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By Rita Santamaria, Champions

School Of Real Estate

When it comes to writing mar-
keting pieces for promotion and
advertising yourself and your proper-
ties, there are words that do a better
job of call to action.
The following words will help
you do the selling:
You or your You is the most
powerful word you can choose. It is
more powerful than the word money.
So instead of writing, My clients say
working with me is the best thing that
ever happened to them. Write, You
will notice a huge difference between
my professional experience and that of
any agent you have worked with in
the past. Youre the most important
part of my job. Keeping you happy is
my goal.
Money right after you is the
word money. People love to save
money and earn money. Therefore,
using the words, save you
money makes a huge statement
in advertising.
Health/Healthy people want
products & services that help them
retain good health or make them
healthier. Advertising the amenities of
a neighborhood that has golf, tennis,
jogging trails, bike paths and pools
add to desire to acquire that property.
Using the phrase, Youll maintain
your healthy lifestyle by using the bike
paths, and jogging trails in the subdi-
vision would be good use of word-
ing in your ad.
Guarantee people want their
purchases with as little risk as possi-
ble. In real estate there are few times
we can guarantee anything.
However, if theres a new roof or
foundation repair with a guarantee
in writing, promote and advertise
that guarantee.
Easy People want things easy.
Using the word easy and phrases such
as Your process from buying to clos-
ing is easy with the Villareal Team of
Free whether it is a free mar-
ket analysis, free consultation, or a free
estimate, put something free into your
marketing materials.
Yes is one of the most pleasing
words to the human ear. Use yes often
with your clients.
Quick/quickly at every turn
people want things done quickly.
Whether waiting for loan approval, an
inspection, survey or appraisal, clients
want tasks done quickly. For example,
you can be assured I will follow up
and make sure all tasks are done
quickly and we stick to our time table
of 30 days to closing and funding.
Benefit everyone wants to
know Whats in it for me? That
needs to be presented. The benefit of
buying in this neighborhood is there is
a community pool at no extra charge
in your homeowners fees. The ben-
efit of buying this house is the school
bus stops right in front of your home.
Persons name people love to
hear the sound of their own name.
Use it often during your conversation,
Marie, what do you think of the land-
scaping? Always address marketing
pieces to an individuals name not
resident or occupant.
Other powerful words include:
Love, Results, Safe/Safety, Proven,
Fun, New, Save and Now.
When you advertise in the
newspaper, remember to use the
AIDA formula for best results.
A = Attention Short visual
words will entice the reader to go
I = Interest Create interest to
motivate them to read the entire ad.
D = Desire Now that you have
their attention you have to deliver a
benefit to create a need for them to
own this property. Choose a major fea-
ture of the property for building
desire. The perfect family room
for gatherings by the fireplace on
a cool night.
A = Action Now that you have
the readers attention you must ask
them to move or take action on their
feelings. Call Tina today. Easy
terms available, call now!
To maximize results from your
property ads, follow these 10 Tips to
Effective Advertising:
Collect as much information
as you can about the property.
Determine the target audience
for the ad. Dont aim your ad for
everyone. Who is the buyer prospect
for this property?
Remember people buy bene-
fits, not features. How will the buyer
benefit from this house?
Every ad should have the loca-
tion, price and the size of the house.
In a survey of what is most important
to buyers, 99% wanted to know the
location of the property, 75% wanted
to know the price and 66% wanted to
know number of rooms in the house.
Never exaggerate. Avoid
clich words like: beautiful, spacious,
immaculate, nice or lovely. Never use
industry abbreviations. Always tell
the truth.
The headline should be atten-
tion getting and eye-catching.
Write the ad as though you
were having a personal conversation
with the buyer.
Close with a call to action.
Call today
After writing the ad, review it
and see if it inspires enthusiasm.
Keep copies of all ads and
make notes as to which ones worked
for you. Which one inspired the buyer
to call? This will help with all of your
ad writing.
These marketing techniques are
free and easy. Start today!
Rita Santamaria owns Champions
School of Real Estate. Visit
Advertising Choosing Words That Sell
Vol.XXX, No.11 www.realestatenewsline.com. June 1, 2012






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take Newsline to the Lincoln Memorial during NAR meetings.
Kim Kelman, Wells
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Mortgage and
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share Newsline
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NAHREP Business
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Jane Bash, Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper
Realtors vacations in Fiji on a listing contest
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June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 3 www.realestatenewsline.com
On May 17, I j oi ned t housands
of fel l ow REALTORS on t he st eps
of t he Washi ngt on Monument t o
l end a voi ce t o t he i mport ance of
homeownershi p t o t he U. S. econo-
my and t o preservi ng t he Ameri can
Dream. Here are some i nsi ght s t hat
I found i mpact ful about homeowner-
shi p:
. NARs one mi l l i on members
represent 75 mi l l i on homeowners,
and we al l care about t he fut ure of
homeownershi p i n t hi s count ry and
i t s i mpact on us personal l y.
Homeownershi p st rengt hens
communi t i es. Homeowners are more
l i kel y t o be i nvol ved and engaged i n
l ocal i ssues and move l ess frequent -
l y t han rent ers. Thi s hel ps prevent
cri me, i mprove chi l dhood educat i on
and support nei ghborhood upkeep.
Homeownershi p support s t he
economy. Housi ng account s for
more t han 15 percent of t he U. S.
Gross Domest i c Product t hat s $2
t ri l l i on. It s a key dri ver i n our
nat i onal economy.
Home sal es generat e more
t han 2. 5 mi l l i on pri vat e-sect or j obs
i n an average year i n t he U. S. For
every t wo homes sol d, a j ob i s cre-
at ed.
Homeownershi p i s how
many Ameri can fami l i es begi n t o
accumul at e weal t h. Accordi ng t o t he
most recent dat a from t he Federal
Reserve Board, a homeowners net
wort h i s 53. 5 t i mes t hat of a
rent ers. (Medi an net wort h of
$192, 600 for owners versus $3, 600
for rent ers).
I t hank t hose who j oi ned me at
t he Ral l y and heari ng how t hi s i ni -
t i at i ve and Ral l y had on you and
your busi ness. Share your com-
ment s and i nsi ght s on t he San
Ant oni o Board of REALTORS
Facebook page - ht t ps: / / www. face-
book. com/ SABoardofREALTORS.
