It was tough for us to get a place in this
market with already existing big brands of competitors.
I generated orders and conducted the market survey in order to accomplish the
objectives of the internship. The report finally concludes with the study of basic
market requirements and the opportunities of this product in the market.

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Rasna International
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Beverage Industry in India
The food processing industry in India has a total turnover of around USD 200
billion which includes value added products of around USD 20.6 billion.

The beverage industry in India constitutes of around USD 230 million among the
USD 200 billion food processing industry. The major sectors in beverage industry
in India are tea and coffee which are not only sold heavily in the domestic market
but are also exported to a range of leading overseas markets. Half of the tea and
coffee products are available in unpacked or loose form. Among the hot beverages
manufactured in India, tea is the most dominant beverage that is ruling both the
domestic and international market even today. The supply of tea and coffee is
insurmountable in the Indian beverage industry.

The taste factor in tea varies according to the taste of individuals in different
countries and the beverage companies in India manufacture the products in
accordance with the taste of the individuals. For example, the inhabitants in the
southern parts of India prefer dust tea whereas the inhabitants in the western part of
India prefer loose tea. The Southern India also prefers coffee a lot. The production
capacity of the total packaged coffee market is 19,600 tones which is
approximately a USD 87 million market. In the peak season, the consumption
capacity reaches 25 million creates per month and during off season the same goes
down to 15 million crates in a month. Pepsi and Coca cola are the two leading
brands in the Indian market. The mineral water market in India is a USD 50
million industry and produces 65 million crates. Around 4.9 million crates is
usually consumed each month but it rises to 5.2 million crates in the peak season.

Rasna International
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Market for Beverages in India
1) Indian Food Industry to be $300 billion by 2015 from the present $200
2) About 25% in organized and 75% in unorganized
3) Non-alcoholic beverages market around $5 billion
4) Health beverages market is $300 million and is the fastest growing

India has immense scope in fruit processing sector
India is the second-largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world,
contributing a total of 150 million tones of the produce to the global production
annually. Ironically, however, only 2.2% of the fruit and vegetable production is
processed here as compared to countries like USA (65%), Philippines (78%) and
China (23%). Hence, this presents immense opportunity for companies looking at
investing in this sector in the country.
The food processing sector is critical to Indias development. The growth of food
processing will bring immense benefits to the economy, raising agricultural yields,
enhancing productivity, creating employment and raising standard of life of people
across the country, especially in rural areas.
Interestingly, this industry ranks fifth in the country and employs around 13
million people directly and 35 million people indirectly. It accounts for 14% of
total industrial output of the GDP. Its turnover is estimated at Rs 1, 44,000 crore,
of which Rs 1, 11,200 crore is in the unorganized sector. The liberalization of the
Indian economy and world trade and rising consumer prosperity have thrown up
new opportunities for diversification in the food processing sector and opened up
new vistas for growth.

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Rasna International
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Rasna International
Rasna is a soft drink concentrate.
Brand owned by Pioma Industries
Industry Base - Ahmadabad, India
It was launched in mid-seventies but started gaining popularity in the
eighties when the market was dominated by carbonated soft drinks like
Thumps up, Gold Spot and Limca.
As of 2013, Rasna had a 73% market share in the soft drink concentrate
market in India.
As of 2013 , Rasna had 0.01% market share in fruit juice segment in India
As of 2013, the company had a turnover of 3.5 billion (US$58 million).

Rasna International
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Company Background
Rasna International is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing,
marketing, and export of instant drink powders, soft drink concentrates and ethnic
food products in India. Rasna International holds a share of around 82% in the
market of in- house soft drink consumption and in the market of soft drink
concentrate it holds a market share of around 93%. This shows that the company is
a big player in the soft drinks market in India.

Rasna International, in order to export its products to foreign countries set up its
export division. The various products of the company that are exported to various
countries include ethnic food products, instant drink powders and soft drink

The products of Rasna International are manufactured in world class standard
facilities and also go through strict quality control measures. The company has a
well advanced R&D center that regularly monitors the developments of the new
products and also does quality control.

