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Session One: Introduction to ICT - Trainer: M.

Irshad Nazir
Past, Present & Future of ICT World
Enablers of ICT, Computers Technology, Communication Technology, the internet, Smart
ICT World around us
Pros & Cons of using ICT
Fun internet applications
Concepts of online vs. offline
Concept of Portability vs. mobility
Introduction to computer and its parts
Software and Software types
Key concepts of software: Software license
Differentiating mobile and portable things
Telling applications of ICT around Us
Make a list of application of ICT in your working environment
Session Two: Operating a computer - Trainer: M. Irshad Nazir
Proper seating for Computer Usage: Chair and desk adjustments
Placing hands on a keyboard
Turning on a computer
Booting process
Concept of operating system
Concepts of Shutdown and Restart
Turning on a computer, watching its booting process, OS interface and shutting it down
Repeat the above activity for a smart device
Session Three: Windows 7 Part 1 - Trainer: Raheel A. Memon
Recycle bin
Taskbar: Pin Area, grouping and ungrouping of applications, pin and unpin, aero view, show
desktop, system tray, seeing important notifications, updating date and time, observing internet
Start Menu: recently opened programs and files, opening all programs, using search for finding
specific programs.
Easy access to options using right click popup menu
Changing background
screen resolution
pin and unpin
show desktop
Using search for find programs
Disable and enable internet connection
Change the desktop wallpaper
Screen Resolution adjustment
Pin and unpin programs
Updating time and date
Creating text files and folders using
Session Four: Windows 7 Part 2 - Trainer: Raheel A. Memon
Utility software
Window Explorer: Using libraries, creating libraries, deleting libraries
Hard disk Drives
Creating folder and files, browsing
Windows Updates
Web Browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

Creating and deleting libraries
Creating folders and files
Using disk defragment, System cleanup, and System information
Creating folders at different locations
Locating/browsing required files/folders
Perform Disk Defragment on their PCs
Check the System Information
Session Five: Introduction to Internet and web browsers - Trainer: M. Irshad Nazir
Concept of WWW
Concepts of Web Browsers
Name of various web browsers
Concepts of HTTP
URLs and TLDs
Brief about Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Options
Printing a Webpage
lunching a web browser
entering a URL
Internet browsing
Setting a homepage
Setting a book mark
Saving a page
Printing a webpage using soft printer
Print your yahoo main page using soft printer
Make www.google .com as your homepage
Session Six: Internet searching techniques - Trainer: M. Irshad Nazir
Concept of search engine
Names of various search engine
The Google search engine
Choosing keywords
Search with and without quotation marks
Use of +
Use of -
Use of AND
Use of OR
Use of NOT
Searching for working mothers and working mothers
Searching for Caterpillars and Caterpillars -Inc
search for a top book of area of your interest
Session Seven: Emailing Part 1 - Trainer: Raheel A. Memon
Introduction to email
The gmail email service
Signing up for an email account
How to select an email ID for one
How to select a password
The Security and Privacy
Creating and handling inbox
Concepts of CC and BCC
Creating signatures
Vacations responses
Email editing
Signing up or an email account
Sending and receiving an email
Setting your signature

Create an email with an attachment and then sending it using TO, CC and BCC options
Session Eight: Emailing Part 2 - Trainer: Raheel A. Memon
Forwarding email
Important ranking and markers in inbox
Deleting an email
Changing password
Sending a document as an attachment
Downloading a document from received email
Important marking
Deleting unnecessary emails
Creating Signature
Password changing
Attaching documents in email
Making change in signature
Changing password
Send email with attachment
Receive email with attachment downloading document
Session Nine: ICT in education - Trainer: M. Irshad Nazir
The concept of ICT in education
The myths: The inertia, thinking small, waiting for others
The bird in hand principal
ICT in education: The story of Sukkur IBA
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
The Need to bring innovative technologies in educations
watching a video can technology change education
live demonstration of www.cs50.tv
demonstration of MOOCs www.coursra.com
Sign up for a MOOC course
Session Ten: Creating documents using MS Word - Trainer: M. Irshad Nazir
Introduction to MS Word
Opening, saving and closing a document
Formatting and Editing
Using Templates
Composing a Notification in MS Word
Compose a letter of thanks
Session Eleven: Data Management using MS Excel - Trainer: Raheel A. Memon
Introduction to MS Excel,
Column, row and cells
Performing simple calculation in MS Excel
Resizing column and rows
Wrap, shrink and merge
How to use formulas
Simple calculation
Using formulas
Formatting excel sheet
All students created a data sheet of their own area schools, containing number of students and
number of teachers in all schools. On the basis of that data analysis was done using simple
Session Twelve: Presenting work using MS PowerPoint - Trainer: Raheel A. Memon
What a presentation must contain and must not contain
How to make presentation interesting: standard font size, adding images and animations
Creating MS PowerPoint document
Creating a Presentation: Create new slide, change the layout, duplicating slide, deleting slide
Formatting: using themes, adding photos in slide, adding simple animation and transition to
Created a presentation using MS PowerPoint with different kind of layouts, images and
transitions of slides
How to add animation for an object
Create a presentation of schools collected data