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Human Resources

Procedures For
Employee Management

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Includes seven(7) modules:
1. Introduction and Table of
2. Guide to preparing a well
written manual
3. A Sample Human Resource
Managers Manual covering
common requirements and
4. 35 Policies and 66
corresponding forms
5. More than 60 Sample Job
6. Employee Handbook
7. Complete Index

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Fast, Easy Human Resources Manual
Creating your Human Resources Manual is quicker and easier with easy-to-use pre-
written Human Resources Procedures and sample HR Policies. Now you can easily
document the fair and equal treatment of your employees as required by Federal
laws, while preserving a consistent level of health benefits and safety precautions to
maintain a productive work force
35 Prewritten Policies and Procedures
1. Personnel Records
2. Forms Development
3. Document Control
4. Mail & Express Services
5. Telephone Answering
6. Property & Access Control
7. Separation
8. Workplace Rules & Guidelines
9. Human Resources Reports
10. Dress Code
11. Employee Hiring
12. Job Descriptions
13. Employment Applications
14. Interviewing Applicants
15. Background Investigations
16. Payroll
17. Paid & Unpaid Leave
18. Insurance Benefits
19. Healthcare Benefits
20. Employee Retirement Income Security
21. Consolidated Budget Reconciliation Act
22. Development Management
23. Training Reimbursement
24. Computer User & Staff Training Plan
25. Internet & E-mail Acceptable Use
26. Performance Appraisals
27. Employee Discipline
28. Workplace Safety (OSHA)
29. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
30. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
31. Drug Free Workplace
32. Health Insurance Portability And
Accountability (HIPAA)
33. Harassment & Discrimination
34. Posting Requirements
35. Equal Employment Opportunity
66 Reports & Forms
1. Personnel Records Access Log
2. HR Records Retention Periods
3. Form Printing Request
4. Request For Document Change (RDC)
5. Document Change Control
6. Outgoing Mail Register
7. Important Message
8. Key Issue Policy
9. Visitor Log
10. Exit Interview Checklist
11. Exit References Authorization
12. Suggestion Form
13. Human Resource Reporting Summary
14. HR Hiring Status Report
15. Personnel Requisition
16. Offer Letter
17. Personnel Change Notice
18. New Employee Hiring Checklist
19. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
20. Employees Withholding Allowance
Certificate (Form W-4)
21. Job Description Format
22. Employment Application
23. Employment Application Supplement
24. Employment Interview Questions
25. Interview Form
26. Employee Investigation Checklist
27. Employee Background Authorization
28. New References Authorization
29. Reference Check Survey
30. Bi-Weekly Time Sheet
31. Federal Tax Calendar
32. Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
33. Supplemental Data Sheet for Application
for Authority to Employ Workers with
Disabilities at Special Minimum Wages
34. Federal Contractor Payroll (WH-347)
35. Absence Request Form
36. Benefits Enrollment/Change Form
37. Continuation Of Coverage (COBRA
Notice/Election Form)
38. Training Plan
39. Request For Training
40. Computer And Internet Usage Policy
41. Self Appraisal Form
42. Performance Appraisal Form
43. Disciplinary Notice
44. Safety Suggestion Sheet
45. Workplace Safety Self-Inspection
46. Workplace Safety Action Plan
47. Workplace Safety Rules
48. Index of Hazardous Chemicals & MSDS
49. Material Safety Data Sheet (Form 174)
50. Injuries and Illness Log (Form 300)
51. Summary of Injuries and Illness (300A)
52. Injuries and Illness Incident Report (Form
53. Instructions for OSHA Forms
54. Certification Of Healthcare Provider
55. Employer Response To Employee
Request For Fmla
56. HIPAA Authorization Form
57. Equal Employment Opportunity Poster
58. Family Medical Leave Act Poster (WH-
59. Fair Labor Standards Act Poster (WH-
60. Notice to Workers with
Disabilities/Special Minimum Wage
Poster (WH-1284)
61. Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Poster (WH-1462)
62. Davis-Bacon Poster (WH-1321)
63. Walsh-Healey Poster (WH-1313)
64. Occupational Safety and Health Act
Poster (OSHA 3165)
65. EEO-1 Report
66. VETS-100 Report
Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Forms www.bizmanualz.com
Sample Procedure Page 2 of 4
Document ID
Print Date
Prepared By

Date Prepared
Effective Date:
Reviewed By

Date Reviewed
Approved By

Date Approved
Applicable Standard: None

Policy: The Company encourages employee participation in educational programs in
order to increase their abilities in their present positions, to prepare them for
future positions, to keep them current with new advancements or technologies, or
as part of their career development program.
To provide an additional incentive to employees to continually develop their
abilities, the Company will assist them with associated training/education costs
for approved programs.
Purpose: To outline the requirements for approved programs, employee eligibility and
tuition reimbursement.
Scope: This statement applies to all non-company sponsored, training, and educational or
seminar programs.
The HR Manager should be responsible for coordinating training and
development programs and reimbursement with each employee or department
manager to develop each employee to their potential and support the objectives of
The Company and department.
All Department Managers should be responsible for approving requests for
training, in coordination with the HR Manager, for each reporting employee.
All full time employees are eligible after six months of service. Part-time employees
working at least an average of 20 hours per week are eligible after completion of 1,000
hours of service.
2.1 The course of study must be compatible with the type of position held by the employee
and be beneficial/applicable to the operations of the company and in accordance with the
training and development plan (See DEV101 DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT).
2.2 Programs can include seminars, university or trade school courses, self-study courses,
instructional videos or any other method, which is suitable for the purpose.
Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Forms www.bizmanualz.com
Sample Procedure Page 3 of 4
2.3 To obtain approval and subsequent reimbursement for courses, the employee should
complete DEV101 Ex 1 REQUEST FOR TRAINING before registration. Part I of the
form should be completed and approved/disapproved by the employee's supervisor and
returned to the employee.
3.1 Reimbursement for approved programs should be 75% of "direct" training costs (tuition,
lab fees, books and materials, etc.) up to a maximum of $3,000.00 per fiscal year per
employee. As an example, if you spend $1,000.00 on tuition, you would receive a
reimbursement of $750.00. Employees will be solely responsible for their own travel,
meals, lodging or any other incidental costs associated with the training.
3.2 Employees must satisfactorily complete the training program with a grade "B" or above,
"Pass", or "Completed" for un-graded programs.
3.3 To receive reimbursement, the employee should complete Part II of the approved
DEV101 Ex1 TRAINING REQUEST FORM and attach copies of all grades and paid
receipts and route to your supervisor for processing. Reimbursement for a course must
be submitted within 90 days of course completion and the employee must have been
currently employed by the Company upon completion of the course.

Revision History:
Revision Date Description of changes Requested By
0 MM/DD/YY Initial Release

Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Forms www.bizmanualz.com
Sample Procedure Page 4 of 4


Employee Name: Department:

I am applying for the following training under the Company's tuition reimbursement
program. I understand that if approval is granted, I am responsible for achieving a
grade of at least "B" in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
Name of Educational Institution:
Course(s) Desired:

Relationship of Course to Job (Benefits to Company Operations):

Date Course Begins: Date Course Ends:
Estimated Cost:
Supervisor: Date:

Submit this form upon completion of your program to your Supervisor along with
copies of paid receipts and grades completed.
Costs To be Reimbursed:

Grade(s)/Received: or Pass/Completed:
Supervisor: Date: