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SLE questions

1) patient with DM presented with limited or decreased range of movement passive and active
of all directions of shoulder
- frozen shoulder
- impingment syndrome
- osteoarthritis

2) 48 years old with irregular menses presented with fatigue and no menstruation for 3 months
with increased pigmentation around the vaginal area with no other symptoms. ur next step
would be
- reassure the patient
- do a pregnancy test
- do ultrasound

3) 3 years old presented with shortness of breath and cough at night which resolved by itself in
2 days. he has Hx of rash on his hands and allergic rhinitis. he most likely had
- croup
- bronchial asthama
- epilotitis

4) a man went on vacation. he noticed a white patch in his chest which became more clear after
getting a sun tan which was spread on his chest.ur Dx is
- pytriasis versicolor
- vitilligo
- pytriasis roscea

5) a 4 years old presented with 2 day history of shortness of breath a seal like cough with no
sputum and mild fever. on examination he did not look I'll or in distress
- acute epilossitis
- croup
- angioedema

6)65 years old came with knee pain. and limited movement. on examination had crepition on
knee. dx
- rhuematiod arthritis
- osteoporosis
- osteoarthritis

7) which vitamin is given to new born to stop bleeding
- vit. A
- vit. D
- vit. K
- vit E
- vit C

8) a child came with congested throught and mild buldgibg of tympanic membrane ur Dx was
URTI. the

9) a child presented with erythematous pharynx, with cervical lymph nodes and rapid strplysin
test negative and low grade fever with positive EBV. it next step
- give antibiotics and anti pyretic
- give anti pyretic and fluids
- do culture and sensitivity

10) child with low grade fever and congested throught, negative ASO and positive EBV. he has
- infectous mononucleosis

11) the most common cause of intracerebral or intraparynchimal bleeding is.
- Hypertensive angiopathy
- annurysm
- AV malformation

12) young adult Sickle cell patients are commonly affected with
- dementia
- multiple cerebral infarcts

13) 80 years old living in nursing home for the last 3 months. his wife died 6 months ago and he
had a cornary artery disease in the last month. he is now forgetful especially of short term
memory and decrease eye contact with and loss of interest. dx
- alzihiemer
- depression
- hypothyroidism

14) thyroid cancer can be from
- hypothyroidism
- graves disease
- toxic nodule

15) a mother came with her son who is 7 years old very active never sitting in class and with
poor concentration. ur management would be.
- olanzipine
- amitilyne
- aloxane

16) from the graph above which of the following statement is true
- osteoprosis affecting majority of women above 80
- 20% of women under 70 are affected

17) a patient presented with progressive weakness on swollowibg with diplopia and fatigability.
the most likely underlying cause of her disease is.
- antibody against acetylcholine receptors

18) an 69 year old non diabetic. with mild hypertension and no hx of Coronary heart desease.
the best drug in treatment is.
- thiazides

19) which of the following anti hypertensive is contraindicated for an uncontrolled diabetic
- hydrochlorothiazide
- Losartan
- hydralszine
- spironolactone

20) a wound stays in it's primary inflammation untill
- eschar formation
- epitheliazation
- after 24 hours
- wound cleaning

21) 70 years old male patient with mild urinary dripping and hesitency ur Dx is mild BPH. ur next
step in management is
- transurethral retrograde prostatectomy
- start on medication
- open prostatectomy

22) Generalized anxiety

23) acute prostatitis

24) 3 months post partum contraception

25) peripural locia days

26) indication for lipid in 12 years old

27) varicella vaccine in adolesencr

28) one is not a live vaccine

29) kowashirkor

30) an mesurement of labor progress

31) meneirs desease

32) hypetension in pregnancy

33) post pneumococcal pleural effusion

34) baby with vomittiong and red mucous diarrhea. sigmoid volvulus

35) acute limb ischemia

36) which toxin is used in mutiple problems.

37) ovarian mass of 7 cm in a young girl with irregular cycles and no other complain
- endometreal cyst

38) breast lump with tenderness abd previous black comedo. ur managment

39) hypergycemic non ketotic acidosis case

40) most common cause of secondary HTN is

41) one of the following food is known to reduce cancer
- fibers

42) smoking is a definitive risk of
- sq.c.ca of bladder
- liver
- breast

43) Candida vaginalis case

44) tricimonus vaginalis

45) exercise recommended for patients with CAD. is
- isometric
- isotonic
- yoga

46) child choughing and drooling. next step in managment

47) schizophrenia

48)what is the definitive treatment of frost bites

49) the most common cause of failure to thrive in pediatric is

50) which of the following causes the highest maternal mortality in pregnancy
- toxoplasma
- hyperbilirubenia