REALTOR Rally Reinforces
By Liza Reyes
Chairman, San Antonio Board of REALTORS
Awesome job San Antonio Chapter! Shelia Moran, WCR President Elect,
Cindy Cox, WCR President and Corie Boldt Hutt, VP Membership.
Congratulations Ron
Smith, Director of
Education at SABOR,
on his retirement!
Amed Meftah, Alonso Investments, rides the bull at Woodside
Homes realtor event at Arrowood.
Lisa Weissgarber
Harder and David
Harder, RE/MAX
Associates stop by
Woodside Homes
in Arrowood for
some great grub
and bull riding.
Art Ramirez, WR
Starkey, Kay
Kavanaugh and
Pete Aguirre,
Surveyors at Old
San Francisco
Steak House for
the May NAHREP
Business Meeting
and Lunch.
RE/MAX Corridor Realtors Carol Smith, Adrian Moreno, Kristin Graham,
Stephanie Rodgers, Brad Summers and Marcus Jones visit the Alamo
Title Booth at the Randolph Chamber Taste of Metrocom.
San Antonio Area real estate agents new to RE/MAX attend a class that trains
them on how to use the networks online lead generation technology.
Dale Lucas, SWBC
Mortgage and
Renee Johnson,
RE/MAX Preferred
tour Alamo Titles
newest office on
Dominion Drive.
Cindy Kolmeier,
Lending, shares
her special key-
chain made to
the opening of
Lendings offices.
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 5 www.realestatenewsline.com
Everyone is a winner!! Kim Compton, Reliance Residential Realty, Lupe
Moreno, TriStone Homes, Maxell Salinas, Icon Realty, and Copernicus
Guerra, Copernicus Realty at Tristone model in Republic Oaks.
Check out Scott
Felder Homes
entry in the model
at Terra Bella!
Few INVESTOR OVERLAYS on our serviced FHA & VA products Few INVESTOR OVERLAYS on our serviced FHA & VA products
In house on credit scores down to 600 In house on credit scores down to 600
In house underwriting and loan servicing In house underwriting and loan servicing
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae direct lender Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae direct lender
Happy To Be Back in San Antonio Happy To Be Back in San Antonio
NEWADDRESS 14855 Blanco #204
Company NMLS# 3274
Guild Mortgage is pleased to add new
Loan Officer Tom Bakaysa NMLS# 492036 to their staff.
The fear of flying is a natural
instinct: Enter an aluminum tube and
be sealed in with strangers and their
Perky attendants guide you
through a potential loss of cabin pres-
sure before your $8 beverage arrives.
Give your worldly belongings
to a crew of indifferent baggage.
Pray the pilot was drinking
high quality booze so the hangover is
tolerable. Locate your best under-
wear to allow for reduced snickers
from the TSA.
Speed is everything in getting to
my destinationespecially when
traveling with relatives. Road trips
are fine, but I have limoed via
Greyhound and Im not a fan of stop-
ping in every town with a bus station.
I have attempted Amtracking with
grand anticipation of seeing the great
American countryside only to be told
my all aboard has been cancelled
and rescheduled for the following
weekwhich was not in my vacation
planning tips. Therefore, Ive yet to
see the American rail view. I have
driven to many a destination, but I
am usually the designated driver,
mechanic, navigator and toll both
payer. Commercial flying, with all its
threats, is still the safest and most reli-
able source of travel for me.
If my time comes 30,000 feet
above the ground, I will graciously
offer my oxygen mask to anyone
whose own mask fails, or just needs a
bigger hit of O. Based on recent
changes in air travel, I may just opt to
travel in the baggage compartment
and take my chances with the ken-
neled pets. I fly these days with less
of a crashing fear and more of a who
is next to me apprehension.
Recently, Dutch airline KLM has
included the use of social media to
match air-travel-seat-mates.
Essentially, any passenger can
Facebook their profiles to the airline
Fear Of Flying
in anticipation of only sitting next to a
facestranger who then becomes your
faceseatmate. What could possibly go
wrong with this marketing strategy?
I have been told I have a face-
book page, but since I did not origi-
nate it, I have no clue who I am
attempting to friend.
Imagine planning for the perfect
seatmate, only to settle in next to a
faceperson who totally lied about all
their facehistoryto include waist-
band girth that is now overlapping
into your own facespace. This is my
fear of flying.
I do not need every moment of
my life scripted to guarantee happi-
ness. Much of my daily joy comes
from the unexpected surprises an
unscripted life provides. For instance,
recently released findings say that
passengers are now flying 20 pounds
heavier than two decade ago.
The priority with airlines is to
confirm current seats and seat belts
are strong enough to protect the new
heavy traveler. My question is,
Protect them from what?
If I was paying attention in high
school physics, the downward spiral
of an aluminum tube filled with peo-
ple 20 pounds heavier than they were
two decades ago, plus carry-on bag-
gage (two per person, outweighing a
small child), plus the natural aging of
a contraption that has lifted off and
landed for decades with limited
repairs due to airline cutbacks does
not have great odds for remaining
intact in any situation.
While heroic saves have
occurred with commercial airlines in
my lifetime, just like me, the planes
are getting older, more brittle and
less likely to recover from a
major incident.
I have spent many an hour
waiting for my flight and attempting
mental math in my head about how
much each passenger weighs and
wondering who checked the weight
of their carry-on. I have seen my
share of luggage wheels go flat from
excessive packing, but that never
seems to concern professional flyers.
My fear of flying is sitting on
the same side of the tube with love-
handled couples and their excessive
carry-ons. Observing them, I could
see how we would be face-to-face in
our booking of seatmates: Favorites:
fried foods, desserts with extra choco-
late, and diets with no exercise.
Pasttimes: rock collecting and
shopping Costco by the pound. We
dont need to overload the left side of
the plane.
In the spirit of the summer trav-
el season, this disjointed message was
brought to you after a few too many
flights and a bit of oxygen deprived
planning. Your thought for summer
travel: Force is mass times accelera-
tion, and when someone is heavier
and unbelted, theres that much force
that is being applied.
May the force whiz by you, and
safe summer travels.
