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The Art of Letting Go (Message for a Friend)

My dear daughter,
I see your tears, and your desperation, and how hard life is for you. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in a
just and loving God with all of the seemingly unjust things I happen to allow, even – or especially in
the lives of My loved ones, those who try their best to follow Me.
Well, I will try My best to explain to you why some of the things are the way they are.
First of all you must know that I will never, ever forsake you. You know, just like I asked on the
cross, “Father, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” but found out that He hadn’t really forsaken Me, that He
was still there, and so I finally said, “Into Your hands do I commend My Spirit.”
That’s the point to which the Father would like for each of His children to get: the point of letting go
and committing our all into His almighty and all-loving hands.
The human tendency is to cling, you know? But the Father wants us to let go of something lesser so
that He can give us something better.

It takes trust, because you don’t know what that “something better” is going to be like, and they say,
“One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”
But the Father says, “Not so, My dear, because what I have in store for you is a lot – really a lot better
than the one little bird in your hand you so desperately cling to.”

People always wonder about the story of Abraham and Isaac. How could I demand such a thing of
poor Abraham, they wonder, and ask him to kill his one and only son for Me? But you see, it was
going to be an example to the world of the sacrifice that the Father was going to make for them in
allowing Me, His one and only beloved Son, to be killed as a ransom and sacrifice for the sins of all
It didn’t make much sense to Abraham. Just as it doesn’t always make much sense what I seem to be
asking of you. But Abraham chose to believe that I – and the Father - knew better.

You see, ever since the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the fruit of knowledge
of good and evil, people have thought that they could decide for themselves what is good and what is
evil, instead of trusting Me for it, and instead of obeying Me, and when I say, “No, don’t do this, it
isn’t good for you,” to obey Me and not do it; or if I say, “This is going to be good for you, even if it
may not seem that way for you,” to believe and trust Me and say, “Yes, Lord, I believe You and trust
You; that if You say this seemingly bad thing that’s happening to me is going to be good for me, it’s
going to be so.”

It’s like the reversal of the curse that Adam and Eve’s unbelief and disobedience brought upon the
So, My dear, I need you to have strong faith and trust in Me. That faith and trust you have acquired
over the past few years by your faithful study of My Word and committing My Promises to heart, it
must be put to use, and put to the test, just as gold is purified in the fire.

I know, the human tendency is to quickly pipe up, “But the fire has been on for a long time now, and
it’s getting unbearably hot.” But remember My Promise that I will never allow you to be tempted
above that which you are able to bear (1Cor.10:13). Can you trust Me for that, My dear, beloved
daughter and bride?

You see, what Abraham in effect was saying was, “Even if God asks me to kill my own beloved son, I
will trust in Him.” The same as Job, who said, “Even if He kills me, yet will I trust in Him.”
Can you trust that much?
Can you let go of everything and trust Me that I will hold it for you, and make something much more
precious out of it than what you previously had?

For what is your life? It’s but a vapor that’s here a little while and then it’s gone. The best thing you
can do with that little vapor is to offer it to Me as incense, as a sacrifice of love, and as a token of faith
and trust, as something that you know I have given you, and so you gladly and willingly give it back
to Me, knowing that it is only a little seed that must fall into the ground and die in order to bring forth
much fruit, or like a caterpillar that must become a cocoon in order to become a beautiful butterfly…

I understand that you are afraid. But you will find out that I am stronger than your fears. And I can
only guarantee and promise you that your momentary sufferings are nothing compared to the glory
that will be revealed in you.

Sometimes people ask, “But why me, Lord? Why did You have to choose me to suffer for you? Why
not somebody else?” When perhaps the right question ought to be, “Why not me?” The attitude of
every believer should be, “Yes, Lord; take me; do with me as you please, because I’m all Yours any
way, You created me and gave me life to begin with, so I trust you with it, to do with it as You best
see fit.”

When a child is small, and you roll him a ball, and you want him to roll it back to you, so that you can
repeat the game, at first he will not understand and cling to the ball. And that’s how people are: I give
them something, and instead of giving it back to Me, they think they must cling to it. But in order to
really enjoy the game, you need to “roll the ball” back to Me. And each time you do, I will roll
something better your way!
Can you trust Me for that, My dear love? That My love for you is so great and so pure, that no matter
what I ask of you, no matter what I ask you to give up for Me, I will always give you something better
in return?

