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- to get more information from the pt

-open end question

2- gingivitis most likely cause

3-watery discharge from eye , conjunctivitis treated by
- topical corticosteroid

4-blow out fracture eyelid swelling , redness other syptoms
- present air fluid level
- enopthalmos
its enophaloms and other name of blow out fracture orbital floor fracture

5-drinking of dirty water causes
-heptitis A
i think its heptitis A

6- giemsa stained blood film
- malaria

7-regarding peritonitis
-can be caused by chemical erosions

8-mid- clavicaular fracture treatment
-arm sling and finger 8 is equal in effiency

9-fraucture of humerus associated with
- radial N injury

10-there is case i cant remember they asked about diagnosis of acute
lymphocytic leukemia ALL

11-diagnosis of hemochromatosis
-serum ferritin

12-kawasaki disease associated with
-strawberry tongue

13-most common tumor in children
-wilms tumor?? (what about CNS tumor)

14- pt c/o of hypopigmentful skin , nerve thicking diagnosis

15-regrading COPD to reduce complication we should give
- theophyline
- pneumococcal vaccin
i think its pneumococcal vaccin

16- pseud-gout its
its CACO3

17-man with history of alcohol assocation with
- high MCV
-folic acid deficiency
-B12 deficieny
- hepatitis
i think its high MCV

18-neanate 9 days on breast fed develop jandice
- breast fed jandice

19-newborn we should given to prevent bleeding
-vit k

20- pregnant lady 16 wks u/s shows snowstorm appearance
- complete hydatiform mole

21-lady c/o headche bandlike pain
- tension headache

22-regarding breast screening
- self breast examination early detection of tumor
- mamogram

23-19 yrs old c/o abdo pain within menestration for last 6 years
primary dysmenorrhea -
-secondary dysmenorrhea

24-bilateral breast mass diagnosis
- ductal carcinoma
-pagets disease

25- beriberi cause of deficiency
VIT B1 -
- VIT B2
- VIT B3
its VIT B1 thiamine

26-chronic uses of estrogen assciation

27- Asystole
- adrenalin
- atropin
asystol has only 3 durgs epinephrine-vasopressine-atropin

28-pt has diarrhea , dermatitis and dementia diagnosis

29-regarding injectable progestron
-can cause skin prob

30-sencodary prevention is
-coronary bypass gaft

31-22 yrs old c/o insomnia/ sleep disturb treatment
-SSRI ??

32-celluitis in children most common causes
- group A streptococcus( in immunocompetent adult)
(in children) Staph aureus -

33- antideprssants associated with hypertensive crisis treatment

34-pt his MBI = 24 kg he is
norama weight -
-over weight
- morbid weight
- mild weight

35-baby c/o fever , chills , rigors and head rigidity +ve kurnings sign
rash on his lower limb diagnosis
- meningoccal meninigits

36-48 yrs pt with abdo pain , neusea, vominting tenderness in right
- acute cholecysitis

37-29 pt c/o dysurea his microscopic showed G -ve organism is
- legonealla

38- 30 yrs pt c/o feeling heaviness in the lower abdomen having pulge
papable at the top scrotum that was reducible and icreasing in valsalva
maneuver diagnosis
- hydrocele
-indirect inguinal hernia
-direct inginal hernia

39- 27 yrs girl wih breathing heavily she had numbness and tingling
sensation around the mouth and tip of the fingers you will do
-let her breat to in a bag

40-anticoagulation prescrib for
- one month
- 6 months
- 6 weeks
- one year

41-cushing syndrome best single test to confirm
- palsma cortison
evening serum and salivary cortisol level) )

42-23 yrs old history of URTI then he developed ecchomysis best treated
-local AB
-local antiviral

43-chronic psycotic disorder manged by

44-29 yrs old lady B-HSG 160 c/o vomiting , abdomenal pain which is
more accurate to diagnosis
-BHCG serial
-pelvic US

45-70 yrs old man c/o fever , vesicular rash over forehead mangement
-IV antiviral

46-celiac disease involves
proximal part of small intestin -
-distal part of small intestin
-proximal part of large intesin
-distal part of large intensin

47-6 yes old pt cyanosis past history of simillar attack 6 month ago u
will do for him
-secure airway

48-side affect of diazepam

49-lady 28 yrs G3+3 C/O infertility
-uterin fibroid

-endemic means

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