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*different varieties of cloth which are in demand are mentioned above

Visit to Avenue Road by Shravan and Muneer on 15/06/2014 11:00 am
One among the busiest streets in Bangalore filled with Jewelry shops, Utensils and
clothes of all types for men and women.
Shree Mahaveer Textiles
The shops are busy even on Weekends and it is open from 9am to 8:30 pm
Wholesaler Dealer in Fancy Suitings and and Shirtings. Mainly was handling
wholesale of shirt and pant material.
Source of material: Bombay (Bilwara)
Prices Range from 180 Rs to 750 Rs per 1.2 mts (a piece).
Dealings are done by agents who take up commission of 2-4% and usually it
happens on the spot. Bulk orders of 30-40 pieces are given by corporate for gifting
purposes in many cases. The cloth pieces are given to employees and they get it
stitched as per requirement. Websites are available to these wholesalers.
Branded materials found: Raymond, Siyarams, Reid & Taylor, Gwaliar.
Shirt pieces range from 85 Rs to 400 Rs.
Pricing based on: Quality (lot of range of colors in the same price range)
Fast moving product: Polyester cotton mix cloth
Wholesale price quoted-
Pant piece: Terry wool cloth - Rs 280
Pant piece: Polyester cotton with few variations Rs 180 and Rs 250
Gwaliar Rs 380 and Raymond Rs750.
Shirt pieces of various colors (Branded and Unbranded) Rs 85 Rs 400.
Distribution happens from the factories in Bombay and the same is distributed over
Kerala and Tamilnadu.
The store space was 10*6ft and a go down of similar size was available
*different varieties of cloth which are in demand are mentioned above
Balaji Fashion(Readymade garments)
The products were Brands which were less heard off.
Manufacture of finished garment: Bangalore (Mysore road)
Material procured from: Bombay
Manufacturer margin- 10% and Middleman margin- 10% (no middle men while
procuring materials of cloth)
Wholesaler margin- 30-40% margin which needs to serve the risk of keeping stock,
electricity bills, staff, rent of outlet and go downs.
Stock clearance has to happen in 15 days. The goods are procured by cash payment
for whole lot.
Minimum purchase- 30
Price of pants: Rs 250 700
Tie: Rs 25 400
Shirts and pants come at around same price and specific orders for colors are not
taken. The range of products available can be used for making choice and the
majority of stock contains polyester cotton mix materials which is decided based
on demand.
Unsold stock is redistributed in other areas of their outlets.
Challenge: Selling the product based on Demand and likes of customer which will
be known after releasing the products in the market.
Pant being sold at Rs 250 in bulk has MRP of Rs 950 which is sold by retailers in
Bangalore. Gopalan malls procure the item to be sold in their unbranded stores.
Stocks are ordered on clearing the stocks in hand which are cleared within 15 days.
Calls are made to manufacturer with proper number of units required. Pure cotton
materials are least in demand.
*different varieties of cloth which are in demand are mentioned above
Target customers- Workers, lower middle class who expect cheaper rates and
wrinkle free shirts and pants (lack of electricity and time)
Other products Slawar, Saree( Kanchipuram Silks Rs 1500-4000;bulk purchases
from 1000-5000 during season), Kids Wear.
Vishesh ( Manufacturers and Exporters of fabrics)
Own 3 manufacturing factories of garments in Bombay.
They were known as one of the biggest wholesaler in Bangalore. 8 storeyed
building is completely used as go down with clothes for retailers and for designers
are present. Readymade garments are also available.
Min Purchase: 10mts
Middlemen from wholesalers to retail present (2-4% margin)- Chickpet dwellers
Distribution to: Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh.
90% of distribution is to Kerala. Rest gets distributed in Bangalore;
Also in some parts of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh
Owners belong to: Rajasthan.
Shirt piece Blue finish Rs 130 (Most popularly demanded item)[1.5 mts required]
Gwaliar is priced at Rs 138 and Rs 188 for Quad ray (up to 14 different colors)
Denim clothes for formals- Rs 62.5 to 500.
Milenze (special material) Rs 165
Twin Checks- Rs 165
Chinos Twill (Plain) Rs 148
Peach Finish Peach finishing in one side and rough on the other Rs 155.
(Popularly known for the carbon peach finishing method used)
Pure linen material (costlier range) - Rs 399 485*