The R&D center of Rasna International also carries out continuous experiments in
order to introduce new recipes and flavors regularly. Rasna International
company's products are manufactured in environments that are totally automated.
As a result the ingredients are at no point touched by human beings. The company
uses global standard technology to pack its products in moisture resistant and pilfer
proof packs. All these steps of Rasna International have ensured that its products
are of very superior quality

Rasna International
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Competitors of Rasna
Sunfill (coca-cola) 2%
Tang (kraft food) 0.5%
Sugarfree Dlite (Zydus Cadila) 0.2%
Kissan Mr fruit (HUL) 8%
Roohafza 7%
Rasna was able to retail its leadership in the Rs. 2.5 billion preparatory soft drink
market, with an estimated 73% market share

Market Share

Rasna International
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Rasna Ju-c

Mother Brand: Rasna
Chairman and Managing Director: Piruz Khambatta
CEO President: Arshad Siddiqui
Brand Ambassador: Karisma Kapoor

After being in the powder concentrate business for years, Rasna has forayed into
the ready-to-drink category. The company said it has carved a separate beverages
division to give a fillip to the category.
Rasna is also mulling to introduce a slew of products, including flavoured water
and energy drinks, to stay ahead of competition.

Rasna International
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Rasna Chairman and Managing Director Piruz Khambatta said the company may
also look at setting up its own manufacturing facility for the ready-to-drink
category. We have contract manufacturing arrangement for juices. In the next six
months, we plan to come up with our own plant at an investment of around Rs.
50-60 crore, Khambatta said.
Rasna Ju-C has been launched in four flavours -- mango, apple, orange and mixed.
The juices would be available in one litre and 250 ml PET bottles priced at Rs. 75
and Rs. 18, respectively.

Rasna forays into ready-to-drink fruit beverages
PepsiCos Tropicana and Dabur's Real Fruit juice are in for some tough
competition from the leader in concentrated drinks, Rasna.
The company has formed a separate division called Rasna Beverages to
manufacture and market the Rasna Ju-C, and plans to invest close to Rs 40-50
crore over the next two years on gaining a foothold in the beverages segment.

Rasna International
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This division will operate as an independent business unit, based out of Delhi and
is headed by president and CEO Arshad Siddiqui. Complete dedicated sales,
marketing, operation and quality control teams are already in place, claimed a
company release.
Ju-C is designed to facilitate the rapid expansion of Rasnas presence into venues
where healthier, quick serve options have become an essential component of the
menu offering, such as K-12 schools, college campuses &university locations,
convenience stores, mom and pop stores including entertainment venues. Ju-C
will be available across the country in four tempting flavours (Mango, Apple,
Orange and Mixed)
Group Companies
Rasna is a soft drink concentrate brand owned by Pioma Industries which is based
in Ahmadabad, India. It was launched in mid-seventies but started gaining
popularity in the eighties when the market was dominated by carbonated soft
drinks like Thumps up, Gold Spot and Limca. As of 2009, Rasna had a 93% market
share in the soft drink concentrate market in India and as of 2011, the company had
a turnover of 3.5 billion (US$58 million). Pioma Industries is the mother company
of Rasna International which markets the juices and beverages manufactured.

Promoters/Senior Executives
Piruz Khambatta is the Managing Director and Chairman of Rasna. Arshad
Siddiqui is the CEO and President of the Rasna Beverages Division. The other

Rasna International
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Executives are Ms Honey Patel, Mr. Milap Modi, Mr. Sanjeev Shah, Mr. Ramesh
Sonar, Mr. Vasudevan and Mr. Hiren Kareliya. The company is headquartered at
Panchwati, Ahmedabad and operates in New Delhi too where the beverage
division is headquartered.
The company manufactures soft drink concentrate in 11 different flavors. In India,
Rasna earns most of its profits from the soft drink concentrate market though it
makes fruit jams, fruit cordials, teas, pickles, chutneys, ready-to-eat curries and
snacks, majority of which are exported.
Rasna Instant Drink
Rasna Frutants
Rasna Flavors
Disco Mix - Sugar Free Instant Drink
Orange jolt
Rasna Syrups
Rasna Fruit Jam
Rasna Fruit Drink
Rasna Chutneys
Rasna Candies
In 2000, Rasna launched an aerated fruit drink, Oranjolt. The venture failed, which
was attributed to the fact that the drink needed to be refrigerated at all times and
many retailers in India switch off their refrigerators at night. The company
launched juice products in the market in 2002 and in 2010, it announced that it was
entering the health drinks segment.

Rasna International
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Rasna International
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Rasna International
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Geographical Spread
The products of Rasna are available PAN India. The countries where Rasna
exports its products are:

Rasna International
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Market / Customer Segment
Age group:- 3 months 65 years
Income: - MIG and LIG
Tier 1 cities:- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore
Tier 2 cities:- Ranchi, Lucknow, Nasik, Hyderabad
Life style:- Health conscious
Uses:- Regular

Rasna International
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Turn Over
As of 2011, Rasna International had a turnover of 3.5 billion (US$58 million). In
2013 the turnover is INR 100 crores. For Ju-C, Rasna is targeting at achieving a
turnover of INR 400 crores and a market share of 4-4.5 per cent at the end of three

Market Share
Presently, Rasna has a market share of 73% and Rasna Ju-C has a market share of
Even though Rasna is leaving no stone unturned in marketing its products which
includes roping in their own kid in the company, experts are of the view that
Smart positioning is what the company requires at this point in time.

Rasna International
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Mergers and Acquisitions
Kraft Foods, which markets soft drink concentrate under the Tang brand
internationally, entered India in 2001 by setting up a manufacturing facility
in Hyderabad. By 2003, tough competition from Rasna among other brands forced
Kraft to shut its plant in India. At the time Rasna was said to be interested in
purchasing the plant. However, the plant was not sold and restarted manufacturing
Tang when it was taken over by Cadburys in 2010 as part of its global buyout of
Kraft Foods. Rasna made another attempt at acquisition in 2003 itself, when it
attempted to buy Brown & Polson and Rex Jelly brands from Hindustan Lever.

Future Plans of expansion
It has plans of introducing Corn Flakes and 100% fruit juice to expand their
business in future.

Revenue Model
All the payments are done at the SS (Super Stockists) Point. The orders are
confirmed, cheques are signed and all necessary transactions take place at the
stockists location.

Rasna International
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CSR Practices / Activities / Steps / Initiatives & Projects undertaken
The Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust, charitable arm of the Rasna Group, on
Tuesday announced the launch of Khambatta
The centre, aiming to offer quality education of international standards, also signed
an agreement with College of Business, UNT, under which the US University
would offer degrees to students studying at the Ahmedabad centre.

HR Practices
The recruitment of the Human Resource personals are still on process, and, there
are no regular HR practices

Rasna International
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Rasna International
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Objectives of the Training / Internship
1) To understand and work in Traditional Market.

2) To understand and work in Institutional Market.

3) To create awareness about the recently launched product Ju-c, amongst the
retailers and the consumers.

4) Conduct Sampling for Ju-c in different areas of Mumbai.

5) Conduct various promotional activities to boost the sales of Ju-c.

6) Meet distributors of varied locations and ensure proper functioning.

7) Distributer scouting.

8) Monitoring the distribution and taking follow-up.

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Details of work assigned
Following are the details of the works assigned to me:-
1) Order Generation
Order Generation lays the foundation for any organisation which has the objective
of making profit. It is very essential to a organisation. Order Generation is a labour
extensive task which requires a lot of human efforts to ensure that regular and
increasing orders. I was supposed to visit the retailers of Traditional market and
Generate Orders. In the initial stage, when i did not have much idea as in how to
approach the retailers and get the orders, i was assigned to the PRS of Ville Parle
area from which I learn the basics. I went on to visit the retail store in various
places of Mumbai for the purpose of Order Generation. There were days when i
was accompanied by either the PSR or the TSM for Order Generation, on the other
hand many a times i had to visit the stores alone. Our product for which order was
to be generated happened to be a beverage; hence a refrigerator was the basic
criteria which i look in a retails shop before I deliver my sales speech. This
criterion of refrigerator in the shop decreased the number of relevant shops in a
particular area. The average number of shops which I could cover in a days time
was something in between 25 to 27. On a good the figures might go as high as 40
whereas on an odd day it may also be as low as 14. Order Generation not just
helped me sharpen various skills in me but I also acquired a various skills.

Rasna International
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2) Canopy promotion
Canopy promotion is a very creative as it offers a whole world of innovation to
bring the product in affordable reach of the final consumer and also helps the brand
to build its image. Canopy promotion was one of the most significant task assigned
to me as I was required to set up my canopy at various places on the central line of
Mumbai. I was supposed to co-ordinate with my TSM to design various attractive
schemes which might draw the attention of the consumer. It was pleasing to see the
amazing response for the sales promotion i conducted. It is important to bring it
consideration that this campaign of canopy promotion was a big achievement as
we were successfully able to sell off most of the secondary stock which was lying
with the distributor. It is a labour extensive activity to conduct canopy promotion
but eventually it proved to be a boom as it not just made ensured clearance of the
stock but also helped Rasna Ju-C to communicate with the final consumer.

3) Institutional sale
Institutions form a major segment of market for the FMCG products. Instructional
market includes schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels and canteen. It was a part of
our job description that I needed to visit various institutions and generate order
from there. Institutions such as schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels and canteen
are big customers for the organisation I was associated with i.e., Rasna
International. I was expected to make visits to institutional market and give a sales
call to generate order.

Rasna International
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4) Sampling
Sampling is a very effective tool, which is very often used by the market
researchers. This tool was also used by me to achieve the following purposes:
to get the feedback of the consumer
to boost the sales in a particular location
to keep the stakeholders interested
All the above mentioned objectives were successfully achieved in the due course
of my internship. As per the guidelines I was provided with 8 bottles each day for
sampling as I was expected to cover 20 consumers from each of the bottle and so
was my effort. I managed to get the precious feedback and opinion of the final
consumer on various concerning issues such as taste of the product, flavour they
preferred the most, etc. The process of sampling resulted in greater awareness and
rise in sale for that particular area.

5) Distributor Scouting
I had to visit various places to search for distributors who were interested in
keeping our product Ju-C. I had to convince them that the product will do well in
the market in the near future. While working for order generation in Navi Mumbai
I learned that the distribution is not taking place because the distributor point is
very far from the area and hence I cannot deliver the stock. And same was the case
in few other areas too. I under the guidance of my immediate superior generated
lead for distributorship and went on to conduct the meetings.

Rasna International
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Activity Route Map

Order Generation
Canopy promotion
Institutional sale
Distributor Scouting

Rasna International
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Week wise description of activities

Week 1
On the very first day of my internship, I was asked to go for order generation. The
area allocated to me was Ville Parley, Mumbai, Maharashtra. My immediate
superior Mr. Yunus Machhiyara(TSM) Central Line assignment me the task to
meet Mr. Ashoke(PSR) and hit the market for order generation. In the first week
itself i had the privilege to work under various professional, who hold immense
experience of promoting the product. It was indeed a very eventful week as i also
got the opportunity to work in varied directions such as Canopy promotion and
Distributer meeting. I went on to cover different locations such as Kurla, Ville
Parley and Mumbra for the above mentioned activities. I under the guidance of my
TSM had to design the attractive sales offers/Schemes in order to draw the
attention of the customer as the tool for sales promotion being used by us was
Canopy Promotion. I was given good amount of liberty and the authorities were
delegated to me in a much organised way which helped me to bring the best of my
performances. I also happened to meet the ASM of Maharashtra region to discuss
the product in depth and to get the specifics so as to know what all are expected
from me and how could I meet the expectations. The meeting indeed was very
enlightened and now I was clearer regarding the market and the product

Rasna International
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Week 2
In second week the focus shifted from the Canopy Promotion to the Order
generation. The product Ju-c was launched very recently in the markets of Mumbai
and hence the product had very little or no reorganization. Our prime objective was
to make the retailers aware of our product, educating them about the details of Ju-
c- price, flavours, SKUs, offers and schemes. We had to convince them that our
product will do well in the market and they will earn revenues if they go for the
product. We had to work in the Traditional market and hence we were required to
cover all the retails outlets in as specific area, which was allotted to us by my
immediate superior. It was a real tough task to convince the retails to maintain a
stock of our product as Ju-c was a recently launched and was not very popular
amongst the consumer. The extensive efforts were made by our side to create
awareness about the product were fruitful as the consumer has started to recognise
the product, although the recognition was very low but the foundation has been
laid. As earlier mentioned the focus was now very much on the order generation,
our sole objective was to visit the traditional market and get orders. It was indeed a
very good opportunity for me to learn the basics of the market. This exercise gave
me a great insight about the market dynamics.

Rasna International
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Week 3
In the third week of my internship I continued from where I left at the end of
second week. I was allocated various areas in Mumbai where I was expected to
visit the market and work on order generation. I had done the task of order
generation earlier in my internship so i had a fair idea on how to communicate with
the retailers. This week came up with new challenges as now I was asked to visit
the market alone without my team or TSM. My job speciation also required to act
like a Missionary sales person. I was supposed to create awareness about the
product in all the market I visited. I went on to go to various traditional markets of
Mumbai. All the markets had some common and some unique traits. It was very
interesting to see that the retailers of one market responded differently as compared
to the retailers of another market. The triggering cues tend to differ in different
markets and hence the approach had to be tailored to achieve better sale. I worked
according to my job specifications by generating order in the allotted areas and
making the retailers aware of our product, educating them about the details of Ju-c-
price, flavours, SKUs, offers and schemes. I had to explain the product in depth to
each and every retailer as the product is new in the market and they dont have
much knowledge about the product. Most of the retailers were a little hesitant to try
the product for the first time as they were not sure about the response it will get in
the market. The solution to it was more persuasion and effective convincing and it
worked as the extra efforts to convince the retailers paid off.

