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This is an update of the New Prince of Tennis OVA series that will be airing October 29, 2014.

There will be 5 overall

OVA's. The sequel will be airing featuring the 1st stringers. The reason why they stopped the New Prince of Tennis is
since the anime had caught up to the manga too quickly so they halted it.
There will be 4 chapters release this month. 126,127,128, and 129. I'll give a summary for each one. 129 is the exciting
part. READ THROUGH. You guys are welcome. Have fun ;)

126:- Tokugawa finally loses and falls unconscious - Ryoma is removed, but is attacked by Byoudouin, through a
service while he was leaving. Bydin says that Ryoma is only a guy with luck, nothing more, but ryoma answers
promising someday he'll destroy him, although for Byoudouin its impossible, because according to him, Ryoma will
not have a second chance to play against him.

127:-Tokugawa woke up recovering from his injury, Oni explains what happened to the secondary game, only 1 had
managed to win 1 game (Atobe / Niou) and no one else, in addition that Ryoma was expelled from the camp, but he
had done damage into Houou face. Oni tells Tokugawa to rest, since the next time they face he will be the winner.
Meanwhile, Ryoma returns to Tokyo and invited Sakuno to arcade games.

128:- Ryoma displays the disappointment and frustration with Sakuno. She tries to cheer up Ryoma. They're having
fun paying arcades to forget everything.

Here come's the exciting part...

129:-Finally, Ryoma arrives at their home. Nanjiro his dad mentions something like "Wow, you drove out of there
sooner than I thought". Ryoma goes to the garden and begins to service on their backyard wall, until Ryoga his
brother appeared, he was chilling on the big bell in their backyard. Ryoga asks Ryoma if he wants to defeat Bydin.
Ryoga then offers Echizen to go with him to America and both join the United States National team.
here will be 2 chapters for this month which is 130 and 131. I already read them
131 is the exciting part since Ryoma and Ryoga finally arrived in US, 3 members of the US team were waiting for them
in the airport. Ryoma met the captain of the US team and the members(they have a girl player 3rd year other is
African-American 3rd year) they are really COOL. . Can't wait for the rest of the members. For 130 its just Byodoin
and Oni in the elevator shouting at each other. Then Drunken coach Nyudo arrived in U-17 camp, he's mad as always
or drunk i should say. Oh and Tokugawa Replaced Ryoga at 4th spot. thats all for now.
You forgot to mention how it was said that the U-17 World Cup also has a middle school section. Also The Drunken
Coach is actually the head coach of the whole camp. He then proceeded to name the middle school section players
who would represent Japan at the World Cup.The middle schoolers selected were:

Kiego Atobe (he's also named the captain of the team)
Seiichi Yukimura
Kuranosuke Shiraishi
Genichiro Sanada
Jin Akutsu
Kintaro Toyama
Bunta Marui
Shusuke Fuji
Masaharu Niou (fuck yeah, he's the best)
Gin Ishida
Shuichiro Oishi (most surprising pick)
Eishiro Kite
Akaya Kirihara