By Cathey Meyer
Guild Mortgage
enjoyed a staff dinner
at El Mirador.
Julie Chapa and
Ruth Horce,
Woodside Homes
greet guests at
the Woodside
model in
Julie Craighead
joins Donetta
Dobbs, Alamo
Title and Denia
Geiger, Ameripro
Funding for
some Fiesta
Kathy Alexander, RE/MAX Preferred, Tammy Cooper, Pete Aidinian and
Marilyn Smith, RE/MAX North and Gloria Byington, RE/MAX Preferred
arrive for PT50 lunch in Cresta Bella.
RE/MAX 360 enjoys their second Quarter Sales meeting venue at MI Homes,
Alamo Ranch.
Monica Sanchez,
imortgage and
Gwen Derry, Trinity
Title network
before NAHREP
Business Meeting
and lunch at Old
San Francisco
Steak House.
Michelle Lebherz,
Title enjoys lunch
with the PT50
early qualifiers at
Highland Homes.
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 9 www.realestatenewsline.com
Debbie Cabello
and Ruth Horce
of Woodside
Homes say the
food is ready
and the bull rid-
ing is out back!
Chris Varley and Paula Long, Alamo Title show Mylinda Hipp, VanDyk
Mortgage around the beautiful new office on Dominion Drive.
Clementson and
Shawn Connally
of Alamo Title
pose in front the
new office on
Dominion Drive.
(not in order) Richard Orozco-Texas Area Manager welcomes
Loan Officers- Joseph Perez, Candy Williams, Lisa Perez, Tiffany Serrato,
Margot De La Paz, Grace Garcia, Jeff Cameron, Christine Ordonez,
Glyn Brady, David Lindsey, Processors- Corvette Wisely, Margo Garcia,
and Erika Naegelin Branch Manager
777 East Sonterra Blvd #350 San Antonio, Texas 78258
We Have Some New Faces!
Branch NMLS# 1251
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 11 www.realestatenewsline.com
Chris Sandahl, Global
Realty Group and
published author
enjoys an ice cream
cone with daughter
Philip Becker, Becker
Properties and Cindy
Cox, Coldwell Banker
DAnn Harper Realtors
take a break at the
Realtor Rally on the
Washington Monument
Mall during NAR.
I Dont Always Buy
Homes, But When I Do...
Gold Financial Services - 2943 Mossrock Drive - San Antonio, TX 78230
Office Phone: (210) 366-1070 Fax: (210) 348-8711 NMLS# 134871
*Certain restrictions and regulations apply
A Divison of Highlands Residential Mortgage NMLS# 134871
I use Jorge Orduna and Tony Zamora of Keller Williams Real
Estate to find the home, and Kathy Rubin and Mike Goldman of
Gold Financial Services for the mortgage loan.
Steven Gragg,
SABOR Chairman
Elect, Liza Reyes,
SABOR Chairwoman,
Reagan Greer, NAR
Federal Political
Coordinator for
Canseco and
Angela Shields,
SABOR, take a
moment for photo
while attending NAR
Legislative Mid Year
meetings in
Washington DC.
Mary Ann Jeffers, Mickey Ferrell Realtors, Reagan Greer, JB Goodwin
Realtors and Barbara Tarin, Tarin Real Estate attends Realtor Rally in
Washington D.C.
Cindy Cox and
Jan Hicinbothom,
Coldwell Banker
DAnn Harper
Realtors at NAR
Realtor Rally in
Washington D.C.
Yvette Allen, Yvette Allen Properties and Liza Reyes, Keller
Williams Heritage enjoy a beautiful day in Washington D.C. for
Realtor Rally attended by 13,800 realtors from across the nation.
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 13 www.realestatenewsline.com

who sold a
WhiteStone Home
(We have more to come!)
Jackie Galvan
Jordan Walker
Mickey Ferrell
Julia Carnahan
Keller Williams
Michael Ochoa
Keller Williams
Reba Sneed
Kingdom Living
Jody Puente, Adrianna Salas and Maribel Velasquez of DHI Title attend
NAHREP Business Meeting and lunch at San Francisco Steak House.
Beth Bess, Alamo Title
has the proper attire
to celebrate Viva
Patrick Moore,
United Lending
and wife
Marjorie Vallejo,
Keller Williams
Heritage help
David Weekley
Homes in cele-
brating 20 years
in San Antonio!
John Allerton and Ralph Thompson, Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper
Realtors cheer on the bull riders at the Woodside Homes Arrowood
Ed Guerrero, CPA
welcomes Ruben
Ruiz to the Tax
Strategies Lunch
and Learn at
Congratulations Jerry!
Congratulations Jerry!
RE/MAX Access
19115 FM 2252, Suite 7
Garden Ridge, TX 78266
Moble: 210.499-4663 - Office: 210.657.7500
Each offi ce i ndependentl y owned and operated
Jerry has been licensed since 2010 and has earned his
GRI designation. He received his Bachelor of Five Arts
from L.S.U. All of us at RE/MAX Access are very proud
of Jerry for receiving his Brokers license.
(left to right) Eric Steitz, Michelle Lee, Deneen Waller,
Robert Montalbo, Edwin Tsai, Sally Center Newman, Todd Porter,
Cindy Kolmeier , Drew Kolmeier, Lee Abraham, Laura Deir,
Nicky New, Lindsey Kolmeier and Jay New
(Not pictured: Troy Hallmark, Production Manager)
Office: (210) 490-1112
Fax: (210) 490-1113
18585 Sigma Road, Suite #100 -
San Antonio, Texas 78258
Always Here
Always Here
To Serve You
To Serve You
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 15 www.realestatenewsline.com
Barbara McCoy,
Coldwell Banker
DAnn Harper
Realtors joins
Rebecca Hall,
Gehan Homes
for a tour and
Jackie Galvan, RE/MAX Preferred, Steve Cruz, Keller Williams Legacy and
Kelea Piper, Champions School of Real Estate smile big for Newsline
before the NAHREP Business Meeting and Lunch.
