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8/31/2014 Super Swimmer numbers growing.

http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=698ada4df943b4c282c8cedc6&id=cba9f500a6&e=b6019847cd 1/6
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Baby Baby Baby!!!

August may have been the coldest and most 'winter-
like' month this year, but it also has been a really
heartwarming month for lots of our swim school
families with the arrival of new babies all over the
Gordon welcomed Harry into his home, while Tilly
and Hugo are excited to have Mak sharing their
home now. Xavier has a new baby sister Amelia,
along with Jasper who cuddles his new brother
Griffin before going to bed. Ben and Grayson simply
adore their new brother Stanley. I'm sorry if I missed
anyone, there have been so many. Do you see a
trend here?
Jokes aside, we are delighted for each and every one
of you. CONGRATULATIONS to all of
you. Be prepared for Jane on poolside looking for
cuddles whenever she is dry enough for some 'baby
When you have a few quiet minutes to
yourself, Check out this link to a video by Australian
Swim Teacher and Ex Olympic Coach, Laurie
Lawrence. Along with his daughter Emma, they
review conditioning baby from birth for safe
submersion. We practice this technique in our infant
classes and recommend starting from birth at home.
Do feel free to contact us if you have any questions
or concerns.
Council 'rewind' decision
regarding Swim Nappies
In my last newsletter I endorsed a new
policy which council were enforcing
regarding the wearing of Swim Nappies by
all children under 4 years.
I'm pleased to say that there has been a
change of heart at council and they have
reverted to the original policy. If your child
is fully toilet trained and does not require a
swim nappy, they are not required to wear
BUT we do ask that parents PLEASE
remain vigilant in toileting children
before swimming and if there is any sign
at all of a bowel motion, that the child be
removed from the pools. It is frustrating
for everyone when the pool must be
closed for several hours after a code
Thank you for your cooperation and
support in keeping the pools open :)
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8/31/2014 Super Swimmer numbers growing.
http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=698ada4df943b4c282c8cedc6&id=cba9f500a6&e=b6019847cd 2/6
5 Days of Holiday Fun & Skill Development to
Did you know that our holiday programmes are locally recognized as being THE PLACE to come to
extend swimming skills in the shortest time? A 5 day block is a fabulous way to get your swimmers back
into the swim of things after a winter break. Check out some testimonies from past families who have
attended our holiday programmes.

"Jane, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful week of swimming the girls had. After so long out of the
pool doing their lessons, I was really delighted to see them do well and enjoyed watching them improve as
the week went by." Nickie
"I am also so proud of how well she is doing and her grandparents were blown away last week by her
level especially when taking into account her size and age. I am over the moon with her progress and
with your lessons and programme!" Shelley
"OMG - just have to tell you how AMAZING the progress has been over hols and during the first couple of
sessions this term ;-) Truly incredible to watch the improvement - makes this mum's heart simply burst
with pride!!!! Thanks so much" Jill
"I just wanted to thank you for the great holiday lessons... we are so thrilled with [their] progress... Brook
now tips water onto his head the second he gets in the bath, and is now a lot happier in the shower (he
freaked out at both of these things prior to his week of lessons). Enormous tantrums getting OUT of the
bath now - he's so into it! :-)" Shona
Our next holiday week is scheduled in the first week of the September Holidays from 29th Sept to 3rd
October with Jane at Alpine Aqualand. Get your pencil out and mark your calendar to give your children a
head start for the Summer!!
And How...
Enrolments for the holidays are open now. You can email your childs registration to us and send in your
family details. We are aiming for classes to start at 10am so spaces will be limited to the first 40
swimmers. There are 2 options for our swimmers:
Stroke Clinic: This is a 1 hr class suitable for Shark swimmers and swimmers who have attended at least
2 term blocks as a crocodile in the lap pool. Check with Jane if you are unsure whether your swimmer
could manage this clinic. All strokes are taught with a different stroke focus each day, including starts and
turns. FEES $75
Swim Lessons: - these are 30 min classes either in the learners pool (most levels) or the lap pool
(beginner crocs). All levels are available dependant upon enrollment numbers. Infant WaterPlay and
Toddler Turtle classes will be offered only if there is sufficient interest (ie 3 swimmers). FEES $60
Final check...
Register now and get your family set for Summer :-)
Plans for Term 4 Get Underway...

