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The most common symptom in placenta abruption is

1) Vaginal bleeding
2) Uterine tenderness
3) Uterine contractions
4) Fetal distress
I think answer 1
Female presented with aginal discharge! itching" #n microscopic e$amination
showed mycoleous cells and spores "" The medical conition most likely to be
associated with this is
1) T%
2) &iabetes
3) 'heumatoid (rthritis
I)m not sure !maybe (nswer 2 ! this is candiasis *
+rimigraida in her ,
week o- gestation! presented to your clinic wanting to do
genetic screeing! she declined inasie procedure " the best in this situation is
1) (mniocentesis
2) 1
trimester screening
3) 2
trimester screening
4) Ultrasound

Trichomoniasis is classically hae
1) .lue cells
2) /reenish -rothy discharge
#bsessie neurosis0
1) Treatment is east
2) .lomipramine doesn1t not work
3) 2ostly associated with seere depression
4) .an be cured spontaneously
(nswer 3
+atient came to you complaining o- hearing oices! later he started to complain o-
thought get into his mind and can be taken out
1) 3.4
2) 2ood
3) 2ania
4) (goraphobia
(nswer 1
Female had history o- seere depression ! many episodes! she got got her remession
-or three months with +aro$itine 5 33'Is) "" now she is pregnant "" your adise
1) 3top 33'is because it cause -etal mal-ormation
2) 3top 33'is because it cause premature labor
3) .ontinue and monitor her depression
4) 3top 33'Is
(nswer 1
6allucinations and +aranoia0
1) 3.4
2) 2ood
3) 2ania
4) +hobia
Answer 1
Female presented with thirst and polyurea"" al medical history is negatie and she is
not know to hae medical issues"" she gae history o- being diagnosed and %ipolar
and on 7ithium but her .r and %U8 is normal" 9hat is the cause o- her presentation
1) (derse a--ect o- lithium
2) 8ephrogenic &I
3) .entral &I
Answer 1
2ost common medical problems encountered in +rimary care is
1) .ory:a
2) UTI
3) 6T8
'egarding diabetes mellitus in pregnancy 0
1) +reelance o- diabetes mellitus in pregnancy is 1;<
2) /lucose screeing is best in 24=2, week
3) &iabetic and non diabetic hae same perinatal mortality
4) /estational diabeted can be diagnosed by abnormal F/3 test
7e-t red eye! watery discharge! photo phobia! peri=auricular non=tender lymph
nodes "" &$
1) %acterial con>ctitis
2) Viral con>ctitis
Answer 2
#ne o- the (nti=psychotics causes ?./ changes ! 7eukopenia! drooling 0
1) 'espiredone
2) .ol:apine
3) (misulpride
Answer 2
#ne o- the -ollowing decrease chance o- colon cancer 0
1) 4inc
2) Vit" ?
3) Vit .
4) Folic acid
%est sentence to describe speci-ity o- screening test !is the population o- people
who 0
1) (re negatie o- disease! and test is negatie @@
2) (re positie o- disease! and test is negatie
3) (re positie comparing to total other people
4) 8egatie disease ! positie test
A) +ositie disease ! negatie test
6eay smoker came to you asking about other cancer! not 7ung cancer! that
smoking increase its risk0
1) .olon
2) %ladder
3) 7ier
I think Answer 2
2id claicle -racture 0
1) 3urgery is always indicated i- -racture is displaced
2) Figure=,=dressing has better outcomes than simple sling
3) Figure=,=dressing is strongly indicated in patient with un=union risk
4) %oth -igure=, and simple sling has similar outcomes
+atient complains o- cant breath air in one nasal nostril ! on e$amination! showed
edematoud mucos structure ! best to gie initially is 0
1) .orticosteroids
2) &econgestants
3) (l-a=adrenergic blockers
+ediatric came to you in ?' with whee:ing! dyspnea! muscle contraction 5 most
probably asthma)! best to gie initially is 0
1" theophillin
2" (lbuterol neubeli:ors
3" oral steroids
Female presented with complain o- neck pain and occipital headache ! no other
symptoms ! on B=ray has cerical spine osteophyes and narrow disks 0
1) cerical sponylosis C
+atient complaining o- pain at night when he eleated his arm! tingeling on lateral
arm side and lateral three -ingers ! &$
1) brachial ple$us neuropathy
2) shoulder impengment syndrom
3) brachial artery thrombophebitis
4) thoracic outlet problem
male came to you complaining o- sudden progressie decreasing in ision o- le-t eye
oer last twoDthree days! also pain on the same eye! on -undoscopy optic disk
swelling was sees ! &$ 0
1) central retinal artery occlusion
2) central retical ein occlusion
3) optic neuritis
4) macular degeneration
Answer 3
unilateral headache ! e$aggerated by e$cersice and light ! &$ 0
1) migraine
2)cluster headach
3) stress headache
E; years old with progressie demntia ! no personality changes ! neurological
e$amination was normal but there is isuode-icit ! on brain .T shower corte$ atrophy
and entricular dilatations 0
1) multi micro in-ract dementia
2) al:ehimer demenita
3) parkinsonism dementia
E; years old with progressie dementia ! on brain microscopy amyloid plaFues and
neuro-ibrillary tangles are clearly isible also +laFues are seen 0 &$
1) lewy dementia
2) +arkisonism
3) al:ehimer
Answer 3
a-ter bite ! pediatric patient presented with abdominal pain and omiting ! stool occult
blood ! rash oer buttock and lower limbs ! edema o- hands and soles ! urine -unction
was normal but microscopic hematurea was seen
1) 7yme
2) henosh =schenolinee
-or the aboe disorder ! which one is considered pathological
1) gross hematurea
2) microscopic hematurea
3) rashes
4) ""
Goung adult presented with painless penile ulcer rolled edges "" what ne$t to do 0
1) .%.
2) &ark-eild microscopy
3) culturing
Answer 2 ( syphilis)
&iabetic -emale ger 24h=urine proteinn is 1A;mg !!
1) start on (.?Is
2) re-er to nephrologist
3) do nothing ! this is normal range
Answer 3 (normal range <300mg)
H 0 which preent or decrease incedence o- getting post herptic neuralgia
1) (mitriptylin
2) (cycloir
3) Varicella accination
H 0(dult +olycystic kidney mode o- inheretence 0
1) (utosomal dominant
H 0Goung adul presented with pain on lateral elbow! tingeling o- lateral arm ! he plays
3cuatch 0
1) carbel tunnel
2) tennis elbow
3) ""
H0 Female came wit complain o- diahrrea in the last I months! she lost some weight!
she reported that mostly was bloody ! when you pre-ormed sigmoidoscopy you -ound
-ragile mucosa with bleeding !&$
1) colon cancer
3) Ulceratie colitis
4) /astroenteritis
A) hemrrohids
H 0(nal -issure commonest site
1) posteriorly