Kim Habermehl
and Rita Stanley,
Town & Country
Real Estate enjoy
a great lunch on
the beautiful patio
of the Woodside
Homes model in
Shirley Cowert,
Mission Title,
Jessica Beltran,
guest, and
Cecila Sosa,
Mission Title
check in for a
fantastic NAHREP
Pam Botine, Keller Williams Luxury Farm and Ranch, Terri Margozowitz,
Keller Williams Realty Luxury, Debbie Williams, Keller Williams Realty, Robin
Saunders, Keller Williams Realty Luxury and Lynne Martensen of Keller
Williams Boerne give a helping hand on KW Red Day.
Krista Daries,
Imagine Homes
with John and
Kathy Brown,
Realty Executives
Alamo at Imagine
Homes model in
Indian Springs.
Alma Hayes, Mortgage Professional, Renee Harris, Confidence
Realty Group and Steve Cruz, Keller Williams Legacy during
NAHREP networking at Old San Francisco Steak House.
Eww... ...Ahh!
6100 Bandera Rd. 6100 Bandera Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78238 San Antonio, TX 78238
40 NE Loop 410 40 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216 San Antonio, TX 78216
Computer, Calculator, Phone...
Im Ready For Your Call!
Ellen Schuler NMLS# 409880
Office 856-5300 Cell 860-0031
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 17 www.realestatenewsline.com
A good plan of action is
always one thought out well in
advance. Having good personal
security while working in real
estate is something we must
always keep in mind when work-
ing with relative strangers. At
the last Independent Real Estate
Professionals (IREP) meeting,
Officer Hernandez, a SAFFE
Officer from the San Antonio
Police Department, presented a
short class on real estate agent
personal security. He emphasized
personal security in our line of
work is not to be taken lightly.
One item Officer Hernandez
mentioned was DO NOT park in
the driveway of a home.
Why? You can be blocked in
the driveway and trapped by
another vehicle blocking your
escape. Another item he men-
tioned I have taken to heart and
to be honest, something we used
while in the Air Force. It is called
a duress word.
When we go out to show
homes, we must always make
sure someone knows where we
are going and the approximate
time we are to return. Otherwise
we can go missing for an extend-
ed period of time without any
chance of help. Also, if we find
ourselves in a dangerous situa-
tion, even if we are able to make a
call, if the other party does not
know where we are they cannot
direct any assistance to your loca-
To facilitate getting immedi-
ate help and alerting others we
are in a dangerous situation, use a
duress word.
A duress word is a predeter-
mined word you would use when
you are in a fearful situation and
are able to speak with someone,
usually by phone. For instance, a
company duress word could be
Seattle. How does this work?
You call me or I call you or
some other combination of folks
who know of the duress word and
we work the word Seattle into the
Me: Hi Tom. It's me,
Dominick. When are you leaving
for Seattle?
Tom: Dominick, you just
passed the duress word.
ME: Yes sir, that's right, I
sure did.
Tom: Calling the police
right now (Tom hangs up and
calls 911)
Me: Pretends to continue
the conversation as long as possi-
ble (this may delay the bad guys
from taking any overt actions).
In this way, we call for help
without alerting the person(s)
with us we have done just that.
NOTE: This will only work
1) both parties know the
office has a duress word and
2) the other party knows
your location. It is imperative
that your co-workers know where
you are at all times. A good secu-
rity practice is to leave a copy of
the MLS listing on your desk or
with the administrative assistant
when showing properties.
IREP was pleased to host
this presentation on security for
our members and guests. We
know from past experience we
can never be too careful. We
wanted to share with all of our
fellow SABOR members this bit of
security advice. We also want to
invite folks to our meetings.
Our organization's goal is to
share, exchange and provide gen-
eral information common to inde-
pendent real estate offices and
individual home-based brokers.
IREP meetings are held at SABOR
the third Wednesday of the month
beginning at 11:30 a.m. until 1
p.m. On occasion we meet at a
new homebuilder site.
We welcome all members of
SABOR to join IREP, particularly
those REALTORS(R) who are sole
proprietors working in a small
office environment. We also have
an Affiliate membership for those
who are not REALTORS(R) yet
work with us in the real estate
For additional information
call our President, Connie Cooper,
at (210) 410-8991 or Vice
President, Cher Miculka, at (210)
394-1376 or visit our web site
Dominick Dina is the
Membership Committee Chair for
IREP and the Broker/Owner of
Christian Realty San Antonio -
Agent Personal Security:
Never an inconvenience
By Dominick Dina
Broker/Owner of Christian Realty San Antonio
Brad and Brian Johnson, Prudential Don Johnson Company Realtors
(center) accept the Second Place 2011 North American Performance
Award Relocation Inventory from Prudential Real Estate CEO, Earl Lee (r)
during National Sales Conference in Orlando, FL.
A Food Truck
named Winner,
Winner, Chicken
Dinner! Jennifer
Benchmark Bank
(r) delivers lunch
food truck style to
RE/MAX North.
With Kate Keating,
RE/MAX North (l)
and Melissa
Gates, Imagine
Homes. (c).
Oh boy! Serious stuff gonna happen here! Scott Caballero,
Prudential PenFed Realty joins Louis Derrick, Patriot Bank
Mortgage for a Helicopter Hog Hunting Adventure.
12330 West Avenue,
Suite 204
San Antonio,
Texas 78216
(l-r) David Fernandez, L.O. NMLS# 219252, Denia Geiger, L.O, NMLS#
220179, Stephanie Stringer, L.O, NMLS# 246495, Jackie Alcoser, Sr.
Processor, Kate Cline, Production Manager, Samantha Dossey, Production
Assistant, Todd Forbes, L.O, NMLS# 208825 and Cathy Hickey, Branch
Manager NMLS# 214814 (not pictured: Mary Ann Arbogast, Business
Development and Alyson Griffin, Senior Loan Officer NMLS# 208938)
18585 Sigma Road, Suite 104 - San Antonio, Texas 78258
Branch NMLS #131699
f T

Mortgage Executive Magazine
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 19 www.realestatenewsline.com
May, what a wonderful and
exciting month it has been! It
was thought to have been named
after Maia, the Roman goddess
of spring and growth.
May became the fifth
month of the Roman calendar
and although there are seven
months with 31 days, it is the
only one whose first day occurs
on the same day of the week as
the first of January.
