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Reducing Imaging Times with Tableau USB 3.0 Forensic Bridges
A growing challenge forensic examiners face today continues to be the backlog of storage
devices that require imaging. The boost in imaging speed offered by Tableaus new USB 3.0
Family of portable forensic bridges (a.k.a. write blockers) should help get your backlog issues
under control.
T35u High Performance SATA and IDE Imaging
From a distance, the new T35u looks strikingly similar to our previous generation of SATA and IDE
combination write blockers. Inside, however, this product has the latest USB 3.0 electronics and
new rmware that offer imaging speeds not obtainable in prior products. Simply put: this product
will help you do more acquisition work in a shorter time.
USB 3.0 brings SuperSpeed performance to the mainstream forensic workstation and laptop
market. To simplify forensic imaging tasks, the T35u has a single USB 3.0 host connection.
Plug in, power up, and start acquiring evidence.
The Standard in Portable Write Blockers Just Got Better
The T35u natively supports write-blocked acquisitions of SATA and IDE hard-drives without the
need for additional cables or adapters. Or, if your imaging tasks include smaller form factor drives
such as 1.8 inch and 2.5 inch notebook, ZIF, microSATA, and blade-style SSD drives. The Tableau
TKA5-AD adapter kit is compatible for use with the T35u.
A new feature built into all Tableau USB 3.0 bridges is the U Update button. To minimize the risk
of operator error, the T35u must be put into rmware update mode by depressing the U button
at power up before rmware updates can be applied.
As with prior generations of Tableau write blockers, the T35u recognizes and defeats HPA (Host
Protected Areas) or DCO (Device Conguration Overlay) regions.
Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) Now With USB 3.0 Support
The Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility has been rewritten to support rmware updates for all
new USB 3.0 based forensic bridges via the USB 3.0 host connection for fast and secure product
Factory Congured Read / Write Model
At the request of forensic examiners, the T35u-RW (yellow) is available factory congured for
read / write operation. The yellow case identies it as a writable device, helping to eliminate
acquisition processing errors.
The T35u USB 3.0 Forensic
SATA/IDE Bridge provide a single
USB 3.0 connection to the host
for very fast and reliable data
transfers. The T35u delivers the
Tableau performance and reliablity
that you have come to expect in
a professional forensic hardware
write blocker.
The T35u: Superb write-blocking
performance in a compact, rugged,
and easy-to-use package.
For technical specs and additional
T35u information, please visit us on
the web at www.tableau.com

T35u USB3 Forensic
T35u USB3 Forensic SATA/IDE Bridge