Inquiries about our classes continue to come in, with many new families joining the Wakatipu Swim
School community. Thank you all for your belief in our programme and teachers, we love what we do and
will continue to work towards teaching your children and many other children in the Wakatipu, the life long
skill of being safe in on and under the water.
With increasing numbers of inquiries about Term 4, it is time to get your email's ready and send in a
request for spaces in our classes next term. Please read the boring stuff below, which outlines the
process for enrolling in our classes. Thank you for your continued support, and CONGRATULATIONS on
your stance on the importance of swimming skills and water safety.
8/31/2014 Super Swimmer numbers growing.
http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=698ada4df943b4c282c8cedc6&id=cba9f500a6&e=b6019847cd 3/6
Term 4 Pre Registration Process
Pool time at Aqualand is still available through Term 4, but again limited to times when the council swim
school have space to share the pool. I have booked the following timeslots:
Mondays: 11.30-12.30noon Under 5's & 6.15-7.30pm for school age
Tuesdays: 8.30-9.30am for Under 5's & 6.15-7.30 for school age
Wednesdays: 8.30-10.00 & 11-12 noon for Under 5's
Fridays: 8.30-12noon for Under 5's
Sundays: all day for the whole family.
Due to the steady increase in families choosing to swim with the Wakatipu Swim School and our ongoing
limits on pool space, we have established an enrollment policy designed to recognize and reward families
who have swum with us consistently in the last 6 months. The following Priority Enrolment
Order will be used to place swimmers in our classes. Of course preferred days will depend upon the
classes being available at a suitable level for your swimmers, but wherever possible I will try to meet
Priority Enrolment Order
1. Current Term 3 swimmers are automatically enrolled in Term 4, first choice of day. Email a
Confirmation for Term 3 Swimmers stating any change to preferred swimming day.
2. Term 2 swimmers enrolled by request, first choice of day where spaces are available. Email a Request
for Term 2 swimmers returning, stating preferred swimming day.
3. All other swimmers enrolled on a 'first come first served' basis. Some swimmers have already identified
their intention to swim with us in Term 4 & are heading up this list. Email a Request to enrol in Term 4,
pending availability. You will need to provide information about your swimmer(s) if you have not
previously swum with us.
Waiting List
Swimmers who miss out on a space will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which their registration
was received. These swimmers will be offered other spaces after Monday 6th October when unpaid
enrolments will be vacated as necessary for those on the Waiting List.
Swimmers who are removed from our class lists will need to go onto the waiting list for the next available
7 Day Deadline
Swimmers who obtain priority enrolment are only guaranteed their space if payment is received 7 Days
before the Term 4 lessons begin or alternative arrangements have been made with Jane. Alternative
arrangements could include installment options, or cash payment to be made on the first lesson. These
alternatives must be cleared with Jane prior to The 7 Day Deadline or your swimmer's space may be in
jeopardy of being offered to another swimmer without notice.
Payment by installments are still offered for families who require this, but a minimum $20 non-refundable
deposit must be received before the 7 Day Deadline to hold the family's places.
Please speak with Jane directly should you have issues with meeting the 7 Day Deadline and wish to
ensure your swimmers space in our Term 4 classes.

Family Discount
Our philosophy to get our swimmers progressing as quickly as possible, extends to our community
of families. To make budgeting easier for large families, we offer a 10% discount to families with 3
or more children enrolled in the same block of lessons (ie holiday block or Term 4 block). This
enables more families to get all their children swimming sooner.
The discount should be included in your confirmation email which outlines class details and the
term fees. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to check with Jane.
8/31/2014 Super Swimmer numbers growing.
http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=698ada4df943b4c282c8cedc6&id=cba9f500a6&e=b6019847cd 4/6
Could you be
THE passionate
Teacher we are
looking for?

A job in Swim Teaching offers so much more than some extra cash at the end of the week. This
experience allows you to share in firsts for children of all ages and their families.
The pride evident on a parents' face as little Johnny goes under the water confidently;
the excitement to show Dad how "I can swim now";
watching the penny drop as the realization that kicking actually does make a difference;
enjoying the joy of infants splashing and bopping around in the water;
loving the sense of achievement as their stroke improves and knowing that what you are
doing really does make a difference in so many lives.
hearing a story from a parent of how your instruction taught their child something which
turned a potentially dangerous situation into a family experience to share at Christmas
We are looking to expand our dedicated team. Full training in house will be provided to the right
persons, with support to attend nationally recognised Swim Teaching Courses with Swimming NZ
or AustSwim.
The right person or persons will be available during the week, and/or Sundays. Hours can be
8/31/2014 Super Swimmer numbers growing.
http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=698ada4df943b4c282c8cedc6&id=cba9f500a6&e=b6019847cd 5/6
flexible to suit the applicant. A local mum or dad with school age children looking for a new career
direction or hobby might be just the right person.
Email Jane using this link for more information, if you are interested or would just like to know
more, or give her a call on 0274511161.

Frozen ... Mum's Parody
For those of you with children who've watched Frozen, you were possibly entertained by various versions
of the catchy songs from the movie as your children re-enacted them over and over and over. My
children found YouTube videos and for weeks were watching and singing and reliving the movie daily.
Last week they shared with me the latest version of the song Let it Go, put together by a very clever
Mum. Click here to have a look and a giggle (perhaps shed a tear) and realise that you are no different to
all the other Mum's the world over when it comes to managing so much 'chaos' and busy-ness in your
family's world.
Make a cuppa, sit back and click the image above. Enjoy!

What a simple way to make some awesome
looking cookies. Couldn't find the recipe but the
photo tells you all you need to know if you have a
8/31/2014 Super Swimmer numbers growing.
http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=698ada4df943b4c282c8cedc6&id=cba9f500a6&e=b6019847cd 6/6
favourite cookie recipe!!
See you in the pool again soon
Smiles n splashes!
Cheers Jane
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