Also, the Genius 10 will remain as they are, except Tokugawa will take Ryoga's place at #4. Also Irie has been moved
up to #11.
Well, i didn't wanna go too much about it. I know for a fact that Echizen will play against the 1st stringer/high
schoolers division. All the players who'll participate in the world cup both middle school and high school division are
pretty much set. Others will probably go home and cheer for them. Can't wait for the US team though. Ha
Steven Cordero , Ken Ryuu Lee ,actually that is not all. U forgot to mention that Ryoma was on the list of middle
schoolers as well. But right now Ryoma followed Ryoga to join the US team which means the coaches have come up
with a another person to fill the place
Ryoga didn't really care about the Japanese team members. Infact, he doesn't like all of them since they are all
cocky. Haha, Ryoma and Ryoga in US team= Perfect. I wanna see tezuka playing in US team also.
A friendly reminder that Coach Kurobes eyesight (unaided) in both eyes is 0.1, so hes basically blind as a bat but
somehow manages to fool everyone by wearing contacts (??) and looking fab all the time
First of all whaaaaaaaaaa Second of all someone please put Kin-chan on the Japanese team T_T
He is on the Japanese middle schoolers team! :D 13 players total bc Ryomas not there.
aiwritingfic said: Are you telling me that it took them THIS LONG to get to the International arc? Well, my years away
were well spent. *snorfles* (TEZUKA!)
YEAH training camp arc wasnt as exciting (there were matches I liked and matches I didnt zzz). Im hoping it
#prince of tennis #shinteni 2 weeks ago
by : somnia
spoilers babbling about the new chapters 130-131
ShinTeni has been pretty shocking in these recent chapters!!
So in 128 & 129, Ryoma got KICKED OUT OF U-17 CAMP because he interfered in the Byoudouin vs Tokugawa match!
He pretty much saved Tokugawa from Byoudouins ridiculous shot, knowing that he would be kicked out. He still did
it though.
At home, after an impromptu date thing with Sakuno, hes hanging out at home when Ryoga visits him. Ryoga
suggests to Ryoma to become the US Representative for U-17W Cup!!!!! FFUCK. This was such a cliffhanger for ch
129. I was pretty shocked.
Now for 130, Byoudouin and Oni have a convo about Byoudouins methods blahblah Byoudouin doesnt like Onis
inaction because he thinks Oni doesnt do enough to go beyond Japan. In order to challenge the world, you have to
do more (shows off his wounds).
The list for U-17W Cup lineup is revealed. Byoudouin, Tanegashima, Duke, Tokugawa, Oni, Ryuuji (I forget his last
name lol), Kimijima, Toono (:O), Ochi, Mouri, and Irie.
Momo asks why its only the middle schoolers who came to practice.
Head coach comes in his plane Its actually the coach from the cliffs, Mifune!!! Wau what a tweeest.
Konjiki is freaking out that he was being rude to the head coach!! Akaya commented that Mifunes really dirty lol.
Mifune calls him over and decks him for being cheeky. XD;;;;
Coach Mifune announces that to cultivate new players, the U-17W Cup this year will have teams of middle schoolers
from each country. Mifunes watched them on the surveillance cameras and decided with the other coaches the 14
middle school reps!!
Team captain is Atobe Keigo!! Next up is Yukimura Seiichi!! (YAY) Shiraishi Kuranosuke!! Sanada Genichirou!! Akutsu
Jin!! Tooyama Kintarou!! Marui Bunta!! (YAAAY) Fuji Shuusuke!! Niou Masaharu!! (but his armU_U although his
comment is cute: Let Yagyuu join too) Ishida Gin!! Oishi Shuichirou!! Kite Eishirou!! (YAS) Kirihara Akaya!! (YAY) and
finally Echizen Ryoma!!
But Ryoma broke the rules so hes disqualified.
At an American airport (I think its LAX) the US team reps (high schoolers) greet Ryoma (and Ryoga???).
"Theyre here theyre here. Heeey, over here, over here!"
"Yo, its like I heard. His eyes are very pretty."
(UM. FROM WHO AND WHAT. Did Ryoga brag to his friends/teammates about his little bros eyes? >_>; brocon
"Ryoga! Good work! Introduce your little bro already! Oh oh not bad."
(Im refraining from trying to romanize their names from the Chinese>_> Ill wait for the raws. OH NO theres a
cutie US representative :3)
"Nice to meet you! We the US representatives welcome you."
(this guy is the captain)
Ryoga is with Ryoma! :O The tagline written by the editor is Ryoma becomes Japans greatest enemy!? So Ryoga
and Ryoma went to join the US team and theyll compete as US reps. :O Whoaaa. I wonder if Ryoga joined U-17
Japan to try to get Ryoma back to the US. o_O;
SO GOOD. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Ryoma is living up to his original destiny of being an antagonist (the whole
prototype where Ryoma was supposed to be the antagonist and Kin-chan was supposed to be the protag)! XD I
think its an interesting way to make it lively, by making the main character start a villains campaign.
I obviously will be cheering for Team Japan hahahaha, but this is quite fun! Wow Konomi is making Prince of Tennis
exciting again. Now Im not sure whats gonna happen. Its more unpredictable at this point. Tezuka still needs to
make his appearance in U-17W as Germanys representative (the most likely situation thatll play out).
We are out of the training camp arc and now were into the INTERNATIONAL ARC. HAHAHAHA _(:3
Next month, Shinteni is on break so well have to wait some more before we find out whats going to happen.

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