In May we watch the
Kentucky Derby on the first
Saturday, celebrate Cinco de
Mayo on the fifth day, Mother' s
Day on the second Sunday,
Armed Forces Day on the third
Saturday, and honor our war
dead on Memorial day. May is
also Skin Cancer Awareness
Month, National Moving Month
and National Bike Month. Mays
birthstone is emerald, which
means love or success, the
flower is the Lily of Valley and
the Zodiac signs are Taurus and
The Chapter sends congrat-
ulations to Linda Rasmussen
who received her Bachelors
Degree in Womens Study from
UTSA on Friday May 11. Our
condolences to Judy Dalrymple
on the loss of her sister Susan,
who fought a long and coura-
geous battle with cancer.
May 15-20 saw the National
Association of REALTORS
Mid-Year Meetings which were
attended by several of our chap-
ter members. On May 17, about
15,000 REALTORS held a rally
at the Washington Monument to
show our commitment to hous-
ing and private property rights.
During the week Scott Caballero,
Sue Trautner, Jan Hicinbothom,
Pat Farrell, Karen Hale and Bob
Leonard attended several
National Certified Residential
Specialist meetings and func-
tions. We will be sharing the
information gathered with our
Chapter members within the
next few weeks.
In September, from the 7th
through the 11th, the Texas
Association of REALTORS
Winter Conference will be in San
Antonio. Our Chapter will be
co-sponsoring the CRS
Education Luncheon and the
class that follows. The guest
speaker and instructor for the
class will be Charles McMillian
and we anticipate a well-attend-
ed function. In 1998 McMillian
was president of the Texas
Association of REALTORS and
in 2009 president of the National
Association of REALTORS. He
has received many honors and
McMillian is well known
for his instructional skills and
often teaches courses on diversi-
ty. Frequently we are not cog-
nizant of what we really think
about diversity and what it
means to each one of us in our
daily lives. According a defini-
tion derived from a steering
group at the University of
Oregon: The concept of diversi-
ty encompasses acceptance and
respect. It means understanding
that each individual is unique,
and recognizing our individual
differences. These can be along
the dimensions of race, ethnici-
ty, gender, sexual orientation,
socio-economic status, age,
physical abilities, religious
beliefs, political beliefs or other
It is the exploration of
these differences in a safe, posi-
tive and nurturing environment.
It is about understanding each
other and moving beyond simple
tolerance to embracing and cele-
brating the rich dimensions of
diversity contained within each
individual. Embrace our differ-
ences and become enriched each
and every day.
Our next Chapter luncheon
will be on Tuesday June 19 at
the Old San Francisco
Steakhouse at 10223 Sahara.
Networking is from 11a.m. to
11:30 a.m and lunch and the pro-
gram from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Please go to the Chapter website
at www.TexasCRSChapter.com to
make your reservation.
Remember, you do not have
to be a CRS designee to be a
member of the Chapter and if
you are unfamiliar with what
becoming a Certified Residential
Specialist requires, check that
out while you are on the web-
June 19 also is an impor-
tant day in Texas History. It is
Texas Emancipation Day.
By Jan Hicinbothom
2012 CRS President
CRS Update
CRS Update
The Merry Month Of May...
And More
Jary Sours, (l)
and Suzanne
Fitzgerald (r),
Keller Williams
Heritage Hearts
and Hands
award Mike
Meyer, Stewart
Title a fantastic
basket of
gourmet foods
for his support of
Agents Helping
Craig Blakely, Keller Williams Realty (r) has sold several Perry Homes in
River Rock Ranch with the help of David Sardone, Perry Homes (l). Craig
is now having a Perry Homes built for himself!
Pam Poitevent,
Coldwell Banker
DAnn Harper
Realtors attends
the ERC
Convention here
in San Antonio
and finds a
NASCAR Show car,
perfect since she
is always looking
for fast customer
Kelly Crutsinger and Jon Tober, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage visit
with realtors and guests at Woodside Homes in Arrowood.
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 21 www.realestatenewsline.com
Coldwell Banker DAnn Harpers
Guide to Property Management
Property Management is an
important aspect of the real estate
business, and every local REALTOR
needs a great company to recom-
mend when clients ask for a trusted,
reliable property management firm.
Property managers manage all
types of properties, including
homes, apartments, mobile home
parks, stores, offices, industrial
properties and storage facilities.
If your clients lack the time or
expertise needed for day-to-day
management of their commercial or
residential real estate investments,
an expert property manager can
A property management
company can help your clients mar-
ket their rental property to minimize
vacancies and maximize income.
Property managers know the rental
market, what comparable properties
are renting for, and what potential
renters are willing to pay. They have
the marketing know-how to reach
potential renters, and the experience
and resources to weed out potential-
ly bad renters.
They know how to fill vacan-
cies with the best possible tenants.
They are skilled at maintaining and
keeping your clients rental property
in good condition, and handle and
coordinate routine repairs as well as
emergency repairs.
Besides day-to-day basics,
property managers know how to
track income and expenses to deter-
mine profitability, negotiate rental
agreements, collect rent and track
tenant deposits, knowledge of and
compliance with federal, state and
local laws, and respond to tenant
requests and deal with problem ten-
In short, property managers
help your clients make the most
from their rental property and save
them time and money in the long
Do you have out-of-state
clients who own rental properties in
San Antonio?
A local property manager, such
as Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper
Property Management can manage
your clients rental property to
ensure that tenants are taking good
care of it. Local property managers
tend to find problems sooner and
correct them more efficiently.
In addition, local property
managers often have contractors
they work with and trust for various
repair jobs, which can save rental
property owners money and time.
Often, good tenants will rent
only through a reputable property
manager because everything from
initially viewing the property, to
negotiating and signing the lease
agreement, to dealing with mainte-
nance and repairs, to making rental
payments is more efficient and
streamlined if a professional compa-
ny located in the area is coordinating
providing the service.
Nobody wants to own rental
property in another city or state that
constantly has issues they need to
handle from a distance. Employing a
local property management service
is really the wisest decision they can
make, because they handle the has-
sles, day and night, without bother-
ing your out-of-city or state clients
who own rental property in the San
Antonio area.
Typically, bad tenants will tar-
get owner-managed rentals because
they know they can't pass muster
with property managers.
They know that when a prop-
erty is for rent by the owner, the rent
will be less and there will be less
scrutiny of their financial situations.
Because bad tenants can't be evicted
without notice, and an eviction can
take months and cost lots of money,
property managers track references
and do their utmost to avoid poten-
tial bad tenants and associated evic-
tion problems.
While it may be inconvenient
for your clients to take time to show
their property and deal with poten-
tial renters who may not show up
for their appointments, it is a proper-
ty manager's job to respond quickly
to requests from potential renters to
view a property, and pre-screen
potential tenants.
Generally, property managers
handle the financial operations of
the property, ensuring that rent is
collected and maintenance bills are
paid on time.
How do your clients know
what property management compa-
ny to select? As a REALTOR who
may be asked for recommendations,
look for a company that has a good
history of stability, reliability and
Coldwell Banker DAnn
Harpers property management divi-
sion is one such company. For more
information, check http://cbharp-
management/home.asp, or call
Cindy Carey at (210)483-7531.
Office: 210-493-7332 Fax 210-247-9413
17721 Rogers Ranch Pkwy., Ste. 215, San Antonio, TX. 78258
Successful Partnerships
Happen Here!
Branch NMLS# 3035
Kit Walker, Realtor with Phyllis Browning, Melinda Hipp,
VanDyk Mortgage Senior Loan Officer, NMLS # 219085,
Linda Westrich, Realtor with Phyllis Browning
100% Nylon, FHA Grade Carpet in stock for very prompt installation
Call Us For All Types Of Flooring
Carpet Hardwood Ceramic Tile Vinyl
. . . . . . . .
FHA CARPET 1.33 SF / 11.94 SY
Carpet Specifically Engineered
For Property Managers.
Installed (VAC)
With Spillguard Pad
1.59 SF / 14.27 SY
Linda Martinez, imort-
gage, Amalia Molly
Ruiz, Guest Speaker and
Housing and Urban
Consultant and Rae
Saldana, NAHREP
President prepare for a
great May Business
Ross Frapart and
Susie Sheffield,
North American
Title join the
NAPMW Business
Meeting and
lunch at Kirbys
Steak House.
Kari Utz, Apartment
and Relocation
Center and Diane
Lauer, Keller Williams
Realty visit during
realtor event.
decades of experience in both residen-
tial and commercial roofing projects,
and they provide reliable warranties
with all the work they perform.
They realize that roofing work
can be a costly investment, and they
make sure your clients roof is in good
hands from start to finish.
Accu-Rite Roofing and
Construction Services stays up with
the times. Did you know that using
the proper roofing materials and
installation techniques canhelp lower
the homeowners utility bills?
Remind your clients to ask their Accu-
Rite customer representative about
Energy Star Rebates, both local and
federal your clients can save money,
and be kinder to the environment.
Here are some tips to share with
your clients about what to look for
when considering a roofing contrac-
Dont immediately accept the
lowest bid. A low bid may be an indi-
cator of poor quality materials or sub-
standard work. Ask how the estimate
was arrived upon.
How long has the roofing con-
tractor been in business? A company
with an established business is likely
to be around when you need them
Make certain the roofing com-
pany is licensed and insured. A roofer
without insurance coverage can leave
you open to costly risks.
Ask for references. A reputable
roofing contractor will be happy to
provide you with a list of previous
Check with the Better Business
Bureau. This is where youll find any
unhappy customers.
Look for a roofer with good
communication skills. Poor communi-
cation can lead to misunderstandings,
a finished job you may not be happy
with and unwelcome surprises on
your final bill.
Make certain you hire a roofing
contractor that offers a guarantee on
the project.
Does the roofing company crew
clean up the job site? Is the clean up
included in the cost?
Get a written contract. While an
old fashioned handshake is nice and a
sign of a courteous contractor, you
still need to get everything in writing.
This includes materials to be used and
their specifications, the dates for
beginning and completion of the job,
and an itemized list of cost for all
materials and labor.
San Antonio has experienced
two "100 year" droughts recently and
many homes have concealed defered
maintenanace, Accu-Rite Roofing
offers free estimates.
Customer service is a priority to
Accu-Rite Roofing, which hasallowed
them to attainan Arating with the
Better Business Bureau. They encour-
age your clients to call if they have
any questions about their roof or want
to set up an appointment for a free
estimate at (210)227-6807.
Recent hail storms have resulted
in a flood of new business for area
roofing companies. Drive down any
residential street lately and youll see
home after home being re-roofed on
any given day.
In fact, it seems like new roofing
companies have sprung up overnight
in hopes of profiting from insurance
claims regarding roof damage that the
hail storms have caused.
Its not hard to get an insurance
estimate from roofing companies that
are eager to cite roof damage so they
can grab your real estate clients
insurance money, quickly throw on a
new roof, then move on to the next
Even though home insurance
pays for most hail-damaged roofing,
your homeowner clients still want to
know they are getting fine quality
workmanship and high quality mate-
rials when they choose a roofing com-
REALTORS are often the first
call homeowners make when looking
for recommendations for reputable
companies across the real estate spec-
trum, including roofing issues.
When your clients call you and
ask who to call for roofing repairs or
replacement, do you know where to
send them? Accu-Rite Roofing is a
great company to suggest, and heres
They didnt just spring up when
recent hail came along and provided
countless money making opportuni-
ties. They have beenserving the San
Antonio Area, central Texas region
and beyond for 28 years.They have
The Go-To Roofing Company to Recommend
Apartment rental assistance for long and short term needs. Corporate apartments.
(210) 493-1688
(800) 598-1688
FAX (210) 493-1695
Apartment & Relocation Center
Welcomes Back Irene
Irene Dempsey to Apartment & Relocation Center as a
Rental Consultant. She is available to work with you for
your rental needs. Welcome Back, Irene!
Gloria Abundis
and Sandra
Castro, Trinity Title
at the May
NAHREP Business
Meeting and
Liz Montalvo, Keller Williams Heritage, Ana Frias, Keller Williams Realty, Lisa
Cano, Greer Southerland and Olga Rojano of Keller Williams Heritage
Realty arrive for PT50 lunch at Cresta Bella.
Alex Rickel, Sitterle
Homes and
Jeanine Claus,
Keller Williams
Heritage tour the
Las Campanas
Amenities Center.
Happy Birthday
Joyce Bradfield
Tel: 340-4994 Fax: 579-6232
3619 Paesanos Pkwy #300 San Antonio, Tx 78231
Leading in customer service, competitive
rates and innovative lending programs
Raising Money For Cancer Research! Raising Money For Cancer Research!
Who Won The Drawing? Who Won The Drawing?
Erica Diaz and Stacie Barton with Cornerstone hold the name of the Erica Diaz and Stacie Barton with Cornerstone hold the name of the
lucky winner of a drawing they held to benefit cancer research. lucky winner of a drawing they held to benefit cancer research.
June 1, 2012 REAL ESTATE NEWSLINE 25 www.realestatenewsline.com
Tami Stillings,
Coldwell Banker
DAnn Harper
Realtors and her
agent in training
Peyton Sofia.
Now and then! Johnnie Childs, Prudential PenFed Realty 2012 and 1976.
Bonnie DiRocco,
retired mortgage
professional and
Pleasant Realty at
Ed Guererro, CPA
Tax Strategies
Lunch and Learn
at Pericos. Robin Saunders, Keller Williams Realty Luxury and Lynne
Martensen, Keller Williams Boerne lend a hand for Keller Williams
Red Day.
Super Yoga Summer Camps at the San
Antonio Academy Children's Summer Session
Hunters of the Skies: Texas Birds of Prey
Week 2, June 11-15
9:00 am-11:30 am; Ages 7 - 10
Tuition: $105
Discover amazing things about hawks, eagles owls,
vultures and falcons that live right here in Texas. We will take
a field trip on Tuesday to the Last Chance Forever Bird of
Prey Conservancy
Story Time Yoga
Week 4, June 11-15; Week 8, July 23-27
9:00 am-11:30 am; Ages 8 - 10
Tuition: $90
Develop strength and flexibility as you bring exciting
fables from around the world to life.
Strength, Power and Fun Through Yoga
Week 6, July 9-13
9:00 am-11:30 am; Ages 10 and up
Tuition: $90
Discover this ancient Indian physical and mental
discipline that will make you strong and flexible.
Anatomy & Physiology Through Art & Role Playing
Week 7, July 16-20
9:00 am-11:30 am; Ages 8 - 10
Tuition: $100
Learn how the human body works in a new and
exciting way!
To register: Contact Yulanee McKnight, San Antonio Academy Summer
Sessions Registrar, at 210.733.7331 ext. 237
Jana Gibbons, instructor at Two Hearts Yoga & Fitness / 210-696-1990
1 SABOR Keeping Posted June 1, 2012
June 1, 2012 SABOR Keeping Posted 2 www.realestatenewsline.com
3 SABOR Keeping Posted June 1, 2012
June 1, 2012 SABOR Keeping Posted 3 www.realestatenewsline.com
Tom Bakaysa started out in
the business in 1983 as a direct
lender for a California-based
Fortune 100 financial services
company. He served as the compa-
nys Area H.R. Supervisor for the
Pacific Northwest and ultimately
District Supervisor, providing key
leadership to a large territory
encompassing Northern California
and The Pacific Northwest.
In 1997 he founded his own successful mort-
gage company, based out of Fresno, CA. There he
developed a high-performing team of loan officers and
agents through innovative training and coaching. In
2007, rounding out his extensive experience within
the industry, he founded a real estate investment group
where he served as both owner and real estate broker.
It speaks to Toms success within this industry that
more than 60% of his mortgage business has come
from past customers and referrals from their family and
Tom recently moved back to his hometown of
San Antonio to be closer to his family and friends, as
well as to get back to a city thats always been close
to his heart.
To reach Tom, call his cell at 367-8821 or the
Guild Mortgage office, 348-8100.
Guild Mortgage Welcomes Bakaysa
RE/MAX Associates is proud to announce the
addition of three agents. Timothy Dees, in Real Estate since
1991, holds the CDPE designation. JoAnn Cipriano is also
a veteran REALTOR and has been licensed since 1991. She
has held the CRS designation for 10 years. William
Rosenthal has been in the building industry, most recently
for eight years, the last five years as a Regional Construction
Manager. He currently holds the SRES Designation.
RE/MAX Associates adds Three Agents
Leading local sales
associates Arlene Chalkley,
Bob Brady and Tracy Cooper
of ERA Colonial Real Estate
recently completed the
ERA Top Gun Academy, an
advanced home buying and
selling training program
offered by ERA Franchise
Systems LLC.
The ERA Top Gun
Academy is designed to
increase productivity by
focusing on several skill
areas essential to success in
the industry. Each session
builds on the individual's
understanding of his or her
customer and offers tech-
niques for identifying and
providing tailored, personal-
ized customer service.
ERA Colonial Agents Complete
Advanced Training Program
Tami Stillings of The Stillings
Group, San Antonio, TX with Coldwell
Banker DAnn Harper Realtors, has been
selected as a Texas Monthlys Five Star
Real Estate Professional for the second year
in a row.
Texas Monthly Magazines research
surveys include consumers who have
recently purchased a home over $150,000
as well as industry professionals from mort-
gage andtitle companies. This honor places
Tami in the top 7% of her peers.
Tami has been a licensedREALTOR
with Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper
Realtors since 2006 and received the
Rookie of The Year award in 2007. Her
specialties include Military Relocation &
First Time Buyers.
The Stillings Group supports many
local organizations including SAMM
Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper
Realtors located at 18756 Stone Oak
Parkway, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX
78258, can be reached at 210-483-6344,
Tami Stillings Of The Stillings Group Receives Texas Monthly
Five Star Award
CPS Energy has kicked off
an Energy Savers Challenge that
encourages customers to be as
energy efficient as possible. CPS
Energy Savers Home Manager sys-
tems are on a first-come, first-
served basis. Home Manager uses
advanced technology to allow cus-
tomers to remotely monitor and
control their energy use through an
online management portal. The
system allows customers to see
their current energy use and set up
personalized programs for major
energy users in the home. They can
set the times and temperatures for
their thermostat, the times when
they will need hot water, and even
when they would like their pool
pump to run.
Also, CPS Energy Savers
customers can complete a do-it-
yourself energy audit or request a
professional energy evaluation.