Rasna International
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Week 4
Now coming towards the end of the first months of my internship, I have gained
good amount of exposure as to how things function in a FMCG company. In the
fourth week I was supposed to generate orders and also to get indulged in other
promotional activities. My immediate superior in charged me to conduct canopy
promotion at specified locations in Mumbai. I conducted canopy promotion at
Kurla East, Kurla West and Mumbra, and I also created various schemes through
which I tried to catch the eye balls of the final consumer and also influence them to
make the purchase. All the SKUs were put on the promotion. The objectives of
the canopy promotion were as follows:-
1) To get the secondary stocks cleared
2) To create awareness about the product
3) To communicate with the final consumer and build relationship
All the above mention objectives were fulfilled as during the canopy promotion the
efforts were made to build a good faith amongst the consumers about the product
and brand. I ensured that the more and more consumers get to know about the
product. The campaign was an effective one as good amount of sale was generated
by luring the consumer with attractive promotional pricing. Direct feedback was
attained by the consumer and the information hence gathered will come handy in
taking the campaign forward.

Rasna International
Page 37

Week 5
I was required to go to various locations on the central railway line of Mumbai and
work on order generation and sampling. I went to visit the traditional market of the
allotted location and generated order. Most of the places I visited were new
markets of Rasna Ju-c as no PSR of the company has visited those places. The task
of getting the retailers aware of our product, educating them about the details of Ju-
c- price, flavours, SKUs, offers and schemes. The task of convincing the retailers
was very tough because of the bad name created by the powder division of Rasna. I
had to explain them that this is a separate beverage division and the product just
shares the name Brand name otherwise the functioning is being operated by
different individuals.
I also conducted sampling for the Rasna Ju-c in various markets of Mumbai. I use
to do sampling in front of those stores who already have stock of our product in
their stores. The press was designed to get more and more consumer taste our
product and from them I got the questionnaire filled, which provided crucial
insights about the consumer. I asked consumers to tasted our product and give their
feedback on it. The consumers were communicated that the product which they are
consuming is available at the retail stores and they can purchase it if they wish to.
Most of- the respondents gave positive feedback and many of them made the
purchase. I tried to cover as many respondents as possible in a given day. Sampling
happened to be a good tool to know how the final consumer finds our product and
also it created goodwill and Brand image for the company.

Rasna International
Page 38

Week 6
Now gradually the retailers have started to recognise our product. I awareness
although is not very high as retailers still at times tend to compare our product with
other flavoured and carbonised drinks in the market. The areas I covered in this
week were not new to me as I had been to those areas in the initial days on my
internship. Now the challenge was not to introduce the product but to convince the
retailers to make a re-order. The process was the same, I had to give my sales
speech and convince the retailers to give next order but as it was my second visit
so the approach has to be changed a little. In those areas there were also some shop
which I was not able to cover the previous time and hence this time I grabbed the
opportunity and went to those stores also.
I took the follow up if the delivery took place in the desired duration or not. I went
to all the retail outlets from where the orders were generated and asked them if the
delivery was on time or not. I also enquired about the service of the distributed and
the relationship between the distributor and the retailer. Various fact and figures
were obtained by me regarding the number of orders not being delivered on time.
The main issue was when the delivery does not take place on time than the retailers
do not wishes make re-orders and it becomes difficult for the PSRs to deal with
such retailers as the objections raised are very strong. Proper investigation as to
why has the stock not been delivered was made and corrective measures were

Rasna International
Page 39

Week 7
Distributer scouting was order generation was the main focus for this week. During
the course of my internship I learnt that there are a good number of places where
the distribution of our product was not possible because there was no distributor
for those areas. The distributers refused to go and supply the products at distant
places and this called for an urgent requirement of distributers especially in the
Navi Mumbai region. I went on to look for the distributers who are willing to get
the distributorship for our product. I prepared a data detailing the prospective
distributers. It was important to make an initial screening of the distributers as all
of them were not of use to the company. I did the initial screening and forwarded
the filtered information to my superior. The meetings were arranged and attended
by me, in which there was discussion on various crucial aspect such as margins and
the other norms. Some parties became our distributers and they helped us to bring
our product in the consumers reach.
Institutional sale was also taken under. I went to the Central Line of Mumbai Local
Railway and generated orders from the canteen placed on the platforms. It was a
different experience all together as the buying behaviour or the Institutions are
very different to that of Traditional markets. Institutional buying takes place in
large quantities and unlike Traditional market the number of outlets is very less in
Institutional market.