Honor Me, My love, by trusting Me. Don’t believe Satan’s input in your heart and mind that would
cause you to doubt Me and would make Me look like a liar, like someone who doesn’t keep his
That’s Satan’s job, you know? Trying to get you to doubt My love for you.
But I am here to tell you right now that you haven’t even seen or experienced a fraction of My love
yet, compared to all that you will yet experience.
For I will greatly reward every little bit of attention and interest you show Me, and you already have.
I know, in your heart you know, “But it’s so little, compared to what I could have given, or compared
to what some other great saints of Yours have done for You.”
But it doesn’t matter to Me, My dear, because on the other hand it’s also so much compared to the
little or nothing that so many others give Me, and every little bit of your time and attention means so
much for Me: your desire to please Me, to cling to Me, and your need for Me.

You see, contrary to people’s idea of Me, it’s not so that I don’t have need of anybody, just because I
am all-powerful. Love – and I am Love – works in such a way that it constantly needs to be needed.
It’s give and take, and I need you. I need you to need Me.
And by honoring My desire and My need in admitting that you do need Me, you give Me a deep
satisfaction that I will greatly honor and reward you for, that is My holy oath that I swear to you. It’s
My wedding oath to you, for you are My bride, and I will always be faithful to you, I will always
honor you, bear you in My arms and richly reward and decorate you as a queen.

As little as you may be in your own sight, I have destined you for this purpose: you were born to
become a queen! Can you believe that? You will be one of My future queens, helping Me to rule this
world in My Kingdom, the way it should have been ruled all along.

You may feel utterly incapable of such a task, but don’t worry, My love, you will be capable! I will
make you capable and prove to you yet again that you can do all things through Me Who strengthens
you (Phil.4:13).

You see, I only make great kings and rulers out of those who are little or nothing in their own eyes.
The less they have, the less they figure they have to lose by giving it back to Me.
So, My love, will you fully honor Me by giving your full trust to Me, and trusting Me with your life,
for your child, your future, everything?
Can you fully trust that you are in the best hands, and thus in the best place in the universe you could
possibly be? As messy and as unlikely as it may seem, can you trust that your life, the way it is right
now, is precisely the best thing that could have happened to you of all the millions of options, in order
to make you the best you could possibly become?

People can never figure out why, of all people I have chosen them. But it’s usually because of some
relatively small choice they made to begin with: you chose to come back faithfully to attend to My
Words and learn from My lips. It may not always have resulted in all your dreams come true, but –
can you trust Me for this when I say, it will?
That treasure of the Words from My lips is worth more than all the gold or silver you could possibly
accumulate in a life-time, because you will have to leave material treasures behind when you leave
this earth, but My treasures are yours to keep forever.

You see, people sometimes underestimate My Words, but they’re actually the stuff that the universe is
made out of. And your faith in My Words is the same magic that will enable you to exercise the same
creative power that I have, that enabled Me to created the immense universe with its billions of

People wonder, why would I have chosen a seemingly insignificant spec of dust like earth, just as they
wonder why I would have chosen someone seemingly insignificant like you or them or so many of
My other seemingly insignificant servants and handmaidens.
But one day they will see as I see, and what I consider important, and also what I consider good and

Will you trust Me, My love, that I know best which is good and which is evil in your life, and that I
will only allow that which is ultimately good for you, even if your present tendency may be to differ?

Thank you! I know you won’t be able to do it with an occasional wavering, but even I was tempted to
waver and felt forsaken by the Father, only to find out that I wasn’t and never had been!

He was always there, just like I am – and He is – in your life, even if you may not always be aware of
Our Presence.

Can you also say, as I did, “'Into Your hands I commend My Spirit,' my life, my all?" I will not
disappoint you, honey, that’s My Promise to you! I swear! I will never leave you nor forsake you!
Never, ever. No matter what happens! Okay? I love you.

Any choice or decision regarding any details is nearly irrelevant compared to your choice to trust Me
fully with your life and commit it all into My hands in full trust and confidence.
One day you will realize that nothing else really mattered in your life, compared to the importance of
My Presence in it, My involvement in it, and your decision to trust Me.

I am always faithful, even if you are faithless. I cannot deny Myself. I cannot break My Word, My
Promise, My holy oath to you. I can never fail, and I won’t fail you!
Come into My arms and find here all the comfort and love and warmth you ever yearned for! I will
never let you down. I only draw you closer to Me, My future queen! Don’t see it as a burden, but as
the priceless privilege that it is. Nor say, “But I am not worthy.” Trust Me that I know better than you
in this aspect, too.

Let Me make of you that which I best see fit. Can you truly say, as I did, “Not my will, but Thy will
be done?” I hope so, My dear, and I trust that you will.