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- The Master in Business Administration from the University of Girona (Master in Business
Administration) has reached 30 editions; There have been over 600 professionals throughout
the surrounding region in recent years and has become an excellent opportunity to train in
Girona, schedules compatible with the professional activities, provide training directive that
allows cross-sectional rigor and knowledge of the latest generation for a year. Over the years
we have developed a master to promote entrepreneurship and motivation needed to achieve
new successes and form new professional managers who must lead the challenges of change
in complex enterprise environments. With a master's vision clearly focused practice (learning by
doing methodology used) to work through the analysis of case studies, exercises that simulate
situations of many SMEs and large companies leaders in their sectors, culminating the
preparation of a business plan.
- MBA is designed for both professionals who wish to gain a greater mainstreaming in their
current business insight from their jobs or departments which have developed their careers, for
those who want to develop new skills to progress within the company or seeking new
opportunities, and generally improve their current and future employability through the appeal of
a Masters like this. So this program is aimed at experienced professionals are in key positions
for the future of business and they need to exceed the threshold of knowledge of the functions
and skills for the management and administration in competitive business environments. During
these 30 editions have also successfully participated professionals who want to start new
projects and entrepreneurship who will manage and run the family business and they need the
best professional training for this challenge.
- MBA from the University of Girona is closely linked to the new economy taught at the best
facilities in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona and has professors
from the most prestigious business schools in the country, employers and professionals with
experience in the world of consulting. This Master has woven a wide range of relations in the
region, starting with its own alumni association, which has activities for professionals and allows
contacts with managers and professionals in our county. It also collaborates with the Chair of
Family Business, as we know it is real and relevant to take into account in our environment, and
the Association of New Technologies Girona (AENTEG).
- Prepare potentially professionals to access the general direction and run their own business.
- Provide a comprehensive and complete address of the company today, in the current
economic climate and changing internal, not to mention the connection with the environment
and the surrounding region Catalan, and a particular focus on SMEs.
- Provide leadership, professional development and key competencies: creativity, innovation,
initiative for decision-making, teamwork and team management.
- Porting tools to understand the competitive business environment in a practical way and to
create new business models adapted to this new context. Acquire the necessary knowledge in
areas such as strategy, innovation, marketing, economic and financial management of the
business, operations and internationalization, among many others.
- Share values are essential in the development of a professional from the liability of the
company, to develop values required for any team.

The program is organized into four modules also have four courses and tutorials specific plan
related to the subject of the module. These modules begin with a master class with a teacher or
employer reference will be an introduction to the content of that module in general, and specific
coordination to ensure the homogeneity of the material as both a broad and comprehensive
this. At the end of each module there will be a closing session will feature an entrepreneur or an
expert on a topic related to the module that will provide both a practical overview of the subject,
such as trends toward a conclusion. In some cases suggest making a visit to a company that
can be a paradigmatic case of what has been said in that module.
During the completion of these modules will begin work on the future business plan that will
deliver at the end of the course. Tutoring will be available throughout the year so focused on
specific parts of the business plan as specific tools that professionals require for their
development. At the end of each module must submit a proposed plan of the company in order
to make the correct track.
Each module will have 21 sessions of 4 hours spread across 4 subjects comprising each

MODULE 1: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, innovation and internationalization
- Strategic management and new business models
- Entrepreneurship
- Innovation and creativity to compete
- Internationalization in a global world (Asia and emerging markets, the EU and the Latin
American market)
- Tutoring business plan: business idea and value proposition
The purpose of this module is to provide a strategic vision of the company, tools to build new
business models and business to promote innovation, internationalization and key aspects to
undertake. The subject of strategic management concepts intended to convey to the participant
and essential tools in the development of business strategy and development, control
mechanisms and feedback, as well as the kind of leadership to grow the real asset the
company, which are the people, and all the associated resources.
The course will be based primarily on Entrepreneurship in real cases. Will be the guidelines for
starting a business in an organized manner, and the hand of entrepreneurs will know the major
mistakes, opportunities and recommendations for successful entrepreneurship. The aim of this
course is to awaken a spirit of creative and active toward the business opportunities of the
The course wants to introduce creativity and innovation key to managing the innovation
process in a company, and the main aspects for the management of R & D, knowledge of
advanced techniques of creativity, models of open innovation and technology transfer and the
ability to create and increase awareness, generate new ideas and move them to the market or
the organization itself successfully.
Finally, this module provides a clearly international vision with specific sessions to understand
how to drive the internationalization of the company, and specific sessions on the main markets
of interest: Asia, BRICs, the EU and the Latin American market.

