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Daily Technical Analysis Levels Daily Technical Analysis Levels

for 29 August 2014 for 29 August 2014

Prepared by Nicola Due Prepared by Nicola Due

Page 2 !"P#$D %#&#$D
Page ' A#D#$D #$D(P)
Page 4 %#&!"P #$D*+,
Page - #$D*AD %#&(P)
Page . !old /T0 1il
Page 2 DA3 $4P-00
Taling5,ore6 is uni7ue in that it is the only audio service in the 8orld that is available 24 hours a day and e6clusively
for ,3 traders9 0t is delivered by our highly silled tea: of Taling5,ore6 analysts around the cloc fro: $unday
evening through to ,riday evening9 %very :e:ber of our tea: has a different :aret speciality and each one has a
nu:ber of years e6perience 8oring for an invest:ent ban; hedge fund or financial ne8s agency9
<ost i:portantly Taling5,ore6 analysts are co:pletely independent and neutral in their opinions9
Daily vie8 *onsolidation pattern; false brea higher did not trigger :o:entu:; <ondays bullish
reversal not confir:ed; 8e could 8ell finish the 8ee in this range9 &ange top 19.. = range
botto: 19.-'.9 #pside brea targets 19... >that level again?@ 5 brea lo8er target 19.4-2
+ourly vie8
&esistance 19.-.' 19..'0>:aAor@ 19... 19..92><ay lo8@ 19... >:aAor@
$upport 19.-'-B; 19.-22; 19.4-05-.>:aAor@ 19.'2- 19.2B'>:aAor 4 short s8ing target@
s:all bullish engulfing day >open close engulfed previous day@ Lie cable a false brea higher
failed to bac and fill the gap9 %#&#$D really has to tag the 19'142 :aAor $& level >4 'Bfib
2011 high52012 lo8@ for :e no89
+ourly vie8
$upport 19'20B- 19'1B- 19'1-. 19'142>:aAor@ 19'012>:aAor@
&esistance 19'241 19'242>:aAor@ 19''00 19''1.
Daily vie8 "roe the 8edge >+4$ pattern@ long for:ing hourly 8edge at upper necline; targets
top of the range since April at 94.0 so a nice &C& trade9 "uy dips against 9'22 D close belo8
9'20 negates short ter: bullish pattern
,our +ourly Eie8
&esistance 099'-2 099'2' 099'90 >:aAor@ 099402 0994'-
$upport 099'2B>:aAor@ 099'22 0992B2 0992'B 09920B>:aAor@
Daily vie8 = 8edge could be reversal or continuation pattern9 Nice pattern to trade9 "elo8 big
resistance but sitting on 10'92- support; brea lo8er targets 10'949 4 10'9'29
,our +ourly Eie8
$upports 10'92->:aAor@ 10'94- 10'90.>:aAor@ 102922>:aAor@
&esistance 10'9B. 10'99-510490'>:aAor@ 104920 1049BB
Daily vie8 = "otto: of possible e7uidistant rising channel is a buy set up9 "rea belo8 this
channel is a short trade for retest of lo8s9 Long ter: trend is do8n9
4 hour chart vie8
$upport 0929495-4 0929'05'4 092B90
&esistance 0929245B0>:aAor@ 092992 09B0'->:aAor@ 09B024>:aAor@
Daily vie89 "ullish ha::er after probing belo8 this 8ees range D "ull flag pattern proAects
099' so technically still bullish this is a buy set5up 8ith the trend but has to brea bac up
above (an high level of 0991-.9 4hr price action suggests shorts off this level9
,our +ourly chart vie8
$upports 0991'' 099104 0990'4 09B9-0
&esistance 0991-. >2014high@ 0991B05B->:aAor@ 099210 0992'2 099'1'
Daily Eie8 0nside day consolidation is an hourly 8edge9 *onfir:ed bearish double top targets
190224 >8atch resistance 190B04@9 $ell levelsC <arabuFo line resistance 19090B 4 190922
+ourly vie8
$upport 190B04 >:aAor@ 190224 1902.' 190.22 190.-.
&esistance 190B445-0 190B24 19092- 1909B->:aAor@
"earish day found support at the (uly lo8 level = right shoulder of inverted +4$ is a cautious
buy entry; the bigger picture trend is lo8er9
,our +ourly vie8
$upports 1'.9B. 1'.9-9 1'.9'.542
&esistance 1'2910 1'2942 1'2920 1'B900 1'B924 >2009 triple top@
Daily vie8 = "roe higher fro: consolidation range but hit resistance at the -0fib 0N bearish
A"G*D9 12B-512B'9- Fone needs to hold to eep short ter: bullish vie89
+ourly vie8
&esistance 129' 129. 1'00 1'02>:aAor@
$upports 12B'9-512B- 122B>:aAor@ 12.B 12.- 12'B>:aAor@
OIL #$ /T0 crude
Daily Eie8 = slo8 bullish progress after yesterdays brea higher and still belo8 9- suggests bear
flag9 9-900 4 9-92' still loo lie good areas to reload shorts for 919.0
+ourly chart
$upport 9'911 92922 919-0>:aAor@ 9192'>(an lo8@
&esistance is at 9-90052- 9-990 9.9-0 929'- 999005999'0>:aAor@ 999B0
Daily vie8 = Any fibonacci trader no8s if you roll over at the .19Bfib ratio then you are going to
the 'B9fib ne6t 8hich is at 9''' 4 taes the DA3 out of this rising channel9 Then 8e should
bounce bac to 9420 to retest this brea level9 Nice short setup; s:all hourly bearflag9
,our +ourly vie8
$upport at 9-2- 9411 9'-0 91.B>:aAor@
&esistance 9.1B>:aAor@ 924B 9290
Daily vie8 = +anging <an doAi = are unreliable9 $till holding up here and no price action to sell
yet9 /e could end the 8ee still around this 2000 level 999
,our +ourly vie8
&esistance 200051 2012>:aAor@
$upport 1991 19B05B'>:aAor@ 192B