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Lombos Ave., San Isidro, Paraaque City

Tel No. 825-8823 Fax 825-8824 E-mail: admin@patts.edu.ph

Application for Admission and Registration

The Admissions Committee:
I hereby apply for admission to study at PATTS. For information purposes, I submit the following:
1. Name (in print) __________________________________________________________________________
(Family Name) (First Name) (Middle Name)
2. Nationality _____________________ ACR ________________ Religion ____________________________
3. Civil Status ___________________ Name of Spouse (if married ) __________________________________
Employed: Y / N _____, if Y, Name of Employer: _____________________________________
4. Fathers Name ____________________________ Mothers Name ______________________________
Occupation: ____________________________ Occupation: _______________________________
5. Address of Parents _______________________________________________________________________
6. Course _____________ Major____________________ Year Level ____________ Student I.D.___________

For High School Graduates:
High School Graduated from ___________________________________ Year: ______________
For Transferees:
School transferred from _______________________________________ Year: ______________

7. I heard of PATTS College of Aeronautics from

Newspaper and magazine ads

PATTS Officers, Instructors and Employees

Relatives who are PATTS graduates

School / College where I studied

Others (Pls. specify) ________________________________________________

8. . What helped me decide to study at PATTS

My attraction to aviation and/or aviation-related courses

My inclination to take up a course that is math / science oriented

My awareness of the bright future of PATTS graduates

Comparatively low tuition fee

Others (Pls. specify) ________________________________________________
9. I agree to the following admission requirements:
The applicant must
9.1 Be of good moral character;

9.2 Be physically fit, must be willing to wear the prescribed school uniform and must be neat in appearance
while in school;

9.3 Have satisfactorily completed his secondary education as indicated in his original Form 138; valid transfer
credentials if a transferee from another college;

9.4 If applying for enrollment in B.S. courses, take the entrance examination and pass in order to be admitted
to study;

9.5 Submit other valid school credentials/requirements upon registration. Should the applicant be a Foreign
National, submit the necessary documents for admission as required of a Foreign Student in the

9.6 Register in complete and proper form during official enrollment period as announced by the school,
otherwise shall be subjected to a late enrollment fee;

9.7 If applicant for the First Year Enrollment is a High School Valedictorian or Salutatorian, submit a
certification from the High School Principal of the Honors he obtained to entitle him to the entrance
9.8 Pay the tuition fee and charges including any increase in the school fees as authorized by the
Commission on Higher Education;

9.9 Whether an old or new student, be understood as applying for only one semester within the current
school year and his admission shall only be valid during the semester;

9.10 Accept and commit to follow the school rules and regulations on Student Conduct and Discipline
including the corresponding sanctions that may be imposed;

9.11 Unless graduating, be required to enroll at least (12) units-load but not more than the prescribed load per

9.12 Accept that the minimum requirements per class are 15 students; and this applies both to the regular
semester and summer classes. Classes with less than fifteen students maybe dissolved;

9.13 Personally observe the condition of the school shops, laboratories and facilities before enrolling, and
only after he is fully satisfied with these conditions shall he enrol. Upon enrollment a student shall be
deemed to have accepted such conditions without reservations on his part.

10. I accept the following conditions, any of which is sufficient cause for ineligibility to enroll or re-enroll in
PATTS, to wit:

10.1 One who has been charged of violating any school rule or regulation and found guilty after due hearing;

10.2 Any student who has been charged in a competent court of a crime involving moral turpitude or any
other crime against persons, chastity or property, or found by the school guilty of immoral conduct;

10.3 Any student found to be a member of any illegal association, leading rallies, illegal assemblies, meetings
and mass actions that tend to undermine the faith and safety of any student, faculty member, school
employee or official;

10.4 Any student found to be troublesome and with unwholesome habits, such as drug addiction,
drunkenness, gambling and / or similar acts or vices;

10.5 Any student caught in the act of posting, distributing or exhibiting signs, posters, banners, leaflets, etc.
contrary to law or the rules and regulations of the school;

10.6 Any student who has been refused admission in other schools for academic deficiency or discipline such
as suspension, dismissal or expulsion;

10.7 Any student who has been found guilty after due hearing of having violated any of the serious or less
serious offences as specified in the PATTS CHARTER OF POLICIES AND REGULATIONS ON

10.8 Any student who gets a semestral weighted average or rating lower than 3.0 in the degree courseand 3.5
in the other courses shall be subject to probation or be rejected re-admission; and

10.9 Any student who has not passed or earned credit in more than 50% of his final approved study load
during the previous semester may not be eligible for enrollment in the following semester.

I have read and I fully understand the foregoing admission requirements of PATTS College of Aeronautics,
which I undertake to abide.

Total No. of Units Enrolled


APPROVED: DISAPPROVED: ____________________________
Print Name & Sign above it.