- Setting organizational talent and human resource management
- Management and Marketing
- Marketing Management II
- Implementation of the strategy and decision making: business simulation and Balanced
- Tutoring Business Plan: Marketing Plan
The purpose of this module is to provide an overview of the aspects that make up many of the
decisions of daily business and strategy embodied by the company with the toolset to make
major decisions company's human resources, marketing and techniques to control the
management of the company.
More specifically we can say that there will be a course that provides a comprehensive
approach to the organization and human resources, raising issues such as the process of
leadership, talent management and people management.
Marketing management has a very intense role in this module, and a route from those concepts
most essential for business and marketing decisions as the introductory product, price,
promotion and advertising, distribution, trade mail, e-marketing and sales management and
sales, including the most modern in the context of emerging trends in digital marketing strategy
and marketing techniques, market research, customer analysis, strategic brand management,
new ways to segment and position in the market or customer loyalty.
Finally, the module will have a course on the tools that enable monitoring and control strategy
for decision making as the scorecard and simulation tools for business plans.

- Accounting analysis
- Financial Management
- Operations I: production management, purchasing and supply chain management
- Operations II: Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), application of Lean tools to implement a
system, logistics, etc..
- Tutorial: Economic and Financial Plan

This module should allow to understand how to manage both the economic and financial
aspects of the company such as those relating to the operations of the company, both essential
for the functioning of the company.
The accounting analysis and financial management for non-economists is an essential tool to
manage the economy in a company or to understand the situation of the company from a
department in this regard, these two subjects. The company professionals must master the
techniques of business analysis in order to formulate diagnoses and recommendations on the
development situation and prospects of any organization. In this context, this course is that
participants know how to diagnose a company based on the interpretation of its historical
financial statements and interim familiar elements to consider when interpreting statements of
companies from other countries, to make recommendations make decisions about money,
investments, business valuation, financial or tax basics.
In connection with the transactions, it is the problems that have appeared in the production and
management solutions that have been developed. In this context studied cases of procurement,
manufacturing and distribution and can address issues such as the development of the
philosophy of Supply Chain Management (SCM), physical distribution and Efficient Consumer
Response (ECR), procurement and introduction to the management of stocks, price theory,
structured system of operations management, application tools (Value Stream Mapping) for the
implementation of a system or Lean implementation of quality management systems.

- Global Environment and Economic Thought
- Personal and organizational development: leadership, skills and values in business. Trading
tools in a global environment, NLP, etc..
- The management of change in organizations and the transformation through new technologies
(Business Information Systems)
- The family business
- Tutorials: business plan
This module provides a comprehensive overview of aspects, such as knowledge of the
economic environment in which the company has to compete and how to drive change
management and the various opportunities that give us new technologies with aspects relating
to our corporate culture, family atmosphere, or the essential elements for leading organizations
and keep values consistent with the context in which the company lives.
In connection with the subject of global environment and economic thought, it is intended to
confront the growing sophistication of the world famous globalization, which has led to a higher
incidence of economic phenomena in the social environment. Concepts like inflation, deficit,
money supply, etc.. have become common use; cognitive economics as a discipline has
entered into the general culture. Understanding of economic phenomena has become a
concern for all. Understanding, reflection and anticipation of events can play a key role in the
business world.
The aim of this course is to understand the basics of how economic systems and the role
played by institutions. Analyse the manager to think in terms of alternatives and optimization of
scarce resources, with respect to a hierarchy of objectives. Familiarize you with the terminology
and concepts macroeconomic instruments and the implementation of economic policies. Gain a
sufficient body of economic theory as a basis for critical reflection, avoiding simplistic
arguments, the socioeconomic environment.
The subject of personal and organizational development is focused in a very practical way to
master the key skills to make it through these get the contents of managing people. All sessions
are designed according to professional situations and common for participants, prepare,
implement and receive the feedback that enhances or improves skills and powers of leadership.
The course on Managing organizational change introduces aspects of knowledge management
in the enterprise, and how to promote changes in the company, primarily from the perspective of
technology, to understand how you can make the most information systems of the company,
without being a specialist in Information Technology and Communication (ICT). Looks like the
management of a CRM, ERP, social networks and other new technologies to understand
business management today.
Finally the subject of family business reflects the fact that the family business is a reality in the
industrial fabric of our country and significantly to the region. Currently in Catalonia, family
businesses represent more than 80% of companies. This fact, coupled with the fact that almost
all the editions of the Masters there were students who work in family businesses or who will be
responsible for a family in the future, making this study the module different types, the main
problems of these companies, for example, sequences, protocols and government bodies, and
how to solve them. To approach this, we propose examples and visits with relatives of company
directors region.