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Jehovah the most feared name

To utter or to write- He, who was, is

and will be
Eli/Eloi My God
El Shaddai-God Almighty
El Eligon-the Most Hi
Yahweh Tsebaoth-the Lord of Hosts
El Roi the God who sees
El Olam-God everlasting
Rabbai, Riboni,
Yeshua, Yehoshua, Yashua

God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
God of our ancestors 153
God of Shem s/o Noah
God of Elijah-368
I am God, supreme among the nations,
Supreme over the world 562
I AM that I AM 137
God of Israel 247
God of Sinai, Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah
Saviour of Israel -132 Meccab
Sovereign Lord, Supreme God 877
Daniels God 862
God of Jacob 613
Creator of the World 176 2 Meccab
King of Heaven 191 1 Esdras
The Lord God Almighty 887
God of all supernatural powers 161
God Most Hi, Ruler of All 2l26 Esdras
God of Heaven,
Creator of heaven and the earth, the
seas and all that it contains
All seeing Lord, the God of Is. 169 2
King of all Gods, Ruler over all earthly
powers Esther 37
The Lord, most powerful of all Gods 205
2 Esdras
Lord and Master
God, who created the universe, the
human race and all that exists
Lord of all the Earth 210

Father, Lord of heaven and earth 17 nt

God, who is the spiritual Fr
I, the holy One 876
The Holy One of Israel 786
Supreme Glory 295 2 peter
God, the creator of heavenly lights
The mighty one is God
Almighty and all seeing God
The Lord of life and breath 178 2 Mec
The Good Shepherd
God of Shadrach, Meshach and
Abednego 857
Lord of the whole World 902
The Lord, the God of the Ages 91 Sir v17
Israels powerful God 667

Latin: Omnipotent, Omniscent,
Omnipresent ( all powerful, all-knowing,


Alpha and Omega
Chief Shepherd
Descendant of Jesse
Eternal Father
Gods holy messenger
Holy One
I am the wine
King of kings and the Lord of Lords
Lamb of God
Light of the World
Lord of the Sabbath
Mighty God
Passover Lamb
Prince of peace
Saviour of the world
Son of David
Son of God
Son of Man
Son of Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit
Son of the living God
Son of the Most Hi God
The Amen
The Good shepherd
The great Hi Priest
The Lord
The Lord our salvation
The Messiah
The Resurrection and the life
The Word
The Word of God
Wonderful Counsellor

Allah -Arabic
Khuda urdu, Farsi
Bhagwan/Ishwar Hindi
Parameshwar -Hindi
Deivam Malayalam
Deo/Dei Latin
Gott German

Theos - Greek