Rasna International
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Week 8
Order generation in the Institutional Market continued to be the focus of our
campaign. I went on to cover various schools and colleges in different locations of
Mumbai as allocated by my immediate superior. I was supposed to visit the
canteens of different schools and colleges and generate order from them. I also
made a list of the schools that were not having canteen but were planning to have
one in recent future. This data will come handy once these schools have a canteen
in their premises. As it was proper Intuitional market hence the approach was also
changes and tailored to suit the market type. It was important to first introduce the
product to them as the product was new to the canteens. All the details about the
product were communicated to the canteen owners. The canteen owners were
made aware of our product, educating them about the details of Ju-c- price,
flavours, SKUs, offers and schemes. Product differentiation was crucial as there
are many other products; hence the USPs of our product was very effectively
communicated to the canteen owners of school/colleges and railway canteens. The
main constant was the approaching Monsoon season. It was a tough environment
to sell a beverage in the monsoon as there is not much demand for it by the
consumer and hence even the retailers are not willing to generate order. The effort
was to educated the canteen owners about the benefits of the product in terms of
margins, as it is the ultimate triggering cue for any market, be it Traditional,
Institutional or Modern Market.

Rasna International
Page 41

Key Observations
Consumers today have become more health conscious

There is an increasing awareness about fruit drinks, fruit nectar and fruit

But people still have carbonated drinks and fruit juice as substitutes

There is no differentiation between drinks like Maaza and Frooti and mango
flavoured fruit juices

People prefer to consume these drinks only during the summer season

Advertising and Sales Promotion have a great effect on sales of these

People are unlikely to compromise quality with brand

Youth are more willing to try a new brand

Rasna International
Page 42

Analysis of Findings

1] Age
Sr No Age Group Number of respondents
1 Below 16 25
2 16-25 29
3 25-40 17
4 Above 40 8

Interpretation: out of 80 respondents 31.25% were below 16 years of age and
6.25% were above 40 years of age
below 16 16-25 25-40 above 40
age group 31.25% 37.50% 21.25% 6.25%
age group
age group

Rasna International
Page 43

2] Gender
Sr no Gender Number of respondents
1 Male 51
2 Female 29

Interpretation: out of 80 respondents 68.75% were male and 36.25% were female

male female
gender 63.75% 36.25%

Rasna International
Page 44

3] Flavour Preference
Sr no Flavour preference Number of
1 Orange 10
2 Apple 14
3 pineapple 13
4 Mango 6
5 Litchi 7
6 Guava 19
7 Mixed fruit 11
8 Any other 0


flavour preference
mixed fruit
any other

Rasna International
Page 45

4] Average Monthly Consumption
Sr no Average monthly
Number of respondents
1 0-3 32
2 4-6 16
3 7-9 2
4 10 above 0

Interpretation: More than 70% of the respondents are seen to consume 0-3 litres
of the drink every month.

average monthly
10 and
average monthly consumption
average monthly consumptioni

Rasna International
Page 46

5] Pack Size
Sr no Pack size Numbers
1 Individual 43
2 Family 37

Interpretation: Out of 80 respondents 46.25% of them want the pack size of the
drink to be family size and the rest wants it to individual size.

pack size

Rasna International
Page 47

6] Flavors tried
Sr no Flavours tried Number of respondents
1 Orange 14
2 Apple 27
3 Pineapple 21
4 Mango 9
5 Mixed fruit 0
6 Guava 9

Interpretation: From the survey it is seen that 33.75% of the people out of 80
respondents have mainly tried the apple flavour of the drink and no one have tried
mixed fruit.
Flavour tried
mixed fruit