Once the audit is complete,
customers can take advantage of
rebates, and even low-interest
financing, available to complete
the recommended improve-
ments. For a limited time, the
first 750 customers to use Energy
Savers rebates to complete the rec-
ommended steps and achieve
a 15 percent increase in energy
efficiency may qualify for a
$2,000 incentive.
CPS Energy Kicks Off Energy Savers Challenge
Chris Sandahl, Global Realty Group,
recently published his first book about the
mishaps and mayhem that accompany first
time parents. Babies Can Smell Fear lets
moms and dads of all ages laugh at the
expense of one crazy father who, despite ruin-
ing his chances at Father of the Year, shares
the most embarrassing parts of being a new
dad. Babies Can Smell Fear is a refreshing
change from normal parenting books and
instead focuses on Sandahl working to be a
responsible parent, but inevitably ends up
looking like a complete buffoon. Whether it
is Sandahl almost setting the house on fire,
and renting a 20 water slide for a one-year-
olds birthday party, you are sure to enjoy the
honest andunashamedvoice of a very imma-
ture dad. You can purchase your copy of
Babies Can Smell Fear at Amazon.com.
Fathers will relate, mothers will cringe, and
everyone will laugh.
Chris Sandahl Published His First Book
Phyllis Browning welcomes Hemphill
P h y l l i s
Browning is pleased to
announce the addition
of Glenda Hemphill to
our real estate family.
A native Texan and a
long time investor in
real estate, Hemphill
naturally transitioned
into helping others buy
or sell real estate. After graduating from
West Texas State University and then earn-
ing her Masters in Education at Texas Tech
University, she taught school for 29 years.
During those years she coached basketball
and track at Clark High School.
She is a member of SABOR, NAR
and TAR as well as a strong supporter of
the Diabetes Association and Christus
Transplant Institute.
Glenda will be working out of the
Blanco Road office.
ERA Colonial Real Estate recent-
ly announced the addition of Yvette Lynn
Requejo and Ryan Wallsinger to its team
of real estate sales professionals serving
consumers in the San Antonio area.
Yvette Requejo has a strong back-
ground in new home construction. She
is also fluent in Spanish. Her first pri-
ority for her clients is providing superi-
or customer service.
Ryan Wallsinger is a new licensee
with an extensive background in cus-
tomer service from the hotel and restau-
rant industries. He is anxious and ready
to put his experience in customer service
to work with his customers and clients.
As part of ERA Colonial Real
Estate, Requejo and Wallsinger will be
able to offer homebuyers and sellers a
wide variety of innovative and market-
relevant products and services such as the
ERA Sellers Security Plan and the
ERA Gold Star Property program as
well as robust online marketing pro-
grams, extensive listings distribution
partners, and related services including
mortgage, title and home warranty.
ERA Colonial Real Estate Adds Two
Peloton is
pleased to announce
that Caitlin
Birmingham has
joined the San Antonio
Caitlin is a
recent graduate of
Texas State University
with a background in sales management.
She will work with Peloton's senior
brokers on Landlord representation assign-
Feel free to add her contact informa-
tion to your marketing and distribution
Caitlin Birmingham, 210-299-1172
x240, cbirmingham@peloton-sa.com
Peloton Welcomes Birmingham
RE/MAX Associates is proud to
announce that 16 of its Agents were award-
ed the PRESTIGIOUS Five Star Real
Estate Agent award for 2012. This award is
based on a survey of thousands of con-
sumers in the Central Texas Area, Title
Companies and Mortgage Companies. The
winners comprise the top 2-3% in Central
Texas. We wish to congratulate: Dawn
Ainslie, Priscilla Allen, Marian Cline,
Diane Craig, Janice Doxtad, Fran Driskell,
Katie Griffin-Ross, Bob Leonard, Jewel
McCullough, Patsy Oakley, Kim
Pennebaker, Pam Powell, Mary Skye,
Karin Tebrugge and their Broker/Owner,
Bob Jacobs.
16 Agents from RE/MAX Associates selected
as 2012 Five Star Real Estate Agent
Providence Title Adds 6 Counties
Providence Title has announced
that it added title licenses in the follow-
ing counties:
Atascosa, Medina, Brazoria, San
Patricio, Nueces and Fort Bend. Denise
Smith, EVP states that these additions
now provide Providence the ability to
search and issue title directly in 22
Counties across Texas.
Through its vast network,
Providence Title can close transactions
anywhere throughout the State and has
recently opened offices in the greater
Houston and Austin markets, bringing
their branch location total to 41.
Visit Us Online
www.realesatenewsline.com www.realesatenewsline.com
Hall Receives ALHS
Anne Hall, with
Town and Country
Real Estate was recent-
ly awarded the
Accredited Luxury
Home Specialist
Designation from the
Luxury Home Council.
This is testimony to
the agents training and
expertise in the luxury home marketplace.
Anne successfully completed the ALHS
course and is in good standing with NAR.
YPN Member of the
This months
YPN Member of the
Month is Curtis
Bowers with Front
Porch Realty, LLC.
Curtis was selected
for his continued
support, attendance,
and involvement at
YPN meetings and events.
Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper, REALTORS has proudly named the following
sales associates to its staff, Stacee John Dailey, Stephanie Ryan, Sandra Wise, and
Steven Bennett.
New Additions Join Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper
Denise Barnhill,
San Antonio REAL-
TOR attended the Texas
REALTORS Leadership
Program on "Leadership
Across Differences."
The program
explored how to under-
stand the different genera-
tions, how to market to
each generation and how to successfully
communicate to generation levels by under-
standing how each level has their own style
of communicating.
Barnhill hopes to share her new
knowledge with her fellow Realtors and
Denise Barnhill is a Realtor with
Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Realtors,
Barnhill Attended The Texas Realtors Leadership Program
A group of the Young Professionals Network went out to the SAMM
Shelter and volunteered their Saturday to help organize, clean, invento-
ry, etc! It was a great day! front row: Johnny Childs- Penfed Realty, Sara
Gerrish- RE/MAX Unlimited, Tiffany Wright- Coldwell Banker DAnn Harper,
Daniel Pruitt- Partners Realty, Keith Norman- BOSS Realty Back: Kevin
Gerrish, Lorena Pena- RE/MAX Preferred Realtors, Curtis Bowers- Front
Porch Realty.
WCR At Paws In The Park
Kirby Animal Care Services