Rasna International
Page 48

7] Like/Dislike
Sr no Like/Dislike Number o respondents
1 Like 61
2 Dislike 19

Interpretation: 76.25% of the respondents like the drink and 26.75% dislike the

0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00%

Rasna International
Page 49

8] Reasons for Dislike
Sr no Reasons for dislike Number of respondents
1 Artificial taste 6
2 Tastes like appy 5
3 Not sweet enough 2
4 Hurts the tongue 2
5 Very sour 1
6 Not pulpy 3

Interpretation: Out of the 19 respondents who have disliked the drink 26.31% of
them gave the reason of artificial taste and the rest because of same taste like appy
fizz, not sweet enough, very sour and not pulpy.
reasons for dislike 26.31% 26.31% 15.78% 10.52% 5.26% 15.78%
reasons for dislike
reasons for dislike

Rasna International
Page 50

9] Like to Buy
Sr no Like to buy Number of respondents
1 Yes 60
2 No 20

Interpretation: Out of all the respondents of 80 people, 75% of them said that
they would like to buy the drink again and the rest 25% did not agree to buy.

like to buy

Rasna International
Page 51

10] Favorite Brand
Sr no Favorite brand Number of respondents
1 Real 35
2 Tropicana 45
3 Fresco 0
4 Ju=C 0
5 others 0

Interpretation: It is seen that 56.25% of the respondents opt for Tropicana and
43.75% of them opt for Real juice.
0% 0% 0%
favourite brand

Rasna International
Page 52

11] Flavor Preference
Sr no Flavour preference Number of
1 Orange 12
2 Apple 8
3 pineapple 5
4 Mango 15
5 Litchi 14
6 Guava 21
7 Mixed fruit 5
8 Any other 0

favourite flavour
favourite flavour

Rasna International
Page 53


Rasna International
Page 54

1) Inventory at the distributor point is not organised as many a times either
there is a shortage of some flavours or SKUs or both.
2) Aeration rate amongst the PSRs is very high, which is likely to increase the
cost incurred in the training and development of the ground lever work
3) The distributers are not delivering the stocks on time, which results in
declaiming of the stock by the retailers.
4) Proper follow up is not maintained by the PSRs and hence the reason
remains oblivious as to why was the stock not claimed.
5) The claims of the distributer are not being cleared in the due time.
6) There are expired stocks lying with the retailers which are not being taken
into account.
7) Retailers on the other hand also create trouble by intentionally not accepting
the stocks.

8) PSRs do not visit the retailers time and again which does not allow retailers
to get confidence.
9) Although Rasna is a very established and big name but in the past years
services of power division of Rasna has earned a bad name for the company
and hence it is tough to convince the retailers that same will not be the case
with this product.
10) Extremely tough competition from the Real and Tropicana as they
enjoy the benefits of being very experienced and gigantic players in the fruit
juices segment.

Rasna International
Page 55

11) The awareness is low and hence retailers tend to compare Ju-C with
soft drinks like fruity and go mango and hence the margins offered by
us stand nowhere.
12) The fact that the advertisement has not been launched has created a
setback for the product.
13) The targets announced to the PSRs are unrealistic and needs to be
14) Monsoon season was big huddle because of which the orders were not
being generated as effectively as they could have been otherwise.

Rasna International
Page 56

1) Got exposure to the huge beverage industry of India and the specifics of it.

2) Understood the importance of formal communication which exists in an

3) The tools and tricks of selling became clear as i got the opportunity to work
with some of the immensely experienced professionals.

4) The different markets i.e., Traditional, Institutional and Modern, all required
a tailored approach.

5) Learnt about the HORECA the buzz word in this FMCG industry.

6) No matter how long of impressive ones sales speech is, if it is not
customised and does not contain human element in it, things dont work.

7) It is more important to develop a relationship with the retailers instead to
making a onetime sale.

8) Sales promotion is a very effective tool to get the secondary stocks cleared.

Rasna International
Page 57

1) There is a urgent need to make sure that we maintain a well organised
inventory system this can achieved either by installing a ICMS i.e.,
Inventory Control Management System or manually, by ensuring a
minimum inventory at the distributor point.

2) All the required incentives must should be offered in due time and also some
motivation would lower down the aeration rate.

3) Some strict parameters are required to be made while selecting a distributor,
which should ensure the timely delivery of the stock.

4) PSRs should be encouraged to take initiatives and follow up once the order
has been generated.

5) The pending claims of the distributors had been a setback and this is the
main reason as to why the distribution is effectively taking place, all the
claims needs to be settled.

6) The expired stocks with the retailers mush must be addressed with utmost

7) Recent trend suggests that the distributors have been changed time and
again, which should not be done.

8) Need to fight out the competition by taking retailers into confidence.

Rasna International
Page 58

9) Product differentiation has to be made in the minds of the consumer as they
tend to treat the product as various flavoured drink prevailing in the market.

10) Advertisement play a huge role in creating awareness and demand for
the product, so it a must to launch the advertisement.

11) Management by Objective (MBO) has to be establishment in the
organisation in order to avoid making unrealistic targets and this will also
increase the level of loyalty towards the organisation.

12) Different advertising campaigns should be designed which will
include the disciplines of competitive marketing tools such as Gurella and
Ambush marketing in order to make our presence felt.


Rasna International
Page 59

Kotlar Philip, Keller [2007] Marketing Management










Rasna International
Page 60

Questionnaire for Sampling

Name_______________ Place_____________

Which Age group do you belong to?
Below 16 years 16-25 years
25-40 years Above 40 years

What is your gender?
1. Which flavor of juice do you generally prefer?( You can choose more than 1
Orange Apple
Pine Apple Mango
Litchi Guava
Mixed Fruit Others__________________(Please

2. How much juice do you consume on an average in a month?
0-3 litres 4-6 litres
7-9 litres 10 and above litres

3. What pack size of the juice do you prefer to consume?
Individual(200/250 ml)

Rasna International
Page 61

Family(1 Lt)

4. Which Rasna Ju-C flavor did u try?
Orange Apple
Pine Apple Mango
Mixed Fruit Guava

5. Did you like the taste?
If No, why? _____________________________________________________

6. Would you like to buy the same?

7. What amongst the following is your favorite juice brand?
Real Tropicana
Rasna Ju-C

8. What is your favorite flavor of the above Brand?

Rate Chart

Rasna International
Page 62

Retailer's Rate List (Rasna Ju-C)
S.No. Producrs MRP Retailers rate
No. of
Bottles in
a c/s
rate Per
1 Orange 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 12+1
2 Guava 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 12+1
3 Mix 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 12+1
4 Apple 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 12+1
5 Pineapple 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 12+1
6 Mango 1Ltr. 65.00 56.52 12 678.26 12+1

7 Orange 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 12+1
8 Guava 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 12+1
9 Mix 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 12+1
10 Apple 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 12+1
11 Pineapple 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 12+1
12 Mango 500ml 34.00 29.57 24 709.57 6+1

13 Orange 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 12+1
14 Guava 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 12+1
15 Mix 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 12+1
16 Apple 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 12+1
17 Pineapple 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 12+1
18 Mango 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 12+1

19 Orange 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 12+1
20 Guava 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 12+1
21 Mix 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 12+1
22 Apple 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 12+1

Rasna International
Page 63

23 Pineapple 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 12+1
24 Mango 250ml 18.00 15.65 24 375.65 12+1

25 Mango 200ml 15.00 13.04 24 313.04 12+1

Distributor's Rate List (Rasna Ju-C)
S.No. Producrs MRP
No. of
in a c/s
rate Per
Rate per c/s
margin per
1 Orange 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 738.31 44.30
2 Guava 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 738.31 44.30
3 Mix 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 738.31 44.30
4 Apple 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 738.31 44.30
5 Pineapple 1Ltr. 75.00 65.22 12 782.61 738.31 44.30
6 Mango 1Ltr. 65.00 56.52 12 678.26 639.87 38.39

7 Orange 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 748.15 44.89
8 Guava 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 748.15 44.89
9 Mix 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 748.15 44.89
10 Apple 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 748.15 44.89
11 Pineapple 500ml 38.00 33.04 24 793.04 748.15 44.89
12 Mango 500ml 34.00 29.57 24 709.57 669.40 40.16

13 Orange 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 492.21 29.53
14 Guava 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 492.21 29.53
15 Mix 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 492.21 29.53
16 Apple 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 492.21 29.53

Rasna International
Page 64

17 Pineapple 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 492.21 29.53
18 Mango 300ml 25.00 21.74 24 521.74 492.21 29.53

19 Orange 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 393.77 23.63
20 Guava 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 393.77 23.63
21 Mix 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 393.77 23.63
22 Apple 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 393.77 23.63
23 Pineapple 250ml 20.00 17.39 24 417.39 393.77 23.63
24 Mango 250ml 18.00 15.65 24 375.65 354.39 21.26
25 Mango 200ml 15.00 13.04 24 313.04 295.32 17.72